Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India on 31 Oct 13  Modi deserves respect The report, Modi rap from PM, Nitish (BM, Oct 30), was a good read. The recent comments by Congress leaders on Sardar Patel and Modi are sad. Congress branded Modi as anon-secular man. Whatever be the reason, Modi should be respected. The comments from Nitish Kumar were also unwarranted. 


Letter Published in The National Uae on 31 Oct 13India’s consumers see red over onion prices (October 30) was an interesting article.
The fact that onion prices seem to increase every day in India is unjustifiable. Whatever reason the government gives for these rises, it is simply not acceptable.
The Indian government promised before the last election that it would take care of food-price inflation, but it has failed miserably.
Onion prices really are bringing tears to the eyes of the common man.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life is Beautiful 188.

In this world getting a good sincere friend , Guide  is very difficult.Prasanna was lucky enough to have Ram as his friend,Philosopher and guide.His Mother has high respect for Ram.Her son came up in his life only because of Ram was her strong Conviction.Prasanna too have high respect for Ram .Prasanna was very happy  that he has spent few hours with Raj and his family.By that time his Mobile was ringing
Hello Prasanna ,How are you.Murthy was in the other line.
Prasanna.I am fine.How are you.
Murthy.I am very happy  here because my work was completed. .Today i met Ram and he was so happy to see me.He has conveyed his regards to you ,Mother and Raj's family.
Prasanna.Tell our regards to him .
Murthy.How is your work.
Prasanna.Fine sir,only i am missing you.
Murthy.I will be back  next friday.Bye now.
Prasanna.Bye sir.
He was happy that his Boss called  from Dubai.
Next day Raj went to his office  and forwarded the latest bomb blast of Bihar incident story to Ram.He got the acknowledgement from Ram mentioning good coverage Raj.Thanks for your periodical stories.
Raj was happy about Ram's reply.In  Media Profession one expects fast coverage and action.Raj  is very fast and at the same time he expects from the other side also.In his office also his Directors like him because of his authenticity,and presentation.Raj always proud of his friend Ram.From teaching profession to media
Ram proved his worth.He admire Ram about his simplicity,language and above all Punctuality.
By that time his phone was ringing .Ram was in the other line
Raj,thank you for all your mails and stories.
Raj.Iwas just thinking about you .Hundred years to you Ram.
Ram.Thank you Raj.My MD is very much impressed about your language.
Raj.Thank you.How is life in Dubai.
Ram.Fine.No hastles and struggle.Except the weather if you go out.
By that time Raj got another call
Ram i will call you after few minitues My office people calling.
Ram.O.K. No problem.Good night.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, October 28, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 29 Oct 13 Blasts underscore Bihar’s failure
The bomb blasts that killed five people at a political rally in the northern Indian state of Bihar marks a dramatic development in Indian politics ahead of next year’s election (Bombings kill five at Indian opposition rally, October 27).
It’s sad that the Bihar government could not provide adequate safety and security for the people, even though it’s the duty of a state to ensure safety of the public during any political rally.
K Ragavan, India


Letter Published in The National Uae on 29 Oct 13 Blasts underscore Bihar’s failure
The bomb blasts that killed five people at a political rally in the northern Indian state of Bihar marks a dramatic development in Indian politics ahead of next year’s election (Bombings kill five at Indian opposition rally, October 27).
It’s sad that the Bihar government could not provide adequate safety and security for the people, even though it’s the duty of a state to ensure safety of the public during any political rally.
K Ragavan, India

Tribute to Art Director Thota Tharani 270.

