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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 At a Glance.

2015 At A Glance
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Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 31 Dec 15   ,A sour 2015
When you look at 2015, it wasn’t a good year in terms of international safety and natural disasters. Terrorism was more visible in the global scenario vis a vis the Paris attacks, Mali, Nigeria and many others, the kidnapping of children in Nigeria and Daesh domination in many countries. Other than some climate change deals, not much more political changes happened in many countries.
In the largest democratic country, India’s parliamentary functions were disrupted by the Opposition and this was not a healthy sign for the country’s development.
The UAE has shown dramatic development both in infrastructure and international bilateral relationships, which was a good sign.
Before concluding my observations on 2015, I am wishing the millions of Gulf News readers a very happy and healthy new year and I pray for a wonderful 2016 with peace and harmony.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Life is Beautiful 300.

Evening the reception was nice and  all enjoyed the music of Bollywood  songs...The food was so delicious with two variety of sweets and North Indian dishes.Most of the Arabic guests enjoyed the Indian dishes.Atkinson was delighted with the crowd  especially many  dignitaries from Dubai government because of Kathambari's  contacts.Ram's friends was  also presented .Mr Lizioli could n't  attend because of some personal work. Vasanthy came to reatRam 's chair.
Ram,hope you are enjoying the programme.
Ram.Yes,i am enjoying.You made this wedding  a great event.
Vasanthy.Thank you.Prasanna's Mother  is very happy.Every thing is going in our  Style and tradition.
Ram.Yes,i was watching the Sweets,and other items you have exhibited  in the hall.
Vasanthy.Thank you.Kathambari and Prasanna looking very beautiful.
Ram.They are made for each other.
Vasanthy.What about us
Ram was smiling.
After that they went for dinner.
Kathambari came  to the Dinner hall with Prasanna.She was wearing Orange Colur silk saree with matching blouse.Prasanna was wearing  beautiful raymond green suit.He was  asking every body to take  dinner.
Murthy.We are all enjoying your wedding.Food is delicious.Decoration and your Mother in law's hospitality   beautiful.We never  feel that we are in a foreign country.
Srivatsava.Yes,Murthy is right.The arrangements,hospitality ,food  and our accomodation  is superb.
Prasanna.Thank you sir.Have dinner slowly.Enjoy your  dinner.
After that Prasanna and Kathambari went to receive the other guests.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Happy New Year.

Advance Wishes to Google Team Members,Blogspot Group Members a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Monday, December 28, 2015


Letter Published in The National UAE on 29, Dec ,15,
Why did Modi go to Pakistan?This is a dramatic development India's prime minister visiting his counterpart in Pakistan.
Personal relationships will certainly yield better ties and bilateral relationships between these two important countries in one of the planet's pivotal regions.
Will Mr Modi's visit have any effect on peace between the two countries? We will have to wait until next year. But at least we are ending 2015 on a positive note. I hope that 2016 will bring more peace and stability to the region.
K Ragavan, India

Tribute to Cinematographer Sudhin Majumdar 383.

Today i am going to pen  an  another interesting film personality from Bollywood film industry is none other than Late Cinematographer Sudhin Majumdar.In his five decades career he has worked with top class actors of YesteryearLate Shammi Kapoor,Dharmendra,ManojKumar,Shashi Kapoor,Randhir Kapoor,Shatrughan Sinha,SharmilaTagore,Babita, Jitendra. and many others .He was associated with Late Director Manmohan Desai for many of his  films as  Camera Operator  and later become independent.Known for his good frame work  both indoor and outdoor.With out much advancement in technical equipment's he has done a brilliant work in many films.Particularly Anmol Moti  taken in  under water directed by S.D.Narang if i am right.I have seen few remarkable movies  of this Stalwart.
Those movies are,Parvarish,Anmol Moti,Shaitaan,Pathar ke sanam,Rampur Ka Lakshman, and Kaajal..Few films i could n't remember.Today i am very happy to tribute this Late Stalwart for his Memorable frame works
See You Next Week

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 28,Dec 15,
Will Vikas Purush Deliver?
The Power &Politics(TNIES December 27)article by Prabhu Chaewla was thought provoking and meaningful.Now the time has come to Modi to prove his Vikas Purush image .Will Modi deliver and prove himself  as the real Vikas purush?

