Monday, October 23, 2017


Letter Published in The National UAE on 24Oct 17, Japanese election result is a win for Asia      Abe sweeps to big win in Japan (October 23) was a good development for Asia. Shinzo Abe’s victory at the polls may bring peace and stability, it should inject some common sense into the North Korea nuclear stand-off and also encourage good bilateral relationships with India on trade, terror and other issues. Kudos to Mr Abe.K.Ragavan, India

Tribute to Late Cinematographer V.N.Reddy 477

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the South Indian film industry is none other than Cinematographer V.N.Reddy.In his three and half decades active film career he has worked with all the leading actors of three language films Telugu,Tamil and Hindi.His Cinematography was very nice in those days both in black and white and Colour.With out much technology advancement he has given wonderful hindi movies with his frame work both indoor and out door is worth to be mentioned here.He was associated with Popular bolly wood actor ,Director Manoj kumar
and has given  two  memorable movies  ,Upkar,and Purab Aur Paschim.Even though he has many films to his credit i have seen few films of this Stalwart.Those movies are,Kashmir ki Kali,Do Badan,Chori Chori,Aag ,Hul chul andBaiju Bawra (hindi).One of the brilliant Cinematographers  in those daysliked by the film fraternity.Even though he has departed his memorable movies in front of us.Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Letter Published in The National UAE on 22Oct 17 Cabinet reshuffle sets the right priorities      I refer to Science comes to the fore in cabinet reshuffle (October 20). The recent announcement gives opportunity for young people in science and technology. The gesture is laudable and will help the UAE play a key role in the future of global information technology. Kudos to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.K Ragavan, India

Friday, October 20, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 21Oct 17,  Is zero hunger a dream?
In my opinion, this is only a dream (“Letters to the editor: A basic human right”, Gulf News, October 16). This is a very difficult task to see, for various reasons. It is because of corrupt professionals with the support of politicians who will divert resources to others. Most of the refugee camps will not receive the full quantity sent to them. This practice cannot be eradicated unless and until the officers involved in this work think hunger should be permanently eradicated. However, the United Nations is doing a wonderful job in distributing food for the needy and refugees.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 20 Oct 17,Chairman of change
The recent appointment of actor Anupam Kher as the chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) was a welcome one (“Anupam Kher says FTII post doesn’t conflict with acting school”, Gulf News, October 14). Kher has many credentials and is a versatile actor for more than 500 films. With his charismatic personality and experience, he will tackle student’s issues and create a good atmosphere in the campus, making students happy. The FTII has had many chairman in the past, but with this decision, the FTII’s flag will fly high in the film industry. Congratulations to Anupam Kher.
From Mr K.Ragavan

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 19,Oct 17
Joyous Occasioniwali is one of the biggest and most colourful functions in India, and it is celebrated by millions of people. During Diwali, rows of small lamps will be used to decorate the house on that day. People invite their relatives and friends to their homes and greet each other with various sweets. It is known for the sound of crackers almost the whole day. Children are the happiest playing with crackers, eating sweets and wearing new clothes. Women from the south of India wear traditional silk saris. People worship the deity of prosperity and will do a special religious ceremony on that day. Many youngsters pay their respect to elders on this festival and get their blessings, which has been followed for many years. Over all, Diwali is a joyous function which is liked by everyone. I wish everyone celebrating a very happy and healthy Diwali.
From Mr K. Ragavan


Letter Published in The National UAE on 19,Oct 17.

Why are terrorists around the world still able to execute large-scale attacks?

The recent bomb blast, which was detonated at the entrance of the Safari Hotel in Somalia, was deplorable to say the least. Somalia is known for high levels of poverty and undernourishment. This attack is unacceptable and the motives behind this gruesome crime should be investigated by the government. As ever, the perpetrators must be brought to justice. Somalia is already a poor country and this attack will undoubtedly take a heavy toll on a nation struggling to get by. The Al Shabab terrorist group has staged countless attacks over the years, but given the mass scale of this attack, authorities should ensure they find out who the real culprits are. I pray for the victims’ families and for those injured in this cowardly attack.
K Ragavan, IndiaLetter


Letter Published in The National UAE on 18Oct 17, Rural areas around the globe need support on educationI refer to your article, Sharjah ruler tells book fair that education is key to terrorism fight (October 13). Today, the entire globe faces the threat of terrorism, which can be blamed on illiteracy, poverty and the ever-increasing disparity in income between rich and poor. Education is the key to overcoming all of this. As Sharjah ruler Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi rightly said, education should be given more priority. Rural areas around the globe should be targeted, as a lack of education in these pockets is rampant. K Ragavan, India


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 18Oct 17, Films play a roleFilms can play a vital role in eliminating terrorism. India is known for its filmographic achievements. Movies are teaching morality to people. Today, terrorism is one of the main threats the whole world is facing. India’s Union Minister is appealing to the film fraternity to create a moral film on terrorism. Films have a magnetic effect with fans. By making good movies based on terrorism and its implications, people become more aware. India has wonderful locations for shooting a film, with talented writers and cinematographers, who will make the film more vibrant. As the minister has rightly put it, state and central governments should come forward and ask the film fraternity to produce movies based on crime.From Mr K. Ragavan Bengaluru

Life is Beautiful 394.

