Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Life is Beautiful 296.

Ravi's house lot of guests were presented Prasanna was also waiting for Ram..Ravi introduced Ram  to his friends .
Ram.I am very happy to see you all on this good Occassion.Meet Prasanna,My friend,Kathambari
and her mother.
Ravi.Thank you Mr Ram  for coming  with your friends.
Ram.Prasanna and Kathambari is going to marry  here in Dubai on Sunday.
Ravi's Father.Great.I read the story of Washingtanil Thirumanam by Late Chavi and today i am hearing Dubaiil Thirumanam a Wonderful news.
Ram.Hope the pooja was over.
Ravi.Just now finished.
Ram.We were late because of marriage arrangements.
Ravi.No Problem sir,you  are gracing this Occassion with   your people.Let us go for lunch.
All Went in side  prayed in front of Lord Satyanarayana.
After finishing the beautiful lunch Ram thanked Ravi.
Ravi.You have given me an opportunity to attend this function with  my  friends. Incidently Prasanna and Kathambari  is going to marry and 
they are getting the blessings of Lord Satyanarayana.
Vasanthy.I request all of  you to grace your presence for my daughter Kathambari's wedding on Sunday here in Indian Consulate Hall.All of you should treat this as my personal invitation
Ravi.Certainly we will come.
Ram.Thank you Ravi,We are making a move.See you all on Sunday.Bye
They left Ravi's house reached Prasanna's place to drop him
Prasanna.Why do n't you all can come up to my house
Vasanthy.No Problem,after marriage  i  will come.
Prasanna.Bye then 
Then Kathambai  droped Ram in his house.
Ram.Thank you .Tomorrow I am going to receive our guests .
Vasanthy.I know.Prasanna told his mother ,Murthy ,and others.See you   on Sunday.Bye
(tobe continued)
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