Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Web Site Comment inDeccan Herald,India on 30.Dec.09.

By: kK.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 30 Dec 2009 12:51 pm

The Demise of Film actor Stalwart Vishnuvardhan is a Great Loss for Kannada film Industry.He has acted in Kannada,Tamil,Telugu and Hindi Films ,and Established a Wonderful name among Cine fans.Came with the Directorial touch of Late Director Puttanna KanagalinNagaraahavu,created a Very big hit in 1973.One of the soft spoken Versatile actorand above all a Good Humanbeing.Ipray for the departed actor and bereived family Members. K.Ragavan

Monday, December 28, 2009

Web Site Comment in The New IndianExpress,India on 29.Dec.09.

Your article T haroor tweets ,Krishna disapproves was interesting to read.This is regard ing to the New visa rules and regulations.As a responsible person in the External Ministry Shashi Tharoor ,certainly not commented adversly about the new rules of visa.He was keen on out siders visit to India as Tourists,as India has got lot of Tourist Destinations to enjoy.One should take his comment in a right spirit. K.Ragavan.
By K.RAgavan.Chennai.47.
12/29/2009 12:00:00 PM

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tribute to Director Rajkumar Hirani.(74).

Today Iam going toPen an another interesting Person Editor , Writor and Director is None other then Rajkumar Hirani.Wanted to Become an actor,but due to circumstances turned him a Good Editor Director in Bolly wood Films.Even though his contribution as Director for Few films, he was accepted one of the best Directors.He Had his Diploma in Poona Film and Television Institute for Editing.Started with Advertisement Films,later with the Association of Vidhu Vinod Chopra he came to Lime light with Munnabai M.B.B.S.Sunjay Dutt ,Bomman irani became Popular through this wonderful comedy movie.Hirani was awarded as Best Director for both films Munnabai m.b.b.s.and Lage raho Munnabai is worth to be mentioned .His latest Three Idiots is doing very well with Stalwart Amir khan.Good story line with Editing and directorial touch ofRajkumar Hirani makes the audience laugh.He has contributed as writor ,editor for some old hit movies like1942,A love story and Mission Kashmir,is important Iam confident .He is going to play a important roll in Blooy wood films in the coming days.Today i am happy to tribute this Enterprising Director.
See you Next week.

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi on 27.Dec.09.Uae

Your articleWarning to firms that cheat was interesting toread.Many Employees are not getting their Service benefits whenthey retire areleave the company.Now Labour Ministry is warning to all Employers whoare not payingthe dues to its employees.This should be followed by the ministry and periodical checkups to employers may reduce the nonpayment benefitts.



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hilarious stress-busters.Published in EHC ,sOUVENIR.ON nOV 20.09. UAE.

In December 2008,two good friends asked me to participate in their newly-started elite forum.Iattended the inaguaral programme and was thrilled by the enthusiastic response of the crowd that came from all walks of life.The duo are none other than K.G.Guna and Suresh.The elite forum is today's one-year-old baby,the Emirates Humour club.Iwas Happy about the concept ,to make others laugh.From Paediatric to Gereatric one can participate and deliver Jokes,Mimicry and skits to make the audience laugh.Needless to Mention the VISA(Very InterestingSettai Appa) skit which covers the current event with a humorus presentation by Suresh and team(Settai xavier,Appasamy and Arpudam).I have been watching this club's steady growth and today nearly 150,Members are on the roll,which is remarkable.Recently , a guest remarked that the programme was better than many TVshows.This speaks about the tremondus efforts put in by Suresh and Guna.The Players -From Paediatric,Sow.Varsiga,Rishi,Shalini,Sowmya ,Thannir malai,and Gereatrics,Panner,Pravin,Kamesh,Karthik,Lakshmi anantha sayanan,Subramanian and Suresh deserves a pat.The Man who draws thunderous applause wahid also deserves kudos.There are several others who performtheir roll hiloriously as stress-busters.Though ihave left the Golden Land UAE For my native place India,my memory takes me back there often.Wishing EHC to celebrates many more anniversaries.

