Saturday, February 28, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 28 Feb 15 ,Face Book debate;Animal Cognition  Very emotional
Animals can express emotions and interpret them. In the case of dogs, the moment their owner comes home, they come and wag their tail and jump with joy. If any unknown people and or strangers come, they will bark. They smell whoever comes to the house. Dogs are faithful, intelligent, sincere and, above all, a sense of awareness for bad people. Animals are very sensible.
From Mr Ragavan Krishnamachary
Bengaluru, India

Friday, February 27, 2015


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bengaluru on 28Feb 15,
Image Tarnished
With regard to Pachauri  Quits asUN Panel Chief (TNIE,Feb 25).The 74-year-old was charged with sexually harassing a woman employee.This has indeed come as a shock.Even though he has done good work in his field,this incident has tarnished his image for ever.

Article 392.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 28Feb 15

Healthy steps

The other day a friend complained that he was not getting proper sleep at night and was worried that it may lead to Type 2 Diabetes as per a research about which he read in a newspaper. He asked for my suggestion. I told him to walk minimum one hour a day, preferably in the evening. 

Walking is not only a good exercise but also makes one tired and offers peaceful sleep at night. Many of my friends have testified to this. I also told him that not all such research reports prove to be error-free. The interesting news is that he has started walking regularly now. 
K. Ragavan 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Article 391.

Article Publishedin The Gulf TodayUAE on 21 Feb 15,(Article 391)

Singing sensation

A group of us friends plan interesting get-togethers periodically, like watching a movie together. Recently, we organised a singing event. A young talented vocalist who has been part of many TV programmes was invited to sing.
I was astonished to see that he could sing in both Hindi as well as Kannada melodiously. I was also happy to hear that apart from singing he was an engineering student.
It made me realise that the young generation is passionate in a mix of fields and also exceed expectations.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 25 Feb 15,  Making awareness
The Gulf News story about the mounting death toll as people suffer from swine flu in India is concerning (‘31 more die, toll from swine flu rises to 774 in India’, Gulf News, February 22). The recent casualties of the swine flu virus in India made people more fearful. The health authorities are doing their best to safeguard the people, but in a vast country like India, it is very difficult to educate the majority with precautionary measures. The government should make awareness camps and non-governmental organisations (NGO) to voluntarily create awareness among citizens.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Life is Beautiful 256.

After finishing their tiffin    Prasanna and Kathambari came out from the hotel.Kathambari was asking Prasanna, Now where will go.
Prasanna.You decide.You told your mummy thay you are meeting me.
Kathambari.Yes,  Shall we go to Lamcy Plaza.I want to buy some items.
Prasanna.Fine.I like that place.
Kathambari.I   too like Lamcy Plaza.What a coincidence.Which Actor you like in Tamil film.
Prasanna.Not very particular.I like  the actors who will deliver
Kathambari.I too like like that.
They reached the Lamcy Plaza .After parking her Car  Kathambari and Prasanna entered the Main gate.
Lamcy Plaza was full.Always it is a crowded mall.Mostly Indian crowd for purchasing.
When they  crossing  the pharmacy  the Sales man wished Prasanna.Good evening Sir,Today i got a prescription for one of your  product.
Prasanna.Thank you  for the information.How are you.
Sales man.Fine sir,your Representative is visiting regularly.He is a smart guy.
Prasanna.Thank you for your compliment.Bye
Kathambari.You are also smart
Prasanna was smiling
After the Shopping Kathambari dropped him in his house.
Prasanna.Thank you for spending a nice evening with me.
Kathambari.Same to you.Bye .I will call you tomorrow
Prasanna.Regards to your Mummy.
Kathambari.I will tell her,Good night.
 While going in the lift he received a call from Murthy
hi ,Prasanna,How are you. I saw your report  it was very nice.Our MD was very happy about your progress .Keep up the good work.Good night.
Thank you for your Compliment.Good night.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tribute to Cinematographer Subrata Mitra 339.

