Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Comments,,Letters ,Articles Published in 2011.

1.The New Indian Express.India87.
2.The Hindu.India.66
3 Deccan Herald.India.35
4.Hindustan Times,India.37
5.Times Now.T.V.5
6.Gulf News.UAE.30.
8.The Gulf Today.UAE.48..
9.The National.UAE.91..
10.Al Arabia News.UAE.5.
11.Arab News.KSA.4.
12.tHE nEWyORK times.USA.14.

Friday, December 30, 2011


TV saved Article Published in The Gulf Today,on 31.Dec11.(232rd Article.)

I was taking rest on the first floor when I heard a sound downstairs. I rushed to see some children exiting from the main gate.

When asked, they apologised saying that they were playing cricket and the ball had hit the window. Just near the window is a brand new TV I had bought recently in the UAE.

I love the UAE and this TV is hence precious. I thanked God that it was saved. I love children, but wish they would play in open grounds and not near residences.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Web Site Comment in The Hindu,India Your article,Two states and a water issue,was a good to read.This issue can be amicably settled by both states Chief Ministers.Because ,of this issue both the states People are struggling,to move.Tradeing was also disturbed.Looting the Property of Individuals,of both states are unacceptable.Regionalism plays vital,rather than Patriotism was sad and painful.Both the state people should be protected and travel should not be disturbed.
from: K.Ragavan
Posted on: Dec 29, 2011 at 08:23 IST


Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India You are article,Lok pal bill,a big Loss for Congress,was a interesting to read.In the Second term UPA has lost it's image and confidence from the people is the real fact.Congress Party was there for many decades and Good Leaders was there ,with out Much scams and corruption.Today majority of the Politicians are corrupt and not committed to his constituency ,was the Cruel fact.How much money one can ,amaze and enjoy is the question.As long as Power plays a vital roll,you can never expect delivery. Ihave been seeing our politics for nearly Five decades,only Promises are visible.In this Power political Game,the worst sufferer is the Commonman.Very sad. By K.Ragavan.
12/28/2011 11:08:00 AM

Monday, December 26, 2011

Life is Beautiful 92.

After a good lunch Ram and Kathambari reached Ram's Hotel.
Kathambari.Ram,you take rest. I will come at 5-30P.M. and take you to that ,suspense place.
Ram.O.K.I will be ready at 5-30.After her departure Ram came to his room.seen that day's mails in his Laptop.Murthy has written a mail,asking about health,and stay.
After spending few Minitues Ram went to sleep.Exactly at 4-30,he got up,again checked the mails.This time he got mailS from Prasanna and Raj.Ram was happy about the mails.
Where ever Ram goes mails will follow from this friends.In this world the the best ship is friend ship,and Ram was lucky enough to get good friends.Atrue friend will not only share the happiness but also sufferings.Ram has friends like that.Even though he left few days,but received two mails from them.This shows how much Love and affection this friends ,got for Ram.By that time Waiter brought tea with snacks for Ram. After the tea ,he dressed up and came to the reception counter waiting for Kathambari.
Exactly 5-30.P.M.Kathambari arrived.Hello Ram,hope you have taken rest.
Ram.Yes.How about of having a cup of tea.
Kathambari.Thanks.Just now i had.Shall we start.
Ram thought ,while driving she will disclose the Suspense.But She was talking other things.
Ram, My coverage will come Tomorrow in our channel.
Ram.Fine.How long it will take us to reach your suspense place.
Kathambari.Half an hour drive.We are going to Sharjah ,another Emirate.
Ram.Iheard about Sharjah.
Kathambari.We are nearing our Place,she reached in front of a Big Hotel.
Ram,Get down.You are going to see the Suspense.(tobe continued).
See You Next Week

Tribute to Writer Sakthi T.K.Krishnasamy.(174).