Web Site Comment in Inioru.com,India on 26.Dec.09.

Posted on 12/26/2009 at 12:21 pm
The On going crisis in Telengana was a sad state of affair.Before announcing the Telengana formation the Centre should have thought of the after effects.Having announced centre should keep up the Image and Ethics.The Ultimate sufferer is the People of India.Disturbed by Travel and other inconveniences.

Article Published in The Gulf today on 26.Dec.09.UAE.(130).

Passionate pal

Among the ships the best ship is friendship. I always quote this before most of my friends who are considered very close to me. This became true in my case, recently. A friend of mine called from Dubai and wished me for Christmas. Even though I don't celebrate the day, he being a Christian wished me on the occasion. I was so happy; friendship does not need to be identified by any religion or nationality. Incidentally, he was my client and was still maintaining his business relationship with the company where I spent 11 years in the UAE. When you are motivated or remembered you will be very happy and no one can see the feelings except you yourself. I was so delighted and happy on the occasion of Christmas. I am wishing my friend as well The Gulf Today's readers a very happy and healthy Christmas.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Health Area should be taken care.

Recently i read in one of the Leading News paper Mentioning about health care in our country.Country like our's lacking Basic Infrastructure in Health areais sad .We have to spread the awareness messages through healthcampsand other voluntry organisations.Prevention is most needed atthis hour ,because we need Young talented People to Lead this country in the Future.Avast country like India need more basic Facilities to over come diseases.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tribute to Patriotic DirectorManojkumar.

Today Iam going to Pen an another interesting FilmPersonality,who has Established his Name as Bharath in Films as Actor.The Person is None other then Producer ,Actor and Director ManojKumar.Known for his Patriotic Movies with Moral ,and action.If I remember correct he entered in to Films Four and Half decades back.He has Produced and Directed Many Memorable movies which won Awards.Ihave seen couple of films from this doyen.All the Top actors acted in his Movies.Late Pran,Amitabachhan,Shashikapoor,Zeenat aman,Hemmalini. Premchopra,and Jaya Bachan is important.Ihave seen some of his Wonderful movies,those are,Upkkar,Purab aur Pachim,Dusnumbari,Shor andRoti kapda aur Makan If i remember,.He was awarded for Upkaar,and Rotikapda aur Makan for Direction.He was having a wonderful Cinemotographer Reddyin his unit Music Directors .Both Kalyanji anandji,and Laxmikant Pyarelal scored music for this Director's movies.Liked by Film Fraternity for his simple and soft spokenness.Today Iam happy to tribute this stalwart.
See You Next week.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express ,India on 20.DEc.09.

The Newly Elected BJP President Nitin Gadkari's name was not Heard by Many.We can not come to a conclusion with Name and Popularity.This Young Leader Delivers to the People of India on social ground through Politics welcome.Any way this change may bring some Turning Point to BJP. AParty has branded as communual ,should over come that name. Will The Newly Elected President address this issue.? K.Ragavan
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
12/20/2009 6:14:00

Friday, December 18, 2009

Article Published in The Gulf Today on 19.Dec.09.UAE.(128).



When a friend rang me up in India to say it was raining in Sharjah, I was thrilled. Rain is a much-needed gift of nature for mankind. The infrastructure facilities in the city are wonderful and Sharjah needs periodical rains to make the city greener. Another friend mentioned that he is expecting a dramatic result from the Copenhagan conference. We have to wait and watch whether the real climate change happens.

K. Ragavan

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Web site comment inDeccanHerald,India on 18.Dec.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 18 Dec 2009 11:40 am

Your article Painless Delivery,related to Delays ,Corruption from Govt.Depts was true and interesting to read.In each and every Govt.Dept delaying is very common either genuine reasons or due to corruption. For small things like Birth certificate ,Attestation andId card.Govt depts should speed up the service for its People. When this will Happen is the question mark.? K.Ragavan.

Web Site Comment in The New IndianExpress,India on 17.Dec.09.