For the past few days due to  heavy rains disturbed the normal routine of Mysore people.Murthy was going to his office.While going he received a call from his Wife Aarti.
Hello,where are you.
Murthy.I am on the way to my office.What's the matter
Aarti.I received a call from Prasanna's mother.Suddenly she developed heavy fever and wanted to go to hospital.Since Atma rao and Raj is not here she called for help to go to hospital.The near by doctor told she should be admitted in the  nursing home for few days.
Murthy.I see,now i will go to her house and take her to nursing home.
Immediately Murthy rushed to her house took her to Desai nursing home.After examining her the doctor told she  is suffering from  personal problem  which she only can express
Murthy asked her,Madam,please tell what you are thinking in your mind.Doctor is telling you will be alright if you express your feelings,and fever will go
Prasanna's Mother.What i can tell.I am perfectly  alright.Fever i get often for one or two days then it will go.Due to Psychic conditions this may happen.
Murthy.You tell me Amma,i will try to solve
Mother.It is simple ,as a mother i am longing for my grand son or grand daughter.More than five yearsPrasanna got married is my inner worry.Today i am telling you like my brother.
Murthy.This is quite natural.I will talk to prasanna diplomatically.You take rest for two days in the hospital.I will come and take you to your home.
Mother.Thank you.Now my burden is overAfter that Murthy rushed to his office .
He was thinking how to express to Prasanna .
By that time he received a Call from Ram
Murthy,how are you.Raj came yesterday night.We are going to Prasanna's place for lunch.
Murthy.Good that you called me.Just now i met Prasanna's mother was suffering  personal problem expressed to me that She is longing for a Grand child.
Ram.Quite natural.Prasanna got married five years back.
Murthy.You have to tell him about this.
Ram.O.K.i Will see the appropriate time and tell him as early as possible.
Murthy.why you called
Ram.I wanted to convey Raj arrived safly.Take care .We are now starting to Prasanna's place.Bye
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, October 16, 2017


Letter Published in The National UAE on 17,Oct 17  Twitter is the go-to platform for dialogue    Your editorial, Twitter is evolving into the town hall of the 21st century (October 10), was a good read. Among social media platforms, Twitter seems to be playing a leading role in creating dialogue. Just look at the Twitter account of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. He has millions of followers. The fact that Twitter has managed to create a very big impact despite allowing only 140 characters per tweet is laudable.K Ragavan, India

Tribute to Director Lekh Tandon 476.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the Bolly wood film industry is none other than Late Director Lekh Tandon.In his seven decades film career  he has delivered numerous Classic movies and T.V .Sereals.Yester year popular actors Late Sunil Dutt,Shammi kapoor Rajendra Kumar ,and many others worked with him.Films like Professor,Prince,Jahan Pyar Mile,Jhuk gaya Aasman,Amrapali no one can for get.Amra pali was bestowed  as Best foreign language film in the 39th Academy awards festival is important.Few films ace Cinematographer Dwaraka Divecha worked with him.Lekh Tandon is liked by the film fraternity. I have seen couple of movies of this Doyen with his directorial touch.Those films are,Prince,Professor,Amrapali,Jhuk gaya aasman and Jahan Pyar Mile,.Even though he has  departed his wonderful work in front of us.Today i am very happy to tribute this Great Director .
See You Next Week,

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 16 Oct 17
Every one deserves food    The main idea behind this day is to remember that everybody deserves food. Despite the production of sufficient food, the current shortage is sad. There are many attributing factors for this - there is lot of wastage from restaurants and parties. Everyone should take the quantity they require. Non-Governmental Organisation’s and other voluntary organisations should have periodical meetings to educate the people about the wastage of food. For more than seven decades, this day is being celebrated for the interest of everyone. I always think about other people who are not getting even one meal a day.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 13Oct 17,

Called upon for action
On the one hand I applaud the interest of the American government for issuing gun licences to their citizens for their personal safety, but on the other hand, this gun culture is not being utilised properly for the interest of the people (“US gun lobby agrees to examine ‘bump stocks’ after Las Vegas massacre”, Gulf News, October 8). It leads to more innocent lives being lost, which is unacceptable. We have been seeing the lives of innocent civilians being taken by the ‘gun culture’ in many public places, and it is increasing day by day. Mainly because of the attitudes and nature of the gun holders, many are in the possession of illegal weapons. My appeal to President Donald Trump’s administration is to completely eradicate the menace of issuing gun licences to their people, not just for the safety of the American people, but also for visiting expatriates. Will the present administration take this call?
From Mr K. Ragavan

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Letter Published in The National UAE on 12Oct 17,Will Trump review his position on the Iran nuclear deal?
In reference to your online article Britain's May urges Trump not to end Iran nuclear pact (October 11), it is clear that the international community is increasingly opposing the recent Iran US nuclear deal. If Trump agrees to maintain the nuclear deal, the international community - all but Britain's Theresa May - feels the region's security will be put in peril and many other problems could arise. Will Mr Trump reconsider his strategy with Iran. Let's wait and see.
Ragavan Krishnamachary, India


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 12 Oct 17Good choice
The 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature is being bestowed upon Japanese-British author Kazuo Ishiguro (“Kazuo Ishiguro wins 2017 Nobel prize in literature”, Gulf News, October 6). Among many contenders, his book The Remains of the Day was a dramatic development. Congratulations to him.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Life is Beautiful 393.