Today i am going to pen another Interesting Versatile film Personality from Bengal films and Bolly wood  is none other than Cinematographer Subrata Mitra.Even though he was not having the knowledge of Cinematography he started his career with the Late Stalwart Director Satyajit Roy at the age of 21.In his five decades film career he has given memorable movies and Won award for  his Cinematography for New Delhi Times in 1986.He was associated with Director Satyajit Roy for many of his films and
 regarded as one of the greatest Cinematographers  is worth to be mentioned here.Good lighting indoor and out door will be more visible in his films..I have seen few films of this doyen.Those movies are ,Teesri kasam,Guru,Bombay Talkie,and New Delhi Times.He has worked with Late Actors,RajKapoor and ,Shashi Kapoor . Other actors like Om Puri,Sharmila Tagoreand many others.His film Pathar Paanchali was applauded by Western cinematographers is a great credit for this Stalwart.He has worked  with SatyaJit Roy Film and Television Institute taught Cinematography  until  his  death.  Even though this  great legend departed his wonderful frame work  infront of us.Today i am happy to tribute this stalwart.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 23Feb 15
Great Offence
The recent leakage of oil ministry  documents followedby arrests was a shocking development in India 's political arena. Even though the Centre has claimed  this was more rampant in the UPA tenure, it is the prime responsibility of the government to take strict action against the guilty as leaking document sof national interest is a great offence.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 23 Feb 15Respecting all human beings
The Gulf News story about the Hindu temple being vandalised with a hate message after the recent assault of the 57-year-old man in Alabama, followed by a shooting of a 28-year-old man in New Jersey is all highly unacceptable (‘Hindu temple vandalised with hate message in US’, Gulf News, February 18). On one hand, the US speaks of religious tolerance and how human beings should be respected, but on the other hand, these things are happening and it is sad and painful. President Barack Obama’s administration should act quickly and such things should not be repeated in the future. They need to prove that the US is the peace loving country that they say it is without the racism and hatred towards various religions. Will Obama act immediately? We will have to wait and see.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bengaluru India on 19Feb 15
Image Dented
Referring to yourreport Temple Vandalaisedwith Hate message in US(TNIEFeb 18). First a 57 year old man was thrashed in Alabama state ,followed bya 28 year  old- man shootingin New Jersy,and now we have an attack on a temple.This is highly unacceptable.on the one hand US speaks about religious tolerance and how every one must be respected, and on the other,such incidents of violence are reported.The Obama administration should take action if i twants to prove that it is a peace-loving country.


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 19 Feb 15   Discrimination
The Gulf News story about the Indian grandfather who was slammed down in the US after a caller reported about a ‘black man’ was sad to read (‘Indian grandfather slammed down in US after caller reported ‘black guy’’, Gulf News, February 15). The Indian man was walking near his neighbourhood in Alabama, US when he was slammed by two police officers and this is completely unacceptable. The reason was that he couldn’t give a reply in English for his identity. The rude behaviour of the US police demonstrates still the race discrimination that is there. Will the administration of Barack Obama look into this? It is a valid issue as the US preaches equality and democracy.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Life is Beautiful 255.

Prasanna was asking Kathambari ,What you  would like to have
Kathambari.What ever you order i take.
Prasanna.If my Choice may not like you
Kathambari.Impossible.I  trust my choice
Prasanna.What do you mean.
Kathambari.About you.I selected you with Confidence.What ever you decide i will follow ,because i love you So much.I do n't know the reason.
Prasanna.For me also have the same feeling.O.K. Iam ordering Gulab Jamun,Vadai,Then Masal Dosai.Will you like this items.
Kathambari.I love this items.All aremy favorite.
Prasanna.For my favorite too.What a coincidence.Once our taste agrees every thing will go smoothly.
Prasanna ordered  the items to the waiter.
Prasanna.How was your day
Kathambari.Fine except  little up set when covering the Delhi news.
Prasanna.What Delhi news.
Kathambari.Recent Polls results.Even though i am not belonging to any political party i was taken a back on the Delhi results.
Prasanna.I was also shocked.The way in BJP won the Previous states no body of thought of the BJP's defeat.
Kathambari.You are right.What you  think about the defeat.
Prasanna.I am not a political analyst ,yet  i can give my reasons.First Over Confidence ,Second Women's  security bill .has not been introduced and third  they have not reached the Common man.People's power no one expected.
Kathambari.You are Right Prasanna.I remembered  the story of Maha Bharath where Dhuryodana was over confident because of his Army capacity  and above all great warriors with him.But one  main thing he has forgotten  that  Dharma is not in his favour.Like that BJP has for gotten to reach the Commonman.Here People are Dharma.
Prasanna.I fully endorse with your beautiful analysing power.I have for gotten you are a Good Journalist.Hope in the Coming elections BJP will be more careful.
KathambariYes,Mistakes makes man to change.
By the time the waiter brought the Sweet Gulab Jamun and Vadai.
Both started concentrating with the Lovely Dish Gulab Jamun.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, February 16, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 17 ,Feb 15    Make travel safer
The Gulf News story on the Karnataka, India train accident was sad and painful to read (‘Up to 12 dead in Karnataka train accident’, Gulf News, February 14). Despite so many new routes and railway compartments upgraded, the accidents continue to happen and the real cause is not known. Whatever be the compensation to the victims given by the railways, human lives won’t come back. I hope the Indian railway authorities will look into this issue and make the travel more comfortable and safe for the passengers.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tribute to Writer Anuradha Ramanan 338.

