Monday, August 31, 2009

Confdence and Delivery is important.

Recently i read in one of the Leading Indian news paper mentioning ,Mallika Sherawat can not take my share ,by Bolly wood actor Irfan khan was interesting to read.Indian film industry's Bolly wood actor Irfan khan's comment about his talents and confidence is to be appreciated.He has Demonstrated in the recenrt through many of his films is important.Among them Newyork,Slum dog Millionaire and many .One should have confidence to deliver for acceptance.He is one of the Up coming Character actor.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tribute to Director Shakti Samanta.

Today i remembered an another interesting personality from Bolly wood is none other then Producer Director Shakti Samanta.Bengal has created wonderful Personalities like Satyajit ray,Hrisikesh Mukerjee,Shakti samanta and Many more is true.Shakti samanta's contribution to Indian cinema is unfor gettable and remarkable.He was awarded for his Direction,Lifetime Achivements from Zee cinema,and other organisations. He served as President of IMPPA,( Indian Motion Pictures Producers association and Chairmen for the Film censor board is important. Known for his Presentation,Songs,story and above all wonderful cinemotography by V Gopikrishna and Alok Das Gupta.Lilting Music by Late S.D .Burman.Rajesh Khanna was very popular with this Doyen, for many movies. He has Produced and directed More then 40 Hindi ,Films and couple of Bengali movies is worth tobe mentioned here.Ican not for get some of his Memorable Movies,Aaradhana,Katipatang,Amarprem,,An Evening in Paris,China town,kashmirki kali,andThe Great Gambler.He gives Entertainment with Mesmorising songs.Today's Top class actors acted in this Stalwart's movies.Even though his Smiling Personality is not with us , his songs make smiling formillions of people.Today i am Happy to tribute this Great Director.
See you Next week.

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi on 30, Aug...09.Uae..

Your article UAE Seizes arms vessels was interseting to read.This action is one more mile stone in UAE'S name in the Internationa lmap.Apart from Trading ,tourism,and cultural activities this brave and bold action dealing with illicit contraband items is highly applaudable.



Posted: 30 August 2009 | 04:32

Friday, August 28, 2009

Article Published in Gulf today on 29..August.09.Uae.

On luck
Waiting for hours is not only difficult but also tiresome.Recently ,i had to encash a cheque at a leading multinatonal bank.
Since I was not aware of the Ramadan timings,Ireached the bank at 8-30am,thinking that during Ramadan they may open ,at that time.
I saw a board stating that the openingtime was to meet a friend and return.When i arrived back ,Iwas shocked to seethat more then 60,people had collected tokens.
Ithought Imay have to wait for two hours.
While Iwas wondering what to do, a person approched me and said,I got some urgentwork.You can use this token.'
The number was instantly displayed on the board.Imanaged to collect my cheque amount.
Time is precious.I counted myself lucky that the gentle man came to my rescue.

UPA Govt.'s 100.Days Achivements.

Even after successful completion of 100days ,Upa govt.was not shown any Developement in commonman’s agenda is sad and Pity.The essential commodities prices has not come d own. ,Upa govt.was not shown any Developement in common man’s agenda.The essential commodities prices has not come down,partcularly food items. I do agree Rome Has not Built In one over night,but no sign of improvement from Mr,Manmohan singh’s govt is sad.People were expecting high hopes from this secular govt.Apart from inflation now the main challange for the Govt in Health area is more visible . Planning and implementation requires Determination,will,and above all execution.Wheather they Will induce confidence to the commonman is the question mark.?


Thursday, August 27, 2009


It is always important to ask the right question.
The little boy was sitting on the steps when a salesman came down the street. “Is your mother home, son?”
“Yes, sir, she is.” The salesman went up to the door and rang the doorbell several times with no response. Then he banged on the door, and still no one came. Finally, he turned to the boy: “I thought you told me your mother was at home, boy?”
“She is at home, but I live in the next street.”
Courtesy By Emirates Humour club.dUBAI.uae.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Web Site comment inDeccan Herald,India on27...August.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Dubai.
On: 26 Aug 2009 09:36 pm

Your article Excessiveforce was nice and interesting to read.After two decades this is the first time Karnataka has moved to this decision.Police constables working in the same place for more then 15,Years and the Senior officers transfer also affects the career of Constables.With this move we can expect better service and recognition for constables.Crime rate should be controlled.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Indian National Carrier Air India's Future.