To day i am going to pen ,another interesting film personality,who is known for his powerful dialogues ,is none other then Writer SakthiT.K.Krishnasamy.Four decades back he was not only powerful in the film industry but also powerful in his dialogues was not a exaggerated one.His film Veerapandia Kattabomman was created a big impact ,won the award in the Cairo film festival ,if i remember correct.He was associated with B.R.Pantulu,the late Producer Director for many films.Ihave seen few films of this writer,those films are,Veera Pandia Katta Bomman,Karnan,Padagoti,Panam padaithavan and Panakara kudumbam.Some films i forgot.Siviji Ganesan's brilliant action and dialoque delivery both in Veera Pandia Katta bomman and Karnan ,still in front of me.He was worked with R.R.Pictures,Producer Director for few films.M.G.R.acted three films of this Doyen.He is one of the few Versatile and Powerful writers of the 70's.All the today's top class actors acted in his films.To day i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.Only the films i have seen,iam mentioning here.Error is regretted.
See You Next week

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Letter Published in The National,Uae on 26.Dec11. The article Police warn of hire cars with no insurance (December 25) was both interesting and worrying. Driving a car without insurance is a criminal offence and people who are driving must make sure that they have coverage.

Most of the car rental companies should be also be made to follow proper procedures. They should check the validity period of the insurance periodically to avoid this type of situation. If they don’t, the authorities concerned should also monitor car rental companies more strictly to ensure they apply the right insurance measures, or be punished.

K Ragavan, India

Friday, December 23, 2011


Water for lunch Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE on 24,Dec 11,(231th Article)

During my morning walk in Chennai, I saw a local train pass by and a childhood incident flashed back in my memory. When I was a student, I used to travel by the suburban train to school. Once, my father had given me a few coins as pocket money.

I kept the coins in my shirt pocket and held them carefully. However, while alighting, someone pushed me and the coins fell. I had not carried my lunch box to school that day hoping to eat outside.

Without the coins, all I could do was take four cups of water from the school tap instead of lunch.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


21 December 2011 11:35AMWeb Site Comment in Guardian News,UK.
The Ongoing crisis in the Middle east ,was sad and painful to read..The Number of Casualties in Syria,was unacceptable.After Three decades Dictator ship Hosni Mubarak wasdriven out in Egypt,and again People are agitating against the Present Military administration was sad. Protesters should be protected.The Entire Middle East is facing tough time for the Change of administration.UN and other Countries should intervene the on going violence in the Middle east to protect the People,and Pave way for new changes .

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Added 17:41 December 20, 2011Web Site Comment in Gulf News,Uae Your article, Jayalalitha expels confidanate Sasikalain Shocking move, was a interesting to read. This dramatic development took in Indian, Tamil Nadu Politics, was no one expected in Indian politics any thing may happen at any time is true. Sasikala was her close confident aide, known all of Jayalalitha's dealings. Will this expelsion of Sasikala, Jaya Lalitha's image in her party may take a turn. Let us wait and see the out come of this, in due course. People are already shown their dissatisfaction on the recent hikes of Milk, Bus fare and the Proposed hike in Electrycity, on april 2012. In Politics Ultimate sufferers are the Common man. K. Ragavan, chennai, India

Life is Beautiful 91.

After few hours stay, Ram and Kathambari left her office.While drivingKathambari ,
Ram,hope you enjoyed the company of Atkinson ,and our Office.
Ram.Yes,I enjoyed the time i spent with Mr,Atkinson and your Editorial staff members.This experience was amazing for me.I admire the way in which ,you people execute the job.Iam sure more then twenty different Nationalitiesare working in your Channel.
Kathambari.You are right.We have more then twenty five people in this office ,and more regional correspondents working in the Middle east and North Africa.Now i Am taking to a Restaurant ,whereyou enjoy the Lunch.
Ram.Oh,The time is 2.P.M.INever noticed.
Kathambari.Here,time goes like anything,because every one devote his time for the work.
Ram.Good,then only a Country can Prosper,with Productivity and Tourism.This country is an ideal example.
Kathambari.Now our restaurant has come.Please get down.
Both entered in to the Restaurant.The Reception staff was greeting both in Kannada Language.Kathambari,
Ram,this Hotel belongs to a Person from Udupi ,South Canara.That is the reason all the staffs will speak kannada.Ihope ,you will like to hear our Native Language.
Ram.Of course ,Every body like his Mother Tongue,or the Native Language.But at the same time we should respect other Languages.Today Because of I.T.Revolution ,the entire Globe was spreaded with all Nationalities.One should respect every one's Mother Tongue.
Kathambari.Ram,Here also i am seeing your vision,with acceptance.
By the time the staff brought South Indian Thali for them.
Ram.Nice preparations,Ilike the sweetKesari.Evening where you are going to take me.
Kathambari.Let ,us finish the lunch first.Iam still keeping Suspense.
Ram.O.K.Itoo like Suspense.One way that is also Beautiful.
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tribute to Writer,Director KundanShah.173.

