Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 29Jan 14 City Express issue
The massive rally by Karnataka film industry artists protesting the dubbing trend may not find a solution.Other language films are dubbing in Kannada and releasing is not possible with out support.We have to admit that the quality and standard of Kannada films  has gone down when compared in the old films  when RajKumar,VishnuVardhan,Anant Nag and other actorswhen in the lime light.Director Late Puttana Kanagal's movies no one can forget.It is high time film producers joined together presented quality films to over come  dubbing from other movies.At this hour good films presentation is needed from the film fraternity.
Ragavan Krishnamachary


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 29 Jan 14
Target Modi
Your report Modi Government Abetted, Pushed to 2002 Riots  made a good read  (TNIEJan 28).In his interview with Times Now
interview, Rahul Gandhi said  the Gujarat government was responsible for abetting and pushing  the 2002 riots.He also said the 1984 riots during the congress regime was a natural act and no one can be blamed for it   was a dramatic development in indian politics.After a decade Rahul decides to open his mouth and when he does he blames Narendar Modi, who has given a clean chitby the court.

Life is Beautiful 201.

After the good dinner Ram,Atkinson  and ,Kathambari came out with the two guests.
Atkinson.Ram i will take this two  with me and Kathambari will drop you in your place.Is it o.k.Kathambari.
Kathambari.I was about to tell that .We will meet tomorrow at Ramada Hotel.
Atkinson.Bye guys Good morning to all of you and have a nice day.
While driving Kathambari was telling to Ram
My mother was having  lot of plans for today's lunch.
Ram.What plans.
Kathambari.She wants to prepare Mysore pak,Avial,and Onion sambar.Now i have to tell her about our lunch programme with  Italian guests.
Ram.I too never expected this.What to do.
Kathambari.O.K Your place has come.I will come and pick you at 1.P.M.
After her departure Ram came to his flat.Slept for  few hours and got up at 7A.M.
After finishing his morning tea he opened the door picked  the news paper The National.
While reading  he was surprised to see his company Media channel  was  rated the best channel   in the Middle east by a leading survey and research organisation Merc..He was so happy on the new year he  was reading this good news.He wanted to convey to  Atkin son.Tried his number it was switched off.Then Ram wanted to convey Kathambari .Tried her NumberIt was ringing 
Ram.Hello Kathambari,
.Kathambari has gone to third floor to wish her friends.Who is on the line 
Ram. was happy to hear that Voice is none other than hisbeautiful Vasanthy.
(to becontinued).
See You Next Week

Monday, January 27, 2014

Tribute to Cinematographer Aseem Mishra 283.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personalty from Bolly wood is none other than Cinematographer Assem Mishra. In a short span of six years time  he has worked with leading Directors and actors  is worth to be mentioned here.His brilliant shots both  in indoor and out door of   Ek Tha Tiger  was very much laudable. He has few remarkable movies to his credit.I have seen few films of this  Cinemato grapher.Those Movies are ,Dabangg 2,Ek Tha Tiger,Once Upon a time in Mumbai,and Band Baaja Baarat.
Once Upon a time in Mumbai with Ajay Devgan and others made a good hit for this Cinematographer.One of the  talented Up coming Cinematographer   in the Bolly wood industry liked by the film fraternity Bolly wood is known for it's beautiful Color and excellent cinematography ..Today i am happy to tribute this  Cinematographer.
See YouNext Week

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 27 Jan 14 City Express Issue
A good initiative by the C.M. T he government should create separate free zones.The following measures should be keep in mind.Investors should feel that their investment safeThere should be no unnecessary harassment from the officials.Proper infrastructure should be created.Electricity,Water and other requirements should be made available with out interruption.By implementing a forward looking policy and friendly atmosphere.Bangalore can definetly look at the global tag.
Ragavan Krishnamachary


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Chennai India on 27Jan 14
Slogan Meaning
Prabhu Chawla's Power & Politics (TNSEJanuary 26)was a meaningful and thought provoking one.He has elaboratedly analysed the slogan meanings of Na Mo and Ra Ga.The strategy adopted by Na Mo is only for good governance  and Rahul is telling  his party's achievements like gas cap,food bill and others. Will this gimmick  work out for  non corruptive  and transparent governance?The UPA has been plagued by corruption and scams, and nearly a billion people have to give a good verdict.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Article 336.

Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 25 Dec 14 (Article 336).

