Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Action needed on statehood pledge                     Letter Published in The National ,UAE on 30 Jan 13.
It was upsetting to read Delay in decision to form new Telangana state prompts clashes (January 29).
In spite of promises made last year to settle the issue of statehood, the Indian government is continuing to drag its feet.
Failure to come up with a timely solution has resulted in chaos in Andhra Pradesh. Before making promises, the government should have thought through all the implications.
The government should look into the matter urgently to avoid any unfortunate eventualities.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 149.

Next day Morning  Prasanna came to see Ram.ram was happy to see him after a  short gap.
 Ram.How are  you Prasanna and how is your mother.
Prasanna.She is fine sir.Yesterday  we performed Satyanarayana Pooja  in our home, Please  take this prasadam.
Ram.Thank you  for the prasadam.What time your flight.
Prasanna.From Bangalore early morning sir.Mother was sending her wishes for your new Job.  I am once again  thanking you for all the help you have done to me for my studies and also for  today's status.
Ram.i Have not done any thing to you. You have delivered for your growth. I am really proud of you.
Take this small gift.
Prasanna.Nice  shirt.   i like this colour.
Ram.This Almond for your mother.
Prasanna.Thank you.
Ram.I am wishing you a safe happy journey.Italy  is known for fashion and movies.  i  like the old  famous actors  Late Sophia laren,Marcello Mastroni and Director Carlo Ponti. Italy is the main route for Europe.
Take care .
Prasanna.Thank you sir.Now i am making a move i have to give Prasadam to Mr Murthy and  go to office.You too take care.
Ram always admire Prasanna's way of behaviour and Manners.In this century very rare to see boys like Prasanna. He has come up  nicely  with his ability and hard work.Today's Competitive World one should have hard work and delivery for the survival. His thinking was disturbed by tomy.Tomy was  patting his tail and waiting for his morning break fast.Ram went inside brought bread for tomy. Tomy was jumped with joy and accept that loaf. After that Ram checked his mails.Couple of letters from Cyprus  was there.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tribute to Writer R.Maha Devan 231.

To day i remembered another interesting and lovable personality from the Tamil  stories and Novels is none other than R.Mahadevan popularly known as Devan.Tanjore district  has created many talented people in all walks of life Viz,Pharmaceutical,Film field and  writing is not a exaggerated one.Started his career as a school teacher later joined as Sub  Editor in the famous Ananda Vikatan  a  tamil weekly  Magazine. In those days Ananda Vikatan was the family magazine for millions of readers,mainly because of Devan's remarkable creations. Old generation no one might have missed his witty Novel Thupparium Sambu a lovely detective story  was created a big hit Four and half decades back.He has contributed More then five hundred stories and some of his novels  was taken  to tamil picture.One was Gomathin Kathalan  acted by late T.R.Ramachandran was a hit.He was associated with late Kalki Krishnamurthy and S.S.Vasan a popular Film producer and Director.I have read few remarkable stories of this Stalwart.Those stories are Thupparium Sambu,Gomathiin Kathalan,Mythili,Lakshmi kadaksham,Mr,Vedantham and Justice Jeganathan He is .One of the few rare Versatile  Witty  writers in those days created a big impact in the Tamil literary world.Even though  he lived four decades his name and his memorable creations are still in front of us.I am one of his admirer in my younger days.Very few writers has got the capacity to deliver comedy themes and he is one Jewel no one can deny.I have been repeatedly mentioning  in this Column i have the fullest happiness of paying tribute to different talented personalities.
Devan is represented God ,but this Devan is representing  Comedy king. Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next week,

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Entry & Exit                       Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on Jan 28
Prabhu Chawla's Sangh is King  and A BJP Riven by conflict Won't Get any Where Alone,was interesting and rightly
analyzed (TNIE Jan 27) Nitin Gadgari's exit and the entry of the non controversial Leader Raj nath Singh may change the present situation of the party.The Congress with  out the Gandhi dynasty and theBJP without Sangh Parivar is never possible.


