Sunday, October 31, 2010

WebSite comment.

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi.UAE.
01 November 2010
Your article,winning view of a city was nice and impressive.Dutch citizen Wijinand vanTill's photo won in the ,National Geographic Photography contest ,among Twenty thousand entries was highly applaudable.This is a Good indication ,Dubai will certainly regain it's tourist destination.Kudos toWinjinand van Till.

Tri bute to Cinemotographer R.Ratnavelu.(115)..

Today i am going to pen an ,another wonderful person created a very big impact in the recent years is none other then Cinemotographer R.Ratnavelu.Started his career with Veteran Cinemotographer ,Director Rajiv Menon for many of his advertisement films.He has couple of films to his credit in three languages are worth to be mentioned here.Most of his films are hits,and today's top class actors are acted.Personalities like Rajni kant,Vijay,Surya, and Jayam Ravi are important.Known for his visual effects,out door cinemotography with different frame work in each and every film is his speciality.Today south indian film industry known for its talented technicians,especially cinemotography.Ihave seen few films of this stal wart,those are,Aravindhan,Sethu,Nanda,Jayam,Bhagavathi,Thirumalai,Vaaranam AAyiram and Peralagan are important.The recent much talked film of Enthiran i have not seen,but seen how the film was taken.Hats off to this wonderful cinemotographer Ratnavelu.The combination of Shankar,Rajni,A.R.Rahman and this cinemotographer made a good delivery of Enthiran is not a exagerated one. I am having the fullest confidence about this,Soft spoken,Silent and smiling Ratnavelu ,is going to have many laurals ,in the coming days .
See You Next week.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,on 30.October.10.UAE

Childlike attitude

When we think of our childhood days, we always feel happy. Recently, I was telling a friend about our childhood days.

We used to play carrom and Trade. The other day, I received a call from my grandchildren who wanted me to play Monopoly game with them when they visited for vacation.

I agreed as I feel that age is no bar when it comes to sports. It’s a blessing to be childlike all through your life, though a childish attitude may be disgraceful.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Web site comment in The New Indian Express.

India deserves UNSC Seat,was interesting to read.No doubt India deserves for a berth in the UNSC. Ihave been watching the Security council's activities for two decades,inspite of so many Nations as members,except US Has got upper hand in the council is more visible is the real fact.Even in the Iraq issue,inspite of the , then Secretry KofiAnan's warning,US invaded Iraq is to be remembered.My point is Member Nations should have voic ein the council.Any way let us wait and see India's stand. K. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47
10/28/2010 11:14:00 AM

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 31.

Days are passing very past,,and it won't stop for any one.After the tragic,death news of Vasanthi, Ram was attending the college as usual.By virtue of his Good habits ,his mind was fully engaged in different areas,and slowly he was eradicated Vasanthi ,from his mind . Ram's mother was ,pressing for his marriage,which he diplomatically refused. because of his beautiful vasanthi.After few years ,one day his mother was also passed ,left him alone.At that time also,Ram was calm,accepted the reality.In between many friends suggested for his marriage,which he refused.Even though his mind eradicated his beautiful Vasanthi,he can not think any other women,because he is real ram.He started attending,phylosophical discourses of great personalities,like the late J.Krishnamurthy,and many.His mind has become more matured,calm and with out any attachment to this materialistic world.Loving this Beautiful Life and his good friends.Days,months and years passed.(to be continued).
See you next week,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tri bute .(114).

Tribute to Cinemotographer Kabir lal.(114).

Today i am going to pen an interesting Personality from the bolly eood film industry is none other then Cinemotographer Kabir lal.Known for his outdoor as well indoor work in Many films of Bollywood as well Telugu films is worth to be mentioned here.Incidently he is the son of Veteran CinemotographerS.S.Lal.If my memory is right S.S.Lal was the cinemotographer for the famous tamil super hit film of modern theatres Vallavanuku vallavan.Kabirlal has worked with today’s top class Directors ,like Subhas ghai,and many others.Ihave seen couple of films of this stalwart,those films are,Taal,Pardes,Hero,Apne,and Kaho naa Pyarhai.Kaho na pyaar hai was a super hit team work with Director Raakesh Roshan,and acto rHritik Roshan is important.Kabirlal has his own identity in the Bolly wood.Today i am happy to tribute this stalwart.
See you next week,
October 25,010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in TheNew Indian Express,India.on 24.oct.10.

your article BJP,trounces congress in gujarat,was interesting to read.It is evident people from Gujarat still prefer Bjp,for administering.BJP Should modify their policies,and strik to the common man;s developement programmes,with out Hindutva phylosophy.They should focus only on their agenda, and improvement to the people.Iwelcome whoever comes to power,the status of the common man should improve.Good show by BJP. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Friday, October 22, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf today.Uae on 23.Oct.10.(172).

