Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Life is Beautiful 382

Prasanna left Ram  in his house.After  washing Ram came and  switched on theT.V. He saw the Indian new president Ramnth Kovind taking oath. By that time his phone was ringing
Raj was on the other line
Ram,how are you.
Ram.I am fine Raj,how are you and family
Raj.All are fine.I have sent a mail regarding the new Indian president's Oath ceremony.
Ram.What a nice coincidence I am watching this in the T.V
Raj.Nice.Hope he will do good things to the Lower society with the help of the Present govt.
Ram.No doubt,he will certainly do and recommend
Raj.You can cover this topic tomorrow
Ram.I will do it.How is Murthy's daughter Deepa (in future Murthy;s daughter name deepa)
Raj.She is fine.She likes Abudhabi
Ram.Good,Sulaiman has invited me for the training programme.He will inform me the exact date.
Raj.Nice,you can attend.Take care .Bye now
Ram .Bye now.
I am taking back to all my readers  the characters namesof this story .Some names i have changed and will be coming like that only in the future.
Ram.Our Hero ex Professor
Vasanthy.Ram's Beautiful Lover  and ex Bank employee lost contact with Ram and met after Twenty five years in Dubai.
Kathambari.As per the story Vasanthy's daughter
Prasanna.Ram's student and was brought by Ram
Raj.Journalist and Ram's friend
Murthy.Ram's friend working in a Pharma company and Boss of Prasanna
Nirmala.Raj's wife
Aarti.M urthy'swife.
Ananda rao.Ram's friend
Pinky.Raj's daughter.
Shrivatsava.Prasanna's Managing Director.
Lakshmi.Prasanna's Mother

Atkinson.Ram's Managing Director.
Ali.Ram's Car driver.
Lizioli.Ram's Client and having a Pharma Company in Italy.
Sulai man.Deepa's boss working in a Leading News paper as Managing Editor.
The above Characters are my imagination anwill continue in the Coming episodes.
( to be continued)
See You Next week,

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