Clear Garbage             Letter Published in Deccan Herald,India on 28,Jan 13    (Peoples Problems)
The space in front of the Library on Gublala Main road has been turnedin to a dumping yard,posing a health hazard to the residents.The authorities are required to take necessary action
Gublala Main Road
Subramanyapura post

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Father must face a long sentence   Letter Published in The National,UAE On 27Jan 13.
It was painfully sad to read about the man who admitted to killing his child due to poor exam results (Father 'strangled son with cable', January 25).
Parents should encourage their children to do better, not behave in such a brutal way.
This man should be punished so that no parent will behave like this in future.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 148.

On 22 Jan 13,I wrongly mentioned Life is Beautiful  147 instead of 148.Error is regretted.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Article 286.

Sweet memories

   Article Published in The Gulf Today ,Uae on 26Jan 13 (286).       By gone days bring happy memories too. Once I travelled to a southern Indian city and four of my friends from different pharmaceutical companies decided to try some fun challenge. 

A friend suggested a competition on consuming the maximum number of a sweet dish, Gulab jamuns. 

We reached a nearby restaurant and fixed up a big prize amount for the highest number of gulab jamuns consumed by any one of us. 

Everyone expected me to win as I loved sweets, but I came last in the competition. “You guys looked at the number of gulab jamuns. I looked at the numbers in the prize amount. That’s the secret,” laughed the winner. 
K. Ragavan

Monday, January 21, 2013

Life is Beautiful 147.

In the evening  Ram went out  to see some his friends.All are happy about his new job and wished him every success.Ram was happy that his decision of joining in  Kathambari's Organisation was welcomed by his friends.He came home  after finishing his night tiffin and brought bread for Tomy.By that time he received a call from Kathambari.
Ram ,how are you .Had a comfortable journey.
Ram.Yes Kathambari.My trip was not only memorable but also meaningful.
Kathambari.Today we have applied for your Visa.Hope with in a week's time we will receive your visa.
How is your friends,all ae happy about your new job.
Ram.Yes.all are happy.How is your mummy.
Kathambari.She is fine.I gave your number because she need some sandol wood from Mysore.Tomorrow she will call and tell.Take care .See you soon.Bye.
Ram.Bye.You too take care.Regards to Mum.
Ram was happy that Vasanthy will be calling her tomorrow Again another call came.This time it is from Prasanna. Tomorrow morning  at ten i will come to your place.Night is my flight from Blore.
Ram.I will be waiting for you Prasanna.
Prasanna.O.K.Sir.See you tomorrow.
After his call over Ram switched the T.V. He always like to Watch Debates from a Popular Channel Times Now.The Anchor 's Bold ,authentic  powerful delivery he likes  He saw the recent development  in the Congress party elevating Rahul Gandhi as number two position.The argumentsof various Leaders and Journalists was nice The reason Why Ram takes more interest on Politics because of the Commonman.Politicians only can solve the Commonman's problems and their status.Unfortunately none of them are interested in Commonman's problems was made him sad.That was the reason he takes more interest in Politics ,inspite he does not belongs to any Party.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,


Rahul’s rise to top expected
Letter Published in The National,UAE On 22 Jan 13

Congress extends Nehru Dynasty (January 21) was no surprise.
The elevation of Rahul Gandhi to the vice-presidency of India’s Congress Party has been expected for a long time.
Even if the present coalition government is returned to power in the next election under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, I have doubts as to whether he will be allowed to implement policies to help the common people.
The fact that political dynasties still play such a vital role in Indian politics is not a healthy sign. K Ragavan, India

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tribute to Cinematographer Vijay Milton 230.