Friday, December 25, 2015

Article 435.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 26 Dec 15 (My Article 435)

Wheels of joy

I often wonder about the revolutionary changes in railways. In my earlier days in India, I enjoyed the sound of steam engines when the trains entered the stations. Later, steam engines were replaced by diesel engines and today we have the electric engines.

The duration of travel has been considerably reduced and travelling itself has become more comfortable. 

My friend who had visited Dubai recently was full of praise for the Metro service. “When I got down and I was told that the Metro is operated without a driver, I almost fainted. The stations are also so clean,” he told me. 

“That’s why everyone loves the UAE,” I replied. 
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 23 Dec 15,Power politics
The report on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was good to read (“Kejriwal says document raid was meant to intimidate Delhi government”, Gulf News, December 16). A recent raid by India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at the house of Kejriwal’s secretary, among other places, is the latest development in Indian politics. The CBI has raided 14 places, and legally, it is valid. But the reaction by Opposition parties was unnecessary. Comments made by Kejriwal provoked the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and they exchanged heated words. Whatever the reasons from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Kejriwal should mind his tongue before raining ire on Narendra Modi, a man who was elected by the people of India, and not just at the state level. In politics, anger, frustration, and vendettas should be controlled. Ultimately, power plays are easy to see.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Life is Beautiful 299.

Next day the marriage auditorium was filled  with different dignitaries of various fields.Some of the local people who are friends to Kathambari enjoyed the  South  Indian breakfast Dosai,Idly,Vada by Venus caterers.Most of the guests from Media and Pharma industry.Kathambari was wearing  a Blue silk saree and Prasanna was wearing the traditional Dhoti and  both were looking very  good match and all the people blessed them.Vasanthy was also happy to receive her friend came from Chennai.
Vasanthy was introducing to Kathambari and Prasanna to her friends.Prasanna's mother never expected the marriage  like Indian  style with Pundits chanting mantras.After the Muhurtam Prasanna and Kathambari came to Vasanthy got her blessings.Then they went to  Prasanna's mother,Ram and others.Raj took many snaps .Murthy and Srivatsava was very happy to see their  Employee got married in  the Golden Country.Murthy has read Washingtanil Thirumanam story in Vikatan and now watching the real Dubail Thirumanam of Prasanna.All were happy exchanging wishes.
By that time Sulai man of CBD Bank came.
Sulaiman.Madam,i was little late.My car was broke on the way.Then Rakesh came and picked me  to the auditorium.Sorry for the delay.
Vasanthy.No problem,you are in time.Come have our Break fast.
At that time Rakesh entered the hall.
Sorry to disturb you Mr Sulaiman ,you have left your bag please take.
Sulaiman Wanted to introduce  him to Vasanthy.But Vasanthy  was talking with pundits.
Rakesh.No problem,i have to attend a meeting i am going.Bye
Rakesh left and  after that Vasanthy came.
Sulaiman.Break fast,sweets  all are delicious.I enjoyed
Vasanthy.After noon Lunch you should come and take
Sulaiman.Sure.My friend Rakesh i wanted to introduce to you.But he left
Vasanthy.I see,.
Then Vasanthy went to see the other guests
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, December 21, 2015

Tribute to Producer ,Director Subhash Ghai 382.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from Bollywood film industry is none other than Producer ,Director SubhashGhai.Started his earlier days as an actor and later become  a popular Producer ,Director is worth to be mentioned here.He was associated with top class actors Viz,DilipKumar,Late RaajKumar late .,Amrish puri,Anil Kapoor,Shatrugun Sinha,Jackie Shroff, Shahrukhan,Dimple Kapadia and many others.Known for his versatile  direction,Story  and ,Screen play , in many films.Good Cinematography work will be more visible in his movies both in indoor and out door  with Stalwarts VIZ, K.K.Mahajan,Ashok Mehta,Kamalakar rao and Kabirlal.I have seen few remarkable movies of this stalwart.Those films are,Kali charan, ,Hero,Vishwanath,Karz,Krodhi,Merijung,Ram Lakhan,Saudagar,Khalnayak,Trimurti,Iqbal and ,Pardes,He has also formed  an Institute WhistlingWoods International where many talented young people joined here to get trained in  film field of various  positions.He was also bestowed with  National Award for his film Iqbal which he  produced.Today i am very happy to tribute this  Versatile Director.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 20 Dec 15,

Facebook debate: Are we governed by ‘cool’?

