Friday, March 30, 2012


K.Ragavan.Chennai.India Web Site Comment in The New York Times on 30,March 12
Your article on Brics Summit was good to read.The out come of the meeting was not very encourage on the Global economy development.The five nations discussed on their economy and growth as per the revelation from the New York Times.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Web Site Comment in The Hindu,India Regarding the Norway kids At last the Kids from Norway returning as per the Court decision.Our External Ministry should be strong enough to handle any type of incidents like this.Students studying abroad are often targeted.They should be also protected.
from: K.Ragavan
Posted on: Mar 30, 2012 at 08:40 IST

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life is Beautiful 105.

Ram could n't proceed his further query with Vasanthy because of Kathambari's arrival.All the three entered to the dining table.Kathambari was asking Vasanthy
Mummy what is the special today.
Vasanthy.Suspense.You can see one by one.
Kathambari.Ram i hope you like Mum's preparations.She is a wonderful cook.
Vasanthy. Ram you can taste and then tell wheather i am a wonderful cook or not.
Vasanthy was serving the items.Ram's favorite dishes Onion Sambar ,Potato vegetable roast,papad,Banana chips.
Ram. This combination i enjoy.I remember three decades back i had this type of items.
Vasanthy.Thank you Ram for your Compliment.
Kathambari.Mum this is your suspense.I never had this type of dishes earlier really very nice.Ram i hope you like this.
Ram.yes.I am enjoying the beautiful taste.Really your Mum prepared nicely.
Kathambari.Now you can tell the rest of the items mum.
Vasanthy.Now no suspense.Lemon rasam,Kesari and fruit salad left.
Ram.Lovely.all are my items.
Vasanthy.Thank you.
Ram finished his lunch.Vasanthy brought fruit salad
Kathambari. After few minitues Iwill drop you to your place
Ram.Do n't take trouble i will take a cab.
Kathambari.No trouble ,i have to go to my office on the way i will drop.'s left you.
Vasanthy.which Hotel you are staying Ram.
Kathambari.Mum he is staying in Sheraton Dubai.Iwill give his Number to you.Shall we make a move Ram.
Ram.O.K.My special thanks to your Mummy for the Wonderful lunch.
Vasanthy.Not at all Ram.See you,Bye.(to be continued).
See you Next week,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tribute to Cinematographer R.Mathi.187.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from tamil film is none other then Cinematographer R.Mathi.In his One decade film career he has given some memorable films.Good clean indoor and out door shots will be more visible in his films.
Today's leading actors Karthik,Bharath ,Jeeva and Kajal Agarwal are acted in his Movies.I have seen few films of this Cinematographer.Those films are ,Nepali,Ninaithale,Naan Mahanalla, Oru kalluriyin kathai ,and Punnagai desam.Naan mahan alla, and Veyil gave him a good name for his work.I have not seen his much talked film Paiyya.Today i am happy to tribute this Up coming Cinemato grapher.In spite of tough Competition in the Film industry many talented people are having their own identity because of their Delivery no one can deny.
See You Next week,

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Stagnant Water In Subway Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 26,March 12
Parts of the subway near Tambaram Railway Station are frequently filled with sewage or rain water.The stagnated water causes immense inconvenience to pedestrians.Vendors sell products sitting near this water.Authorities should take action to end this menace.?
K.Ragavan, Tambaram

Friday, March 23, 2012


Beyond boundaries Article Published in The Gulf Today ,UAE on 24,March 12 (244th Article).

I was watching Indian cricket master blaster Sachin Tendulkar complete his hundredth century. His passion towards the game is impressive.

The little master has set an example for youths around the world on how to pursue their dreams with a single-minded goal.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Finally done Letter Published in Gulf News,UAE on 23,March 12
Tendulkar fulfilled the long-awaited 100th century in Test cricket — this was a great day for all Indians. In the international cricket arena his record was magnificent. He is the first player to achieve this remarkable accomplishment and I congratulate him for that.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Chennai, India

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Tough Action Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 21,March 12
Apropos :In dececiveness will make Maoists Bolder, the Maoists should be Condemned for kidnapping two Italians.The demands of the extremists are unacceptable. It is high time the government took strong measures to control this menace,in order to safe guard it’s image.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Life is Beautiful 104.