Ram took the phone.Prasanna was on the other line
Good evening Sir, Where are you
Ram.I just arrived from airport.
Prasanna.Mr Raj Uncle has arrived.
Ram.Yes,i am giving to him
Raj.Prasanna ,how are you.I met your mother .She has sent Sweets 
Prasanna.Why i called you Sir tomorrow friday you are coming to my place for lunch along with Ram sir
Prasanna.How is aunty and others
Raj.All are fine.
Ram.What time we have to come
Prasanna.By 12P.M.
Prasanna.My mother in law wanted to talk with Raj
Ram.Raj,Prasanna's mother in law wanted to talk with you
Raj.Good evening madam,how are you
Vasanthy.I am fine.Tomorrow you can come with Ram for lunch to our house.
Raj.Thanks.Prasanna has already invited me
Vasanthy.I too want to invite.See you both tomorrow.Good night
Raj.Ram see the Courtesy from madam
Ram.Yes,she always behave gently and friendly
Raj.Today Courtesy has become a rare commodity.
Ram.True.But both mother and daughter has good manners
Raj.You mean her daughter Kathambari
After few minutes they discussed about the latest developments in Dubai.
Then they watched T.V for some time then went to bed.
The whole day Ram was busy and immediately he went to sleep.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 11 Oct 17,

Lifting the ban

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community
Gulf News
Lifting the ban
The long standing ban on women driving was recently lifted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and this was praised by the entire globe (“Authorities dismiss claim woman drove into Saudi Arabia from Kuwait”, Gulf News, October 6). This shows that women are playing an important role. It is evident that lifting the ban indicates they will also be given an opportunity in other areas from the government. This new policy will save a lot of money for women, as they were engaging male drivers for commuting to office and other places. This will boost confidence for women, to enter the aviation industry, as the government has already announced the provision of scholarships for training pilots. In the coming days, Saudi Arabia will be more visible on the global map. Good move from Saudi Arabia.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Monday, October 9, 2017


Letter Published in Khaleejtimes UAE on 10Oct 17,
Deplorable act
The news, 'Man burns four children to death at Brazil's kindergarten,' (KT, Oct 7) made for a painful read. The murderer is the watchman of the school and suffered from depression. Whatever be the reason, what he did is cruel and unacceptable. Such people should not be employed in a public place, especially where kids study.
K Ragavan, India

Tribute to Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev 475.

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality  from the Yoga world is none other than Jaggi Vasudev.He is also the founder of Isha foundation a non profit organisation which promotes Yoga.He was also bestowed the Padma vibhushan award from the government.Known for his brilliant speeches not only in India but also in the global scenario.Apart from his Yoga and other Spiritual involvement recently he has taken the initiative of stressing the need of all the rivers should be connected.His Vision  if the rivers was not connected in the future there will be scarcity for water.
Environment also changed as per his version.He is touring all the places of all district villages to propagate the importance of Connecting rivers.Government should act  on this issue as early as possible.His Interest is national interest  should be applauded.Apart from this he is a Wonderful human being understand the life importance and helping people in many ways.Incidently he hails from Mysuru ,Karnataka where i spent  eleven years.What little i know about this great legend i have written in this Column.Today I am very happy to tribute this great personality.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 10 Oct 17,Gun control needed
The recent shooting incident in Las Vegas has had the highest number of causalities in US history (“America’s aversion to gun control”, Gulf News, October 4). Whoever is the administrator of the White House, the shooting culture is highly unacceptable. The government should tighten the security in larger gatherings like at concerts. It is high time that the US authorities take a strong strategy to eradicate the gun menace, which is existing there for decades and save the innocent people. I pray for the victims.
From Mr K. Ragavan


Letter Published in The National UAE on 10 Oct 17,Food allergies prove perplexing to this day
Your opinion article, Why is there an increase in potentially fatal allergies? (October 8), was an interesting read. That global intolerance has drastically increased is very worrying. Parents should, indeed, monitor symptoms periodically. Schools must also keep a tab and inform parents about their children's food habits and even minor allergic reactions. The topic of allergies is a cumbersome one that continues to prove challenging even to researchers to this day.
K Ragavan, India

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Letter Published in Deccan Herald Bengaluru India ON 9oCT 17, Page 2


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 9 Oct 17,Too many casualties
The recent increase in the number of casualties from the Indian valley of Kashmir by stone pelters is not only condemned but is also unacceptable (“Amend statute to fully integrate Kashmir with Bharat — RSS chief”, Gulf News, October 1). Most of the stone pelters are illiterate and it is sad that some students also get involved in this. Army men and, border security forces who are protecting the people, usually are targeted. In recent months the incidents are increasing and the bodies of many martyrs have been brought back to their families, and this was painful. Army men joined the country’s forces with the intention of serving the people. Being hit by stone pelters is highly unacceptable. The Indian government should implement strict law to tackle this problem to protect the army men as well innocent civilians who are also affected in clashes. No sympathy should be shown for stone pelters as their act is not correct. They should behave properly and help the forces in a situation of crisis or terror attacks. It is high time the Indian government took some strategy to save, not only the army, but also the innocent civilians. Safety and security is more important for people who are living close to the border. The army should be free to act upon stone pelters in order to protect themselves and the people.
From Mr K Ragavan