To day i am going to pen another interesting film personality who has created a very big impact in Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam and Hindi films is none other than art director Thota Tharani.He has won two national awards and film fare awars is  worth to be mentioned here.Known for his good settings and back ground for many films.Worked with big Directors of the four languages movies as well with big banner producers.His film Indian and Nayagan won National Film awards .Both films Directed by Stalwarts Shankar and Mani Ratnam. I have seen Couple of films of this Doyen.Those movies are,Nayagan,Indian,
ThalaPathi,Anjali,Jeans,Kathalan,May Matham,Muthalvan,Padaiappa,Mr Romeo,Kathal Desam,Baba,Samurai,Dasaa vatharam,Kantha samy,Ananda Thandavam,Kuselan and Sathyam.I could n't remember some more films.In Indian Cinema Director is the main architect of a film and other technicians like Cinemato grapher,Editor,,Choreo grapher and other areas people joint venture a film is taking a full shape.
Art direction  is playing an important roll in today's film world.To day i am very happy to tribute this talented
art director who won many Laurals  to his credit. What little i know i am  writing in this column.If there is any error kindly ignore.
See You Next Week,

Friday, October 25, 2013


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India on 26 Oct 13 A great loss The demise of the 94-year-old legendary singer Manna Dey is a great loss to Indian cinema. (Golden voice of Manna Dey falls silent forever, BM, Oct 25). He was respected by the entire film fraternity. No one will forget his melodious voice. His loss is irreparable. I pray for the departed singer and the grieved family members. 


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Chennai India on 26 Oct 13
Great Loss
The Demise of the 94 year old legendary singer Manna Dey is a great loss to Indian cinema as well as millions of music lovers.The Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan awardee was much liked by the film fraternity  and his melodious voice  is unforgettable.May his soul rest in peace.

Article 323.

Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 26Oct 13 (323)

Melancholic vacuum

I was humming a Hindi song, Zindagi kaisi hai paheli (Life, what a riddle it is) from the film Anand, when I heard on television that Indian singer Manna Dey had died in a Bangalore hospital at the age of 94.

The “king of melody” sang more than 3,500 songs, including romantic ballads and qawwalis. As a senior citizen, I have grown up hearing and humming most of his songs. Though he was hugely successful, he was simple. Recently, I heard him complimenting other singers in a television interview. As a fan, I am at a loss of words.
K. Ragavan.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 25 Oct 13Only dialogue will prevent conflict
I refer to Soldier killed in Kashmir border clashes (October 24).
In recent days, Pakistan has violated the ceasefire along the Line of Control, causing casualties. This is unjustifiable.
The rules should be respected by all sides, and there must be a strong diplomatic reaction from India.
Only peaceful dialogue can resolve this issue without third-party intervention.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life is Beautiful 187.

My sore City was very beautifully decorated because of Dasara Festival.Lights are illuminated in the famous Sayaji rao road where the last day  dasara procession pass by.Prasanna  wanted to take his mother  to see   the Dasara festival. in the palace  Morning before going to his office.he asked his mother to get ready at 6P.M.When he left the office at 5.p.m  his  phone was ringing .Raj was in the other line
Prasanna  how are you.How is Murthy in Dubai.
Prasanna.Fine Uncle.He is enjoying in   Dubai.I received a mail today from him.
Raj.Fine,Why i called you ,Today  we are planning to go to Palce to see the festival.If you mother ready at 6-15.I will come and take you.
Prasanna.Nice Sir.In fact i wanted to take my mother today evening.I will  be ready at 6-15.P.M.
rAJ.o.k.see you at 6-15 .
Prasanna took his car reached home at 5-30.P.M. His Mother was ready.He explained her that Raj will come and take them.
Exactly at 6-15.P.M. Raj came with his Wife Aarati.
Aarathi.Hello Aunty How are you.
Prasanna's Mother.Fine.Please come in side .Have tea .
Aarati.No aunty Just now we had.Let us go.Because lot of rush  will be there in the Palace
They reached Palace saw the beautiful illuminations and decorations.Then they had dinner  in Dasaprakash.
.After that Raj droped  Prasanna  in their house.
Prasanna.Thank you Sir.We had a memorable evening.Good night.
Raj.Good night.
After Raj left Prasanna's mother was telling  ,
Raj is a nice man.Aarti too very cheerful and pleasing personality.We are lucky enough to have  their friendship.
Prasanna.True .All because of my  teacher ,Guide Ram sir.
Mother.Right.With out Ram   we would not have reached this position.You have gone to Italy which i have never dreamt.
Prasanna.Yes ,I never dreamt in my life i will be going abroad.
Life is really beautiful if you feelother wise it wo n't be.  Only our mind is important. When you do n't expect any thing you will get. One has to accept what ever comes in life.
(to be continued0.
See You Next Week,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Middle Class Peoples Problem.

