Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Life is Beautiful 297.

Dear Friends,
 This story is purely  an  imagination   and Characters are  created by me and  incidents are added to this story also  purely imagination.If there is any error kindly ignore and treat this as a story.First time i am adding the day to day incidents.
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Next day all the guests  have arrived from India.Ram took them to their  Hotel arranged by Vasanthy.Prasanna's mother was taken to Kathambari's house.
Murthy and Srivatsava was very happy about the arrangements made by Vasanthy
Murthy.Ram,the  arrangements are  made by whom
Ram.Murthy  accomodation by Kathambari's mother and other arrangements by Prasanna and Kathambari.
Srivatsava.I have been planning to visit this Beautiful place for long time but today only it has  fulfilled.Thanks to Prasanna's wedding.
Raj.Yes,this place many wanted to visit but not all are lucky.
Ananda rao.Yes,you are right.The Desert has come up  to this extent is purely on the rulers Vision and good infrastructure.
Raj.When you said Infrastructure  our Chennai was smashed in this rains  due to one main reason  infrastructure. I am not blaming the government fully but there is no  vision for the emergency and storing facilities  like this disaster.
Ram.You are right.Lack of planning and foresight are very much behing in our politics.Hope tamilnadu people should be relived from this horror soon.
Srivatsava.Yes,i am also praying for that.
By that time Vasanthy Called to Ram,Ram  hope all are taking rest.If they find any in convenience
in the hotel we will change to Sheraton.
Murthy.Madam,we are more comfortable here.We are discussing about the beautiful arrange ments made by you.
Vasanthy.Not mine,it is a Combined effort of all our friends.Tcare.We will meet Morning at 7AM in the auditorium.Shankar and his troop is coming by evening flight from Mumbai.
Ram.Thank you.We will be there at 7AM.
Vasanthy.Prasanna's mother is very happy here.She likes Dubai .
Ram.Good.Tomorrow we will meet.
(to be continued)
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