Ihave been seeing our National carrier’s functioning for the past two decades.Iam unable to Understand ,inspite of Talented Pilots and crew members why the important area Service is Neglected.? .Being a Service Industry the Staff should not Go for Strike.They should Provide Better service to Passangers,check the apparatus periodically and above all maintain the Time.Manage ment also should restructure the system.In between the Dialoque,ultimate sufferer is Passangers.Iexpect in the Coming days Air India should Eradicate the name Doubtful India in all aspects.Both the Staff members and the Management Should look in to the Passangersinterest.Even Before Recession the Air line was not doing well.This is Hightime forget the past and implement a New strategy.


WebSite comment in Ndtv,India on 24.August. 09.

Posted by K.Ragavan.Dubai. on Aug 24, 2009

your Elaborate coverage on the Drought Hit Areas In UP.The Tragic Part about 400,Farmers suicided in the past Four years inBundelkhand was painful to read.The Chief Minister of U.P Has to take action ,but failed.Making Media hype is not going to solve the real burning Problems.Good coverage on the Drought issue.

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi on 25 Aug...09.Uae..

Your article Shoppers find Prices little easier in Ramadan,comparing to last year was a Good news.Price reduction shouldcontinue like Ramadan.To Maintain this same Level ,Periodical monitoring is required and i am confident that the Authorities concerned will look in to this important issue.

Posted: 25 August 2009 |

Monday, August 24, 2009

Six Decades of Nav ketan International Excellence.

Recently i read in one Leading Indian News Paper that Stal wart Bolly wood Film Actor Dev anand will be Felicitated for,Six Decades of His Navketan International Production house. The Function will be Celebrated 4 th September ,and Five of His films will be hold retrospective for three days. Apart from this He will be Felicitated by Broad casting Minister Ambika soni was a Good news for Bolly wood and Indian Cinema.
Kudos to Dev anand.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tribute to Director R.K.Films Rajkapoor(56).

Today Iam going to Pen an another Interesting and Memorable Actor ,Producer ,Editor and Director of the Famous R.K. Films Rajkapoor.Popularly Known as Showman of Bolly wood,created a Big revolution in those days was true.He had a Wonderful talented Technicians in his Unit.I still rememberSound Recordist Allaudin,Music Directors duo,Shanker ,Jaikishan,Singer Mukesh,Art Director Rangaraj and wonderful Cinemotographer Radhukarmakar .Known for his Story,Picturaisation ,songs and excellent outside location and Glamour.Singer Mukesh is his voice in Most of the films.He was the Bridge and cementing factor between India and Russia through his Magical Films.Films with full of Fun and tragic is his Speciality.In his Four Decades film career he has made Numerous films with his Directorial Touch.Films which i still remember are,Sangam,Meranaamjoker,Bobby,Dharamkaram,Premrog,shree420,Jisdesh main ganga bahtihai,and Sapnonkasaudagar.In sapnonka saudagar ,if i remember correct Hemamalini was introduced.Apart from Producer Director he is a Good Human being. He always gives respect to his Unit Members irrespective of the Designation.He won Many Films and Direction awards both from National and International level.He has introduced his sons to Bolly wood.His Films are full of Entertainment,Music and Romance.Sangam, Actors Rajendra kumar, Rajkapoor and Glamorus Vyjayanthimala as heroine gave a Memorable mesmorising movie to Not only Indian audience but also to Russian audience.The Showman is no more with us,but his Melodious songs , Dost ,Dost na raha Hum thum ek kamray me,are stillringing in our ears.R.K.Films is still remembered for its Creations and its Founder Showman Late .Raj kapoor.
See you Next week.

India's Doubtful AirIndia.

Recently i read in One of the Leading Indian News paper Close Shavefor AI Fliers ..When the AI. Air Craft319,Left Singapore International Airport,the Tyre was burstand Luckily Landed Safely at Chennai Meenambakkam Airport with out any Casualities. Whom to be blamed for this incident.The Ground Staffof Air india ,Singapore or any other rnegligences.Govt .of India wanted to Support Air Indiafor the Present huge Loss to make the National carrier in a Better position.Ihave my own doubt wheather the National carrier's team has real Zeal and enthusiasam?.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Article Published in Gulf Today on 22. August..09.Uae.