Saturday, October 7, 2017


 Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 8Oct 17         Lifting the ban
The long standing ban on women driving was recently lifted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and this was praised by the entire globe. This shows that women are playing an important role. It is evident that lifting the ban indicates they will also be given an opportunity in other areas from the government. This new policy saves a lot of money in the future for the women, as all these days they were engaging male drivers for commuting to office and other places. This will boost confidence for women, to enter the aviation industry, as the government has already announced the provision of scholarships for training pilots. In the coming days, Saudi Arabia will be more visible on the global map. Good move from Saudi Arabia.
From Mr K. Ragavan


Letter Published in The National UAE on 8 Ocyt 17,
I found your article, In Syria, Assad might be winning the war, but he is incapable of putting the country back together (October 6), to be alarmingly true. The crisis in Syria has been ongoing for more than six years and millions have been affected by the regime's firm determination not to negotiate a final peace settlement, despite several interventions made by the international community. As the author pointed out, Bashar Al Assad can't win in the long run. Whether he has any intention of coming forward with a compromise remains to be seen.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, October 6, 2017

Letter Published in India Abroad USA on 6Oct 17

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 6Oct 17,

Government at fault, again
The collapse of the railway station bridge in Mumbai, led to the death of 22 people and it was tragic (“At least 22 killed in Mumbai railway bridge stampede: official”, Gulf News, September 30). A one and a half century old bridge built in the British regime was not maintained properly by the government, and this is one of the attributing factors to its collapse, apart from this the crowd. Whatever be the reasons, it is the responsibility of the government to maintain public places periodically, to ensure the safety of the people. Despite the compensation provided by the government, the lives of those lost won’t come back to their dear ones. I pray for the victims, grieving family members, and I wish those injured a speedy recovery.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Letter Published in The National UAE on 5Oct 17,
Iraq bids farewell to a legend
I refer to your article, Iraq bids farewell to former president Jalal Talabani, who died in Germany aged 83 (October 4). The demise of Talabani is a great loss for his community. He was renowned for his focus on self-determination. His struggle for the rights of the Kurdish community was laudable. There is no doubt that his loss will be felt for years to come.

K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Letter Published in The National UAE on 4 Oct 17  After Las Vegas, will the tide of US public opinion now turn?I refer to the sad news from the United States in your article Worst US mass shooting 'an act of evil' (October 3). I hope the recent shooting incident in Las Vegas, which is one with the highest number of casualties in the US, will turn American public opinion against the prevailing gun culture. The Trump administration must realise that allowing this to happen once again is highly unacceptable. The authorities should ensure that greater security is deployed around big events such as the concert in Las Vegas. It is high time that US authorities take a forceful step towards the eradication of such menace that have led to the death of innocent people over past decades. My prayers are with the victims and I wish the injured a speedy recovery. K. Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 392.

Ram was waiting in the airport to receive Raj.Even though Raj has not requested him to come to air port Ram came to receive him speaks about friendship.In this world friendship is one unique bond more than relationship has been proved.Ram and his friends are more attached each other because of  their thinking and like mindedness.The Flight was arrived at time.Raj came out.
hello Ram,why you have taken trouble at this time.
Ram.Not at all,it is my pleasure.Tomorrow is friday no problem.
They came out took a cab .While going
Raj,Ram Prasanna's  mother sent your favorite Sweet.
Ram.Every time she takes trouble in preparing Mysorepak.
Raj.She loves to prepare for you .
Ram.Nice lady,she should live long see her grand children.
Raj.Same thing i am also praying.
Ram.Prasanna wanted to bring her permanently but because of her attachment to Vontikopal temple she is not willing to come here.How is your family
Ram.I am happy that you have been promoted as overseas correspondent and more chance to visit UAE.
Raj.True.India and UAE has good relationship not only with bilateral but also media coverage.Dubai is talked  Global famous destination for opportunities.
Ram.True.The way in which they expand i am thrilled.
Raj.They have long term Vision.Unfortunately our leader has also vision but opposition are putting block
Ram.I know.Hope every thing will improve in the coming days.Strategy and understanding is very important for growth.Both are there with the present Indian government.But they will win certainly win .
By the time They reached Ram's place.
While getting down Ram's mobile was ringing
(to be Continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, October 2, 2017

Tribute to Writer,Poet Tamilanban 474

Today i remembered another interesting personality from the tamil literary World is none other than poet and writer Tamilanban.He has created many Novels,and Sirripugal  special edition .Known for his writing skills and poems.He has created a big impact in those days.He was bestowed Kalaimamani,and SahityaAkademi Awara  and also Kokkarako Award is important.He has served as a news reader in Doordarsan.Also served as a Board Member in Tamilnadyu Iyal isai Nadiga Mandram. He was born in Erode the famous place for Bedsheets and milk.Even though he has many creations to his credit i read his Siripugal edition.Tamil Writers have Contributed many works and still their creations liked by millions of readers.Today i am very happy to tribute this Writer ,Poet.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in Khaleejtimes UAE on 3Oct 17,
The demiseof Tom Alter,the 67Year old Indian actor of American descent,is a great loss to the film industry.Tom's contribution to the theatre,film,and television scene cannot be for gotten.His  roles,especially as a police inspector can not be for gotten.May his soul rest in peace.


