Thursday, May 31, 2012


Added 18:44 May 31, 2012 Web Site Comment in Gulf News,Uae This is a Good news. Face Book's Middle east and North African operation will be starting in Dubai. This is one more milestone in the World famous Tourist Destination. Already Dubai is in the Global Map in International Film Festivals will add this Prestigious Social Net work. K.Ragavan, Chennai, India


Added 18:30 May 30, 2012 Web Site Comment in Gulf News,UAEThe recent Quake in Italy and the Causalities of 15 was sad and painful to read. Recent Months earth quake was more visible in the Global scenario was sad. I Pray for the Victims. K.Ragavan, Chennai, India

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Web Site Comment in Deccan Herald ,India on May 31.012 The Strike on the petrol hike was good to read. Ultimate deciding Authority is Reddy.He is adamant will be watching the reactions from the public for few days,was his earlier statement.Today People are tired and fed up with thisGovt for all areas.Mainly Inflation,Hikes,Corruption and scams.
Chennai 47

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life is Beautiful 114.

Ram and Vasanthy's conversation was stoped by Kathambari's call.
Mummy, i am in Karama area. Are you in Venus Hotel.
Vasanthy.Yes,Kathambari tell me
Kathambari.Iwill be there in few minitues .Iwill come and tell the matter. had your lunch
Kathambari.No ,i Will have my lunch there.
Ram.Sudden development.We could not discuss the Past
Vasanthy.Inever expected her here.
Ram.Any way you confirmed Kathambari is your daughter
Vasanthy.That was your main doubtRam.
Ram.Iwant to confirm so that i need not have any feelings towards you because you are married.
Vasanthy.Oh i see.One thing i want to confirm you that i am always your Vasanthy
At that time Katham bari entered
Mum,Ram good news.Our company IS sending Ram to Cyprus for a Seminor.
kathambari.You have to deliver a Speech how Media and Communication plays in today's world.
Ram.Thank you Kathambari.When i have to leave.
Kathambari.All the for formalities are over.Today night we have to leave.
Ram.How many days.
Kathambari.Just three days.
Vasanthy.Good news ,Now you can have lunch.
On the one hand Ram was convinced about Vasanthy's love but on the other hand he was hesitate to accept her love. (to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tribute to Director M.Saravanan.196.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film Personality from tamil film is none other then Director M.Saravanan.Even though he has two films to his credit he made a good name for his latest tamil film Engeyum Eappodhum.Started his career with Director A.R.Murugadas and this film created a big impact among tamil film fans and he was awarded from Human rights organisation for his social message to the society.One telugu film was also Directed by him.I saw only the remarkable Engeyum Eppodhum which was nicely handled by him.All the actors Jai,Anjali and Ananya played their roll very well.Good story dialoques with human values are the highlights of this movie.Pleasing out door cinematography was also added.Among many commercial hit movies,we need a movie like this to create human values and welfare for the society.The best part of this movie no one was anticipated the ill fate accident near Villupuram .Today i am very happy to tribute this talented up coming Director.Today tamil film acknowledging talented people is not a exaggerated one.
See You Next Week,


Internal Fights Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 28,May 12.
Prabhu chawla'sarticle was really a thought provoking one.Instead of harping on the past and personality clashes
the BJP should strengthenit's vision,long -term philosophy,improve political strategy and unity.The image of this party is being tarnished because of internal skirmishes.If the BJP is failing to change,power in 2014 is impossible.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Article 252.

Shock bills Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 26,May 12(252)

A friend dropped in for a casual visit at my home in Chennai. He saw a fan switched on at a room that was empty.

He immediately switched it off and advised me to cut electricity consumption. When subsequently I went to pay my electricity bill, I was stunned by the huge amount I was asked to pay.

It was then that I realised the government had hiked the electricity tariff recently.
K. Ragavan


K.Ragavan.Chennai.India Web Site Comment in The New York Times,USA on May 25,012
The increase in Petrol price was highly condemned one.Already people are with more burden this increase is additional one.Aam Admi will continue to struggle in his day to day Consumables.The Present Administration has not delivered the promises made to the Common man,even after their three years tenure was the real truth.Lack of vision and Leadership are the attributing factors for this scenario.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life is Beautiful 113.

