Monday, August 30, 2010

Life is Beautiful.23.

The news was given by his friend,that Vasanthi’s Mother was admitted in the hospital That news was a shocking to ram.Last week Vasanthi was mentioning ,her mother was fine.Ram tried to contact her phone ,could n’t get. Then he tried that B.M.Hospital of Mysore,got her on the phone.Vasanthi’s voice was very low ,and she was more worried about her mom.
Ram,Dr,told me only few days for my mother.She is in the advanced stage of cancer.
Ram.Oh,my god. i will come immediately to Mysore.
Vasanthi.Do n’t worry ram,i will manage my self.If there is any emergency ,i will call you.
Ram.No,problem.Iwill come there in the evening.
Ram reached that hospital ,in the evening.Vasanthi was so happy to see ram.
Vasanthi.Thank you ,so much ram.You have come,from all the way.
Vasanthi’s mother saw ram,this is the first time she saw the hand some ram,which was described by her daughter.
Mother.Ram,Vasanthi told about you and your Beautiful nature. You have to give me a promise.
Ram.Tell me ,
Mother.Idon’t think ,i will survive for another ten days.Vasanthi likes you very much,and you should marry her.Promise me.
Ram.Iwill certainly marry,do n’t worry about that.You will live many years.
Mother.Thank you ram.Doctors are telling my survival is remote.
Vasanthi.Mom,why you are talking like this.
Mother.No,vasanthi my intution is telling ,i may live only few days.Iam happy you got a nice husband.
Vasanthi.I am praying our God ,you should live many more years.
Mother.No,vasanthi.Itoo want ,but. (tobe continued).
See you next week.
August .31.010

Web site comment in The New Indian Express.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 30.August.10.

The death of a Right to Information Activest Ram das ,was sad and painful to read.Many RTI Individuals brought many cases of corruption and murders to the lime light.Govt.of India should make a legislation to protect RTI activists.When some body wanted to bring truth ,this type of things are happening.Politicians also playing a vital roll in this. Ipray for the brave departed soul ,and the grived family members. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
8/30/2010 7:00:00 PM

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tribute to Cinemotographer Anil Mehta.(106).

To day i remembered an ,another interesting Personality from Bolly wood is none other then Cinemotographer Anil Mehta.He has few successful films to his credit,for the Lovely cinemotography..He has worked with today's top class Directors Yash chopra,Gowraikar,Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Karan Johar are important.Ihave seen couple of films of this stalwart,those films are Veer -Zaara,Saathiya,Kal Ho Naa Ho ,Kabhi Alvidha Na kehna,Lagaan and Hum Dil De chuke sanam .Excellent frame work of both indoor as well out door will be more visible in his work.Apart from Cinemotography he is a writer and also Directed a movie Aaaja Nachale,Today i am happy to pen this stalwart.
See You Next week,
August.30 010.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,On 28.August 10.UAE.

Sportive spirit

A friend stunned me with a question. Do you hold Indian nationality? It took a while for me to realise why he asked the question.

I realised that the reason was the recent controversy involving chess champion Vishwanathan Anand’s nationality.

Since I had spent 16 happy years in the UAE and keep praising that country too often, my friend got the doubt. Anand has bagged many awards and brought laurels to India.

Sports personalities should be respected and kept away from politics.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, August 26, 2010

WebSite comment inDeccanHerald,India on 27.August.10.h 10.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47
On: 27 Aug 2010 06:42 am
The recent visa hike in USA,by Obama administration will have impact on India ,Usa relation ship in Trading andother issues is correct.All of a sudden the increase is not justifiable.USA, Depending Indian out sourcing for IT area should rethink this proposal. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India.
8/25/2010 7:30:00 PM It is very unfortunate and sad on the part of Human resource Ministry's , query regarding Chess Stalwart Vishwanathan Anand's nationality.In our country, unfortunately among the sports cricket has become very popularthan other games is .Viswanathan Anand is a Icon , and his nationality suspected is really a condonmed one.In spite of Kapil Sibal's apology,this act from Human ministry is highly unacceptable.Wheather sports person or any other icons ,should be respected. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Monday, August 23, 2010

web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India 23,August.10. 30.March.10. on 22.March.10.