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 3 Oct 17,

Health and exercise

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community
Gulf News
Health and exercise
The death of the world’s heaviest woman was sad, even after her surgery (“Eman Abdul Atti, once known as ‘world’s heaviest woman’, dies”, Gulf News, September 26). Eman’s death taught a good lesson to all of us. We don’t know her habits or how she became overweight. One should maintain his or her body weight with regular exercise and food habits. Heredity also plays an important role, however that can be wiped out by exercise. Walking has been accepted as a good form of exercise and globally, this has been recommended by many fitness clubs. To my knowledge, children in the UAE are a little overweight and they should walk daily and choose good healthy diets rather than eating junk food. Today junk food culture and lack of walking leads to obesity and becomes worse as we have seen through Eman’s case. It is important to keep fit.
From Mr K. Ragavan


Letter Published in The National UAE on 3 Oct 17,        Compensation won't bring back Mumbai stampede victims     Your article, India orders rail station safety checks after 23 are killed in Mumba(October 1), was sad and painful to read. Elphinstone Road bridge in India's financial
nancial capital, Mumbai, was built during the British colonial era and is one-and-a-half centuries old. It has not been maintained properly by the government, which is why it collapsed. Aside from this, the crowds got too big and people were pushing ferociously. Whatever the reason, it is the responsibility of the government to maintain public places to ensure they are safe. Compensation from the government and railway authority won't bring back the victims to their loved ones. I pray for them and for the injured.
K Ragavan, India

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Letter Published in Deccan Herald India on 2Oct 17,Page 2


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 2 Oct 17,
Treat employees respectfully   Regarding the manager molesting the cleaner he hired, it was sad and unethical. Workers of any category coming for a job, should be respected. Any expatriate should be treated with dignity. Employers should not think of their employees as slaves. People are coming to work from other countries for their livelihood and should be protected, not harassed like this. Whoever has done this crime, irrespective of their nationality, should be punished. This will be an eye opener for others who want to indulge in activities like these. Women are respected globally and the UAE is focusing on women empowerment. I hope the victim will get justice.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Letter Published in KhaleejTimes UAE on 1 Oct 17,
Compensations won't do any good
The news of stampede at Elphinstone road station, which left 22 dead 36 injured, in Mumbai was sad and painful to read. The Elphinstone station's bridge in the Indian financial capital was 150-year-old, built during the British regime. Naturally, it required proper maintenance and upkeep to withstand its heavy use.
Thousands of people use it everyday. In a city that is always on the move, it is the responsibility of the government to maintain public places and ensure safety and security of its people. The government and railway board were quick to announce compensations, but the fact is these payouts would hardly console families that have lost their dear ones. Let's pray for the victims, grieving families, and wish speedy recovery for the injured.
 - K.Ragavan, Bengaluru


Letter Published in The National UAE on 1 Oct 17,UAE's ranking in HSBC survey is hardly surprising
Your article, UAE moves up list of best places for expats (September 27), was a good read. The UAE's ranking at 10th place, published in a recent survey conducted by HSBC, is laudable. I spent 16 years in Sharjah, a culturally rich emirate, and witnessed first-hand the country's tremendous growth. Even after I left in 2009, I have seen further growth in all areas over the past 8 years, particularly in the public transport domain. Kudos to the UAE.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, September 29, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 30 Sep 17,Authorities need to be vigilant
This tragic incident happened in the Indian eastern state of Jharkand (“Indian fireworks factory blast kills nine: police”, Gulf News, September 26). The factory did not have a valid licence. The authorities should be vigilant and periodically check if places have proper licences. If they don’t, they should close the organisation down and the guilty should be punished severely. Because of illegal firework factories, in the case of a tragedy many innocent lives may not get adequate compensation because of the lack of a licence. In recent months, many incidents were visible. I request the government to implement some strict measures on this valid issue.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Letter Published in IndiaAbroad USA on 29Sep 17.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 28Sep 17,Great speech
The Indian external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj’s recent speech at the United Nation’s General Assembly was a dramatic development in Indian history (“Pakistan ‘pre-eminent export factory for terror’: India”, Gulf News, September 24). Her comparison between India and Pakistan over their respective development, was true. She also mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sincere efforts for peace and good relationships with Pakistan. She should be applauded. Swaraj has proved to be a good human being with her sincere efforts to bring Indian expatriates back home from abroad and has also managed to be a good external affairs minister. Kudos to her Swaraj for her diplomacy.
From Mr K. Ragavan


Letter Published in The National UAE on 27Sep 17,

India is a living example of peace and harmonyIn reference to your article, 'Modi nationalism staining India', Rahul Gandhi tells US (September 25), the recent comment made by India's congress party vice president, Rahul Gandhi, in the US about peace and harmony being challenged in India was unfortunate. India has demonstrated diversity in all areas, including religion. This, in my opinion, was an unwarranted comment from a reputed party leader. India is a living example to the entire globe.

K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Letter Published in Khaleej Times UAE on 27 SEp 17,
Unfortunate incidentsin UP
The recent incident at the Banaras Hindu University in UP, India was Unfortunate.It started with students protestingwhich later became a clashamong studentsand then with the police.After the mass mandatein UP the rulingNDA government had installedgood administratorsbut unfortunately several incidentshave provedit was not a healthy trend.The Chief minister of the stateshould implement better strategies.I hope he does a better jobin the coming daysto keep up the imageof his leader NarendraModiand to have peace in the state.