Options aplenty

In today’s world, every individual has ample job opportunity as well as career growth options. A friend told me this during our usual morning walk. Everyday I receive a lot of young male and female graduates and post-graduates asking me to take their products. It may be audio cassettes, encyclopaedia or any other item.

The way they approach and request us is commendable. Even though they appear during odd hours, their smiling faces and behaviour melt our anger. Whether it involves individuals or the corporate world, professionalism and sincerity do pay.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in Hindustan Times ,India on 21.Oct.10.

Your article Oc Wasteful,was interesting to read ,and true also.Ever since the Cwg, started ,lot of irregularities was visible.Crores of tax payer's money was misused.After three months,Govt should justify in giving the right punishments to the culprits involved in this scam,irrespective of his position.

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi on 20.Oct.10

Your article,Train driver drank before Indian crash that killed 70,was sad and unjustifiable.Drivers working in Service Industry,should follow the procedures.They should not be ,under the influence of alcohol ,while driving.Inspite of so many precautions and security ,this type of incidents are happening is unacceptable.People should know the value of life.The concerned authorities ,should be more vigilant and monitor the drivers periodically. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

Monday, October 18, 2010

Life is Beautiful.30.

Ram ,saw the Paper,was shocked to read the following news.In Mahabaleswar,one Mini bus was dashed with a lorry ,and all the Fifteen Passangers was died including two women.All the Passangers from the Bank,where his Beautiful Vasanthi was working.Ram was completely taken a Back.When he read the Passangers name,Vasanthi;s name was also there.His eyes was started pouring tears,Oh,Vasanthi,i miss you ,for ever.He could not discuss with his mother,came out from the house.Then he went to the nearest park,there he and Vasanthi met Many times.Ram and Vasanthi ,liked that Beautiful park,today Ram was alone.In spite of the tragic death of Vasanthi,Ram didn't criticise the Beautiful Life,God has given.He consoled himself,Vasanthi's fate was over.Ishould control my feelings and emotions.Iam not destined to be her Better half in the real beautiful life.Ishould take it easy,My dear Vasanthi,you are always with me.After few days passed,Ram completely forgotten,and started enjoing the Beautiful life.His Phylosophy,one has to accept,what ever comes. (tobe continued)
See You Next week

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abu dhabi ,UAE on 18.oct.10.

Ragavan Krishnamachari

Your article Israeli air strike on Gaza kills one,was sad and painful to read.Inspite of so many negotiations,and peace talks nothing has cometo an end from Israel and Palestinines are unaccetable.Air strikes continues from Israel and the sufferer are the poor civilians only.How long this will continue is the question mark.? K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

20 Hours ago

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tribute to Director M.Raja.(113)

Today i am going to pen an , another interesting Film Director from Tamil film,is none other then Director M.Raja.Known for his family and Humorus subjects with powerful dialoques.Even though he has few films to his credit,including one Telugu film.Two of his films was Box office hit should be mentioned here.Those films are Jayam and Santhosh subramaniam.Today's top class actors acted in this Young Directors movies,those are Ravi,Prakashraj,Vadivel,Nalini and Geetha are worth to be mentioned here.Santhosh Subramaniam ,made this Director a turning point.Jayam was a Super hit with Lovely songs.Lilting Music with Good songs,and Cinemotography are visible in his movies.Ihave seen few films of this Director,those films are,Jayam,Santhosh Subramaniam, M.Kumaran son o fMahalakshmi, and Unakum Enakum.Today i am Happy to tribute this Up comingDirector.
See You Next Week,
October 18.010.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India.

Your article Delhi has delivered ,was interesting to read.Inspite of so many allegations, CWG,and other countries comments on various issues,the authorities concerned of CWG provedtheir metal should be applauded.India has also baged many Medals is another important one.Today the entire Globe will come to know the strength of this Great Secular nation.Inspite of so many Religons,Parties,and Languages People will rise to the occassion ,one has to accept.Kudos to India.Jai hind. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
10/15/2010 6:57:00 PM

Friday, October 15, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE On October,16.010.

Stranded’ in Spain

Last week, I received a call from my friend in the UAE asking me why I was stranded in Spain. I was taken aback as I was very much in Chennai, India.

I could not guess why he was asking that question. He cleared my doubt that some of my friends received a message from my email ID stating that I had lost my wallet and that I needed financial help.

I was shocked to hear this story from my friend. Luckily, none of my friends responded to this. I requested all my friends to ignore if they received any message from my old email ID.

It’s sad that such bogus emails are on the prowl in cyberspace.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Web Site comment on 14,October 10 The New Indian Express,India.

Your article,World holds breathas chileminers rescued,was nice.Recent months more mine accidents are visible ,in the Global level is sad and painful.With great rescue operations ,mine workers are rescued was a good news for their family members.Inspite of so many safety measures this type of incidents are happening.Mine workers should be taken care. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
10/14/2010 7:12:00 A.M

Monday, October 11, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 29.

