Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Life is Beautiful 428.

Next day Prasanna was entering to his office building.After parking the car he came to the lift for going to his office floor.While closing the lift Raj entered in to the lift.
Prasanna.Hello uncle,what a surprise.When you came
Raj.I came yesterday .I am staying with Ram.Your mother gave me a parcel.
Prasanna.I could have come to Uncle Ram's place to collect.Why you took trouble
Raj.Not at allPrasanna.I wanted to meet one of our client near by.
By the time they entered Prasanna's office floor.
Prasanna ordered Tea for both to his office boy.
Raj entered in to Prasanna's room.It was nicely maintained with beautiful  furniture.He saw Swami vive kananda's wordings in his table.
Prasanna.Uncle,please have tea.
Raj took the tea
Prasanna.How is Murthy uncle ,his family.
Raj.All are fine.You know Nirmala's marriage proposal
Prasanna.Yes,the boy will be coming to Dubai.
Raj.You met Nirmala recently.
Prasanna.Last week i spoked to her.She is going to Bangalore on Thuresday.
Raj.Nice.How is your work.
Prasanna..Going on smoothly.Dubai is a place for progress.Our products are moving.very fast.
RajNice to hear that.O.K.Iam going now.We shall keep in touch.Bye
Prasanna.Bye ,uncle.Have a nice day.
After Raj left Kathambari called him.
Hello Prasanna,i am coming that side.If you are little free i will come to your office.
Prasanna.You can come.Mum has sent one parcel through Raj uncle.He came just now and gone for his work.
Kathambari.Nice.How is mum. for no problem.
Kathambari.Good.I will come after 11A.M
After that Prasanna was busy in his work.
At 10-30 he received a call from Ram.
Prasanna houw are you.Did Raj came to your office.
Prasanna.Good morning Uncle,yes he came and delivered the parcel.
Ram.O.K.i told your location .That is the reason i wanted to find outwith out any difficulty he came.
Take care .My regards to all at home.
Prasanna.Thank you.You  too take care
9to be continued)
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