Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi ,UAE on 30.November.10.
Your article, Pakistan identifies 20 More Mumbai suspects,was interesting to read.Indian Neighbour Pakistan should act fastly on this issue,to bring justice for Mumbaikars.This will help in the future Bilateral issues and trading for both the countries. Pakistan also facing terrorism inside their country,and this is hightime they should cooperate to eradicate the Terrorism menace which will have ,a stable peace in the region. K.Ragavan. India

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Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 30.November10.

Your article Impasse over 2G Scam was very nice,and interesting to read. .How long this drama will continue.Opposition parties wants Justification for the 2GScam,that was the reason they are not allowing the function of the Parliament. My question as a lay man,if congress Party is Honest with out any corrupt ideology why they hesitate for the JPC..Country is suffering,and certainly they will see negative results in the future state as well centre elections.I am not interested in any party ,but worried for the common man. Who will bell the cat.? By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Monday, November 29, 2010


Letter Published in The National,UAE on November.30.010.

Banking scandal ruins Indian image

The article New banking scandal another hit to India's credibility (November 26) was interesting to read. In recent years, India has grown dramatically in all areas,but corruption has also shown rapid growth. In recent months, scam after sacm have been brought to light. Today the way in which all sectors have looted tax payer money is highly unacceptable to the common man of India. That people in highly responsible positions are running scams is very painful. The banking sector was not exposed to corruption for many years so the current scandal is really shocking

Any good administration needs transparency and accountability. People now asking whether the current administration possesses these qualities. Even though,over all, governance is good, a few people can spoil the entire government's image.

K Ragavan, India

Life is Beauti ful. 36.

Ram was shocked because that person was a beautiful lady.She came to Ram wished him.
Hello,i am suma from Pune,friend of Suganthi. She asked me to meet you ,and convey her wishes .Icame to Bangalore yesterday,will be leaving tomorrow.
Ram.What for your friend wished me.
Suma.She is your reader , apart from that she has got the feelings as if she knows you for many years.
Suma.It is the fact.I know her for the past two years.She is one of the nicest persons soft and above all very beautiful.She wanted to have friend ship with you,that was the reason ,i came to meet you.Kindly reply to her letters,whenever she sends.This is her sincere request.
Ram.O.K. .
Suma.Thank you.Suma left.
Ram was happy ,the way she has introduced her self and Suganthi's introduction,was appealing without any other motive.After few days he received a letter from Suganthi
thanked him for the courtesy shown to Suma. (tobe continued).
See you Next week

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tribute to Director Susi Ganesan.(119)

Today i am going to pen an another interesting person from Automobile Engineering turned in to a successful film director of south is none other then Susi Ganesan.Started his earlier career with Stalwart Mani Ratinam,later became a independent Director.He has handful of films only,with one state award is very important.His Virumbikerian was awarded in 2002.Good story ,screen play and music are visible in his films.Actor Vikram acted in his much talked film Kanthasamy.Kanthasamy earned a Good name for this talented young Director.Good cinemotography and fast action sequencesof Kanthasamymade a Entertainment film among the film fans.I have seen only Kanthasamy of this Director,which was impressed me.To day i am happy to tri bute this up coming young talented Director.
See You Next week,

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi Uae,on 29.November.10.

Ragavan Krishnamachari

Your article New banking scandal another hit to India's credibility ,was interesting to read.In the recent years India has grown dramatically in all areas,but this Corruption area also rapid growth was unacceptable.In the recent months one by one scams and corruption allegations are more visible ,to the common man of India.Earlier no body was bothered about corruption and other allegations.Today the way in which all sectors Looted the Tax payers money highly un acceptable.People with responsible positions are doing this are very painful.Banking sector was not exposed to this extent ,all this years now this is really a shocking one.Any good administration needs Transparency,and accountability.People are now suspecting wheather the present administraion hasgot this qualities.Eventhough over all the Governence was good,and few people spoil the entire Governence'S image.Banking scandal was sad and unacceptable.. K.Ragavan. Indi

Friday, November 26, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE on November 27.010.(177).