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 27Sep 17,Online activities to be monitored
  On one hand I applaud the information technology revolution for the development of people’s knowledge and skills, but on the other hand, the introduction of internet games that kill innocent teenagers and children, is very sad (“Dubai doubles down on smart technology”, Gulf News, September 25). The recent Blue Whale challenge was introduced by a 21-year-old that caused casualties around the globe. His intention was to make people to suffer. Games of this kind should not be introduced on social media platforms as a lot of school children get involved in them. Each country should monitor games that can influence children in a negative manner and should be banned. In my country, a lot of innocent school and college children were trapped by the Blue Whale game and those suffering from depression died. Today, most teenagers are influenced by WhatsApp and other chatting portals. All one has to do is choose very carefully. Unfortunately, teenagers are not mature enough to decide what is good or bad for them. Parents will have more expectations from their children in the future and these game will shattered their ambitions. Parents should monitor their children’s online activities more closely and should act diplomatically without hurting them. Teenagers are very sensitive. They should be tackled with care and parents should behave with them carefully. I appeal to India to ban the Blue Whale game, which has caused many deaths.
From Mr K.Ragavan

Life is Beautiful 391.

Murthy was very happy to  see all his friends arrived at Vontikopal Temple for the function.
Ananda rao.Murthy,i am very happy Nirmala promoted as feature writer
Murthy.All by god's grace and my good friends like you ,Ram,Raj and others blessings.
Raj.True Murthy.Nirmala is a bright  Journalist and she will have bright future.
Murthy.Thank you all for coming here.
They went inside the temple and had good darshan with Venkateswara Swamy.
After finishing the Kalyana utsavam Murthy invited all friends to  join with him for Dinner in Dasaprakash Paradise.
Raj.Thank you Murthy.Mr Srivatsava like s Dasaprakash Paradise  food.
Srivatsava.Yes,long time back Ram was with us.We had a nice time.
Murthy.Yes,i remember.
They all reached the hotel.Prasanna's mother ,i am very happy Nirmalagot promotion.My blessings to her.
Murthy.I will tell her.Please come inside
After a good dinner with ice cream all left the hotel.Raj dropped Prasanna's mother at her place
While going Raj,Madam ,i am going to Dubai tomorrow .you can give  sweets to Prasanna.I will come tomorrow to collect.
Mother.Thank you.I will prepare Mysore pak Ram also likes very much.
Raj.Yes,Ram love Mysore pak  prepared by you madam.
Raj droped her in her house.
Mother.Tomorrow what time you will come.
Raj.Morning 12P.M.Is it possible youprepare
Mother.No problem,i am having butter in the house.Sweet will be ready.You can come.
Raj.O.K.take care,i am going now.
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The Hindu Bengaluru India on 25Sep 17
Extra train needed
Sir.- There is only one train to go to Trichy,Thanjavur, and Kumbakonam from Bengaluru.The train starts from Mysuru to Mayiladuthurai via Bengaluru and is always full. Since important temples are located in these places it is difficult for people to travel because of only one train.The authorities should start running one more train from Mysuru or from Bengaluru.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Tribute to writer C.S.Lakshmi (Ambai)473

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality from the Tamil literature World is none other than C.S.Lakshmi known as Ambai.Started her career  as teacher and Lecturer served in Schools and Colleges later become popular as writer.Her stories are related to refugees ,and female subjects in tamil and english .She is known for her short stories,Novels and her research work.Three decades of research work on Women's studies  by this writer should be applauded.I have read few creations of this writer.Nandhi Malai Charalillae i remember.One of the Versatile writers in Tamil literary world.She has written in english also.She has visited  US university  (Chicago) as visiting fellow is important.
Today i am happy to tribute this talented Writer,Novelist and Women researcher.
See You Next Week


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 25Sep 17,

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Letter Published in Giulf News UAE on 25Sep 17,India: An example of peace
The recent comment made by the Indian Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi, in the US about peace and harmony are being challenged in India, and this is unfortunate (“UPA failed to create enough jobs, Modi government unable to either, Rahul Gandhi says”, Gulf News, September 20). In all areas, India has demonstrated that it has qualities of peace and harmony, and the entire globe knows this as they have seen different diversities, religions and faiths living in India. India is a living example to the world.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Friday, September 22, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 23 Sep 17,Zealof a leader
The recent visit of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the Indian state of Ahmedabad, along with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has laid the foundation for a bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai (“Modi to dedicate Sardar Sarovar Dam to the nation on his birthday”, Gulf News, September 17). This is one of the latest dramatic developments in India. Another important development is the much talked-about Sardar Sarovar Dam project, which is expected to help farmers. With a lot of remarks and controversies from political parties, Modi has finally inaugurated this dam. In his three-year tenure, he has achieved a few things and no one can deny this. Still, the issue of unemployment has not fully been solved. With all the difficulties he has faced and the way in which he travels and delivers his speeches without preparing, one should admire the real zeal and enthusiasm this leader has for his country. I hope the coming days will be better for India.
From Mr K. Ragavan


Letter Published in Deccan Chronicle Bengaluru on 22Sep 17,Inline image 1

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 20Sep 17,A great loss
Indian Air Force Marshal Arjan Singh’s demise is a great loss (“Nation mourns death of hero Marshal Arjan Singh”, Gulf News, September 18). Known for his achievements, he should be applauded. He is the only commander bestowed with the five star rank and is also the longest service Chief of the Air Staff in Indian History. He is the driving force for many aspiring to be in the air force. May his soul rest in peace.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Life is Beautiful 390.