Today i remembered another interesting film  personality who has made  a good impact in tamil films is none other than Cinematographer Vijay Milton.In his one and half decades film career he has given remarkable movies to the South Indian film fans is worth to be mentioned here.Today's leading actors Like  Vijay,,Bharath,Jeyam Ravi, Santhanam,  Kousalya and many others  are acted in his  films.Good  indoor and out door shots will be more visible in his movies He is one of the few Cinematographers deliver very well .Even though he has More thenTwenty films to his credit ,i have seen few films of this technician.Those films are ,Piriyamudan,Nenjinilay,Chocolate,Bose ,Kaadhal,Deepavali,Pazhani,Udhayan,and Hello. Indian Cinematography of all languages films  playing a vital roll in the Global scenario one has to admire.  Today i am happy to tribute this talented Up coming Cinematographer. Talented technicians are increasing every year
is laudable.
See You Next Week

Friday, January 18, 2013

Article 285.

Short Take: Striking punctuality              Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 19 Jan 13(285)
January 19, 2013

Age is just a number. We are a group of senior citizens and every evening we gather to play carroms from 6pm to 8pm. We have stalwarts who play well. Like any other game, carrom is challenging and purely depends on one’s ability to strike well.

The other day a friend mentioned that he had not been so punctual even when he was working, but missing a carrom session could be haunting for him. We all nodded in agreement.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, January 17, 2013


A greener future starts in the UAE        Letter Published in The National,Uae on 18 Jan 13

I enjoyed reading World gathers to
plan brighter future (January 16). Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s call for greenhouse gas emission targets and energy technology are welcome, and I believe this world gathering will encourage a green revolution in the future.
The initiative taken by the Abu Dhabi government to hold this summit should be applauded. K Ragavan, India

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Vivekananda changed India         Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror,India on 16,Jan 13The article V i v e k a n a n d a a t 1 5 0was interesting to read (Jan 15, BM). His thought-provoking lectures have created a big revolution in Hindu philosophy not only in India but also abroad. His powerful quotes brought about a dramatic change in the Modern India. 
    K Ragavan

Monday, January 14, 2013

Life is Beautiful 147.

After the heavy  lunch and  the Journey  Ram   took one hour   rest waiting for Raj's arrival. At  5.P.M. his bell was ringing and opened the door he saw Raj was standing
How are you Ram.I missed you for nearly two months.
Ram.I too Raj.How is every body at home.
Raj.All are fine.he entered inside.
Ram .Raj this is a small gift for you.
Raj.Beautiful Watch ,why all this.
Ram.You have not asked any thing.This is from my side .
Raj.Any way thank you for this gift.
Ram.How is your Job and  the news Magazine.
Raj.Job is fine.Our Circulation is improving because of our coverage.
Ram.I know.When capable Journalists like you  are working naturally   circulation  has to improve.
Raj.Thank you for your Compliment. Hope you had a nice time in   Dubai,
Ram.Wonderful time i had.Particularly the Company where i am going to report was excellent.Their way of presenting the news and the coverage excellent.
Raj.I am very happy a person like you will do well.You have got the Capacity of delivering.
Ram.Thank you for the Compliment.  I learnt this from you.
Raj.How was the Cost ofliving in Dubai.
Ram.For that country's income very economical.Food is available at 10 Dms of their Currency whereas in our place 80-100 Rs which is higherside.
Raj.You are right.One should not convert that currency to ours.
Ram.I was amazed a small desert has developed to this extent.People are happy because the Ruler's are delivering.
Raj.When that Scenario will come to our country /
Ram.You are right .Inspite of we have every resources  our political system and  the leaders we could not come up to that extent was  sad.No  Political will and Committment.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,


Stern Action                   Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 14 Jan 13.
A propos Prabhu Chawla's No More FOP Talk.A Rabid Pakistan Must Be Told to Behave or; the brutal attack of killing two Indian Jawans by Pakistan troops  at the LOC is Unacceptable.india's receptive attitude towards Pakistan should be reverted.It is high time India took stern action and left it's soft approach towards Pakistan.

Tribute to Writer Lalgudi Saptarishi Ramamrutam.229.