Blame it on
TODAY'S communication has been made much easy thanks to technology. Recently i met a friend and as per his request sent an email to him about car insurance.
After a few days, Ireceived a call from the client asking why i had not sent the mail. Ichecked my laptop and confirmed his mail had been sent. Icalled him the net day and told him that i had sent the details on the same requested day.
Apparently ,he had not checked the mail.My purpose of providing the details had not been served.
What is the use of technology if not properly utilised.?

Web Site comment in Deccan Herald,India on 21..August 09.

By: K.Ragavan.Dubai.
On: 21 Aug 2009 07:50 am

Your Meaning ful article Want on Violence was nice and interesting to read.Govt.of India should take Stern action against those destroying Public Properties Like,Buses,Trains,and Buildings.Destroying the Public Properties will add to Peoples burden for additional taxes to rebuild.Govt .Should implement a Law and should be punished immediately,if the witnesses are available.They should not drag LIKE the other cases in the Courts for years to gether.Law should be respected.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sophisticated Instument Should be used carefully.

Ihave been seeing Most the People using mobile phones as they wish..But Mobile Phones should be used carefully... .Before you start replying the other end check wheather you switched on (some mobile green).After finishing switch of the off (some mobile red)button.Many they for get to switch off ,and conversation will continue from the other end. Never yarn or snoar while conversing .When directing don't act with your handswhile walking. Try to avoid talking in the Petrol pump stations.Never talk while driving,unless and untill it is necessary.If every ,one adhere thiscomplications can be averted.

Letter Published in The National,Abudhabi on 20.August.09.Uae.

In protest at airport detention
The US government’s recent detention at Newark Airport of the Indian film actor Shahrukh Khan was not correct.

This occurred despite that fact that the film star has visited the US several times to shoot movies and to attend public functions.

The Indian government should take steps to curb such unpleasant incidents in the future.

K Ragavan, Ajman

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Web Site comment in Deccan Herald,India on 19.August 09.

By: K.Ragavan.Dubai.
On: 19 Aug 2009 09:39 am

Your article with 246,Districts half of Indiawitnessing drought was sad to read. Govt should plan to have alternative measures to tackle drought and water shortage.Saving the Prime major crops are the mainchallangeto the Govt.One has to accept the Nature and its Benefits.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Humour is Needed to Every Humanbeing.

In Today's fast Stressful life with tension one need real relaxation or entertainment.The Relaxation should give Happiness and good mind exercise is none other then Humour.Humour is Needed to every one in our busy day to day schedule.Emirates Humour Club was started in 2008.December to make every citizen of UAE Laugh..Iam also Happy to associate with this Wonderful concept club from the inception.Two stalwarts Started this Humour movement and making the audience laughing with members..From Paedeatric to Geriatric exhibit their talents.Various jokes and concepts shared by all the Members.Every month ly meeting the number of people are expanding is not a wonder,because the concept of the club speaks.Numorus ideas and Jokesare the main strength of this club.Young talented Singers and news readers are created in this Exciting Platform.Icongratulate this two stalwarts with talented membersmaking the show going very strong.Ihave not mentioned this two talented stalwarts names,because they already established their namein UAE. To Maintain a Good health visit Emirates Humour club and feel more Happy and comfort.
Gulf News Readers club Member.
United Arab Emirates.

Yeomen services Should be Applauded.

I Always admire whoever does a Good service to People ,Wheather it is a Forum or Social organisations.Recently i had the opportunity to associate myself to an organisation called UAE,Tamil Sangam.Apart from their cultural activities ,i was more Facinated with their Yeomen services.Donating Blood from members,Giving Information to People for Job opportunities,Guiding for Procuring National I.D.Card ,Giving Help to Educational Institutions and Supporting OLd Age Home and Many More.The Young Enthusiastic Members contribution in various areas was remarkable.Among the Yeomen services Blood contribution is loudable.This will bring Human relation ships from various Nations.Uae'sFlag is Flying High in the World Map,and about 185.-200.Nationalities are spreded in this Land of Opportunity country.With in a Short span of Time UAE Tamil Sangam is More visible among People is not a Exagerated one.The Amount of Active Participation from the President Executive members and Ladies wing should behighly appreciable.Education area,Blood donation,and taking care of the Old age peopleare more attracted to me.This UAE Tamil sangam is Blessed by Eminent Business communities as sponserers.Icongratulate one and all for this wonderful yeomen services as well this Sangam should have Many More mile stones to come
Jai hind.
With Best Regards.
Gulf News Readers Club Member.
United Arab Emirates

Web Site comment in Deccan Herald,India on 18.August 09.