Cheery friend

Happiness knows no bounds when we meet good friends, especially after a long gap, which is what I am already beginning to experience in anticipation of not just meeting a close friend in the first week of February, but also getting the opportunity of attending  his daughter’s wedding in Chennai.

Our association goes back to the time I lived in the United Arab Emirates when I had the occasion to make his acquaintance in Sharjah through a common friend.

That was seven years ago. Even after my subsequent retirement and return to India, our friendship continues to flourish through the electronic and print media. And now, I am eagerly counting the days left before I come face to face with his cheerful face.
K. Ragavan


Web Site Comment in The Hindu Bangalore India on 24 Dec 14

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's comment on BBMP was true. BBMP has 
acquired more loans with out implementing new projects as well not 
executing the existing projects .Lack of good administrative officers 
with out vision and corrupt attitude landed to this loans problem.BBMP 
has to set a new strategy with non corruptive officers with 
accountability may reduce to a certain extent of loans.Will this 
happen from BBMP one has to wait and see.

from:  K.Ragavan
Posted on: Jan 24, 2014 at 12:33 IST

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Letter Published in The National Uae on 24 Dec 14
Sharjah stadium .has a perfect pitch    The article Sharjah a cricket oasis (January 22) was a good read. Apart from being known as a cultural city, Sharjah is also known for its wonderful cricket stadium, where I watched many international matches between 1995 and 1997

The pitch is excellent and is a favourable one for batsmen. It is no wonder that the stadium has attracted visitors from all over the world.

K Ragavan, India

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Web Site Comment in The Hindu Bangalore India on 22 Dec 14

When the existing projects Like Metro has not over and the ambition of 
monorail may not be possible immediately.I t will be with discussions 
and show to public that Government is interested in Public conveyence 
it is only a show.First they can finish the metro work fast,remove the 
potholes and make the roads clean and tidy.Eradicate the garbage 
menace and try to do only possible things.Still traffic is a big issue 
and such is the case they should not go for new ventures.Even if the 
monorail project passed it will take couple of years and that 
construction work will also add to the existing problems.Let them 
finish Metro and road potholes and make the travel comfortable.

from:  K.Ragavan

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Life is Beautiful 200.

Ram came to Sheraton reservation  hall at 8-30.P.M. Atkinson was waiting for Ram
Hello Ram,i was expecting you .
Ram.What happen to our guests Lizioli and his friend.
Atkinson.Just now  he called  he is on the way.
By that time Lizoli and his fiend entered the  reception counter.
Atkinson.Wel come Mr Lizioli.
Lizioli.Thank you Mr Atkinson,meet my friend Carlo.Ram this is Carlo.
Ram.Wel come both for the new year eve.How is Italy 
Lizioli.Fine.thank you for your  coverage.Many enquirers are coming for  our products 
Atkinson.Let us go to our table.Kathambari will come at  9.p.m.
They were talking in general about climate, and business.By that time Kathambari arrived there.
Good evening to all.
Atkinson.Wel come Kathambari.You have met Lizioli earlier along with Murthy.Meet Carlo his friend.
Nice to meet you Mr,Carlo.
Carlo. Me too. Dubai is very nice.
Atkinson.Are you coming here first time.
By that time the waiter came with drinks.
Ram.I do n't take hot drinks Atkinson .
Atkinson.O.K. We three will take.Kathambari will give company for you.
Kathambari.Yes  I will take Orange juice.
Ram.For me also.
Kathambari ordered for two Juices and Vegetarian dishes for all.
Lizioli was particular about Vegetarian. dishes  and Atkinson was also  forced to  go for  vegetarian with him.
Lizioli. .I like veg dishes.Very tasty and good.
After finished their Dinner they came to the  hall where the new year event was arranged.Lot of people from Europe was presented there.Dubai government has arranged beautiful fire works at 12.A.M. After watching the events in side they came out to watch the fire works.Exactly at 12.O Clock the fire works started.It was very beautiful to watch.
Lizioli. Thank you Mr Atkinson for the hospitality.Tomorrow i am inviting you three for our friend Carlo's wedding anniversary.We will make it in Hotel Rama da for a change.
Atkinson.Fine.We will make it.
Ram was taken a back.He was happy tomorrow he will meet Vasanthy But this  unexpected development he never expected
(To be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, January 20, 2014


Letter Published in The National Uae on 21 Dec 14Gandhi  Sonia was wise to refuse to give in to the pressure from Congress to nominate her son Rahul as the prime ministerial candidate (Sonia Gandhi refuses to bow to party pressure over Rahul PM nomination, January 18).
The scam-tainted Congress that led UPA coalition knows very well that it won’t be third time lucky in the forthcoming election. This vote is nevertheless crucial for the party because it offers it an opportunity to win over people’s confidence. Instead of hankering for power, Congress should do some soul-searching and capitalise on the moment to improve itself.
K Ragavan, India

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tribute to Editor A.Sreekar Prasad 282.

   Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the South Indian Film Industry is none other than Editor A.Sreekar Prasad..Known for his excellent work in the editing field for more then four languages films Tamil,Telugu,Hindi ,and Malayalam is worth to be mentioned here.Started his career with his father Sanjeevi ace editor and brother of late L.V.Prasad ,producer and director.He won many National awards  in Telugu ,Tamil ,Malayalam, and  H.indi films.Dil chata hai and Firaaq is one example in hindi film.  Editing is playing a very important roll in any film.Sreekar Prasad 's editing will be more visible  in his films.He has worked with all  top class actors and directors.In his three decades  film career  he has acquired good name and respect from the film fraternityA film 's success also depends on the quality editing and SreeKar Prasad is known for that.Even though he has many films to his credit i have seen few films of this Doyen.Those movies are,Dil Chata Hai(,Hindi),Rhythm,Kurumbu,Alai Payuthe,Ayudha Ezuthu,Kannathil Muthammittal,
Pattiyal,Billa,Guru,Thuppaki,Kadal,Aarambam,Saguni and Ek Thi Dayaan.Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart who has created a History in editing field.
See You Next Week,

Friday, January 17, 2014

Article 335.

Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 18 Dec 14(Article 335).

Quack’s an ache

A few days ago, a severe toothache forced me to go to a dentist. After examining my teeth, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic and advised me to go for a root canal treatment. I was not sure if I really needed to follow the doctor’s advice. I, therefore, consulted a friend who recently had gone in for a root canal treatment.

He told me that if my doctor was qualified and experienced, I should follow his advice.

I asked him the reason for such advice and his reply stunned me. He told me that one of his friends had gone to a doctor for his toothache. That ‘doctor’ was not a dentist but had been practising for years as one in his native place. That ‘doctor’ did not hesitate to extract his friend’s tooth. The reason for my story is you should be aware of the credentials of your doctor. Luckily, my friend was safe. One more thing, after listening to that story, my toothache just vanished.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror on 17Dec 14    Upgrade our roads first BANGALORE MIRROR’s report, Netas want to spend Rs 92 lakh to upgrade a perfectly fine gym (Jan 14), was an interesting read. Despite the criticism on their recent tour expenses, leaders wanted to spend more public money for the upgradation of a gym. This is unacceptable. First let them upgradetheroadsforcommonpeoplebefore elevating their own style of living. This is a sad state of affairs. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Letter Published in The New INdian Express Chennai India on 16Dec 14
Great Loss
The demise of veteran actor AnjaliDevi was a great loss to the film industry.A Charming actress who acted in 500  Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Hindi films, her rolls in Manalane Mangayin Bhagyam and many other historical films will remain memorable.RIP

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Letter Published in The National Uae on 15 Dec 14Victory over polio worth celebrating
Polio-free India is ‘great news for the entire globe’ (January 13) was interesting to read.
We should applaud the fact that India has not recorded a single case of polio in the past three years.
Financial support and unwavering commitment from the government were given as the reasons for the eradication of the disease.
As a common man, I am happy about this. However, I would be happier if they could also eradicate corruption in this country.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 199.

Dubai was busy with new year's celebrations.Ram's Office was also busy with new year's programmes .Ram received a call from his M.D.Atkinson
Good morning Ram,Today evening we have  our guests Mr Lizioli and his friend for the new year party at Dubai Sheraton.you  can come at 8-30P.M.Kathambari and editorial team will also join in the party.
Ram.Fine Mr Atkinson.I will be there at 8-30.
After his conversation over with Atkinson Ram received a call from Kathambari.Good Morning Ram,tomorrow  you are coming to our place for lunch.
Ram.Nice,What time
Kathambari.After noon,since tomorrow is a  holidayMummy  asked me to invite you for lunch.I will tell you in the evening meeting what time you can come.
Ram. Thank you.See you in the evening party.
Kathambari.Bye now.
Ram was happy that he will be meeting his Vasanthy tomorrow.He was also praying  this time he should not have any obstacles.Many times his lunch programme  was postponed and this time  it  will be  or not which was already written.  His thinking was disturbed by the phone call from Raj
Ram,How are you.Advance wishes for a Happy new year to you.
Ram.Same to you Raj.How is Mysore and,our friends
Raj. All friends are nice.Mysore is also nice.I have sent one mail
toyou regarding the latest  political development in India.Please go through and cover.
Ram.Certainly.What else
Raj.Nothing.Take care.Bye now.
Ram .Bye
(to be continued)
See you Next Week,