Pay hike,was interesting to read . Instead of .Talking and making heavy noise in the Parliament,if every MP Concentrate his constitution people ,for their Developements like, proper roads,hospitals and electricit yetc will be highly appreciable.They were claiming inflation cost of living,and other sector employees ,for this hike.What about the commonman and his sufferings ,for many decades.UPAGovt ,has failed to address for the common man is unacceptable. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Tribute to Cinemotographer K.K.Mahajan.(105).

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Tribute to Cinemotographer K.K.Mahajan.(105).
August 23, 2010 by krishnamachari ragavan
23rd Aug 2010
Tribute to Cinemotographer K.K.Mahajan.(105).
Today i am going to pen an another interesting film personality from Bollywood ,is none other then Veteran Cinemotographer K.K.Mahajan.He has more then Fifty films to his credit ,in the film industry for nearly four decades is important.Good indoor work and out door locations are more visible in his films.Even though he has fifty films ,i have seen few unforgetable movies Those films are Parinay,Chit chor,RajnigandhaSwami,Kalicharan,andJawaab..Today’s top class actors Shatrugun sinha,Hemamalini,Jeetendra, and many others acted in this doyen’s movies.He had his era in the bollywoodWorked with famous Directors To day i am happy to tribute this stalwart.
See you Next week.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE on 21.August.10.

Noble gesture

A friend with whom I got acquainted through a social web site has got a small establishment where he teaches hardware and other programmes for the physically challenged. The other day he wrote to me saying that two of his students had been selected for employment in a prominent company. I applauded his noble gesture towards the society and wished more and more people take a cue from such good Samaritans.
K. Ragavan

Web SiteComment.

Web Site Comment in TheNew Indian Express,India.

Your article Sonia steps in,was nice and interesting toread.The recent Prime Minister’s intervention on this scam,now Congress president Sonia also warned that the guilty will be punished is a good developement.Today our main task is the CWG,should go peacefully. After that those who are guilty ,should be punished, is the expectation of all the tax paying citizen of India. . By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
8/20/2010 7:49:00 AM

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in Decan Herald,India.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47
On: 18 Aug 2010 08:07 am
Your article Morning Musings was nice and interesting to read.I also had the priviledge of walking this nice lake ,when i was in Mysore.Walking is not only a good exercise ,but also wonderful ideas, you get is true.Walking will reduce you robesity and improve blood circulation.One hour daily walk makes lots of difference. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 21.

Life is Beautiful.21.
August 17, 2010 by krishnamachari ragavan
Vasanthi saw a small hand bag ,lying in the next table.Probably some body might have left, she was looking around but no body she could find.She went and took the bag, saw the Phone number on the top.She rang that number ,some body responded.
Hello,who is that.
Vasanthi.I am speaking from the Bbrindavan hotel,in KRS ,Dam.My name is Vasanthi,i found your bag here,what is your good name.
Other side.Thank you Vasanthi,Myname is Radhika, me and my husband came to garden ,and returning to our car Luckily your call came,i did n’t check my bag.My car key isin t bag.Iwill come and collect ,please be there.
Radhika came with her husband.
Vasanthi.Hello,i am Vasanthi.This is ram,check your bag ,vasanthi gave the bag to her.
Radhika.Thank you ,so much Vasanthi.This is my husband Ravi,she introduced her husband to Ram and Vasanthi.We are going to Bangalore,if you are going to B angalore come with us.
Vasanthi.Thank you.Ram wants to go to Bangalore.
Radhika.What about you.
Vasanthi.I will go by bus. Iam going to Mysore.
Radhika. No problem, we will drop you at Mysore.By the time rain started heavily.
After forty five Minitues they reached Mysore,Vasanthi got down.
Vasanthi.Thank you so much,Radhika this is my card,When ever you come to Mysore calL me..
Radhika.Thanks.Iwill keep in touch with you.Good night.
Vasanthi was happy that ,Ram got the lift to Bangalore and whispering her self, God is great.
See you next week.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tri bute .(104)..