Today i remembered another interesting personality  who  Was   Mesmerising   Million  readers in tamil  novels by  his writings  is none other than Lalgudi Saptarish iRamamrutam popularly known as La Sa Ra.
 He started his writing  in his early twenty in English later changed to  tamil. He served more than three decades in PunjabNational Bank and Contributed More Novels and Stories to the tune of 300 Is worth to be mentioned here.Good Language ,Symbolic and above all impressive  writings are visible in his creations.I read many stories of this stalwart.In his earlier days he served in Vauhini  Pictures as typist later changed to Bank. He won Sahitya  Academy Award for his  Collection  of Auto Biographical Essays  in 1989 Chintha nathi . One of the few Great writers  respected and  his creations was welcomed by the Popular Publications  and Magazines in those days.Today i am very happy to tribute this Legend for his wonderful work for  the Tamil readers.I always insisti in any walks of life if a person does a good job he /she
should be recognized.. I am having the fullest happiness and satisfaction for contributing this Small column in my blog every Monday. Even though he is not with us today his remarkable work in front of us. What little i know i am  writing ,if there is any error kindly ignore.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, January 12, 2013


  • Mer kel has earned World's respect            Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 13,Jan 13 B  hasha
Your article Europe, the triumph of
the Iron Lady (January 11) shows that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stood her ground on many issues, proving her mettle.
In these troubled times she has kept Germany’s economy steady and that is laudable. K Ragavan, India

Friday, January 11, 2013

Article 284.

Simple calculation            Article Published in The Gulf Today,Uae on 12Jan 13  (284).

A person who was my classmate had the habit of arguing over everything. He was good at studies and acted in school dramas. One day, he argued on an intellectual subject, but was proved wrong by a classmate who was not rated high in studies. The person realised that everyone could go wrong and no one is infallible.

I told him one plus one is two and not three and the answer will remain so forever. That simple calculation helped him in his realisation.
K. Ragavan

Monday, January 7, 2013

Life is Beautiful 146.

Ram came to Murthy's house  and  Murthy's family was waiting for Ram.
Murthy.Wel come to our house.Hope you had  a wonderful time in Dubai.
Ram.Yes Murthy it was a thrilling experience i really enjoyed . i brought some gifts for your family.Please have.
Murthy.Very nice  watch.
Arthi.Thank you Uncle for Almond and Dates.
Murthy's Wife .Ram  why all this .
Ram.A Small  gift  from my side.When ever you see this watch you people remember me.
Murthy.Thank you for your love and affection. Come on let us have lunch.
Murthy's wife is a good cook and she prepared tasty Kesari which Ram likes  very much.brinjal sambar,my sore rasam ,Papad ,Pickle and potato roast was the main dishes for Ram.After the lunch Murthy's wife served Ice cream.
Ram.Beautiful  lunch by my  beautiful  friends.
Murthy.Not at all Ram. it is our pleaure to entertain our wonderful friend.
Ram.Thank you Murthy.Take rest .
Murthy.No prblem.At what time Raj expected here.
Ram.He told me  evening he will be meeting.Exact time i do n't know.How is Prasanna.
Murthy.He is  fine.
By that time Ram received a call .Prasanna was in the line
Sir,How are you.Morning i do n't want to disturb you because you will be tired.
Ram.Thank you.Just now i asked about you with Murthy.You have 100 years.
Prasanna.Thank you sir.Saturday i am leaving to Italy.Tomorrowi will meet you.Take rest sir.
Ram.O.K.Prasanna.See you tomorrow.
Murthy.Very good boy .He is doing his job very nicely.My M.D.Likes him .
Ram.How is Your M.D.Shrivatasa.
Murthy.Fine.You still remember his name.
Ram.Of course ,he is one of the finest gentle men whom i met.
Murthy.He too remember you.Often he will ask about you.
Ram.My regards to him Murthy Bye now.
Ram came to his house.Tomy was waiting for him.Already tomy had his lunch served by Arthi.
(tobe continued).
See you Next Week,

Tribute to Director Perarasu 228.

