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Article Published in The Gulf Today on 1.Jan.11.(182). Noble idea

Some of my friends have made interesting resolutions for the New Year. A friend has decided to quit smoking and another wants to reduce his weight.

One friend’s resolution is impressive. He has decided to visit old age homes, meet elderly parents left by their children who have gone abroad for jobs, a practice quite common these days.

Aged parents wish their children stay with them. His decision to meet such people aims at bringing peace for them. “What is your resolution?” he asked me. “I want to highlight the plight of common people through the powerful print media,” I replied.
K. Ragavan

My Comments,Letters,and Articles Published in 2010..

1.The New Indian Express,India. 81.
2.Dinamalar.India. 31.
3.Deccan Herald,India. 36
4.N.D.T.V. Channel. 3
5.The Gulf Today. UAE. 46.
6.Khaleej Times.UAE. 7.
7.The National,UAE. 87
8.Gulf News. UAE. 12.
9.Today.Singapore. 4.
10.Hindustan Times.India.18. 18.
11.Deccan Chronicle,India. 1.
12.New York Times.USA. 6.
13. Guardian News. UK. 1.
14.Times Channel. 1.
Total. 334

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year.

Wishing all Google Team Members and Readers a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Web Site Comment in The NationalUAE on 24.December.10.

This is with reference to your article A History of violence in Indian Universities,was meaningful and interesting to read.Babu's case was really very Pathetic,for not achieving his Goal for studies.Earlier also many incidents reported in the Indian Universities.The Authorities concerned should address this important issue,to avoid for bright students future.Ragging should be eradicated in all Universities. K.Ragavan. India

Life is Beauti ful. 40.

That day rain started heavily from the Morning till noon.Ram could not go for his routine morning walk.Out side weather was very chill any body wants to go out,should wear warm cloths.By Virtue of its Good climate Karnataka has seen many People from out side Karnataka is not a Exaggerated one.Tomy was feeling Sleepy,but waiting for his Lunch from his Master.At that time bell rang,Ram came out saw his Neighbour Murthy standing out side.Hello Ram,Not to be seen for few days.
Ram.I went to Chennai,to attend my friend's daughter's wedding,came back yesterday night.
Murthy.Yesterday I performed Satyanarayana Pooja in My house,i really missed you.But i do n't want that you should miss the Prasadam.Please take it,he gave a Small cup full of Kesari Bath.That is the Sweet Lord Likes.
Ram.I Am really very lucky enough to get this Prasadam.How is children.?
Murthy. Fine. Iwill see you later ,Bye.
Satyanarayana Pooja is Very Common in Karnataka.Ram was enjoing the Prasadam,at that time his Phone was ringing. -------(to be continued).
See you Next week
December 28.010.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 26.December 10.
Your article AP Couple dupe 1.3.crores from investors ,was sad.Inspite of so many companies cheated,and many investors lost heavy amounts this incident is continuing is really a surprised one.It shows People are more greedy to earn more interest.As long as this greedy people are available , people are bound to cheat. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Comment in The New Indian Express,India.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India.
Your Impressive article,Binayak Sen’ case time line was sad and painful to read.The famous Human Activist and Doctor was imposed for the life sentence was unfortunate.In our Country we can not Trust for Judgement.Corrupt Politicians only can thrive in this country,is shameful.People should know a Person like Sen’s value.God only has to save our country. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
12/25/2010 1:52:00 P.M

Tribute to Director Shrish Kunder.(123).

Today i am going to Pen an another film Personaity from Bolly wood
Director,Editor,Producer and writer is none other then Shrish
Kunder.Even though he has Seven years Experience in his Profession
created a Good Impact as a Editor for few successful films is not a
Exaggerated one.The recent film Tees Mar a Producer,Editor
and Back ground Music Director made him a Good Name.Incidently he is
the Husband of Famous Choreographer Director Farah Khan is to be
mentioned here.He has edited Many memorable films and Directed two
films.I have seen his Tees Maar Khan recently with Akshaya
Kumar,Katrina Kaif and others.Even though there was no story ,the fim
was a Entertainer to al the film fans.Songs ,Music and Good
Cinemotography of Vinodh is to be mentioned here.He has worked with
today's Popular actors.The films as a editor i like him ,was
Aankhen,Main Hoon Na,Armaan,and
Om Shanthi Om.Today i am happy to tribute this talented up coming Person.
See You Next Week,
December 27010..