For the past few days Dubai climate was very cold.People driving the Vehicles finding it  difficultto drive because of fog.Many accidents have  been reported and some  lost their lives.Air Port also  more fog and many flights has been cancelled.Ram was coming to his office .Ali was driving the car carefully.
Ram.Ali only in Shaick Zayed road the traffic is too much.Because all  the officeslocated in this road.
Ali.True ,sir.I have been seeing the traffic growth over the years.It is increasing like any thing.
Ram.Correct,in my experience i have seen the fast growth of Dubai.
By the time Ram received a call from Nirmala.
Good morning Uncle,how are you.
Ram.I am fine,how is dad and Mum
Nirmala.Both are fine.Today dad is going to  have Kalyana utsavam in your favorite temple at Mysore.
Ram.You mean Vontikopal Venkateswara temple.I have seen the tremendous growthin front of me.Good thing Dad has done.
Nirmala.I will be moving to Karama tomorrow.
Ram.Very good.You are located in a beautiful place surrounded by many good restaurants.
Nirmala.Yes Uncle.All with your blessings
Ram.Not at all.Venkateswara's blessings
Nirmala.I wanted to inform this .Take care
Ram.You too.Keep in touch with me.
After that Ram received another call.This time from his Beautiful Vasanthy
Hello Ram,How are you.Here too much fog
Ram.I am on the way to my office.
Vasanthy.I see,take care.Love you.I suddenly thought of you want to say hello to you.
Ram.Thank you .
Vasanthy.Hopefully this friday we will meet and have lunch in my house.I wanted to invite Nirmala also.
Ram.Good.What other news.
Vasanthy.No thing.Remembering you always and our old days
Ram.I too.Take care.I reached my office.Bye now
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week,

Tribute to Cinematographer Kamalakar rao 472.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the Bolly Wood film industry is none other than Cinematographer Kamalakar rao. He is one of the few Cinematographers worked with  all top class actors Viz,DilipKumar,Anil Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor ,Nutan and many others.He was associated with ace Director Subhas Ghai for couple of films  is worth to be mentioned here.Good frame work both in indoorand out door will be more visible in his work.He has given many remarkable movies  and few films i have seen of this stalwart.Those films are Karz,Karma andKrodhi. Few films i could n't remember.Liked by  thefilm fraternity.His combination with Subhas Ghai earned a good fame for him.Today i am happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See you Next Week,


Letter Published in KhaleejTimes UAE on 19Sep 17,Arjan Singh, a fine warrior

The demise of 98-year-old former Air Marshal Arjan Singh is a great loss to India. He was one of the finest warriors, a tough spirit, who had transformed the Indian Air Force. His contribution on the field and in various capacities after his retirement have benefitted the country. He was the only Air Force commander to be bestowed with five star rank. Arjan Singh was an inspiration, and will remain so. May his soul rest in peace.
-K.Ragavan, Bengaluru

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India On 18Sep17
Death a great loss to India
The demise of 98-year old Arjan Singh is a great loss to India.He made sure that  the Indian Air  Force was globally applauded.

Friday, September 15, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 16Sep 17,Guilty should be punished
The recent murder of a seven-year-old in the Indian state of Haryana is condemnable. Educational institutions should maintain safety protocols for their students. In recent months, the number of incidents involving children seem to be on the rise — this is unacceptable. The school staff is responsible for this incident. I am happy that two people were arrested. The Indian government should implement stricter laws and those violating the norms should have their licences cancelled. School authorities should ensure safety for parents. The guilty should be punished severely. Will India’s Ministry of Education take up this call?
From Mr K. Ragavan


Letter Published in KhaleejTimes UAE on 15Sep 17,
Warning against fake products
Filed on September 14, 2017 | Last updated on September 14, 2017 at 10.06 pm
The UAE Ministry's warning against fake body building supple ments (KT, Sept 14) is a good move. The UAE has always taken care of its people's health. Warnings of such kind are issued by the ministry from time to time, and yet people seen to be going behind such products. Having spent 16 years in the UAE, I have realised how vigilant the government is when it comes to healthcare. Fake products are always a threat to society
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Letter Published in KhaleejTimes UAE on 13Sep 17,
Zero tolerance for child abuse
Filed on September 12, 2017 | Last updated on September 12, 2017 at 09.55 pm
This is with reference to the recent murder of a seven-year-old school boy in the Indian state of Haryana. It was very painful to read about it. The real cause is yet to be known. However, school authorities cannot wash their hands off the incident. Today, parents are worried till their children return from school. Murder, rape and abuses are increasing by the day and are totally unacceptable in a civil society like India. The government should implement stricter rules. The same goes for schools, too. Accountability is most important.
- K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 389.