Ram and Vasanthy sat in front of their lunch.Ram was telling her
I came once with Kathambari to this hotel.
Vasanthy.How was the food.
Ram.At that time it was nice.Hope today also it will be the same.
Vasanthy.Certainly.This hotel known for it's quality.
Ram.I see.Yes you are right all are tasty.Jamun is nice.
Vasanthy.How about of taking some more Jamuns.
Ram.Thanks.This is enough.You can have.
Vasanthy.Well,the purpose of meeting you here to explain what has happened in the past.
Ram.I am also eagerly waiting to listen your past back ground.
Vasanthy.You remember when we saw last.
Ram.If my memory is right before your departure for Mahabaleswar transfer about two and half decades back.It was a Wednesday i came to Bangalore station.On that day you are wearing blue saree.
Vasanthy.My god how you remember exactly.
Ram.I can not for get my Beautiful Vasanthy's departure day.But only fate has changed.
Ram.Then what relation ship you have with Kathambari.
Vasanthy.She is my daughter.
Ram.My god,
Vasanthy.Yes, She is my daughter.I have to tell some important thing to you
By that time Vasanthy received a call from Kathambari.(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tribute to Cinemato grapher Manoj Paramahamsa. 195.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from tamil film industry is none other then Cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa. He is from the film and Television institute of tamil nadu. Started his career with Saravanan famous cinematographer and later has his own identity.He has worked in three languages,ta mil,telugu,and malayalam is important.He has couple of films to his credit.I have seen two of his remarkable movies those are Eram and Vinnai thandi varuvaya.Eram won the best cinematography award from south scope cine award as well Vijay award for best cinematographer is worth to be mentioned here.Eram was under the ace Director Shankar's bannergot him good recognition.Vinnai thandi varuvaya got best cinematographer award fromLux sandal Cinema award. If i remember correct he won the award for a telugu film also.Today i am very happy to tribute this talented award winning ,up coming Cinematographers.Tamil film industry is known for it's technical talents in the past and today it is expanding very fast is the real fact.
See You Next Week,

Friday, May 18, 2012

Article 251.

Friend indeed Article Published in The Gulf Today on 19,May 12 UAE.(251).

The other day I received a call from my grandson, asking me to accompany him to Kanyakumari, a city in south India. When I asked him the reason, the answer he gave impressed me.

He wanted to meet a close friend on the occasion of World Friendship Day.

I immediately agreed. After all, friendship plays a vital role in everyone’s life.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Good Times Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 18,May 12.
'TN Govt's Momentum Inspires Confidence was interesting.In spite of certain increases,the CM has made sure that the people are comfortable.In he state,With proper administration,vision and Involvement she can deliver better in future.The people will welcome relief in the form of reducing electricity tariff.Over all it has been a good time for Tamil Nadu.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Democracies can lack political will Letter Published in The National ,UAE on 16,May 12.

Thank you for Parliament's anniversary marked by calls for fewer disruptions (May 14).

On the one hand, India's strength is its democracy. But on the other hand, policy implementation often falls short due to lack of political will.

K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 112.