Vasanthy took the phone.Kathambari was in the other side
Mummy,i will be coming little late.My work has not finished, Ram and you have lunch.
Vasanthy. I will give it to Ram.You talk to him Kathambari
Ram i am coming there at 2.P.M.You and Mum can havelunch.
Ram.Kathambari,No problem.I will wait for you .Let us all have to gether.
Kathambari.Sure,Then you have some Juice,i will be there shortly.
Ram.o.k. i will give it to your mum.
Vasanthy.Iwill give some Juice for Ram.We will wait for you.See you
Vasanthy kept the Phone.Ram ,i will bring Tomoto Soup.
She brought the Soup.While drinking Ram was asking her,
How about you.You can also have this.
Vasanthy.No,Few minitues back i had.
Ram was looking Vasanthy.She was with her Beautiful Lovely Sedative Smile,which he used to Enjoy on many occasions~!~!~
Vasanthy.Ram i think You want to tell some thing to me.
Ram.No ,
Vasanthy.No you are hesitating.I could see in your face.
Ram.Well,IWant to clarify one doubt.Can i ask
Ram.You are from Karnataka.
Vasanthy.Why you are asking.I am from Karnataka.
Ram.Can you recognize me
By that time Calling bell rang.Vasanthy went to open the Door.Kathambari was entering
Sorry Ram .I was in a new assignment from my boss.Come let us have lunch.They entered the Dining table. (to be continued).
See You Next Week,
20-3 -12.

Tribute to Cinematographer Jal Mistry.186.

Today i am going to pen another Interesting film personality from Bollywood film industry is none other then Cinematographer Jal Mistry.Known for his Wonderful work five decades back in many films.To day's top class actors acted in this Doyen's Movies.Those actors are Rajesh Khanna,Asha Parekh,and Waheeda Rehman are important.Even though he has many films to his credit i have seen few films of this Beautiful Cinematographer.Those films are,Bahron Ke Sapne,Hum Saaya,Heer Raanjha,Man Mandir,Bombay to Goa,Bidaai,Kudrat,Naseeb ,Bullet and Jhooth BoleKaua Kaateare i remember.With out much advancements in those days he has filmed many films is highly applauded.He was one of the Best Cinematographers highly respected from the film fraternity.All the Top class Heroes he has worked. Known for his indoor and Out door shots and Good lighting. He has Given good black and white as well Color movies.Incidently he is the Brother of Stalwart CinematoGrapher FaliMistry.To day i am happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Signal Sought for over bridge Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 19,March 12
In Judge colony Sanatorium there is an over bridge connecting Chitlapakkam andother areas.The introduction of this bridge has helped people of this area to save time,but there is no signal.People coming from both sides of the road should be cautioned.The authorities should introduce a signal under the over bridge or speed breakers to avoid unforeseen incidents.Some times pedestrians find it difficult to cross the road because of the traffic.
K.Ragavan,Judge Colony


K.Ragavan.Chennai.India Web Site Comment in New York Times USA on 18,March 12
The Long awaited 100 th century of Sachin Tendulkar in Test cricket was fulfilled by him on 16,march was a great day for all the Indians.In International Cricket arena his record was Magnificient and he is the first player to achieve this was remarkable.Kudos to Sachin Tendulkar.
Chennai 47


K.Ragavan.Chennai.India Web Site Comment in New York Times ,USA on 18,March 12, Regarding Indian Budget
The Budget was not attracted in Many issues was sad.Slight increase in Tax for the Employed Sector and No additional benefit for the Senior Citizens.Small scale sector was neglected ,which will affect the employment growth.What ever be the attributing factors from the Govt the Commonman was Completely neglected was sad and Painful. Inflation is the Continuous threat for this Administration'
because lack of Leadership and Political Will.Not a Encouraging Budget from Pranabji.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 18,March 12 Regarding reforms. The former FM elaborately mentioned the reforms policy of the UPA. It's mainly due to lack of leadership and political will.Global economy has nothing to do with it.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Joy of songs Article Published in The Gulf To day,UAE on 17,March 12,(Article 243).

The other day I was discussing with my friends about old Bollywood movies, songs and handsome heroes.

I admire old songs with some of my favorite heroes like Joy Mukherjee.

He passed away recently, but his memorable songs like Love in Tokyo, Sayonara, sayonara are still ringing in my ears.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Children are the victims of conflict Letter Published in The Nati onal,Uae on 14,March 12

Your article Tit-for-tat strikes pose dilemma for Hamas (March 12) was sad to read.

A 12-year-old boy was a victim of those attacks. It is painful that children and innocent people are the victims of this unacceptable situation.

I pray for the 12-year-old innocent boy and the other victims.

K Ragavan

Life is Beautiful 103.