Rain of issues

I have shifted from Sharjah and presently living in Chennai. A few days ago, due to heavy rains I could not meet a friend. Normally, we meet every week and discuss various topics over a cup of hot tea. This week he called and sounded worried about the rain. I heard a TV announcement that the rain may continue for a few more days. I also got worried. I enjoy watching news on TV but that particular day, I was forced to shut it off. Reason: More than the rain, there was a torrent of news of scams against Indian politicians, which made me sad and worried.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Letter Published in The National,Abudhabi,UAEon 26.November10.

tragic case of death in India

With reference to your article Student 'hacked head teacher to death' (November 23), about the student in India who went on a rampage, it was sad and painful to read. This violent incident, which happened in the Indian state of Manipur, was unacceptable.

The reason given for this tragic incident was that the teacher had seen the student gambling in a bazaar with his friends. He simply advised the student not to gamble, and for that, the student killed his teacher along with his friends and later surrendered himself to the police.

Teachers should be respected and students should behave properly.

K Ragavan, India

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Letter Published in The National,Abudhabi,on 25.November10.

India's corruption response worrying

Your article Indian judge doubtful about 'tainted' anti-graft figure (November 22) was interesting to read.

Scams and corruption are already highly prevalent, and the government's response of appointing a team to investigate is appropriate.

But it is highly surprising to find that to investigate, they have bestowed on the process a person that is such a controversial figure.

The National reports that this was opposed by a supreme court judge - but the move itself is a very sad state of affairs.

It is difficult to fathom why or how under the Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh's administration such a controversial person was appointed to the committee.

K Ragavan, India

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in Th e New Indian Express,India.
Your article Rahul failedin Bihar sayscongress leader,was interesting to read.Bihar Election results,taught a Good lesson for Hero Worshiping and Blind belief people.People are tired of Promises and wants only action for the Developement,and security.With out delivering this criteria,i do n't think Chief Minister Nithish kumar would have got this Majority.Now he has to Deliver Better Administration ,and a stable Bihar in the Indian Map.Both the Allays JD(U),and BJP should Prove their Metal in the coming days.Kudos to Nithish Kumar By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Monday, November 22, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 35.

Life is Beautiful.35.
The other day when Ram returned from the colleage a letter was waiting for him in the room.When he opened that , it was Suganthi’s typed letter.Ram was surprised,normally she used to send Typed letters by registered post.In that letter she has expressed that she was feeling ,a long association with Ram. and,eager to see him.She has expressed that she wanted to meet him ,and which place will be convinient to meet.Ram was shocked ,why she wanted to meet him.He has written to her ,since he has Exams, in the colleage he will inform later.Few months passed ,one day Ram was discussing in the class with his students,suddenly some body was asking his name.When he saw the person he was shocked——
(to be continued).
See you Next week

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tribute .(118).

Tribute to Director Shekhar Kapur.(118).

Today i am going to pen an,another interesting Director from Bolly wood is none other then Shekhar Kapur.Even though he has Directed few films all are remarkable.All the Today’s Leading actors like Anil Kapoor ,Sridevi,Late Amrish Puri,Nasrudeen Shah and Shabana Azmi acted in his movies.Good Entertainment with story,Music and Good Cinemotography by Baba Saheb, will be more visible in his films.He also acted in films in the begining,later became a Good Director.He was Bestowed Padma Sri award in 2000 from the govt .His film Elizabeth won Oscar award is worth to be mentioned here.Incidently he is the Nephew of Stalwart Devanand,of Navketan Banner.Ihave seen few films of this Stalwart,those are Masoom,Bandit queen,and Mr,India.Anil Kapoor,Sridevi and Late Amrish puri gave a Memorable rolls in Mr,India.Lilting songs,good music with Science fiction back ground,the Picture applauded by theCine fans was not a Exagerated one.Shabana Azmi,Nazruddin Shah and the little Boy gave a Memorable rolls in Masoom is still in front of me.Charming and,Smiling Shekar kapur was liked by the film fraternity and Media.Today i am happy to pen this stalwart.
See You Next Week

Letter Published in The National,UAE on 22.November.10.