To day i remembered another interesting up coming personality from the tamil  film industry is none other than Director Perarasu. Apart from Direction he has got multi various talents like acting,Music and stunts is important. Today's leading actors Arjun, Ajith,Vijay,Bharath,and Asin acted in his films.Most of his films names will be the  places names  shows his sentiments.In a short span of more than six years he has given some remarkable movies is worth to be mentioned  here.Good story ,screenplay ,powerful dialoques  and good indoor and out door cinematography will be visible in his movies.He himself acts in some movies and Pazhani, is one good example for his talents as Sub inspector.I have seen  few movies  of this Director.Those  movies are ,Pazhani,,Thiruvannamalai ,Sivakasi,Thirupathi ,Thirumangalam and Dharmapuri.
.He has impressed with few memorable movies like Sivakasi,Thiruvannamalai,Pazhani,and Dharmapuri to the  tamil film fans.Today i am happy to tribute this Commercial Director.
See You Next week,

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sad Situation                 Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 7Jan 13.
Prabhu Chawla's ' The Sangh Parivar is Hopelessly Divided BetweenRSS Bharat and BJP India was nice and meaningful.The recent comments by RSS Chief and BJP Leader from MP made clear the  drift in both the organisationsIt is a sad state of affairs.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


 Kudos to traffic cops               Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror,India on 6Jan 13.The report T h e i r l i c e n c e s s e i z e d , 4 , 6 0 0 d r i v e r s b a n n e d f r o m d r i v i n g i n c i t y (Jan 5, BM) was sad and alarming. I applaud the traffic police for acting against erring drivers and making the roads safer. 
    — K Ragavan


 Letter Published in The National Uae on 6Jan 13           Murder charge for rape suspects (January 4) was welcome news.
The Indian public thinks the accused should be hanged if guilty. This should be an eye opener for anybody contemplating this crime.
K Ragavan, India


 Letter Published in The National Uae on 6Jan 13           Murder charge for rape suspects (January 4) was welcome news.
The Indian public thinks the accused should be hanged if guilty. This should be an eye opener for anybody contemplating this crime.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, January 4, 2013

Article 283.

Sweet resolution                         Article Published in The Gulf Today on 5Jan 13 (283).

Taking up a resolution on the New Year is easy, but to stick to it is difficult. A friend decided to reduce his sweet consumption and  weight. But less than three days after the promise, he relished a sweet dish in my presence. “You should have decided on some other resolution than giving up sweets,” I said. His reply was a mere laughter. 
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Letter Published in The National ,UAE ON 2Dec 13.           Individuals Must be protected                   I was so sad to read that the gang-rape victim had planned to marry within weeks.
This incident was unfortunate and unacceptable. The authorities in Delhi should provide more security for women.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 145.

Emirates landed Bangalore International  Airport on the scheduled time.Ram took his bag reached the Passport entry  counter finished  the Clearance came to the baggage counter.After few minitues he received his bag came out from the airport  waiting for a taxi to go to Mysore.One taxi came and agreed for a reasonable tariff. Ram reached his house after two and half hours journey.As soon as he entered Tomy came very fast  jumped with  joy seeing his master. This is the first time Ram  left tomy for fortyfive days.Murthy came out wished Ram
How was your Journey Ram.We all missed you.
Ram.I too missed you people.
Murthy.Today you can have lunch with us.I will bring tea for you .
Ram.No.On the way i had.
Murthy.No Problem you can have half.Iwill make by two.
Ram.As you wish.How is your wife and daughter.
Murthy.All are fine.They were also eagerly waiting for you.By that time Murthy's daughter and wife came.
How are you Uncle.
Ram.I am fine Arthi.
Arthi. Hope you enjoyed your stay at Dubai.
Murthy.Arthi let him take rest for some time.In lunch he will narrate every thing to us.
Ram.O.K.I will see you in the lunch time.
Ram removed his dress and changed to Dhoti typical South indian dress at home.He cleared his  bags took the gift items and kept it in the table. Tomy was watching  his master's action.
Ram took some rest had his Bath ready for the lunch.By that time his mobile was ringing.
The other side Raj,
Hello Ram,Welcome to India.Hope you had a lovely stay as well comfortable flight emirates.
Ram.You are right Raj.Not only comfortable stay butalso beautiful air travel by emirates.
Raj.I will see you in the evening.Bye now.
(tobe continued.).
See You Next Week,