By: K.Ragavan.Dubai.
On: 18 Aug 2009 06:10 am

Your articleStudents Burn of AC Coaches of Shramjeevi express was unacceptable.This incident happened 35.Kms from Patna was sad and Most painful to read..This is due to some classbetween students andsecurity personals.Violence and destrying the public properties are not needed at this hour.Alargest Democratic country focussing on the education area students should not behave like this.This act is strongly condonmable and Govt.Should implement a Law for this type of Brutal act.This type of Incidents are happening more in Bihar and northern states.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi ON 18. AUG...09.Uae..

Your article,Collapse of the Six storey Building in Al Ittihad road was sad and Painfultoread.Fortunately there was no casualities.The Main attributing reason may be the Shifting of Foundation.What ever be the reasons,this type of Untowered incidents should not be repeated in future.Irequest the Authorities concerned to Inspect Periodically the New up coming Buildings.Investications are going and i hope the real reason may be visible shortly.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tribute to Director B.R.Chopra.

To day i am Going to Pen an another Memorable Writer,Producer and Director of Bolly woodis none other then Late B.R.Chopraof B.R.Films.Known for its respect and image in the Film fraternity.B.R.Chopra has Produced Many Memorable films ,and a Unforgettable Serial Mahabharat.He has Directed couple of Movies with his Directorial Touch.Films which i have seen,Daastan,PatiPatni aur woh,Kanoon,Dhund, Hum raz, and Karm are remarkable.Thespian Dilip kumar's action In Daastan made a big hit.Kanoon was another Master piece from this Director.Pati patni aur woh was also successful one.If i remember correct Late. Sanjeev kumar was acted. Play back singer Mahendra Kapoor was associated with his films. He had Wonderful Technicians in his unit including his Cinemotographer Brother Dharm chopra. and Director Brother Yash Chopra.Serial Maha bhart made another Land mark for his Banner in Small screen is not Exagerated.Late Rahi mazoom raza was the Dialoquewriter for this serial.Mahabharat gave wonderful actors to Bolly wood.They are Mukesh Khanna,Punit Isarand some more.He has produced Many successful films.Waqt,Dhul ka phool ,chandnichowk was among them. Bagh Baan story was this stalwart's All the three chopra brothers was dominated in B.R. Films Banner. He was awarded the Highest Indian Cinema Award Dhada Sahib Phalkeis important..Even though he is not with us today his Banner B.R Films flag is flying high in theBolly wood Map.Today i am Happy to Tribute this Director.
See you Next week.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Curbing High Price Rise.

Recently Indian Prime Minister Man mohan Singh was mentioning, curbing the High price rise was nice and meaningful.Iapplaud our Prime minister's talk,that no Indian citizen should suffer from Hungry.Farmers should be given importance and controling the inflation is our priority was nice to hear.For the past so many months the Eatables are not come down.Civil departments should have periodical check ups from traders.A Country's growth lies its Healthy Citizens both in terms of Education and health.Our Prime minister's thought also nice.How far this is going to be implemented?.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Article Published in Gulf today on 15.August.09.Uae.

The joy

of sharing

Recently, I met a friend at his office.

As soon as he saw me, he said he was about to call me to share his happiness.

"What's the matter?"

"My son is leaving for the US for higher studies."

"When?" I asked.

"On Saturday early morning flight," he replied.

I was pleased. Incidentally, that day happens to be India's memorable day - the Independence Day.

I congratulated him on his son's bon voyage on such an auspicious day.

Last year I had seen the boy's medals in music competitions and had written a short take about his achievements. That time, I had wished my friend that his son scores well in academics. Now, the blessing has come true.

Good intentions yield good results.

K. Ragavan

Letter Published in Gulf today on 15.August.09.Celebrating History.

I start my day wishing my friends and relatives and share the moment with them.I invite some of my friends to my house for a small get together.This year i am celebrating 16,th Independence day in this land of opportunity.Planning to have a small get together and want to pay tribute to the people who fought for our freedom.On this happy occassion I appeal to all Indian brothers and sisters to cooperate with the people who lost their jobsdue to the global recession.
Jai hind.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Web Site comment inDeccan Herald,India on 14..August.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Dubai.
On: 14 Aug 2009 12:18 am

This is a welcoming News .Both the states Karnataka and Tamil nadu have unvield the Statues of the Great Poets Tiruvalluvar and Sarvjana.This is the Beginning of a Good Bilateral relation ships between this two states.India is a vast country with different Languages,Religon and only one Culture is Secular.After all History Made of from People.I am also Happy this incident Happened on the 63,Independence dayOf Our Great Nation. Jai Hind.