Today i am going to pen ,another interesting film personality from the Bolly wood industry is none other then Writer ,Director KundanShah.Shah is known for his Directorial touch in Many films both Comedy and Subjects.Even though this Director contributed handful of films ,butsome are remarkable.Today's top class actors Preety Zinta,Saif ali khan,Rekha,Anupam Kher and Farida Jalal acted in his movies.Good story ,songs, and Cinematography will be more visible in his movies.Ihave seen few films of this Director,those are,Kya Kehna,Dil hai tumhara,Kabhi Haan Kabi Naa,Hum To Mohabbat Karega,and the famous TV SerialNukaad.Kya Kehna has created a Big Box office hit for him with Preety Zinta ,Anupam Kher,Farida Jalal and Saif alikhan in the lead rolls .The Songs and Music was Very nice.Before a decade this has created a Very big impact for him.Today i am happy to tribute this Talented Up coming Director.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Web Site Comment in The National,UAE on 18,Dec11 Your article ,Philippine floods sweep villages out to sea ,was sad and Painful to read. In the recent floods ,many people deserted and lost their lives ,when sleeping.Nature's fury no one can control.IPray for the victims, and the Normalcy of the country should come as early as possible.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Lesson learnt Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE,on 17,Dec11.(230th Article).

A friend has this habit of talking for hours over the phone. I recently found him a changed man. When prodded, he explained: “My relatives were trying to reach me, but my phone was continuously engaged. It was an emergency as my cousin was admitted to hospital.

The incident left me embarrassed and shocked.”

I hope people who keep chatting unnecessarily take a cue from this.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Web Site Comment in The National,UAE on 16,Dec11 your article,Hundreads burns US flaq in Fallujahto celebrate with drawal of US troops,(issue dec15)was a good to read..In spite of the US Led ally's attack on Iraq ,to do good for the People, misfired.This is high time the, US Forces should depart from the World's richest oil nation Iraq.Iraqi' s suffered a lot ,had nightmares in the past ,will have better life in the coming days.Because of the Past US President's action ,the oil nation lost it's charm.Obama's decision was most welcome one.


Star till the end Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 10,Dec11.(229th article.)

The news of evergreen Bollywood actor Dev Anand’s death came as a big shock to me. I always considered him a great inspiration. Age never deterred this man. Work and determination were his philosophy. When I was a student, many of my friends copied his hairstyle and trendy style of walking. Dev Anand will always be etched in my memory.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Web Site Comment in The Hindu,India Your article,Supreme Court tells,was a intersting to read.The Present issue on MullaiPeriyar dam ,should be sorted out between TamilNad and Kerala state only.Both the States should respect their People’s wish,should not fight.India is a Vast country Comprising of Many states with different religon and Culturein one Umbrella Secular.People should through away the Regionalism feelings ,look the real issue.Tamilnad contributing Many items including food to Kerala,viz versa from Kerala.Both the Chief Ministers should sit ,have a Peaceful dialoque to solve this on going crisis.People travelling Both states should be Protected.
from: K.Ragavan
Posted on: Dec 14, 2011 at 07:37 IST

Life is Beautiful 90.