Does our intent to ‘be cool’ affect our life choices and our behaviour towards others? It’s a good thing
Mostly cool depends on our minds with our behaviour and talking with others. With groups, cool is exhibited through clothes, eating habits and walking to fit in. Over all, by personal habits or a group’s ‘cool’ behaviour, I think it is a theory to be welcomed. A good, cool topic.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Friday, December 18, 2015

Article 434.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 19 Dec 15 (My Article 434)

Rafi magic

The other day a friend told me he had joined a group of ardent fans of legendary Indian playback singer Mohammed Rafi, who had mesmerised millions of fans with his amazing voice.

The group comprises many senior citizens who have retired from different professions. They meet once a week at a park or restaurant and re-enact the good old songs of Rafi.

Even though they are elderly, my friend told me that he was touched by the enthusiasm of the members and their “young voice.”

It goes without saying that I enlisted in the group instantly as I am an ardent fan of Rafi too.
K. Ragavan


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 19 Dec 15A worldly example
Despite mixed reactions from Germany and other European countries on refugees, Canada’s bold decision to accommodate refugees is laudable (‘Canada leads the world by example’, Gulf News, December 14). Anticipating the good and bad effects of hosting refugees, Canada has no doubt set an example for the world. Hope has been given to many Syrian refugees who will have a peaceful future in Canada.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life is Beautiful 298.

 Next day morning  Vasanthy . took all the important dresses ,jewels,and other important Silver vessels for the evening function.She called Venus restaurant and Confirmed the  evening menu and other items
for the evening function. Suddenly Vasanthy remembered she has forgotten to  go and  and invite the Bank manager of her bank Commercial Bank of Dubai even though she has sent the invitation by post.She wanted to go and invite him personally. After Kathambari went to office to remind her friends for the evening function Vasanthy took a taxi reached her bank.
She  entered the manager's room
Good Morning Mr Sulai man,How are you
Sulaiman.I am fine,how are you madam
Vasanthy.I am fine.Have you received my invitation
Sulaiman.Invitation ,what invitation
Vasanthy.My  daughter's wedding invitation
Sulaiman.I received one invitation few days back.But i could n't  recognize that is your daughter's.
Vasanthy.Oh,My god.This invitation my daughter Kathambari herself inviting.
Sulaiman.Sorry,i do n't know your daughter's name.
Vasanthy.For that reason only i have come.Please come tomorrow for the wedding.
Sulaiman.Certainly,i will come to the Auditorium.I too want to taste your Idly,Dosa and other items.
Vasanthy.Thank you,come with your family
Sulaiman.She has gone to Jordan.I will come.Have tea
Vasanthy.No,thanks.Just now i had tea.
By that time a new man entered in Sulai man's cabin to take a file.
Sulaiman.Madam,meet our new  Commercial manager
Sulaiman.He is  from India Mr Rakesh
Rakesh.Nice to meet you Then he took the file and left
Vasanthy was shocked to see his face.
After that Vasanthy left the Bank.While going in the taxi she was remembering the past days and never anticipated Rakesh in Dubai.
(tobe continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, December 14, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 15 Dec 15Games delaying progress
It’s a shame that the Indian Parliament was stalled by the opposition party last week (‘Sonia, Rahul accuse BJP of vendetta’, Gulf News, December 9). This was mainly due to the allegation made by the ruling party members when they summoned both Congress party President Sonia Gandhi and her son to court. The Congress party members claimed that this was part of a political vendetta from the ruling party, so they stalled the proceedings of Parliament. This may affect the passing of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill. The ruling party had a recent discussion and compromised with the Congress party about this issue. In the present scenario, will the GST bill be amended? We will have to wait and see.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tribute to Cinematographer Satya Hegde. 381