Today i am going to pen another good writer from Tamil literary is none other than late Anuradha Ramanan.Born in Tanjore created a big revolution in tamil literary is not a exaggerated one.Inspired by her Actor grand father started  her career as an artist later become a Writer.She was liked by the popular magazine Mangai's editor for her contributions in their magazine and later joined.She was popular for her anti divorce Counselling and served nearly three decades on that is important.She wrote nearly 800 novels and more than 1200 short stories.Her stories revolves social,family subjects liked by  all.Sirai was her short story bestowed gold medal from the famous tamil magazine Ananda vikatan .I have read Malarin Payanam, Archanaipookal, and oru veedu iru vaasal.Some her works converted in to films and Oru veedu iru vasal directed by Late K.Balachander won National Film Award and she won five Nandi awards.She was also awarded  gold medal from the late Chief Minister of Tamil nadu M.G.Ramachandran.Even though she has departed from us her Wonderful Short stories and Novels  in frontof us.Today i am very happy to tribute to  this talented writer who has contributed to the Tamil literary world.
See you Next Week,

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Chennai India on 16Feb 15,
Train Mishap
Despite many routes and rail  bogies being upgraded,the continuing accidents are not a healthy sign.The reasons for the accident in Aneka lare yet to be known.What ever be the reasons and compensation to the victims given by the railways, human lives won't  be restored.Hope the railway authorities will look in to the security issues and make travel safer for passengers.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 15 Feb 15,

Facebook debate: Genetic research   Cannot encourage

Despite this not being the right way to get babies, at the global level, it is very common. Those parents longing for a child for years are adopting this method. Certainly health issues will arise and this cannot be encouraged as per researchers’ studies.
From Mr Ragavan Krishnamachary
Bengaluru, India

Friday, February 13, 2015

Article 390.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 14Feb 15(390).

Mood magic

I have heard that mood plays a vital role in creative work. Many journalists, writers have often expressed to me their views that if they are not in a good mood, they are able to do their work. If they are not in a positive mood, they usually take a break to get better results. 

The same goes for other people involved with writers for example, people working in the sales and marketing department. 

A friend of mine who is employed in an insurance company recently told me that one of his clients only signed a policy after 15 days. He said that it was only after that break that the client’s mood was positive enough to sign it.  
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Letter Published in The National UAE on 12 Feb 15,BJP spurned for overconfidence
Your story, Anti -Graft party scores landslide win in Delhi (February 11), indicates the confidence that the people of Delhi feel towards the anti-corruption Aam Aadmi (common man) Party.
The Bharatiya Janata Party was overconfident and underestimated the opposition caused by failing to do things such as implement women’s safety laws.
The BJP is not reaching the common man, which I think is the main reason for this defeat. 
This result is a wake-up call for all political parties about never underestimating people power.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 11Feb 15Good news for AAP
Gulf News story on exit polls predicting an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) victory in Delhi was an interesting read (‘Exit polls predict AAP victory in Delhi assembly elections’, Gulf News, February 8). Before the announcement of the real fate of Delhi election results, the media and other agencies have predicted about the victory of AAP, which was good news for the AAP supporters. Since this time, the voter turnout percentage is more comparing to last elections, which indicates that people have decided their new government for Delhi.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Life is Beautiful 254.