I found India’s middle class is entitled to cars its new money can buy (November 12) pertinent. Today, the Indian economy has grown dramatically, and nearly every middle-class family can afford to have a car because of increasing incomes.
The automobile industry has seen much growth in India. On the one hand, this is a good news. On the other hand, whether these cars can withstand Indian roads remains to be seen. India has to improve its infrastructure, especially in all of the major cities.
But as affordability has increased, traffic congestion has also increased. When the traffic increases, people also waste time to reach their destinations, thereby affecting productivity.
K Ragavan, Chennai

Friday, November 19, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,on 20.Nov.10.UAE.(176).

Net result

An acquaintance sent me a request to add him as a friend in a social networking web site. He had seen me in that site and sent the request from the US where he went to see his children.

I had lost touch with him for more than four decades. Hence, I was happy seeing his letter and remembering our good old days. We used to play for the same cricket team and once we went to meet former Australian team captain Riche Berno.

On the way, I fell down and my left hand was injured, leaving a scar. Whenever I see my left hand scar, I remember that famous captain. I added my friend’s name happily in that site.
K. Ragavan

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New IndianExpress,India.

11/19/2010 11:49:00 AM Your article Break your silence on 2G,Tells Opposition,was nice and Impressive.Today Parliament functioning only for Debates and walk out was sad and Painful Today .the talk of the Indian People was only 2G Spectrum scam.The other Dramatic developement was,from the Supreme court asking for the ExplanationWhy PM'S office was not responded for the Janatha Party Leader S.Swamy for more then 16,Months on Spectum allegations.In the Indian History ,this is the First time Supreme court asking explanation was really very sad and un acceptable.One by one New new scams,and other peoples participation are revealing now.I do n't belong to any Party,but my strong conviction none of the Parties is really seeing the Country's Interest,particularly for the Common man.The so called Castle for BJP,In the Southern state Karnataka was now shacking,because of Corruption.Ilove all party leaders as a Human ,but hate their Corruption attitude.Man's Greedy needs put to inconvenience to the Common people. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
11/19/2010 7:56:00 AM

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Letter Published in The National,Abudhabi ,UAEon 18.Nov.10.

Better oversight of Delhi buildings
Race on to rescue Delhi survivors (November 17) was sad and painful to read.

It is unacceptable that this large accident - with 66 casualties and 80 injured - happened in spite of rules and regulations from the New Delhi government.

The building was only 15 years old; how was it possible that it cracked? Normally, a building's longevity is more than 30 to 40 years, so how this building collapsed is a mystery. From an engineering perspective, one wonders if the structure of the building was properly approved.

I pray for the departed souls, grieving family members and hope for a speedy recovery for the injuired. The government should probe this incident and justice should be given to the victims.

K Ragavan

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Letter Published in The National,Abudhabi UAE,on 17.November.10.

Repercussions from resignation
Your news article India's telecoms minister resigns (November 16) was nice to read. The telecommunications minister Andimuthu Raja was the third person to quit the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government in recent days. This is an important development in the Indian political arena.

This particular wireless spectrum scam was a huge one that took place over years. The reason for his resignation is that he did not want to embarrass the present administration. I am confident that the UPA government will bring justice and answers to the people of India.

K Ragavan, India


My Comment in Times Now Channel.

K.Ragavan., Chennai.47.India., says:16 Nov 2010, 1150 hrs IST Interesting Debate Mr,Arnab Goswami.Ihave been watching our Politics for the past four decades,only seeing Corruption and Blaming each other.Iam yet to see a Clean Honest Administration.I am seeing the develope ment only in Corruption.Our law is very slow,and every law has got a bye law to escape. Ido n't think before my departure i will see a Honest Administration.God only has to save our country

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi,UAE on Nov.16.

Your article India's Telecom Minister quits,was nice.The Telecom minister Raja was the third person quit from the UPA Govt in the recent days is important.This Particular Scam was the huge one over the years ,in the Indian Political arena.The answer for his resignation,does not wants to Embarrass the Present Administration.I am confident UPA Govt will bring the Justice and answer the People of India. K.Ragavan. India

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India.

11/15/2010 9:38:00 PM The Episode of the Tele com Minister Raja has come to an end today.The very important ,and a good dramatic developement was Kapil Sibal was bestowed this Port polio along with his present HR.Ministry.This is a good decision from Singh.Kapil sibal is known for his clean image and reputation. Wheather this arrangement is temporarily or permanent ly ,we have to wait and see.In spite of this replacement opposition BJP and all other Parties wants a JPC. Both BJP,and Congress were very adament on their stand regarding JPC.This Episode is very interesting to watch. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Monday, November 15, 2010

Life is Beautiful.34.