Friday, December 24, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today, UAE on 25.December 10. (181). Right path

Last week, I reached the famous IT hub Bangalore to meet my daughter. I also wanted to visit my friends who usually join me for walking sessions. I was happy to see their smiling faces.

I am mentioning this as I feel that even after retirement one can make friends from all walks of life.

We share our experiences and help each other in times of need. After all, life is about sharing and peaceful existence, right?
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 22.December 10. Your Interesting article,BJP,Won't return to Power for a decade was nice and interesting to read. Iam not belonging to any Party ,,always rise my voice for the Common man's interest.On the one hand i admire the confidence of the Home minister that his opposition BJP,won't come to Power for another decade,but on the other hand as a common man i have not seen any remarkable achivements from the present administration.Today People are tired and they want a neat clean administration can not be cheated for false promises.They are the People can decide,for a Non corruptive Govt ,in the future.It may be BJP,Or any other Party we can not predict. The way in which Indian Politics is going,even in Panchayat elections No party will come in Majority.Corrupt thinking widely spread in all the Politicians Blood. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.4

Monday, December 20, 2010

Comment in The New Indian Express,India.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India 12/19/2010 9:10:00 PM The Congress Party is old and following the foot steps of the late father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi’s Principles,with out Corruption Ideology,is true why they hesitate for the JPC Probe.Earlier i used to tell all the parties are corrupt one,and among those corrupt thiefs we can choose less corruptive.But today no one is less corruptive.Very unfortunate and Painful to state this in the Gandhian path country.God only has to save us. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Life is Beauti ful. 39..

Ram was getting frequent letters from Suganthi
and he also felt as if he knows her for long time.One day he received a letter from her ,mentioning that she will be going to U.K.With her Parents.After that he did n't getany letter from her for nearly five years.Ram stopped writing ,because of no comments from Suganthi.This was the reason he has Stoped writing.That was the reason he did n't tell to Raj. Years passed and no communication from Suganthi.Ram also slowly eradicated this Beautiful memory from his mind.But because of the film Sumai thangi his memory has gone back to the good old Beautiful days.Ram never disappointed in his life,what ever comes he will accept.All this twenty five years he has spent with his friends and students. For the past five years Tomy was his good friend.Tomy was also likes his master obeyed his instructions.He was transfered from Bangalore to Mysore ten years back and settled in the Beautiful Place Mysore.He took voluntary retirement at the age of 55.Today he is 58 years old ,and his hair has not become completely grey but,one or two only more visible.No one will say he is 58, because of his charming and beautiful personality. (to be continued).
See you next week.
December 21.010.

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in Hindustan times,India on December 20.010.
December 20, 2010 by krishnamachari ragavan
Your article ,Opposition unimpressed PM’S offer,sticks to JPC,demand was interesting to read.The Congress Party is the old one and known for its secular principles and following the foot steps of the late Mahatma Gandhi’s Principles hesitating,for the JPC ,Probe is really surprising me.In this process the sufferer is the commonman,no one bothers.That is the real reality.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tribute to Director Narendar Bedi.(122)

Today i am going to pen an another interesting personality from Bollywood is none other then Director Narenderbedi.More then three decades back he has created a good impact is not a exaggerated one.He is the son of famous writer Rajinder Singh Bed iis important. Today's famous actors was associated with this Director's films.He has directed Six Memorable films ,created a big impact in those days.Good songs,Story,and Cinematography will be more visible in his movies.The films i have seen was Benaam,Rafoo chakkar,Sanam terikasam,Maha chor,and Adaalat.Apart from the Direction he has worked various positions as Producer and writer .Jawani Diwani ,Sanam teri kasam has created a very big hits among the Film fans.Music and Songs was the main highlights of both the films.
Today i am Happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week


Web Site Comment in The National,UAE on December 10.