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tribute to Cinematographer Balasubramaniem 281.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the Tamil film industry is none other than Cinematographer K.T.Balasubramaniem.Started his career with ace Cinematographer P.C.Sri ram and later 
he has established himself is worth to be mentioned here.He has worked with leading actors as well Directors.In his twelve years career he has worked in three languages films Tamil,telugu and Hindi He has worked with  top class actors Vijay,Surya,Dhanush ,Vivek Tamana,and many others.Known for his pleasing shots both indoor and out door frame work.He has many films to his credit and Neer Paravai film was nominated for SIIMA award for best Cinematographer.I have seen couple of films of this  Cinematographer.Those films are,Iranian,Unnai ninaithu,Pitha Magan,M.Kumaran S/O.Mahalakshmi,Thambi,Kannum Kannum,Azhagiya Tamil Magan,Uthama Puthiran,Jayam kondan and,Kutty,.Chettinad has created many talented film personalities and Balasubramaniem  was also hails from Karaikudi is important.Today i am happy to tribute this talented technician.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Letter Published in The National Uae on 13 Jan 14    When will Iraqis get real freedom?
Your story, Iraqi troops clash with Al Qaeda in Anbar (January 11), was good to read.
For the past few months, Iraqis have witnessed many attacks, with high numbers of casualities, which is sad and unjustifiable.
Iraqis have still not got freedom. The inability to live a normal life is the reality on the ground. It is painful to see this ongoing nightmare for the Iraqis. When will this scenario change?
K Ragavan, India

Friday, January 10, 2014

Article 334.

Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 11 Dec 14 ( Article)334

Health is wealth

I received a call from a friend saying that his backache had vanished. He thanked me for suggesting a doctor. 

This friend had been suffering from the ailment for many years and had spent huge amount of money for treatment without any improvement. 

I heard about an expert doctor in this field and suggested his name. I am happy that my friend got back his health and saved some wealth too. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Lessons to heed in Indian rail deaths

Your news report Nine dead in train blaze near Mumbai (January 9) saddened me. Within a span of 11 days, two major train accidents have been reported in India. 

Despite the frequency of such incidents, the Indian railway authorities seem to be reluctant to initiate safety measures, which indicates a sorry state of affairs in the country.

The real reason behind the accident is yet to be ascertained, as is always the case. But what is the point of conducting an investigation when previous experience shows precautionary measures are not taken in accordance with the findings?

K Ragavan, Dubai

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Letter Published in The National Uae on 8 Dec 13Let Russia hold Games peacefully
It’s sad that mindless acts of terrorists have taken so many innocent lives in Russia (Russia bomb blasts raise Olympic terror fear, January 1). The two suicide bombings in the country have claimed more than 30 lives. I hope that such acts will come to a halt this year and Russia will be able to host the Games successfully.
I pray for the victims and wish speedy recovery of those who sustained injuries in the attacks.
K Ragavan, India


Letter Published in The National Uae on 8 Dec 13Let Russia hold Games peacefully
It’s sad that mindless acts of terrorists have taken so many innocent lives in Russia (Russia bomb blasts raise Olympic terror fear, January 1). The two suicide bombings in the country have claimed more than 30 lives. I hope that such acts will come to a halt this year and Russia will be able to host the Games successfully.
I pray for the victims and wish speedy recovery of those who sustained injuries in the attacks.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 198.