Ram was taken a back of seeing that registered letter,because it was written from a lady by name Suganthi. In that letter She was appreciating Ram's Language,and presentation ,of his letters and articles published on various papers. Further mentioned She was more facinated by the name Bharani.That was the first letter from a lady.Ram was not keen ,about her where abouts,because of his Beautiful Vasanthi.After few days again he received a letter from her,mentioning the same old story.Then letters are started coming often,and Ram wanted to find out why she is writting to him.Is she really interested in his writtingsor wanted to know about him. When he saw the envelope no from address.Then he droped that idea.After finishing his Office hours,he started meeting good journalist friends,to develope his knowledge in all areas.Ram's strong conviction was,Journalism is a big ocean,and he is a small fish trying to swim in that ocean to learn.Many top class Journalists and Authors appreciated Ram's humbleness and Knowledge.(To Be Continued).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tribute to Director Rohit Shetty.(117).

To day i am going to pen an another interesting personality,from the Bolly wood film industry is none other then Director Rohit shetty.Incidently he is the son of Late Action Master Late Shetty is important.Shetty was the one fight master ,worked with many top class actors of Bolly wood.Even though Rohit Shetty has handful of films to his credit,but was very much popular with his film Goal Maal.The Presentation of Gol maal returns and Gol mall 3 was superb.He is not only a Director but also a Good cinemotographer.Started his earlier days With Kuku Kohli and Anees Bazmee ,he has proved himself as a Good director.He has also acted in Hindi and Kannada films.In India, Karnataka state has produced top class Business communities and Film Personalitiesis true.Rohit shetty hails from South karnataka Mangalore is important.His films gives good entertainmentwith music,comedy and good cinemotography.He has worked with today's top class actors and a Close associate of Ajay Devgan.Ihaveseen two of his films, Gol maal returns and Gol maal.Ienjoied both the films of his presentation.Today i am happy to tribute this Young talented up coming Director.
See you Next week,


Letter Published in The National,Abu dhabi,on 15 Nov.10.

A Great moment for Myanmar

The news article Aung San Su Kyi calls for unity (November 14) was very interesting to read. It was a great moment for the people of Myanmar to receive their democratic leader after seven years of house arrest.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner's release may change Myanmar's politics and the people's lifestyle. The British prime minister David Cameron gave tribute to this 65-year-old leader, mentioning that her release should have happened long before.

K Ragavan, India

Friday, November 12, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE on 13,November.10.(175).

On right track

To err is human. But realising the mistakes and taking corrective action is important. It is good that two leading politicians in India were forced to resign last week after they faced corruption charges.

Any country’s development depends on clean administration. I salute the UAE which has taken several initiatives to help common people.
K. Ragavan

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 12.Nov.10.

Your article Congress rejectsJayalalitha's offer of support ,was nice and interesting to read.The congress Spokes person's reply on Jayalalitha's offerwas also interesting.To my Knowledge ,today's Indian Politics every Party need the support of other party ,wheather they like it or not ,because for Majority..Even in State Govt no Party will come majority Because People are tired of seeing the promises of previous parties..Let us wait and see this Telecom Minister's Episode.Today People want s clean administrationand accountability.Both are very much laging with the present administration. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The Hindustan Times,India on 11.Nov.10.

your article Raja to blame for India loosing 1.76 lakh Crore probe,,was interesting to read.After the recent two leaders exit on corruption charges,,this case is the highest amount of corruption or Mother of the corruption was the opinion of the CAG.Not only from the opposition parties,but also from the people of India expecting the departure of Raja..Earlier few lakhs was played by the politicians,today crores of rupees is un acceptable.Govt should speed up this issue ,on the country'sinterest.

Web Site comment.

WebSite Comment in The New Indian Express,India,on 10.Nov.10.