Next day Prasanna was discussing with Murthy over phone
Sir,Now our business is improving.Our team is doing well.Our principle Bracco was also happy.
Murthy.Thank you.I know you can deliver.I came to know that your  marriage will be performed soon.Congratulations.Kathambari is a good girl and both are made for each other.
Prasanna.Thank you sir.All because of Ram Sir
Murthy.I know that.You are lucky enough to have a Wonderful guru like Ram
Prasanna.Wonderful Boss like you
Murthy.Take care.Regards to Ram and other staff members.Bye now
After  this call Prasanna got  another call.This time from Kathambari
Hello,how are you
Prasanna.I am fine.How are you.
Kathambari.I am fine.Are you busy,am i disturbing you.
Prasanna.Not at all,Tell me
Kathambari.Nothing,just want to hear your sweet voice.
Prasanna.Thank you.You have given me an opportunity to hear your lovely voice.
Kathambari.Thank you.Today i am coming near your office. If you can come to Venus restaurant at 5Pm
Prasanna.O.K. At present no other programme.If there is any change i will call you.
Kathambari.Fine,since long time we met ,i thought i can meet you
Prasanna.Me too ,was longing to meet you.
Kathambari.Hope we can meet today.Bye now
Prasanna kept the phone.After that he was busy with his work.
Suddenly at 4-45P.M he remembered the appointment with Kathambari.
He immediately started from his office..He took a cab  and reached Venus restaurant.
Exactly 5P.M.Kathambari came saw Prasanna. while parking her car in the parking lot.
Prasanna also smiled,greeted her.
Kathambari was wearing a Beautiful  orange  Cotton saree which  added to her beauty.
Prasanna.Come Kathambari.He shook her hands.
By that time the waiter came to their table.
(To be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Tribute to Writer Thangam Krishnamurthy 337.

Today i am going to pen another interesting  personality from the Tamil  story world is none other than Writer Thangam Krishnamurthy.Even though she has started her writing  in her forty she has established her name very well.Her stories was published in the famous tamil magazines Viz,Kalai Magal,Aval Vikatan,Kungumam,Kanmaniand many othersShe has contributed Short stories and Spiritual stories. She was recoganisedand awarded from SiranthaManitha eluthalarorganisation palam in 1999 is worth to be mentioned here.Her stories are simple with social subjects and meaningful.I have read few stories of this author,Those stories ,Kousalya OruPuthir,and Periyamma.Kousalya oru Puthir  was selected  as Muthirai siru kathai in Kalai Magal magazine in 1999. She is one of the few established writers given memorable stories to tamil readers.Today i am very happy to tribute this talented writer.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 9 Feb 15
Careless Remarks
Power &Politics/Diplomacy(TNSE 8Feb)was meaningful and thought provoking.The author analysed in -depth the recent visit of US President Barack Obama.The Comments made by him on religious tolerance of India are unacceptable.Obama does n't realise the consequences of his remarks on the ties with Indiaand Prime Minister Modi.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 8 Feb 15,Unacceptable and inhumane
Your story about the Palestinian tax funds was meaningful and thought provoking (‘Israel withholds Palestinian tax funds for a second month’, Gulf News, February 4). The recent money withheld by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has added fuel to the fire of Palestinian sufferings. Decades of fighting between these two states and now this tax refund being withheld will only further increase the suffering of the people of Palestine. Israel should refund the tax money.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Friday, February 6, 2015


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bengaluru India on 7Feb 15
Dress code
Power &Politics by Prabhu Chawla spoke about dress code (TNIE Feb 1).A lot  was said about Modi's  out fit during US President Obama's visit to India.But the author made a beautiful comparison between Modi and Mahatma Gandhi.The dress plays a vital role in shaping one's personality.It reflects person's natureand qualities.It carries a message.

Article 389

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 7Feb 15(389)

Grand connection

I recently had a very beautiful experience when I visited my friend in Chennai. I was looking for his grandson and inquired whether or not he had returned from school. I was told he took his grandmother for a walk. 