WebSite comment in Ndtv,India on 12.09.

Posted by K.Ragavan.Dubai. on Aug 12, 2009

Your Journalism Experiences and the latest reports on the Deaths of Two was sad and Painfulto read.Only i am Praying ,People should be alert and do the Precautionary measures.Try to avoid of Visiting Public places and givig Shaken.I Pray for the victims and the Grieved family members.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Web Site comment inDeccan Herald,India on 12..August.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Dubai.
On: 12 Aug 2009 09:19 am

Your Article Avoid Panic,was informative.The Recent Pune incident made People More scared and panki was true.People should be educated. .Avoid of Visiting Public places,like Malls,Cinema houses and other important places.Possible wear masks,and avoid hand shaken.Govt is making all precautionary measures for this Flu.

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi on 12.August.09.Uae..

The Death of the Underaged driver in Sharjah was sad and painful toread.In the Recent days Sharjah witnessed More suicides and Accidents,was a alarming one.Police is investigating for.the reasons.Suicides are mainly due to Stress ,tension and unemployment.Govt .should fix the Minimum Driving age for Motorists,since 17,is too short..To get confidence on the roads one should have Maturityand confidence.

Posted: 12 August

Monday, August 10, 2009

Web site comment in TheNational,Abudhabi on. 11. Aug.09.Uae.

Your article,Patients Skip the Doctors go to Pharmacy for Drugs is nice and inormative.Ido agree Pharmacists are Qualified to cater the Prescription of Drugs from GPS,to Consultants.A Regeistred Medical Practionar only can Diognise and find out the Atiology (cause) from the Patients.After diognising only He will prescribe which drugs can be Administred either Antibiotics or Pain killers.Taking Antibiotics orally may leads to complications.For instance a Patient may be allergic to Penicilin he will get Reactions if he takes Ampicillin.Always Better Go to a Qualified Doctor,for consultation.Ido agree the Cost of Consultation and Medicines are not Affordable for a common Man.Govt has Plans for Health insurance coverage to all.Good Informative article.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tribute toDirector VijayAnand.(54).

Today I am Going to Pen an another Interesting Person from Bolly Wood Who is not only a Actor,Producer,Writer Editor and Director is None other then Late.Vijay Anand ,Brother of Stalwart Devanand.All the Navketan Banner Films he will be the Director..Few Versatile Directors created a Big Impact ,in those days and Vijay Anand is one is not a Exagerated one.He has Directed Couple of Films, among those ,Unfor gettable Movies for me are Guide,Jewel Thief,Johnny Meranam,Teremere sapne,and TesriManzil is worth to be mentioned here. Nav ketan had a Talented team of Technicians including Cinemotographers Ratra and Falimistry is important.Music ,and Photography speaks in his creations.As a actor he proved his worth in Kora kagazalong with Mrs.Jaya Bachan.Writer R.KNarayanan’s story was filmed as Guide and Stalwarts Devanand and waheeda Rehman played very nicely.Even though Guide got Awards for Best Direction and Dialoques from Film Fare ,commercially was not successful.He has created a New Era in Songs ,and picturaisation with Genius S.D.Burman.Teesri manzil another wonderful movie acted with Shammikapoor and Asha Parekh with hit songs By R.D. Burman if a remember correct.That was the first out side Navketan Banner Vijay Directed for T.V.Films Nasir Hussain.The Film was a Big hit in those days with Shammy kapoor’s Dance and Song still I remember..Vyjayanthimala,Mumtaz.Late Premnath and Pran acted in his Movies.He has also served in Central Board of Film Certification for a Short Period.Affectanately called Goldie from Film Fraternity ,Charming,Soft Spoken Vijay Anand is no more with us.But His Movies and Mesmarising Songs still ringing in Bolly Wood Fans Ears is True.



See You Next week.


Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi on 9. august.09.Uae..

Your, Israel watching Fatah,article was interesting to read.I Have been watching the Israel and Palestinine Peoples conflict for the Past 16,Years from this country.But this conflict is there for More then Three decades.Both the Parties should Strict to their Promises is not happening.Fighting , and Killing each other is not needed at this Hour.Peaceful ,eye to eye conversation only help.I feel pityfor the Innocent Civilians,children and women victims .In spite of Earlier Middle east RepresentativeTony Blair's negotiations ,still nothing Progressed in this Region.As long as Ego, and Revenge attitude exists nothing can be Achived.