Life is Beautiful 90.
Ram enjoyed the Tea ,offered by Atkinson.It was Green Tea ,with some Good flavor
By that time Kathambari arrived,
Ram,Hope you are enjoying your stay here.
Ram.Of course,Now i am having a good tea along with the top executive of a Leading Channel.Memorable evening for me. I never dreamt ,that i will be meeting top class media guys.
Atkinson.We ,too proud of meeting a Versatile Person.
Ram.No ,Atkinson,i am a simple person.
Kathambari.Mr,Atkinson,my interview was nice with the ruler of Dubai.We discussed ,various issues ,particularly the health Problems, mainly Cardiac related,and Diabetes which is threatening the Emirates,People.
Ram.I have seen in the paper ,couple of days back.UAE is tackling this Menace carefully,increase their budget.
Kathambari.You are right,Country has Proper vision in health area.
Ram.Avast country like India,is not tackling this area ,because of non commitment .
Atkinson.You are right.
Ram.Any way ,the System is like that.
Kathambari.Hope the coverage will come ,nicely in the evening news hour.
Ram In .India,i used to watch regularly one channelfor a Particular anchor,who is Bold,Authentic, and above all brought many scams and corruptions.
Kathambari.I can guess the channel.You watch ours today.
Ram.Every individual ,has got a special way of dealing the issue. Ihave seen your's in Mysore.
Kathambari.Tomorrow ,evening i am taking a Place ,where you will amazed to see the talents,from Geriatric People.
Ram.Is ,it ,Where you are Going to take me.
Kathambari.Suspense.(tobe continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tribute to Writer, Director Selva Raghavan.(172).

Today i am going to pen,another interesting film personality from the south indian film industry ,is none other then Director Selva Raghavan.He is the son of Producer Kasthuri raja and the brother of Actor Dhanush.In a short span of time he has created a good name is important.He has only few films ,to his credit and some are hits.Ihave seen few films of this Director.Those are,7GRain bow colony,Kathal kondein,and Puthupettai.Karthi,Dhanush,Sneha,and Ravi Krishna acted in his films is worth to be mentioned here.Aayirathil oruvan was made a Good name for this Director.Good songs and Cinematography will be visible in his films.Kadhal Kondein and Thulluvathoilamai made him big hits.Today i am happy to tribute this Up coming talented Writer , Director.
See You Next Week,


K.Ragavan. Chennai.IndiaWeb Site Comment in New York Times,USA on Dec 12,011.
This fire accident in the Calcutta Hospital was sad and Painfulto read.More Casualities are reported,and Still Some Patients are Struggling. In spite of the Earlier warnings from the Fire Authorities ,to keep the required equipment,the hospital authoritesfailed to comply the request was unacceptable.Govt should order a probe ,to find out,and Punish the Guilty.IPray for the Victims.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India Your article ,UID in trouble as Home Ministry raises questions ,was a good to read.The Unique ID Project was in trouble not only from the Home Ministry but also from the People side.No Proper reply from the Post offices.Only Senior Citizens are running here and there.Buildings consists of more then 1000,residents,the authorities concerned can deploy Staff members to go in person,take the details.Still ,this Project is a Controversial one,and how far UPA Govt tackle this issue.UPA Govt Policies are making, the Common man uncomfortable was sad. By K.Ragavan
12/10/2011 6:55:00 P.m

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Web Site Comment in The National,UAE on 9,Dec11 Your article,Study reveals high heart attack risk,was a good to read. The recent study reveals More Emiratis in the Capitol suffer Cardio Vascular Disorders,and the rate will increase in one decade was a alarming Signal.Mainly Inspite of thetreatment and Guidelines ,this situation was sad.As per the study the Awareness campaign should be widened,and patients should follow.Govt has already spent More money on Diabetes and this issue alsotaken care for the Emiratis.Ultimately Health is very important.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Web Site Comment in New York Times,USA on 6Dec11
K.Ragavan. Chennai.India
The demise of Bolly wood actor,writer, Producer and Director Dev Anand was a Great Loss to the film world.One of the Handsome heroes of Ester years,created a big impact in those days was no more. He was the Robert Vaugan of Bolly wood.Still People remember his memorable movies,Guide,Hare Rama Hare Krishna,Jewe lthief and Many movies.Person liked by Millions of fans and film fraternity His Contribution to the Indian Cinema was remarkable.He is the inspiration and Motivating factor for not only to the younger Generation ,but also old..IPray for the departed Legend.