Vasanthy ordered two Vegetarian Meals to the waiter.
Ram i hope you are enjoying the stay in this Beautiful city.
Ram.Yes,I am enjoying with your daughter Kathambari's hospitality.
Vasanthy. I am asking you a straight question why you are not married till today.
Ram.Good question ,i do n't know Wheather you remember or not one day we promised each other that we will marry what ever be the reasons we can wait. .But fate has taken a different shape.
Vasanthy.I am really happy to see your determination.Fate Will be always good and not taken any shape in our case.
Ram.How you are telling.I never thought i will be meeting you after two and half decades in a different soil. If i remember correct Our last meeting was before you left for Mahabhaleswar.
Vasanthy.You are right Ram.I too never thought i will be meeting you here.
By the time the server brought the meals .
Ram,your favorite items are here.This Hotel is famous for Indian style particularly Karnataka.
Ram.yes , When i came here with Kathambari, she told
Vasanthy.The other day when i saw you in the Air Port i was jumping with joy,could n't express my feelings.
Ram.Itoo. But now your position is different.
Vasanthy.Ram i am always your Vasanthy.Only time Passed in our life.I am longing that you should call me Vasanthy with your sweet voice.Even at this age You are Hand some.How old are you now.
Ram.Me,58.I took retirement three years back.You have also not changed ,no grey hair.
Vasanthy.Of course no grey hair till.Come let us have our lunch.
(to be continued).
See you Next week,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tribute to Producer ,Director Bala.194.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality in tamil film is none other then Director Bala.Started his career with Stalwart Director Balu Mahendra ,later become Popular Director .Even though he has hand ful of films to his credit all are hit movies.Today's Popular actors Surya,Vikram,Arya and Laila actedin his movies.I have seen few memorable movies of this Director.Those films are ,Sethu,PithaMagan,Nandha, andNaan Kadavul,He won National awards as a Best Director for Naan Kadavul,Pithamagan and sethu is worth to mention here.Pithamagan gave a good name,particularly for Vikram, Surya,and Laila.Good screen play , Meaningful dialoqus and Cinematography will be more visible in his Movies.Nandha was also a gave good name for surya and Rajkiran.
In a short span of time Bala has created a Very big impact and won awards shows his talents and delivery. incidentally he hails from a beautiful place Peritakulam ,near Theni
where most of the tamil film personalities belongs to.Today i am happy to tribute this talented Up coming Director.
See You Next Week

Sunday, May 13, 2012


A shameful act Letter Published in Gulf News Uae ON 14 May 12, 012
The Air India pilots’ strike is a known fact (‘Air India sacks 10 striking pilots and derecognises their union,’ Gulf News, May 9). That they often inconvenience passengers is sad and unacceptable. It is high time the government intervenes and settles the issue amicably without further inconvenience to the passengers. That the national carrier often goes on strike is shameful to the nation.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Saturday, May 12, 2012


The Good Babus Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 13,May 012
Despite scams involving bureaucrats(Stainless Steel ,SS 6), Your effort to show there still are real heroes among our civil servants was far,we 'd seen one side of bureaucracy's coin; now we 've been shown the other.


Algeria's victory for the status quo Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 13,May 12.

Ruling party gains in Algeria election (May 12) was good to read.

The recent election results in Algeria show that after more then five decades, the ruling party maintains the confidence that the people have bestowed on them.

K Ragavan, India

Friday, May 11, 2012

Article 250.

Proud connection Article Published in The Gulf Today ,Uae on 12,012.(250).

Normally I buy my grocery from a nearby departmental store. The other day, I greeted a staff member by his name.

He was surprised how I recollected his name in a short span of time.

I am proud of my memory. Today, I remembered this Shortake contribution to my favourite newspaper, The Gulf Today, is my 250th.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life is Beautiful 111.

Next day morning Ram received a call from Prasanna.
How are you Prasanna.How is Mother and all our friends.
Prasanna.Every body fine sir. Since more then one month i have not met you want to say hello..How is Dubai.
Ram.I am fine.Enjoying the hospitality of Kathambari and her family. Dubai is very beautiful city. she has extended my stay for another month.If you want any thing from here please mail me.
Prasanna.Thank you sir.I need your Blessings and affection only.Bye sir,take care.
Ram .Regards to your Mother.Bye.After finishing the call Ram received a call from Vasanthy.
Ram,How are you. Today we can have lunch in Venus Restaurant a famous Vegetarian Restaurant in Karama area. If you can come straight to the hotel i will wait there.Other wise i will come and pick you.
Ram.No problem,I have gone once with Kathambari. I will take a cab and come there.What time i have to come.
Vasanthy.I am taking Metro from my place.I will be there sharp 12-30.P.M.We can meet there.
Exactly 12.30.P.M.Ram reached the Hotel.In front of the reception hall his Beautiful Vasanthy was waiting for him.
Vasanthy was wearing a beautiful pink colour saree and hair full of Jasmine flower.Ram was remembering when he met with her in the film theatre in Bangalore she was wearing the same dress.
Both are entered in to the dining hall.(to be continued).
See You Next week