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the Kannada film Industry is none other than Cinematographer Satya Hegde. He was more facinated with Cinematography he did his diploma in Cinematography in Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic Bengaluru is important. Started his career with B.C .GouriShankar   in his earlier days.He has also worked with Cinematographers viz,H.S.Venu .Das and Rajan.He has More than dozen films to his credit.I have seen only movie of him Myna (Kannada)Brilliant Cinematography by him both Indoor and Outdoor particularly falls, and Castle rock station.Myna was a recent film i enjoyed for it's  beautiful Cinematography  lovely Editing and neat Direction by Naga Shekar. Today all the  regional language films has beautiful Cinematography shows the interest for young  people to choose  Cinematography in their language.
Cinematography is an art  and i have been  writing  in this column irrespective of any language i  salute a person's talent.Today i am happy to tribute this talented Up coming young Cinematographer.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 13,Dec 15Drug prices are too high
Today in the global scenario, medical treatment expenses and drug prices are more expensive, especially in India. Both drugs and hospital expenses are more expensive compared to the per capita income.
Common drugs that cost from two to three rupees from different brands are what is needed. Hypertensive and diabetes drugs should be taken for a life time, but it is not affordable for the common man. Life saving drugs like for cancer, tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes and antibiotics should be made available in generic names at affordable prices. Already, inflation on daily commodities is high and interest rates on loans are not encouraging for the middle income group. Senior citizens without pensions and the common man are the main sufferers on this issue. Medical expenses are an issue that should be immediately addressed by the government. Having spent three decades in the pharmaceutical industry, this is my view on drug prices and medical treatment.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Friday, December 11, 2015

Article 433.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 12 Dec 15 (My article 433)

Good deed

The other day, I visited a friend’s place after a long time. While we were talking about global warming, I heard lot of noise from the other room. When I asked about it, he replied that his son and his friends were packing some pain relief medicines and biscuits to be sent to the recent rain disaster areas in Chennai.

His son, studying in Grade 8, and his team also collected a small amount of money from the neighbourhood to be sent as relief aid. 

That made me speechless. It is not the amount, but the intention that’s hugely laudable. 

It is good that even children realise the need to rise to such occasions and help the needy. 
K. Ragavan

My Letter Published in Thendral Magazine USA in Dec issue 12 Dec.

நவம்பர் இதழில் வெளிவந்த எழுத்தாளர்   கௌதம நீலாம்பரன் பற்றிய கட்டுரை சிறப்பாக இருந்தது. டாக்டர்  சியாமா , பேரா ;மதுரம் சந்தோசம்
நேர்  காணல்கள் நன்றாக இருந்தன.
பெங்களுரு ,இந்தியா 

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 11Dec 15,
Judiciary is Peculiar
Prosecution failed to establish SalmanKhan's guilt and now Big Boss has been acquitted of charges.Indian Judiciary is peculiar.How ever this is a goodnews  for Bajrangi Bhaijaan's fans.From politics to judiciary any thing may happen at any time in India.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Life is Beautiful 297.

Dear Friends,
 This story is purely  an  imagination   and Characters are  created by me and  incidents are added to this story also  purely imagination.If there is any error kindly ignore and treat this as a story.First time i am adding the day to day incidents.
With WarmRegards,
Next day all the guests  have arrived from India.Ram took them to their  Hotel arranged by Vasanthy.Prasanna's mother was taken to Kathambari's house.
Murthy and Srivatsava was very happy about the arrangements made by Vasanthy
Murthy.Ram,the  arrangements are  made by whom
Ram.Murthy  accomodation by Kathambari's mother and other arrangements by Prasanna and Kathambari.
Srivatsava.I have been planning to visit this Beautiful place for long time but today only it has  fulfilled.Thanks to Prasanna's wedding.
Raj.Yes,this place many wanted to visit but not all are lucky.
Ananda rao.Yes,you are right.The Desert has come up  to this extent is purely on the rulers Vision and good infrastructure.
Raj.When you said Infrastructure  our Chennai was smashed in this rains  due to one main reason  infrastructure. I am not blaming the government fully but there is no  vision for the emergency and storing facilities  like this disaster.
Ram.You are right.Lack of planning and foresight are very much behing in our politics.Hope tamilnadu people should be relived from this horror soon.
Srivatsava.Yes,i am also praying for that.
By that time Vasanthy Called to Ram,Ram  hope all are taking rest.If they find any in convenience
in the hotel we will change to Sheraton.
Murthy.Madam,we are more comfortable here.We are discussing about the beautiful arrange ments made by you.
Vasanthy.Not mine,it is a Combined effort of all our friends.Tcare.We will meet Morning at 7AM in the auditorium.Shankar and his troop is coming by evening flight from Mumbai.
Ram.Thank you.We will be there at 7AM.
Vasanthy.Prasanna's mother is very happy here.She likes Dubai .
Ram.Good.Tomorrow we will meet.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, December 7, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf  News UAE on 8 Dec 15  Infrastructure problem
The heavy flooding causing chaos in Tamil Nadu has been sad to read. Recent Tamil Nadu rains have caused heavy damage with loss of human life and still people are struggling to come out from their houses despite the government’s rescue efforts. This should be an eye opener for other states who are not prepared with their infrastructure in the way of storage facilities and good roads for rainy days or unforeseen incidents like this. Tamil Nadu was neither prepared nor anticipated a flood of this catastrophic nature. The government should be alert on this and create safety measures to save people.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tribute to Cinematographer Sunil Patel 380.