After a few minutes he returned home with his grandmother and I asked him why he took his grandmother for a walk instead of going out to play? His reply stunned me, “If I go out to play then my grandma would feel lonely and I love my grandma.” It made me realise how beautiful the love that grandparents share with their grand children. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, February 5, 2015


My Letter Published in Thendral Magazine USA , February 15  ,தென்றல் புத்தாண்டிதல்  வழக்கம்போல் மிக நன்றாக இருந்தது. குறிப்பாக  ஹரிக்ரிஷ்ணன் நேர்காணல்  அருமை .அவரின்  பங்களிப்பு தென்றலுக்கு ஒரு வரப்ப்ரசாதம். சங்கப்  பாடல்களிலும் ,இலக்கியத்திலும் , தனி முத்திரை பதித்தவர்.இளமையில்  இவரின் இலக்கிய ஆர்வத்திற்கு வித்திட்டவர்    தனது  தாய் தான் என்பதை பெருமையாக  சொல்லிக் கொளுகிறார்.பேரறிஞர் 
ராஜாஜி அவர்களின் சக்கரவர்த்தி திருமகன் ,மற்றும் வியாசர் விருந்தை 
இளம் வயதில் படித்ததை நன்கு நினைவு வைத்திருப்பது பாராட்டுக்குரியது.இரண்டு இதிகாசங்களும் அவரின் இலக்கிய வேகத்தை, அதிகபடுதியத்தில் வியப்பில்லை  சிறு வயதிலயே கவிதை    எழுதியிருக்கிறார் . .ஒவ்வொரு நேர்காணலும்  சுகமானதாகவே இருக்கிறது .

Monday, February 2, 2015

Life is Beautiful 253.

After two days Ram called Prasanna
Prasanna,how are you.
Prasanna. I am fine sir.Tell me
Ram.Good news for you.Can you guess  what is that news
Prasanna.I do n't know sir,you tell me
Ram.Prasanna,i spoke to my friend Anandaram  day before yesterday and told him your engagement has fixed here .He felt he could not fix you for his niece  and was happy your engagement was fixed through me.
Prasanna.Thank you very much sir.
Ram.Another good news i spoke to your mother yesterday and  she was happy  that  your alliance was fixed through me.She also told ,my friend Anandarao  spoke to her  that he was very happy because it  was fixed by me.I am  happy  the amount of confidence ,you people having with me.
Prasanna.Sir,What ever you do only good thing for others with sincere motive.
Ram.Thank you Prasanna.For this reason only i called you.Now you can relax and do your work.
Prasanna.Bye ,Take care Sir.
Ram.You too.Bye now.
After that Ram was busy with his work. He received a call from Raj,
Ram good morning.How are you.Now i have sent  a mail about the latest development of Delhi polls.Interesting one
Ram.I will check,
Raj.AAP is going to have tough time
Ram.Last time they have done very well
Raj.Yes,last time.This time the recent allegations for the donations which AAP received in the month of April made  doubt  from the Opposition parties.Hope you will cover this topic with your own style.
Ram.Thank you Raj,We will cover in our wayHow is your family and other friends.
Raj.All are fine.Ananda rao and Prasanna's mother was very happy about his engagement.When will  be their marriage.
Ram.Kathambari's mother should fix the place.Hope she will announce shortly.
Raj.Bye now.Take care.
Ram.You too
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Tribute to Cinematographer S.SoundarRajan 336.

Today i am going to pen another  interesting film personality from the Tamil film industry is none other than Cinematographer S.Soundar Rajan.In his one decade film career he has given few memorable films with his frame work.He worked with all  Directors K.V .Anand  and other up coming directors .He has worked with actors Viz,Surya, Vijay,Srikanth, Kajal Agarwal,and others.His cinematography speaks few films like ,Billa,Aathi,VaaiMudi Pesavum, and Maatraan.
I have seen three of his films  viz,Billa,Aathi,VaaiMudi Pesavum.Vaai Mudi Pesavum was nicely taken  both indoor and out door Shots. from this Cinematographer..Tamil film industry has huge scope for accommodating  talented technicians.Today i am happy to tribute this talented Upcoming Cinematographer.
See You Next Week,