Next day Morning Kathambari called Ram
Good morning Ram.How are you.
Ram.I am fine Kathambari.Tell me about today's Programme.
Kathambari.My original Programme was to come and take you to my house for Lunch.Suddenly My MD has Given some important work.I am sending our Driver to pick you from your Hotel.I will come for Lunch before Two P.M. i am sending the car at 1.o.p.m.
Ram.Fine.I will be ready at that time.Mean while i will attend my work.Why you are taking so much trouble ,Mum has come only Yesterday night.She needs Good rest for couple of hours ,because of the long Journey.
Kathambari.She has taken enough rest.She only asked me to invite you.More then one month you have taken food out side.
Ram.O.K.See you at your place.
Exactly 1.p.m.the Driver came and took Ram reached Kathambari's Place at 1-20.P.M.
Ram was Pressing the Bell, Coming ,a Beautiful Sweet voice came from in side.The voice was none other then his Vasanthy.When she opened the door Ram was taken a back.She was wearing a Beautiful Pink color Saree with wonderful Smile.
Please come Mr Ram.
Ram.Thank you.He entered in side the Hall.
Vasanthy.What would you like to have.Fanta or Pepsi.
Ram.No.Before Lunch i won't take any thing.
Vasanthy looked at him.Ram saw her Beautiful expressive eyes .
Vasanthy.Fine.Let Kathambari comes ,we all will have Lunch.
Ram was enjoying her lovely voice.Imagined his olden days with her.How many hours they have spent in Discussions.Suddenly Ram's inner side was telling,Are you Crazy.She is not your Old Vasanthy.She is Kathambari's Mum.By that time Telephone was ringing.
(tobe continued).
See you Next week

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tribute to Actor,Producer and Director Prakash Raj.185.

To day i am going to Pen another Versatile Actor,Producer and Director is none other then Prakash raj.Karnataka is not only famous for the I.T.Hub but also talented People from all walks of life was true.Prakash Raj hails from southern state of Karnataka Puttur.Started his Career in Kannada films later entered in to Tamil films.He has three port polios to his credit. Actor,Producer and Director was highly Applaudable.He won the National Award for his Performance for the Tamil film Kancheevaram was worth to be Mentioned here.He has proved as a Versatile actorin the Indian Cinema in a Short span of time.I can not for get his Memorable films ,Abhiyum naanum,Mozhi,Kanchhvaram,
Gilli,Iruvar and Many i am not recollect.He acted with Sarath kumar in one film as Encounter specialist Neelakanta Brahma chariwas remarkable.Un fortunately i have forgotten the Movie name.Santhosh Subramanian was Supreb movie of him.He has acted in Five Languages films, liked by all from the Film fraternity.He has Directed two films one in Telugu and Other tamil film Dhoni is doing very well.K.Balachander was the Person responsible for introducing hinm in Tamil films if i am correct.Today i am very happy to tribute this Versatile Personalityknown for his Dialoque Chellam.
See You Next week,

Saturday, March 10, 2012


People’s Faith Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 8,March 12
The UP election results are a great blow to the congress.The expectation from Rahul were high but the results
are different.The message isthat the partyhas lost it’s base,or what was left of it ,in UP.Mulayam singh should deliver better then before as the people of UP have reposed faith in him.


Sad retirement of a cricket legend Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 11,March 12

The news that the Indian cricket player Rahul Dravid has retired from international cricket was sad to read (India batsman Rahul Dravid set to retire from international cricket, March 8).

Dravid was one of the stylish batsman who had many laurels to his credit during his tenure on the Indian team.

Even though he has the ability to continue, his decision will be for his own good.

I salute this stalwart for all the achievements in his career.

K Ragavan, India

Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy occasions Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae ,on10,March 12 (242nd Article).

Attending birthday parties, weddings and important events of our friends make us happy. Recently, we celebrated my daughter’s tenth wedding anniversary.

I could not believe†a decade has passed by so fast. For retired people like me, these are occasions one will be too happy to participate in.
K. Ragavan


Web Site Comment in New York Times ,USA K.Ragavan.Chennai.India
.The recent out come Election results of the five Indian States, particularly UP was a dramatic development in the Indian Political History.The Much talked Rahul Gandhi Camp in UP and Congress Leaders Promises are not accepted by the UP People is the Crude truth.People are tired with False Promises,Inflation and above all Scams.This results will pave the way for the future stand of the Old Congress party in 2014 Elections.Ultimately People's verdict one has to accept. Lesson to Mayavathy for the Crimes and atrocities during her tenure.


Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express ,India Regarding the recent Five states Election results out come However the present ruling Party's Leaders denying the possibilities of Mid termPpoll Politicians of the Opposition Parties predicting the Possibility.I have my own doubt wheather the present UPA Govt will pull the present train for another Two years.This doubt is due to their Non Delivery to the People.No Leadership and Lack of Vision. By K.Ragavan
3/9/2012 11:20:00 AM

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life is Beautiful 102..