Your articleFood price Index up is true.For the past One year prices of all consumables has gone up.On the one hand highprices and Low interest rate of Bank deposits are not correlated with the commonman's day to day Life..Govt.of India should address this important issue. K.Ragavan.
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
12/17/2009 3:05:00 PM

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Web Site Comment inKhaleejtimes on Dec.16.09.Uae.


Your article First day of Muharam paid Holiday to Private sector Employees was a Good news.Workers and Staff will be getting one day salary will make lot of difference.Good Decision from Uae govt. K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.India.

Article Published in THe Gulf today on 12.Dec.09.Uae.

No iaughing
This week i received callsfrom My UAE friendsC hastising the unruly behaviourof some Indian Politiciansin Parliament.Iremembered a joke narratedby a friend of Politicians.Afarmer was workingin a remote area when he saw a busfalling in to a ditch.He reached the spot,pushed all thre mud around and buriedthe occupants along with the bus.
After a few hours a rescue crew arrived.
Did you see any bus.?
Any Survivors.?
Acouple of them ScreamingHelp,Help.
But i noticed that they were politicians
thought as usualthey are lying.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tribute to Director RajKhosla.

To day Iam going toPen an another Wonderful Director from Bolly wood isnone other then Rajkhosla.Started his careerwith Late Gurudutt,heis one of the Talked Directors from 50-80.is important.He has givem many Memorable films which won Box office hit.I have seen few films of this Stalwart.Those are Excellent CID,Do Raaste,,Meragaon mera deshDo preme,Kuchhe Daage,and Chirag.All the Top class actors Like Sunil dutt,Waheeda reh man,Dharmendra,Vinod Khanna and Rajesh Khanna participated in this Doyen's films.Istill remember cid,song,Aanko mein ,Chirag's,Mere ankon,Kuchkuch kahathahai sawan,from Mera GaonMera desh and Bindya chamke from Do raashte is memorable.Known for his Song Picturaisation and Cinemotography.He had a Excellent Cinemotographer Ramachandra.His wonderful workin Mera gaon mera Desh i still remember.Do raaste he got award as Best Director from Film fare.To day i am Very Happy to Tribute this Director Known for Women Subject.
See you next week.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi on 11.Dec.09.Uae.

11 December 2009
Your Article ObamaDefends warto collect Peace Prize was interesting and Nice.It is revealed 66% of Americans are not willing for the Nobel prize to Obama is really applaudable.He has been talking Inspired Speeches only.If Any good negotiations happened on Israel Palestinine issue or Iraq insurgency one can accept.Ido appreciate the 66% of Americans inner side ,is quite Logic. Wheather he deserve the Peace Prize or not,already decided by the Committee.That is American Politics.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Web Site comment in Khaleejtimes on 11.Dec.09.Uae.

Your article the African Drug Threat was meaningful and interesting to read .Because of Political instability and Terrorism the Drug trafficking is more in Western Parts of Africa.Being the close Country Uae ,is a Transit point for the Traffickers.UN, security council should do some concrete steps for curbing this drug trafficking.Apart from this Terrorism also more visible.Developing countries should come forward ,to eradicate this dangerous menace.Other wise this will become International Threat. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47. India

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 10.Dec.09.

Your article centre bows to KCR Was interesting to read.Even Four decades back leaders like Chennareddy also fought for the Individual state.KCR is lucky enough to achive this from the Centre.He has to keep up the promises made by his party to this newly formed state.Talking is one aspect and executing is most important.we have to wait and see will KCR Execute his Promises.?This isan eye opener for any Party wants separate state.Indian Politics any thing May happen at any time. K.Ragavan.
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
12/10/2009 11:33:00 AM

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Web Site Comment in DeccanHerald,India on 8.Dec.09.

By: k.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 09 Dec 2009 11:15 am

Your article on Babri Masjid Demolition, was interesting to read.It was a Sad day for the Parliament to witness the slogans shouted by BJP.iam an Indian, does not belongs to any party ,butany one misbehave the Ethics and decorum of the Lok sabha i condonmen the act.Leaders should lead the country,so that young visionary leaders follow. This act is aShameful one. K.Ragavan.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tribute to Director MadhurBhandarkar.