Your article ,At last Chavan,Kalmadi resign ,was nice and interesting to read.After the report submitted by Pranab Mukherjee and A.K.Antony, the case of Chavan was taken by the Congress President ,Sonia Gandhi is important. On the one hand i appreciate the UPA Govt's action on Scams and corruption ,and on the other hand Govt should implement a strong Legislationfor this.Will the Govt.adress this important Issue.Too much delay cause more corruption. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Web Site comment.The National,Abu dhabi,UAE,on 10.Nov.10.

Your article ,Special court to ease victims ordeal,was nice and meaningful.Today the Human trafficking is another threat to all the nations.Few years back UAE ease this problem,and saved Children from Bangala desh.Now UAE is planning to introduce a new court,is a good Gesture.This may reduce the Human traffikin gfrom Pakistan,Bangala desh and other African countries.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 33.

In this world very few people created a Good impact on their Own Profession is true.Our Ram also created a very good impact not only in his Profession ,but also with other areas. .He takes a special liking on the Public issues ,like traffic,Consumars interest and education.He used to contribute Articles,Letters,,and Opinion on Various issues ,to all the Leading Papers Locally as well Inter Nationally.He used to write in his Star Name Bharani,and not as Ram.Receiving Lot of Appreciation letters, from various states as well abroad.Reading and writing ,may not be liked by Many people,but there are few people take a special liking and appreciate the People who are contributing ,to the Society's Welfare.Ram was Enjoing this Hobby,receiving Lot of letters Every day.One day he was talking with his students ,Discussing about the advantages and disadvantages on the Internet .At that time ,he received one Registered
Letter,when he opened and read he was taken a back.(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India.on Nov.8.010.

Your article Opposition to pin down Govt ,on corruption,was nice.In the recent lot of big scams are more visible,and the Govt has not taken serious actions ,except the CWG Scams.The other scams and allegations should be taken immediately.Apart from the Opposition Party;s pressure,Govt should realise to answer the People of this country.Iam seeing more corruption in all the areas,is unacceptable .Today;s main problem facing our nation ,is corruption,which affects the standard of living of a common man.Will the UPAGovt. address this important issue. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Tribute to Actor,Choreographer and Director Lawrence Raghavendra.(116).
Today i remembered an, another talented person from SouthIndian film is none other then Actor,Choreographer and Director Lawrence Raghavendra. Lawrence has directed few films only ,in two languages Tamil and Telugu is worth to be mentioned here.i have seen only one film of this Director , Don in Telugu ,with Nagarjuna and Anushika..He has worked with top class actors in many films as Choreographer.Actors like Nagarjuna ,Prabhu deva and Kovai Sarala are important.His films portray entertainment with ,Music and good cinemotography .He has acted few tamil ,and telugu films.In Don he acted very well,with Nagarjuna.He is one of the few choreographers respected in the Film industry.Apart from his professional talents,he is a wonderful Human being is to be remembered.His yeoman services for the Physically challanged orphan children without any publicity ,is highly appreciable.
Today i am Happy to tribute this talented up coming person.
See you Next week.

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi on 7.Nov.10 uae.
November 7, 2010 by krishnamachari ragavan
Your article Obama down to business in India,was interesting to read..On the one hand i appreciate his interest ,towards his country men for Jobs and standard of living but on the other hand he completely ignored Indian Out sourcing Jobs security,Visa fees hike,and Cross border terrorism. Obama’s.Todays Speech indicates,that India and Pakistan should go for peaceful dialoques only. Indian Govt.knows this very much,always insists no third party mediator is necessary.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Web Site comment.

WEb Site Comment in The Hindustan Times,India on 7.Nov.10.

Your Meaningful article,Jobs,trade for United states dominate day 1 ,was interesting to read.On the one hand i appreciate his interest ,towards his country men for Jobs and standard of living but on the other hand he completely ignored our Out sourcing Jobs security,Visa fees hike,and Cross border terrorism.The expection from our side was completely neglected.Ultimately one has to accept the self interest of the US.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New York times,USA on 6.Nov 010.
Your article Obama is not likely to push India hard on Pakistan,was nice.India and pakistan should solve their problems with out any third party interfearence.Indians are more hope on Out sourcing and other bilataral issues.Will Obama address the Out sourcing issue ,authentically,because of the recent Mid term election results.


Article Published in The Gulf Today,on 6.Nov.10.UAE.