Tribute to Director Lekh Tandon.(104).
Today i am going to pen an another interesting personality from bolly wood,is none other then Director Lekh Tandon.Started his career with famous Late.Prthvirajkapoor and Rajkapoor as assistant ,and later created his own identity is important.He has few films to his credit as director,and actor also.Apart from Direction ,he took a liking for action and acted few films in his later years.Today's top class actors are acted in this Director's movies.Shammikapoor, Shashi kapoor ,Sunildutt,Vyjayantimala and late Premnath are important.Among his films Professor,Prince and Amar pali has created a good impact.Good screenplay,music,songs and out doorwork will be more visible in this director's films.Ihave seen couple of films of this doyen.Those films are Professor,Prince,Amarpali,Jahan Pyarmile,and Jhuk gaya aasmanare memorable to me.Hand some Late, Rajendra Kumar played nicely in Jhuk gaya aasman.Shammikapoor;s wonderful action and dance in professor,Shashi kapoor;s memorable action in Jahan Pyar mile,and in Amar pali Sunil dutt and Vyjayantimala's action film fans can not forget.Today i am happy to tribute this stalwart.
See you next week
August 16,010.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today ,UAE on 14.August.10.

Noble profession

Last week a friend asked whether his son could take up a teaching profession offer. I asked why he was worried. He quoted media reports criticizing the role of some teachers. “As long as your son is interested in the profession, I do not see any reason to reject the offer,” I insisted.

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers lay the foundation for the future society. If teachers are not taken care of, the society will have to pay a heavy price. I was happy as my friend went off quite convinced.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Web site comment 0n 12.August i n Hindustan Times,India..

K.Ragavan.Chennai.47 0 minutes ago
Your article Govt,did not do justice in Bhopal gas,was interesting to read.After two and half decades episode is coming slowly is shameful.Then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Arjun Singh was blaming the former late Minister P.V.Narasimha rao,and not the former prime minister was sad.In his brief speech in the T.V.Channels Mr,Arjun singh was commenting,that no reaction with ,the then Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was very clear.Why he is afraid of mentioning Rajiv Gandhi's name.?.The present UPA Govt,was not taking care the most important issues is the fact.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in The New Indian Express,India .

Your article,Bangalore,Infosy's Manager's wife murdered, was sad and painful to read.In India Most of the major cities like Bangalore ,this type of incidents are often happening is to be condonmed one.Bangalore had few incidents in the past ,and Chennai also.State Govt's should take some steps,to avoid this type of incidents should not be repeated.Ipray for the departed soul ,and the grived family members. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
8/11/2010 7:17:00 AM

Monday, August 9, 2010

Life is Beautiful .20.

Life is Beautiful 20.
Suddenly rain started in the Beautifu,l brindavan gardens.Ram and vasanthi rushed to the near hotel for shelter.Rain started pouring heavily and ram was worried, how to reach bangalore ,for tomorrow's work.His thinking was removed by vasanthi's intervention.
Ram,are you bother about reaching bangalore.
Ram.Yes ,vasanthi,how long this rain will continue ,i do n't know.
Vasanthi.It may stop with in half an hour,by the time we will have our dinner or tiffin.
Ram.O,k.we will have tiffin ,\Vasanthi.
Fine,i was also thinking of taking tiffin only,because of afternoon heavy lunch.
They ordered fo Mysore r Masal dosai,which was famous in Mysore.
Vasanthi. Ram ,i hope you enjoied today
Ram.Certainly,How about you.
Vasanthi.This experience is nice,pleasant and above all beautiful.
Ram.For me too,like a hero feeling.
Vasanthi.No doubt,you are my hero.By the time Server brought the masal dosai which was very hot
Ram.Thank you for your lovely compliment.If i am your hero,you are my heroine.
Vasanthi.Really ram.
Ram.Why ,you got doubt.You are my beauti ful heroine.
Vasanthi.Iam really honoured ,from aperson like you .
Ram and vasanthi finished their tiffin and waiting for the bill to come.
At that time one un expected thing happened.Vasanthi saw (to be continued).
See you next week.
August. 10 010.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tribute to Cinemotographer Santosh C.Thundiyil (103).