Hope by Hope only Passing.


Posted: 09 August 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Article Published in Gulf today on 8..August.09.Uae. (110)

Tension leads to many complications,like cardiac disease.While driving ifwe are worried,we may not be able to concentrate and so end up in an accident.
Some of my friends put pressure on their children to score high marks.Acouple of daysago,a friend called me to say that he wanted to visit me.Iwas happy.On the expected day,Igot a message from him saying his son had some programme and so he would make it some other day.
Ipressed or the reason.He replied that his son was participating in a Junior Singer's competition from a famous TV channel and wanted topractice.
Besides good marks,now parents put pressure on children to gain fame and make money.Rat race is indeed a dangerous path.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi on 7.August.09.Uae..

Your article UAE'S Forign Policy Strides,was nice.In the Recent UAE Has entered in to Various areas with Inter National Communities ,Particularly Energy area is Appreciable.President Shaikh Khalifa is considered one of the Fifty Powerful Menin the world,as per the recent survey.Iwish uae should implement the Labour related Problems Liberally,this will certainly Enhence the Country's Progress further.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Web Site comment inDeccanHerald,India on 6.August..09.

By: K.Ragavan.Dubai.
On: 05 Aug 2009 08:37 pm

Your article Young MPS Have Parliament astir was nice and Impressive.On the one Hand i was happy about the recentLok Sabha Results that82,MPS Are Below 40.yEARS,and rest of them above.Again Indian Politics Dominated by families is a sad state of affair.New Genaration should come and take the Lead.Monopoly should be eradicated.Politicians should have the age limit,like other Govt .Employees.So that New faces can Prove.One aspect the Present Govt.Prefers young talented people in the Ministry ,at the same time they should fix a age limit for Retirement.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Letter Publishedin Khaleejtimes on 5.August.09.Uae.

Bahrain’s new labour reform law is a welcome one. Now, people can change jobs without the consent of sponsors. I hope the UAE will also implement this reform soon. That will help boost the country’s image.

K Ragavan, Ajman

Web Site comment inDeccan Herald,India on 4.August.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Dubai.
On: 04 Aug 2009 06:33 am

Khabar Lahariya,the Fortnightly news paper won the UN Literacy Award was a Very good news.Among 20,000 Low caste women Benefitted through this News Paper and trained for Journalists was nice.Will the same tempo will continue to Eradicate illiteracy in India is the question Mark?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tribute to Director Manmohan Desai.

Today i am going to pen an another talented Producer ,Director is none other then Late Manmohan Desai.He had 20,Films to his credit and most of the pictures are hits.Wonderful talented technicians he had .iican not Forget the cinemotographer Peter Pereira for his excellent visuals in this doyen's films.Today's top class actors Amitabachan,Rishikapoor,Rajesh khanna,Dharmendra Shashikapoorand Randhirkapoor actedin his movies.He gives importance for Script and action oriented movies with capable writers like K.k.Shukla ,Prayagraj and Kader khan.Music also plays a vital role in his movies with famous Duos KalyanjinAnandji,and LaxmikantPyarelal.Ihave seen many of this Director's movies,those are Sachha jhutha,Dharamveer, Roti,Amar Akber Anthony,Rampurkalakshman,Suhaag , Aagale lagja and Bhaikotoaisa.Late Pran acted in Dharam veer.Known for his Multistar casts and Gigantic setstoday he is no more with us.Bolly wood has to remember this Mass Director.Iam happy to tribute this Director.
See you Next week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Letter Published inThe National,Abudhabi on2..Aug..09.Uae.

Surgery figures food for thought
Doctors quoted in The National’s story, Gastric surgery numbers balloon (August 1), called for regulations on the use of gastric operations. That the UAE is considering implementing such guidelines is welcome.

I found the story thought provoking. Obesity is a growing global problem, but a particularly serious one in the UAE – the fact that the rate is higher among women than men is alarming.

The one good sign behind the growing numbers of people seeking this surgery is that more people are becoming aware of the dangers of obesity. To stem the growing appeal of the procedure, perhaps the government should consider a valued-added tax to discourage overuse of the operation.

K Ragavan, Ajman