Ram got the message that his mother suddenly fall down in the bath room.He rushed home ,took mother to a Orthopaedic surgeon.Doctor told Ram , his mother needs Investigations and after seeing that only he can decide ,to find out where the bone dislocated. There was no other go ,Ram cancelled his trip.Next day ,after seeing the tests and X.ray Doctor told Ram,she has to go for surgery to set right the joints.Ram has agreed for the surgery,and it took ninety days for his mother to come to the normal .After that incident Ram could not get leave immediately.Again he tried to Vasanthi's Bank at Mahabaleswar,could not get the right information about Vasanthi.Six months passed,there is no communication from Vasanthi.His Mother was asking him,why he is restless.Ram didn't tell the real fact,because he does not want mother should be worrying on his affair.He told her ,Because of work pressure he was restless.The other day ,when he opened the Paper ,he was shocked to see ----(tobe continued).
See You Next week.

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in Hindustan Times,India on 12,Oct.10.
Your article 10th ,IIM was inagurated ,was nice and interesting to read.Raipur people was bestowed this 10,th institute.Indian Institute of Management ,not only produced rank holders ,but also having a good name in the Global scenario.Politicians should not interfere in this prestigious institute.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tribute to Director R.Udayakumar.(112).

Tribute to Director R.Udayakumar.(112).
October 11, 2010 by krishnamachari ragavan
Today i am going to pen ,an another interesting personality from Tamil film is none other then Director R.V.Udayakumar.Even though he has couple of films to his credit ,he has established his name very well in the tamil film.Today’s top class actors Captain Vijaya kanth,KamalHasan,Kushboo,Karthik,and Comedian Gounda mani are acted in this Directors movies. VillageFamily dramas,with Powerful dialoques,Songs ,Fight,and above all good cinemotography will be visible in his films.Ihave seen few films of this director,those films are,Yejaman,chinna Gounder,Singaravelan, andKilaku vasal,are memorable.I have confidence,this young upcoming Director will have his place in the South indian film industry.Today i am happy to tribute this Personality.
See you next week,
October 11.010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in Hindustantimes,India.on 7october10.

This is really a good news.Students from British origin ,will be studying in our Universities along with our students
shows our standard.Indians are acknowledged Globally in all walks of life is true,particularly IT andEducation areas.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 28.

Sumai thangi ,picture made Ram's life suspense with emotions.But Ram firmly endorse , in Karma and accept whatever comes in this Beautiful life.One has to admire Ram for his firm determination about this beautiful life.After Vasanthi left few days ,he received a message from her saying she is comfortable In the new place.After few weeks there was no communication from her .Ram was little worried ,contacted her bank,at Mahabaleswar.But no one gave him the right picture ,about her where abouts.Ram decided to go over there personally to see her.Unfortunately he could n't get leave immediately,because of the final exams in the college.Whenever he saw brindavan gardens in the T.V ,he will remember the good old days,where he and vasanthi spent there.Finally his leave was sanctioned,he was to start one friday by train.At that time
See you Next week.
October 5.010.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in The New Indian Express,India.on 4.October.10.

Your article Colur spectacle mark Cwg opening ceremony,,was interesting to read.Afew days back ,every body was worried about the so many short comings of the CWG, But sunday was the memorable day for Indians.The Games started with colurful begininig Was a great achivement from the OC.Kudos to our Unity. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tribute (111).

Tribute to Director Agathiyan.(111).

Today i am going to Pen an another interesting Director from Tamil film ,is none other then Agathiyan.Known for his simple theme,with good powerful dialoques.Even though he has few films to his credit ,all are memorable family dramas is important.
Today's leading actor Ajit acted in his film is worth to be mentioned.He also won the National award for his Kaadhal Kottai,,which was created a big hit ,with neat family drama, full of suspense. In Kaadhal kottai,Songs,Cinemotography,and all characters roll was nice.Ihave seen few films of this Director.Those films are Nenjathaikillade,KaathalKotai,and Gokulathil seethai.Another Memorable movie was Nenjathai killade,Suhasini ,'s superb action still in front of me.Today i am happy to tribute this Up coming Director.
See You Next week,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kindly ignore.

Dear Friends,Some body Hacked from my,and mailed to all my contacts list,Saying that i am in Spain,requesting to send money.Don't belive this.Iam very much in chennai.Kindly treat this mail un wanted.Iam unable to open my yahooaccount ,with my password.K.Ragavan.


Articleublished in The Gulf Today,UAE on october2.010.(170)

Keep your word

Recently an old friend underwent an eye surgery at a leading hospital.

I visited him and the reception at the hospital was nice. I remembered the hospital’s advertisements on TV channels.

The services offered were as good as mentioned in the ads. Organisations should stand by the words they print about themselves.

That way, the customers do not feel cheated.
K. Ragavan