Your article ,Bus in India Plunges in to reservoir,killing 29,was sad and painful to read This tragic incident happened in the Indian State Karnataka’s southern city Nanjangud near Mysore.The road accidents are more in India and as per the WHO,report 110,000.average per year was a alarming one.This is mainly due to rec lace driving and more speed in narrow and curve areas. Apart from this , other main attributing factor was Poor roads. Indian govt should address this important issue.I pray for the victims and the be rived family members. K.Ragavan. India

Friday, December 17, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,on 18.December.10.UAE (180) Sportive spirit

Sports personalities are not only respected by their fans, but also get the backing of the corporate sector. The other day my neighbour dropped in and asked: “Do you know cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has refused to be the ambassador of a leading corporate house despite being offered a huge package?”

The cricketer has been quoted as saying that his dad is against such endorsements. The offer was for a liquor advertisement.

The master blaster obeyed his dad’s wish. Kudos to Sachin for his unwavering personal values and ethics. Present-day children can learn from this sportsman.
K. Ragava

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,UAE on 15.December10.

This is with reference to your article,Tension high as China PM Visits India ,was true.Even though there me difference of opinions in some issues,can be solved by good dialoque between the two countries.The main issue of disputed Border area in Kashmir,and Visasprolems can be tackled.Apart from this bilateral issues and trade also can happen. K.Ragavan. India

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 15.December10.

Your article ,Top JudgeSpar,was nice.All these days i was thinking our Judicioury system iwas only slow,but today i suspect the Integrity of the top judge of the top instituional body.Very Unfortunate.UPA Govt has many negative points only in the Past one and half years Ido agree world wide all the countries are having corruption,but ours is record break one.Other countries they will take care for the commonman,but not in our country is painful.Now today the question before every citizen,wheather we can trust our judgement. . By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,UAE on 14.December10.

This is with reference to your report,17,Year old teenager takes 20,Nursery children for Hostage,was sad and unacceptable.Today world wide Kidnapping was very much visible,is not a healthy sign.How ever the teenager was released few of the hostages,but his motive was not clear.This incident is a Condonmed one. K.Ragavan. India

Monday, December 13, 2010

Life is Beautiful.38.

Raj ,continued his talk, I was happy yesterday ,when i came to know from my senior Journalist friend about your talents.You have written many Stories,Articles and issues on various subjects to local as well international Journals.
Ram.Oh,You are talking that. Idid n't tell you this,because for the Past Twenty years i am not writing .I am happy your friend remembered me.How this topic came.
Raj.My friend Srivatsa came to my house yesterday saw your photo ,on my table,then he was complimenting about you.
Ram.Thank you Raj.This i have not hide Wantedly,since i have stopped writing,i did n't tell.
Raj.Why you stopped,what is the reason for that.?
Ram.Icould n't concentrate ,because in the collage i was bestowed with many responsibilities.
Raj.Now ,you can do.
Ram .Let me try.
Meantime Raj got a call from his home,departed.
After his departure Ram was feeling ,why he told Raj,that he could not concentrate
The reason he only knows. (to be continued).
See you Next week,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tribute to Director Samuthirakani.(121).

Today i am Going to Pen an another interesting personality,who has created a very good impact in the recent is none other then South Indian Tamil film Director Samuthirakani.This talented unassuming young Director has given a memorable movie Naadodigal, for the Tamil audienc eis not a Exagerated one.Naadodigal film was acclaimed for Story ,screen play and Director forthis Director from Vijay Awards is worth to be mentioned here.Naadodigal is a usual formula love story,but the way in which he handled was remarkable.There the Director's talent lies.Ihave seen this only movie of this Director.He has couple of assainments in the coming days ,with Director Sasikumar and Mohanlal.Naadodigal was Good entertainment with Songs and clean cinemotography.I am confident this young Director will have his identity in the Tamil film,in future.
See you next week.


Letter Published in The National,UAE on 13.December.10.
December 13, 2010 by krishnamachari ragavan
US should move aside in Israel

I refer to the editorial The US is not the only path for Palestinians (December 12). US peace negotiations between Israel and Palestinians have not yielded any results. Now that the EU has come forward, this is good news. But will the Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu accept compromise? Israel continues to dominate the Middle East.