Life is Beautiful 89.

Ram entered Atkinson's cabin,was thrilled to see his room and it's arrangements.
Mr,Atkinson ,your room is More Beautiful with back ground paintings.
Atkinson.Thank you Ram. We are in Media Business,that is the reason this Decorations.It was my pleasure to see you in this Wonderful city.I heard about you ,through Our Kathambari.
Ram.Thank you.
Atkinson.Please sitdown ,What would you like to have Tea or Coffee.
Atkinson. I am surprised,you are asking for tea instead of Coffee.Most Indians prefer Coffee.
Ram.You are right,From my child hood i cultivated the habit of taking tea,and i really enjoy drinking.
Atkinson.Good,I also prefer tea ,because it gives stimulation.
Ram.You are right,Being in Media you require tea only.It keeps you active,Fresh and prepare for the Meetings with Various Personalities.
Atkinson.Apart from your Professor Profession, you have wide academic interest is really thrilling.
Ram.Thank you.I Know little only,there are many Genius people are,very simple ,with out exhibiting their talents.
Atkinson.True Ram.
Ram.Where is our friend Kathambari.
Atkinson.She will be back ,in thirty minitues.She has gone for the Coverage of UAE'S Forty Gloriousyears.
Ram.Isee,i have come in the right time to this Country's Forty yearscompletion.
By that time one staff bringing the Tea ,for them.
(tobe continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tribute to Writer ArurDass.(171)..


Tribute to Writer ArurDass.(171)..
Today i am going to pen,another interesting film personality from the Tamil film industry is none other then Writer Arur dass.Known for his Powerful Script and Dialogues who was dominated the tamil film for more then forty years was not a Exaggerated one.Worked with many Top class Directors of Ester years,Like A.Bhimsingh,A.C.Thiriloka Chander,M.A.Thirumugam and Many others.His stories will give a Good message with Powerful,Meaningful Dialoques.He has contributed for many successful films.Ihave seen couple of Films of this Doyen,those films are,Annai illam,Anni,Akka thangai,Aasaimugam,Avan oru charithiram,Paasamalar,Kudumba thalaivan,Iru malargal,Kaakum karangal,Paar magaley Par,Praptham and many i am not remembering.He was associated with Director A.C.Thiriloka chander,and Devar films Late M.MA.Chinnapa Devar for many years.PaasaMalar has created a very big hit of his Dialoqueswith A.Bhim singh's superb Direction ,no one can for get.To my little knowledge i am writing this column,if there is any error,kindly ignore.For a film Story ,is the main foundation,and Arur Dass's stories have made a Remarkableachivement in the Tamil film Industry.To day i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart,for his Wonderful contributions to the film fans.
See You Next Week,


Web Site Comment in The Hindu,India The demise of Bollywood actor,writer and Director Dev Anand was a Great Loss to the film world.One of the Handsome heroes of Ester years,created a big impact in those days was no more. He was the Robert Vaugan of Bollywood.Still People remember his memorable movies,Guide,Hare Rama Hare Krishna,Jewel thief and Many movies.Person liked by Millions of fans and film fraternity.I Pray for the departed Legend.
from: K.Ragavan
Posted on: Dec 5, 2011 at 10:07 IS

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India Your article,Bhopal tragedy,No closure27 years,was a good to read.The Deadliest Bhopal gas Tragic incident happened more then twenty seven years,and still it was not closed was sad and painful.The Human loss is irrecoverable and this issue should be addressed immediately. Death figures are less on the Medical certificates basis,and it should be more.How long the Survivorswill wait for justice is the question mark.? By K.Ragavan.
12/2/2011 4:34:00 PM

Friday, December 2, 2011


Uplifting spirit Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE on 3.Dec 12(228th Article).

I got into a wrong bus in Chennai recently and the conductor asked me to get off at the next stop. I got down and waited for the bus on my route. Suddenly, a man on a two-wheeler halted near me and asked where I should be dropped.

I had not seen him before and he understood my hesitation. “I have been seeing you during the morning walk in our locality. I stay in the same area,” he said. His good nature touched my heart.
K. Ragavan