Murthy was happy to know how Prasanna got the tender approval.
Murthy. Ram is helping us indirectly for this.He was regarded and respected by every one.Iam proud to be his friend.
Prasanna.I am also proud to be his student.He taught me so many good things which i can not for get.
Prasanna.Sir,i received a mail from Mr  Ram
Murthy.Regarding what.
Prasanna.Our Principle Managing Director Mr Lizioli will be visiting Dubai tomorrow along with his staff.Ram mentioned in the letter that he will take care of  them.
Murthy.Certainly he will take care.One of the finest  gentle men  i come across in my life.
Prasanna.Very true sir.I will make a move sir.
Murthy.Have a nice day Prasanna.
After Prasanna left Murthy received a call from his M.D.Srivatsa
Murthy Why do n't you come to my room.
Murthy reached his room.
M.D. My congratulations to you and Prasanna for bagging a fantastic  contract  from health department for the supplies to the entire government hospitals.
Murthy.Thank you.
Murthy explained every thing to him.Srivatsava was very happy.
Murthy ram is a wonderful friendly person liked by one and all because of his approch and knowledge.Iwill talk to him in the afternoon.
Murthy.Fine,he will be happy.
At that time Murthy  received a call from Raj
Murthy Good news  for you.Today the health Ministry announced
this year purchases through your company.My Congratulations.
 (to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, January 6, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 7 Dec 13 City Express
More educational institutions with reasonable tariff,more hospitals at an affordable price,unemployment should be taken care for educated youths,and public transports should be increased.Metro work shouldspeed up with security guards in all stations ,and ATM's of all banks with middle aged guards.Garbage ,roads,potholes,sewage,water to all areas and electricity should available throughout.Women safety should be priority in all places.
Above all government should have visionary and honest officers
in all departments.Villages should  have more schools and hospitals.
More trees should be planted.

Tribute to Cinematographer Ramji 280.

Today i am going to pen another Film personality who has done good work in three languages films Tamil,Malayalam and ,Hindi
is none other than Cinematographer Ramji.In his earlier days worked with Directors Selvaraghavan,and Ameer Sultan  is worth to be mentioned here.He has worked with popular Directors ,actors of Tamil ,Malayalam and Hindi films Actors like SatyaRaj,Surya, Karthi, Jeeva,PriyaMani and many famous actors viz Sunil Shetty, and  others  in.Hindi films.Good neat shots both in indoor as well out door will be visible in his movies.Even though he has couple of films to his credit i have seen few films of this stalwart.Those films are,Mayakam Enna,Aayirathil Oruvan,Paruthi Veeran,Raam, Mounam pesiyathe,Dumm Dumm Dumm,and Vallal. Apna Sapna Money Money and Supari in Hindi.One of the few Versatile cinematographers  in the film industry has  own identity .He has also contributed one Telugu film if i am right.Today i am happy to tribute this talented Cinematographer.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 6Dec 14 City Express
True. Earlier lot of trees and forests was preserved.After the belief erosion,lot of trees and forests vanished.
Forest department as well the government should come forward to preserve trees and forests.In city many trees are being destroyed.The government should create more awareness about the importance of trees and forests.This issue is very significant in today's life.
Ragavan Krishnamachary


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Chennai India on 6 Dec 14
Real King
Prabhu Chawla's' Power &Politics(TNSE  January 5) was meaningful and thought provoking.Despite his opportunity to serve the country for two tenures Man Mohan Singh has miserably failed in not delivering.His personal integrity is not going to pay any dividends to the people.His failure to deliver and unwanted comment on Narendra Modi  was unacceptable. He is really a king in  not proving  his credentials.


Letter Published in The National Uae on 6 Dec 13
Singh's sincerity laudable, not his remarks on ModiI   I enjoyed reading the article Indian PM will step down and says Modi is a disastrous candidate (January 4).
At a press conference, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh acknowledged his inability to control inflation, unemployment and corruption.
I appreciate his sincerity in accepting his failure to fulfil the promises he made to the people of India. But I think he should have stopped there. Instead of doing so, he went on to make an unwarranted remark about Narendara Modi, saying that it would be “disastrous” if he became prime minister.
During his two tenures as prime minister, Mr Singh failed miserably and his party was completely defeated in four states during the recent elections. That shows that his party has lost trust among people.
The truth is that Mr Modi has, at least, proven his ability in one state, while Mr Singh has not been able to do so. Even as an economist he has not been able to show any thing over the past nine years. Now he should leave the decision to choose the next leader to the people.
Today people are more powerful than ever. For proof, Mr Singh and his party need not look beyond the capital, where the Aam Admi Party has been brought to power.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, January 3, 2014

Article 333.

‘Write’ pproach         Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 4 Dec 13(333)

A couple of friends met me on New Year eve and discussed about their resolutions.

Some said they would give up coffee or sweets.  Another said he would watch TV only for a stipulated time and not long hours.

One friend’s resolution was interesting.

He wanted to give up anger, as he was short-tempered.

When they all prodded me about my resolution, I said as a retired employee I wanted to highlight social causes by increasing the number of letters I write to newspapers.

I am happy that they not only applauded my decision, but also encouraged me not to give up.
K. Ragavan