K Ragavan, India

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in Gulf News,UAE.

Added 14:21 December 12, 2010 Your article ,Explosions Kill one,injuire two in central stockholm,was sad and painful to read. All this days Swedan was not ,under gone Major Terrorist attacks,and this One casuality was very unfortunate.Today the entire Global , facing terrorists attacks was not acceptable.Civilians are the main victims ,under this attacks.K. Ragavan, Chennai, India

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The National,Uae on 12.Dec.10.

Your Editorial(Dec12)U.S is not the only Path for Palestinians to Justice ,was Meaning ful.We have seen the Palestinians struggle for more then Three decades,and still the crisis is not solved.Inspite of the earlier U.S administration's Peace negotiations between Israel and Palestinians are not yielded any results was sad.Now some of the Other countries have come for ward ,for the peace negotiations was a good news.U.S. is not the only Path has become true.Even with other countries interfearence for peace negotiations,will the President of Israel Benzamin Netan yahu will come for a compromise is the question mark?Still Israel is dominating in the Middle East ,one has to accept. K.Ragavan. India.

2 Hours ago

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,UAE on 12.December.10.

Your impressive article ,Parents fear rising tide of drugs,was true and nice.Today the Global scenario drug abuse was very common from all the major countries.The report from the UAE is alarming one.Parents need to educate their children and periodical Seminars from the Govt will make the awareness with People.Any Habits is Good as long you have the will Power to control,but in Drugs I Have seen People fall victim ,irrespective of their will Power.Being a former Pharmaceutical Professional ,drug abuseis very dangerous symptom particularly from the children.Good informative Piece.

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in New York Times,USA on 11.December.10.
Display Name
Paul Krugman’s thought Provoking article LawnGuy Land is America’s Future ,was nice and interesting to read.Albany Born citizen’s feelings , demands and his worry of receivership was nicely expressed.This is mainly due to tax cuts.

Friday, December 10, 2010


ArticlePublished in The Gulf Today,UAE,on 11.December.10.(179)

Press Control S

The control key on the keyboard does not work, said my colleague.

“Call the technical guys and change the keyboard,” I said.

“Oh, they escaped,” she replied.

“I saw the one who wears a caP at the canteen,” I said.

“That cap guy locked the room and left.”

“If you cannot finish the work, go home.”

“I cannot do that. Boss had warned not to SHIFT blame on anyone and just finish my work.”

“OK, there is a key you can press and go HOME,” I replied.

“You mean PAUSE?” she asked eagerly.

K. Ragavan

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India.
This is with reference to your article,U.S.regrets Indian envoy’s frisking,was nice and interesting to read.Indian Ambassador Meera Shankar was detained in the U.S airport,Inspite of all the documents available ,was un acceptable. I hope this incident is the third one. OurExternal affairs Ministry should act immediately with U.S.administration,and it should not be repeated in the future. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
12/10/2010 11:37:00 A.m

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in Deccan Herald,India on 9.

By: K.Ragavan.
On: 09 Dec 2010 06:53 am
Your article,Nailing the corrupt was interesting to read.Recent months more corruptions,and allegations are visible from Govt.servants was not acceptable.We need transparency and accountabilty administration in all walks of fields.Law area also corruption spread,is sad and painful.Govt should introduce some strong law on this important growing issue. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The National,UAE on 8.December10.

Your article ,China says 100 Nations support for itNobel Peace Prize ,was nice and interesting to read.Majority of the Nations declined the invitation from Bejing is important. Inspite of the United states request to release the Bestowed Prize winner from the Jail ,was not accepted by the Chinese Govt.Probably the Govt was worried ,if the release of Liu Xiabo may affect their Administration routine.The Much controversial Oslo ,event will go peacefully.? K.Ragavan. India