Golden place

I received a call from a friend in the UAE asking me when he could expect me in Dubai. Last month I had mentioned about a visit in October. Due to some domestic compulsions, I have been forced to postpone the visit. The friendship and the peoples’ comradeship in the UAE is not new to me. That is the reason why many people long to go to that golden land.
K. Ragavan

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India.

11/4/2010 7:36:00 AM Your impressive article B.C.C.I.has not paid by I.P.L.,Was interesting to read.As per Little Master Sunil Gavas kar's version ,that he should get Twenty crores of rupees from BCCI,was a shocking news to BCCI.aS PER secretry N.Srinivasan's comment ,there is no return agreement for the said amount,and whatever committed has paid ,except the last quarter.The alle gations of the Little master,will be clarified only Sharad Powar 's meeting.Wheather this is genuine claim from the Little master or notis to be wait and see.Ultimately one can easily accept Cricket is not a huge money, but very very Hugemoney.All created by the Cricket fans. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi,UAE.
05 November 2010
Your article Obama hails India as global power is nice and true.In the recent years Indian economy has gone up,in the standard of living and purchasing power.The visit of US President Obama may bring good strong strategic bilateral relations,between the two countries.Indian's are mainly hoping in out sourcing and trading with US.For that US has to modify it's strategy on outsourcing,will certainly bring stable relation ship.How ever the Berth in UN Security council may not be feasible ,as per Obama's statement.The visiting President's main intention to have a cordial ,long term relation with the Growing Global Power.Let us wait and see the out come.

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi on 4.Nov.10.UAE.

Your impressive article Gavaskar has got the right to ask pay,.,Was interesting to read.As per Little Master Sunil Gavas kar's version ,that he should get Twenty crores of rupees from BCCI,was a shocking news to BCCI. As per secretry N.Srinivasan's comment ,there is no return agreement for the said amount,and whatever committed has paid ,except the last quarter.The alle gations of the Little master,will be clarified only Sharad Powar 's meeting.Wheather this is genuine claim from the Little master or notis to be wait and see.Ultimately one can easily accept Cricket is not a huge money, but very very Huge money.All created by the Cricket fans. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47. India

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment inThe National,Abu dhabi ,UAE on 3November.10.

The visiting of the Indian President Pratibha Patil toUAE ,will increase the Bilateral relation ship between the two countries is certain.Indian Business men are welly established in the UAE is to be applauded.Mr Kumar compilmented the President,the way she knows about UAE. People living in UAE for more then four decades,still relishing the visit of the then Prime Minster Indira gandhi is remarkable one.Both the countries should have a concrete labour related issues and agreements, for mutual benefits.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India on 2.Nov.

Your article, Cabinet expansion likely on nov4,was nice.After so many opposition and arguments with the governor,Yeddyurappa'sadministration has come back,with expansion is really applaudable.Now BJP,Should prove their metal and implement good things to the people of karnataka,and fight for corruption.So that ,it will be able to come again in the next election.My Point whoever comes to power,common man should be taken care.Congratulations to Yeddyurappa and his team. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Life is Beauti ful. 32.

Inthis materialistic world majority of the people are self oriented is true,but there are few people like our Ram love this life and nature.This character will come only by the child hood nature and habits.Inspite of so many temptations Ram was pushing his days with good association was not a exagerated one.Every year he was awarded as a best
teacher in his colleage.This is mainly due to his involvement in work and good behaviour with his students.On holidays many of his students ,will come and chat with him and discuss,on various issues.Students used to wonder,apart from History how Ram was able to discuss other issues.Ram was well versed with other fields,because of his interaction with various friends and reading.Ram has got the strong belief ,exposure with people only can develope knowledge and maturity.Students of Ram also slowly started in this phylosophy.(tobe continued).
See You Next week,

Monday, November 1, 2010


Letter Published in The National,Abudhabi UAE,On november.2.

Striking at heart of corruption

The article India opens corruption call centre (October 29) was interesting. This act was implemented by the Indian government after the recent Commonwealth Games fiasco.

On the one hand, I applaud the Indian government's action and on the other hand, people who are taking money should have a conscience. Unless and until this is injected in every individual's mind, corruption will be difficult to eradicate.

K Ragavan, India