For the past three days Mysore had heavy rains.Normal work was disturbed for the people.Murthy too  disturbed on his routine.  After receiving the message from Nirmala he was very happy about her elevation as Feature Writer in her Paper.Evening he  has given for Kalyana Utsavam in the famous Vontikopal Venkateswara temple to cerlebrate his daughter's promotion.He called Raj,
Raj,how are you.
Raj.I am fine.Tell me Murthy
Murthy.You must be knowingNirmala has been promoted in her Office.
Raj.Yes,it is a great news.In a short span of time she has been promoted.
Murthy.Why i called you,today evening i am having Kalyana utsavam in our Vontikopaltemple at 4-30.Pm.You can bring your family and Prasanna's mother on the way.
Raj.Thank you.Tomorrow i am leaving to DubaiBefore that i am getting the blessings of our Favorite god.I will bring Prasanna's mother in the evening.
Murthy.See you there in the evening.
After that Murthy was busy in his morning routine.He reached his office.
Srivatsava called him.Murthy,good morning,
Murthy.Good morning Sir,
Srivatsava.I received a mail from your daughter Nirmala on her elevation.Good news Murthy.Thanyou.Evening you come with your family to the Vontikopal temple to attend Kalyana utsavam
Srivatsava.It is my pleasure.I will be there at what time
After that Murthy called Ananda rao to  come for the function.
In India still many people follow the tradition,Culture, andOccassions to invite their friends and relatives.Murthy is one among them.
Evening Murthy reached the temple at 4-15PM.
(To be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, September 11, 2017

Tribute to Actor,Producer,Director Arjun Sarja 471.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the South Indian film Industry is none other than actor,director Arjun.Popularly known as action King Arjun. Born in Karnataka  for a well known actor Saktiprasad  and created a very big impact in his three decades film career was not an exaggerated one.More than 150films in Tamil,telugu,Kannada and Malayalam filmshe has acted.His Gentle man film  got award for him.Most of his films are connected with  patriotic oriented movies and his presentation will be very good.He has directed more than 15films in tamil,teluguand kannada speaks about his directorial debut.I have seen few films of this stalwart .Those movies are,Gentleman,Elumalai,Sevagan,Muthalvan,Durai,Vedham,Thavam,Vathiyar,Jaihind,Thayin manikodi,Pratap,Vana yutham,Nibunan,Aanai ,Parasuramand few others i could n't remember.He is one of the Versatile actors  who deliver moral  values to the society through his movies.He has worked with all  leading actors in the four languages.Fast action oriented subjects with beautiful Cinematography will be more visible apart from Songs and music.Liked by one and all from the film fraternity.Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 11 Sep 17,Will be remembered
The brutal murder of veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh, by an unidentified person, should be condemned (“Outrage in India over murder of journalist”, Gulf News, September 6). Known for her bold opinions, Lankesh has spent nearly three decades in journalism and has never compromised her opinions. Journalists and activists should be taken care of by the Indian government. She has never asked for police protection, despite threats to her life. Her departure is a great loss to the journalism world. I pray for her grieving family members.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE On 8Sep 17,Good move from Indian government
The recent cabinet reshuffle of the National Democratic Alliance in India has brought some prominent new faces, and some old ones to the new portfolio (“Sitharaman becomes India’s first full-time woman Defence Min”, Gulf News, September 3). Bringing former commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman to the Defence Ministry shows the confidence Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has in Sitharaman. Sushma Swaraj proved her mettle in Modi’s cabinet and certainly, the new defence minister will prove her mettle too. This new reshuffle has sent an indirect signal that those who do not deliver will have no place in Modi’s cabinet. Good gesture by the Indian Prime Minister.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 6Sep 17,Poor maintenanceThe tragic collapse of the building in India’s financial capital Mumbai, was sad and painful to read (“Narrow escape for 50 children as building collapses in Mumbai”, Gulf News, September 1). In recent months, Mumbai has witnessed incidents like this due to lack of maintenance. The tenants,who have been staying for years, may not be able to pay adequate rent, and the builders may not be in a position to provide maintenance. Despite the authorities’ advice, the trust has not taken care of the old building, causing heavy damage to both finances and lives. Even though the Indian government is giving some compensation, the lives that are lost will not return to their loved ones. The authorities should monitor old buildings. I pray for the victims.From Mr K. Ragavan India

Life is Beautiful 388.

After reaching home Ram  called Prasanna
Prasanna,how are you.
Prasanna.I am fine,tell me sir
Ram.Agood news for you.Your Boss Murthy's daughter Nirmala has been appointed as feature writer

Prasanna.Really,it's a great news.Short span of timeshe proved her mettle.I will call and Congratulate her.
Ram.Probably she may call you with this good news.She will be located in Dubai.
Prasanna.Nice.All with your blessings sir,You introduced her to Sulaiman in the approprite time
Ram.More than that she has delivered her skills.Journalism one should needs Creativity and language.Both she has
Ram.O.K.Take care ,regards to all at your end.Bye now
After that Ram was going through  his mails.Raj has sent one hot news of Bengaluru.Aleading journalist was shot at her residence in the evening.
Ram was taken a back after seeing the news.Bengaluru  was known for calm ,and tranquility and now the trend has changed.After that news Ram went to bed.After a day's long travel immediately he slept.
After hearing the news from Prasanna Kathambari and Vasanthy was very happy about the promotion of Nirmala as feature  writer.
Vasanthy.Good news,Kathambari. She is a talented girl.
Kathambari.Yes Mummy.Her works  speaks.
Vasanthy.You also did well when you joined as a Journalist. I remember when Atkinson selected you for the dignitaries interviews.We will call her for lunch next friday  along with o9tothers.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,