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 8.Dec.10.
This is with reference to your ,Security alert across India after Varnasi Blast,was sad and painful to read.India is facing tough time from all the terrorist groups is unacceptable.I pray for the departed child,and the injuired people for speedy recovery.Govt should increase the security measures in all the Major cities Recent years, .Explosion of bombs are more visible in our country,because of the Dramatic growth..Attacking the worship spots of any religon is highly condonmed one. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in The National,UAE,On 7.December.10


This is with reference to your article Job listings double in one year ,was not only interesting but also welcomed one.After the recent Global recession many expatriates are forced to gone back,and now this developement is really a good news. Still Gulf region, UAE has got the attraction for many expatriates particularly Indians.With this new data Authenticity , again Gulf region will be talked by People. K.Ragavan. India

Monday, December 6, 2010

Life is Beautiful.37.

Ram's imagination was disturbed by Tomy's barking sound.He came out from the room saw his friend Raj was standing out side.
Ram.Hello Raj ,How are you.Tomy knows you very well
Raj.Thank you,why no communication from you,
Ram.I was little busy ,sorry.Come ,what you will like to have tea or milk.
Raj.I will have,tea with your favourite salt biscuits.
Ram.ok.i will prepare tea.
Raj.Ram.I want to ask you one important thing,you should not hide.
Ram. I never hided any thing with you.what is the matter,one Minitue i will bring the tea from the kitchen.
Raj.Ram, today i met my senior and came to know your past ,i was shocked.We have been moving for the past twenty years,how you hide that.
Ram.Raj,sorry i am unable to understand.
Ram was thinking,that Raj got his past flash back memories.
Raj.Ram your experiences are really great.Iwas feeling why you hide------
Ram could not reply immediately.---(tobe continued)
See you Next week.
December 7.010.

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment on December The National,UAE.

Your article Pollution could make Hong hong'sbrain drain ,was interesting and nice to read.In the Asian region Hong hong is one of the busy business and tourism centre,visited by people from all parts of the world.This pollution issue should be addressed immediately.Cleaning the air must be the first priority to avoid health hazards. K.Ragavan. India

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tri bute to Cinemotographer Baba Azmi.(120)

Today i remembered an another interesting person from the famous Bolly wood films is none other then Cinemotographer Baba Azmi.He is the son of Late Famous Poet and Lyricist Kafi Azmi and brother of Shabana Azmi.He has more then twenty Good films to his credit with today's top class actors is worth to be mentioned.He is known as actor's Cinemoto grapher,in many films.Good clean shots and excellent out door work will be more visible in his movies.Even though he has directed more then twenty films ,i have seen few unforgettable movies of this Doyen.Those films are Bezubaan,Dil,Mr,India,Woh 7din,Arjun,Mera Dharam,Samundar,Ishq,Roopkirani Choron ka Raja ,Pukar and Rishtey He was worked with .Anil kapoor,Sunny Deol,Madhuri Dikshit and many others are important.One of the few talented cinemotographers in the Bolly wood,respected by the film fraternity.To day i am happy to tribute this Stalwart.
P.S.I have started this small column in my Blog from July 2008 ,every monday under Tribute .In any walks of life ,if a Person does a Good job he/she should be recoganised,is my strong conviction.To my little knowledge i am writing this Kindly ignore the errors.
See you Next week.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Article (178)

Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE on 4.December.10.(178).

Sportive spirit

I went to the Chennai airport recently to receive my daughter and grandchildren. I saw a lot of people waiting with Indian flags in their hand. I enquired from a person as to whom they were waiting for.

He named a sportsperson representing the kabadi team who had won a gold medal at the recent international games in China.

After 45 minutes my grandchildren arrived, along with the gold medal winner.

Apart from receiving my grandchildren, I felt happy to receive a gold medal winner of the country. Sportspersons are loved globally.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Uae on 2.December10.
Ragavan Krishnamachari

Your interesting article Video evidence rejected Indian doctor's sedition trial was impressive.The world renowned health worker and a Good Human activist Dr,Binayak sen's video evidence was not considered by the Indian Judge was sad.Dr Sen was applauded for his Nobelhealth work and won many awards is important.He was branded as a Maoist insurgent,and his evidence was not considered.Ihope later stage his evidence may be considered by the judge. K.Ragavan India