Life is Beautiful 102..
Ram's thinking was disturbed by Kathambari
Ram,Mumma's flight arrived.Another Half an hour's time she will come out.Just now the announcement came.
Ram.Fine.You are going to see Mum after how many days.
Kathambari.Exactly fifteen days.This is the first time i missed her this much days.
Ram was thinking how many years he missed his Vasanthy.
Kathambari.Normally Mum never goes out.Because of her Close friend's Son's marriage this time she went.
Ram.Once in a way it happens Kathambari.
Kathambari.Yes Ram.I am very lucky enough to have a Mummy like this.Ram look,there she is coming.
Kathambari.A Lady wearing Green Saree Pulling the trolley.
Ram saw her and confirmed she is none other then his Vasanthy.
Kathambari.Mum how was the Journey.
Vasanthy.It was fine.The delay was due to some technical problem before starting.Any way i reached safely.
Kathambari.Mum i was mentioning you over the phone last week about a person from India.
Vasanthy.Yes i do remember.
Kathambari.He is the person ,she introduced to Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.I am happy to see you Sir
Kathambari.He is Mr,Ram Retired Professor.
Vasanthy. I see,Kathambari told about you.
Ram.She was also telling about you.
kathambari.Ram i will drop you to your Hotel.
While going Ram was surprised there is no change in Vasanthy.Same Beautiful smile
with soft voice. only One or two grey hair was the Change.His thinking was disturbed by Vasanthy.
Mr Ram how you like Dubai.
Ram .It is a very Beautiful city.
Vasanthy.Yes.Not only the City the People of this country also nice.Some intuition is telling me that i have seen you in my Life.
Kathambari.Yes Mum .He is such a nice Person liked by one and all which i have seen.

Ram.Thank you for your compliment Kathambari.By that time Ram's Hotel came
Ram See you Tomorrow.I will call tomorrow morning.Good night.
Ram.Same to you both.(to be continued0.
See You Next week,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tribute 184.

Tribute to Director Raja Sekhar (Late).(184).
Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the Tamil film is none other then Script writer ,Director Late Rajasekhar.Three decades back he has created a big impact with top class actors was not a exaggerated one.He has few couple of films which won the Film fans box office hits.I have seen few memorable films of this Director.Those films are Malayoor Mammatiyan,Mappilai,Kaki Chatai,Padikathavan (old).Vikram and Dharma thurai.Rajnikanth,KamalHasan and Prabhu acted in his hit movies is important.Good screen play, Dialoques Songs and Cinemato graphy will be more visible in his movies. Tamil film industry lost a Good Capable Director.Today i am happy to tribute this Director.
See You Next Week,


Annan mission unlikely to work Letter Published in The National Uae on 5March 12

Your article Annan trying to sell the impossible (February 4) was good to read and it is right in saying Kofi Annan's mediation mission in Syria is impossible.

When Mr Annan was the UN's secretary general, his rigorous efforts to solve the Iraq issue at the time failed. The new task in Syria is unlikely to yield any results.

The Syrian people and President Bashar Al Assad should engage in a dialogue for a peaceful transition.

K Ragavan, India


Web Site Comment in The Hindu,India on 4 March 12 Regarding UP'S Exit Polls , We can not come to a conclusion on Exit Polls.Let us wait and see on 6
March.Possibilities of BSP loosing because of their Delivery.Ultimately
People has got the Upper hand to change the Administration.UP Election
results will decide the future of Congress Party.
from: K.Ragavan.
Posted on: Mar 4, 2012 at 08:29 IST

Saturday, March 3, 2012


write2ragavan 0 minutes ago
Web Site Comment in Deccan Herald,India on 4March 12, Regarding the Introduction of New Theme Parks This is a Good news.India has many important tourist destinations.Introducing New parks will certainly increase the International tourist traffic. I wish there should not be any scams on this Project once it is over.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Article 241.

Useful habit Article Published in The Gulf Today,Uae on 3 March 12,(241st Article).

Right from my childhood, I have the habit of writing a diary. Recently, I greeted a friend on his birthday.

He was surprised how I remembered the special day. I told him that during a train journey, we were discussing his profession and age. I had entered the day in the diary.

He was so thrilled that he promised to start writing a diary about his daily experiences.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Web Site Comment in The National,UAE on 1 March 12, Your article dated 29,Feb 12,Israel' will not warn US' before striking Iranian nuclear sites was interesting to read.Iran should be inspected by the IAE Authorities and based on it's report action should betaken against Iran.Now the question does not arise Israel's attack on Iran's nuclear site by passing US It is very evident .Israel is More Powerful in
the Middle east.