Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Life is Beautiful 383.

 Ram  Reached Ananda rao son's house.The engagement ceremony was  fixed there only.The girl's side was  also presented there.It was a small gathering.Ananda rao welcomed Ram
Welcome Ram.Happy  that you have come.Where is Prasanna and his family
Ram.May be on the way.By that time Prasanna ,Kathambari and Vasanthy arrived
Ananda rao. Great pleasure to see you here Vasanthy  Madam and Kathambari
Kathambari.We all happy to attend your son's  engagement .
Anandarao.Like your marriage my son's marriage  will be celebrated in Dubai
Ram.Yes,you are right.
 After the engagement ceremony  and nice tiffin with two sweetsRam thanked Ananda rao
Anandarao.It is my pleasure to invite all my good friends particularly you .
Ram.Thank you.
After that Conversation Vasanthy Came near to Ram
How are you Ram
Ram.I am fine.Nice to see you here
Vasanthy.Me too.
Vasanthy was wearing a Blue saree which suits her very much and She looked very beautiful.No body will tell she is 52Years.Ram was wearing Green shirt  and he looks like a typical Corporate executive.
Prasanna.Thank you Mr Ananda rao  Come to our house one day
Ananda rao.Sure,Before i leave to india i will come.
Vasanthy.Why do n't you all come next friday for Lunch.Will it be O.K.Ram
Ram.Sure,as it is no programme on that day.i will come
Vasanthy.See  you  all  next week after noon in our house.
Prasanna.Mr Ram i will drop you in your house
While going Vasanthy was talking with Kathambari about the next week programme.
Ram was enjoying his Beautiful Vasanthy's Voice.
Ram.Prasanna,how is your business
Prasanna.By god's grace it is going smoothly.
Ram.You will do
Vasanthy.Yes Prasanna has got good Convincing capacity with doctors.
Prasanna.Apart from Convincing the product must  also speak
Ram.True.Today's Competitive  world product must also  speak.
By the time Prasanna reached Ram's house
(to be continued)
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