Monday, May 7, 2012


Most Wanted Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 8May 12.
Prabhu Chawla's ,Be Warned,Pranabda,the Raisina Rig marole is Not in your interest ' was thought provoking.It mentionsthe ups and downs in the Veteran leader's career.He is one of the few in congress who is non corruptible and liked by all opposition parties.At present the nation benefits the most from his administrative role,especially in budgeting.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tribute to Director Suraj.193.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the tamil film industry is none other then Director Suraj.Known for his fast action packed movies with entertainment to the audience.Even though he has only few films to his credit four of them made him a good name .I have seen those films ,Marutha Malai,Thalai nagaram,Padikathavan,and Mappilai .Arjun,Dhanush ,Sunder c. Vivek,Vadivel Tamannah and others acted in his movies.Fast scenes and nice cinematography both in door and out door will be visible in his movies.Padikathavan was made a big hit for him is not a exaggerated one.The Combination of Dhanush and Vivek made the cine fans with full laugh in Padikathavan.Similarly in Thalai nagaram with Sunder c, Vadivelu combination Mappilai again Dhansh and Vivek and Marutha Malai with Arjun and Vadivel made a big hit.Even though his films may not have a Powerful story script his presentation and way of handling the subject i admire.A Good Director's responsibility make the audience more attentive.Suraj has got the art of attracting the Masses..Today i am happy to tribute this talented up coming Director.
See You Next Week,

Friday, May 4, 2012


Gone for a toss Article Published in The Gulf Today ,Uae on 5.May 12.(249).

My hometown Chennai is known for cricket addiction. Now with IPL T20 matches around, cricket fever knows no boundaries. Socialising will go for a toss.

I have decided not to meet friends as they will be hooked on to television and I would not be a welcome guest. The game indeed attracts one and all — from paediatric to geriatric.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Open Bofors Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,I ndia on 4.May 12
B.G.Verghese's A Nation Under Siege was interesting.He has covered from the Bofors scam to the presediential
candidate race.Our nation is facing political instability due to lack of leadership,corruption,at almost all levels of government, has added to the evils plaguing our society.The UPA should open the Bofors investigation and prove its innocence if it wishes to come back in 2014.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Web Site Comment in Deccan Herald,India on 3 May 12 .Instead of criticising the Corrupt Politicins the Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev should appeal to the People not to vote for the Corrupt Politicians.Ultimately People's verdict plays a Major roll in this country.Blaming by hard words may not yield any result.Implementation needed at this hour for a Better neat administration for the Coming 2014 Polls.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Ferry Accident Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on May 2.012.
A ferry accident in Assam in which more then 100 are feared dead is shocking.It is hoped that the government makes sure that the bereaved families are adequately compensated.The government should ensure that none of the ferries in service are of inferior quality or slack in maintenance.

Life is Beautiful 110.

If any other Person in Ram's position would have more upset on the answer from Vasanthy.Our Ram is different from others.Even though he was shocked on the reply but didn't up set.Again he received a call from Vasanthy.
Ram what happened.No reply from you.
Ram.Nothing .
Vasanthy.Now you have clarified your doubt.I want to ask you What about your family.
Ram.My family i am still a Bachelor.
Vasanthy.Wonderful. May i know the reasons why you have not married.
Ram.You are asking me the reasons.
By that time Ram received a call from Raj
Ram how are you.Hope you are enjoying your stay in Dubai.
Ram.yes Raj.I am more comfortable here.The Hospitality shown to me by Kathambari was Memorable.How is Mysore..
Raj.Fine.Yesterday we had little rain.Take care .
Ram.Take care.Bye
After finishing the call Ram called Vasanthy,I am sorry.My friend called from Mysore.
regarding your question What reply i can tell you.
Vasanthy.You can tell me the reasons why .
Ram.Since i have not married ,i am curious to know when you got married
Vasanthy.Good question.It is better we will meet Tomorrow and discuss.The Place i will inform you Tomorrow morning.Bye.(to be continued).
See You Next Week