Today i am going to pen another versatile film personality who has created a good impact in the BollyWood  film industry is none other than Cinematographer Sunil Patel.Started his career in  the  leading advertising agency Saatchi &Saatchi and later become an independent Cinematographer.In his two decades film career he has given remarkable movies of both Hindi and Bengali is important.
He has worked with leading actors Viz Hritik Roshan,Saif Ali Khan,Preety Zinta, Shahid Kapoor  Ranbir Kapoor  Priyanka Chopra,,and many others.He was associated with Director Siddarth Anand for many remarkable movies  and captured  millions of fans.Brilliant out door and indoor frame work will be visible in this Cinematographer's films.Even though he has many films i have seen only few remarkable movies of this Cinematographer.Those movies are,Hum Tum,Salaam Namaste,Pyare Mohan,BachnaAe Haseeno,and Teri Meri Kahani.Today i am very happy to tribute this talented Cinematographer.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Facebook debate: The future of gene editing

Should human gene editing be banned even if it could save us from fatal diseases?Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 6 Dec 15Too many complications
Gene editing may not be helpful. It may lead to high IQs, big muscles and so many other complications and I do think that ethically, it’s not a welcome change. Still Scientists are debating on this issue and most of them are under the opinion all should attend this issue.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Friday, December 4, 2015

Article 432.

Article Published in The Gulf Today on 5Dec 15 (My Article 432)

Joyful occasion

I was busy and missed a call on my cellphone. It was from a friend who lived in the UAE. I was about to call him back and his call came again. 

We spoke briefly and he expressed his deepest wishes on the occasion of my 70th birthday. I was overjoyed with the gesture, as he had already wished me on the social media sites. 

He also informed me that it was quite a wonderful coincidence that the UAE also celebrated its birthday and had declared a holiday. 

Birthdays are a beautiful occasion for celebrations filled with positivity and joy. 

I would love to wish the UAE and its citizens many more such happy occasions.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 4Dec 15,Put it in the past
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaction to the downing of the Russian jet was an interesting read with Erdogan’s apology statement for this unfortunate incident and saying that it will not be repeated in the future (‘Turkish president ‘saddened’ by downing of Russian jet’, Gulf News, November 29). Will Russian President Vladimir Putin consider these valid points and put this incident behind them to restore relations with Turkey? We have to wait and see.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Life is Beautiful 296.

Ravi's house lot of guests were presented Prasanna was also waiting for Ram..Ravi introduced Ram  to his friends .
Ram.I am very happy to see you all on this good Occassion.Meet Prasanna,My friend,Kathambari
and her mother.
Ravi.Thank you Mr Ram  for coming  with your friends.
Ram.Prasanna and Kathambari is going to marry  here in Dubai on Sunday.
Ravi's Father.Great.I read the story of Washingtanil Thirumanam by Late Chavi and today i am hearing Dubaiil Thirumanam a Wonderful news.
Ram.Hope the pooja was over.
Ravi.Just now finished.
Ram.We were late because of marriage arrangements.
Ravi.No Problem sir,you  are gracing this Occassion with   your people.Let us go for lunch.
All Went in side  prayed in front of Lord Satyanarayana.
After finishing the beautiful lunch Ram thanked Ravi.
Ravi.You have given me an opportunity to attend this function with  my  friends. Incidently Prasanna and Kathambari  is going to marry and 
they are getting the blessings of Lord Satyanarayana.
Vasanthy.I request all of  you to grace your presence for my daughter Kathambari's wedding on Sunday here in Indian Consulate Hall.All of you should treat this as my personal invitation
Ravi.Certainly we will come.
Ram.Thank you Ravi,We are making a move.See you all on Sunday.Bye
They left Ravi's house reached Prasanna's place to drop him
Prasanna.Why do n't you all can come up to my house
Vasanthy.No Problem,after marriage  i  will come.
Prasanna.Bye then 
Then Kathambai  droped Ram in his house.
Ram.Thank you .Tomorrow I am going to receive our guests .
Vasanthy.I know.Prasanna told his mother ,Murthy ,and others.See you   on Sunday.Bye
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week,