To day i am going to pen an another wonderful Cinemotographer ,who has created a big impact in Hindi ,Tamil, Malayalam and also worked in Holly wood films is none other then Santoshc.Thundiyil.Man known for his special effects is important.Started his career in Advertisement and commercial films with Stalwarts like Govind Nihalani,Gulzar and Satish kousik is important.He has given Memorable films to the Film fans.He also hails from the prestigious FTII, India, created many talented technicians and Directors.Ihave seen couple of films of this Ace cinemotographer,those films are,Krish,Kaal,Race,Pinjar, and Kuch kuch hota hai,are important and memorable to me.His contribution to famous Holly wood films Jurasic Park and
Richard Attan Burough's Gandhiis worth to be mentioned here.Today i am happy to tribute this ace cinemotographer.
See you next week.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Article on 7 August10 The Gulf today UAE.

Sportive spirit

The other day I was watching a sports channel when a friend arrived. Looking at the channel, he asked whether the Commonwealth games would take off as scheduled. When I asked why he was having such a doubt, he mentioned about corruption allegations and media reports. “The time is ticking,” he said. “But the collective sportive spirit of people can surmount any political hurdles,” I replied.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India.on 4.August.10.

Your article Ready for Judicial probe was nice and interesting to read.In spite of so many reminders and questions from the media ,at last Suresh Kalmadi has agreed for the probe.One way External ministry's intervention was also responsible.Today UPA Govt.facing the tough challanges are Inflation and Common wealth Games are the highlights.Common wealth games should run nicely ,since it is our Nation's pride and Common wealth Corruption Players should brought in to justice.Huge Tax payer's money playing in this Prestigious games. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 19.

Life is Beautiful 19.
Vasanthi suggested Ram to go over to the famous Brindavan gardens to seethe beautifu illuminated l lightings . On all holidays lightings will be there,.Since that was a sunday she suggested. Ram agreed ,andthey took a taxi and reached the brindavan gardens.The place was full of crowd from all over the world is not a exagerated one.The reason was all the illuminated lights will dance ,with music.It was created by the then famous architect of Karnataka Sir,M.Viswesvariah.
One of the world class gardens with music was the main high light,Vasanthi was explaining to Ram.
Ram.Yes,i agree ,because with your beautiful narration this beautiful place has become more beautiful.
Vasanthi.No,ram .
Ram.Fact is fact ,you are also beautiful woman, ram felt why i commented like that
Vasanthi.Really ,i am beautiful.Then you are also,
Ram.Thank you for your compliments.
Then they started walking in the lawns enjoing the beautiful garden.
Vasanthi.Today is a memorable day for me
Ram.What is the reason.
Vasanthi.Iam walking with you
Ram.For me too,if i tell one thing you should not mistake me
Vasanthi.What ever you tell,i won't mistake.
Ram.Iremember my old favourite hindi picture,hero Joy mukerji,and heroine Asha parekh will walk like this.
Vasanthi.Oh,my god ,what a beautiful imagination i like it.
Ram.Thank you.
Vasanthi.I have seen and moved many people,i do n't know you have impressed me.
Ram.Same to me.
Suddenly clouds have become dark ,and slowly rain started. (to be continued).
See you next week
August 3 010.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tribute to Cinemotographer K.V.Anand.(102).

To day i am going to pen an another Good Cinemotographer,director from South indian films,who has contributed in four languages is none other then K.V.Anand.Started with a humble begining as a photo journalist,later started his career as a assistant with ace Cinemoto grapher P.C.Sriram and today identified one of the good cinemotographers in the film industry.Tamil,Hindi,Telugu and Malayalam films, his frame work and outdoor work was visible is not a exagerated one.He got award for his work in a Malayalam movie is important.Ihave seen few films of this cinemotographer.Those films are,Khaaki,(Hindi),Muthalvan,Sivaji, Neruku ner,jOSH,(HINDI)and Chellame.I am having full confidence of this young up coming cinemotographer ,director for a bright future in the Film industry.He delivered and captured the Top class Directors Heart.Today i am happy to tribute this young personality.
See You next week.