Today i am going toPenan another interesting film personality writer Director is none other then Madhur Bhandarkar.In a short span of time this Director was more visible ,because of his Sophisticated Directorial touch.Started his career with Stalwart Ramgopal verma,today Madhur Bhandarkar ihas his own identity.He has Directed couple of films only with Corporate touch is important.Ihave seen few of his Best award winning films,those are Chandnibar,Page3,Corporate and Fashion.Actors Priyankachopra ,Konkanasen,Bommanirani and Atul kulkarni acted inhis movies.Good Cinemotography and Glamour are associated in his movies.He gives Message boldly in Media as well corporate level to be highly applaudable.KKMenon also acted in his movie.I am confident this Director is going to have his identity in the Growing Bolly wood.To day i am happy to pen this Director.
See you next week.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Web site comment in NDTV,India on 4.Dec.09.

Posted by K.Ragavan.Chennai.47. on Dec 04, 2009

Nice and Meaningful article.Even after One year ofthe Taj attack ,Till today Justice was not brought is a pity.Our Judicial System should be changed.with all Eye witnesses,accused was not given trial is a pity.Only People of Mumbai remember this incident after one year. K.Ragavan.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Web Site comment in Khaleejtimes on 6.Dec.09.Uae.

Your Editorial,Nato's surge and action was nice.Ever since the US Invasion to Afghanistan,Nato was also involved and Lost many of their Soldiers.Today also Nato is going to play a Major roll along with US is a wel coming one.The very Basic idea of Obama's Administration sendig Troops to bring Normalcy in Karzai's Govt which was not happened in the Previous AmericanAdministration.Will the Present President's Magic work or not is the questionmark?.As long as Jihad and Taliban is there i have my own doubts.Militants are More powerful then Militry.

Article Published in The Gulf today on 5.Dec.09.UAE.(127).

Need for


As I have recently returned to my home country from the UAE, several people asked me whether the global meltdown has badly hit Dubai. I have seen the dramatic growth of the emirate over the years, both in trading and infrastructure. From desert to a modern city, the emirate has proved how vision and enterprise can work wonders. I told them that Dubai has the ability to weather any storm. All one needs is patience.

K. Ragavan.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Web Site comment inDeccanHerald,India on 5.DEc.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 05 Dec 2009 11:01 am

Your article Blood on roads was nice and interesting to read.Even though India has 1% vehicles on the total world ,the Accident Percentage is little higher side as per the strategy.The attributing reasons for this Poor infrastructure and Negligence in driving.Inspite of so many precautions Govt.of india is doing to prevent accidents,still it is increasing.Good informative one. K.Ragavan.

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi on 4.Dec.09.Uae.

Your article Somali ministers killed in Suicide Bomber was sad and painful to read.Somalia known for suicideattacks and terrorism killing innocent people.Apart from this Pirates attack also in the recent months more visible.Somalia needs a strong stable govt.with out corruption.I pray for the 19,Victims and the Cameraman of Dubai Al Arabia.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India on 3.Dec.09.

Your article Battle to pay for it Begins,was interesting to read.Earlier Congress was not keen on Spending Americans Money for war ,now there is no other option accepted for this New venture.Wheather this Calculated Risk of spending 30,Billion Dollars are worth or not from Obama's administration we have to wait and see. K.Ragavan.
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
12/3/2009 11:13:00 AM

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Article Published in The Gulf Today on 28.Nov.09.Uae.(126).



IHAVE been communicating

for the past one

year with a friend through

a travel web site. We discuss

various issues

through his blogs. Recently

I met him. We discussed

local and international topics.

When a friend from

Dubai called me to ask

how I was spending my

time, I replied, “I met an

interesting person today

also.” By virtue of my marketing

profession in the

UAE, I used to meet at

least one or two new faces

every day.

I am maintaining the

same routine in my home

town after departing from

the UAE. The multinational

and multicultural

nature of the UAE offered

me a great platform to understand

people’s psyche.

Knowledge can be improved

only by meeting

new people and exchanging


K. Ragavan