In our Country Education,Health, and Living conditions has become very expensive.The Income is not correlated with normal living and other expenses was sad and painful.Neither the Commodities Prices should come down or Bank deposit interest rate should be increased.Retired Govt Employees will get Pension and hike in DA.Whereas Those who served in Private sectors are not getting Pension.Only getting their Deposit Interest from the Bank which is very negligible.Who will make
this category people with out any hurdles in their Monthly deficit life.Neither Prices should come down nor the Interest rate should be increased. We lost Good capable Visionary administrators is the main attributing cause for this Scenario.I do n't think before my departure i will see the Middle class peoples problems will be eradicated.


Letter Published in The New Indian Express,Bangalore India on 22 Oct 13 City Express
This is definitely not a welcoming feature.Our country is facing so many basic problems like infrastructure, Proper sanitation and above all  health problems should be addressed first.More over we already have fairly sufficient airports  in major cities to connect important places.
Ragavan Krishnamachary

Tribute to Art Director Rajeevan 269.

Today i remembered another interesting film  personality who has worked in  five  languages films Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu , Hindi and English   is none other than art Director Rajeevan.I have been tributing various walks of life professionals  in this column and today i want to tribute  art directiors also in this.Studied in the famous Layola College  took a liking for art started his career in 1994.For the past  19 years he has worked with all top class Directors and actors in the film industry.Art direction  plays an  important roll in the film because of the back ground and scenes.I have seen many of his films in tamil.Those films are ,Vettai,Saguni,Thanga meengal,Siruthai,Naan Mahan Alla,Sivapathigaram,Athi,Parthiban kanavu,Man madhan,Madhurey,Valla van ,and Sillunu Oru Kathal.Few i am unable to remember.He is one of the few art directors liked by one and all.His contribution to English films speaks about his delivery.To day i am happy to tribute this talented Up coming art Director.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The National Uae on 22 Oct 13India must act on dengue outbreak
I refer to your story Doctors say Delhi’s hidden epidemic is getting worse (October 21).
India has had many previous epidemics of this mosquito-borne disease, yet the government has not taken concrete steps to eradicate this menace.
It is known that mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, often linked to the lack of proper sanitation facilities.
Once again, India is lagging behind the rest of the world in the area of public health.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, October 18, 2013

Article 322.

Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 19 Oct 13 (322).

Glittering career

The cricket world has been paying rich tributes to player Sachin Tendulkar after he announced retirement from all forms of cricket from next month. I am an ardent fan of this Little Master. I always felt that though Tendulkar was short, his deeds were lofty. Cricket may not be the same at least for some more time. No wonder, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan tweeted, “It would be unbearable to see cricket without Sachin.”
K. Ragavan


Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Temple stampede was preventable    Letter Published in The National Uae on 16 Oct 13

I am writing about the tragic incident at a temple in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on Monday (Outrage rises over deadly stampede, October).

Despite an earlier incident, proper security measures were not taken to ensure the safety of the devotees.

Perhaps it is best for people to avoid such places on particular days and worship at another time.

I pray for the departed and for the speedy recovery of the injured.

K Ragavan, India

Monday, October 14, 2013

Life is Beautiful 186.

The moment Ram entered his house his mobile was ringing Ram took the Phone .Katham bari was in the other  line.
Good after noon Ram ,How are you.I have  sent a message this morning.Have you received
Ram.Yes,what happened.
Kathambari.One of our neigh bour was not well We have to take him to the hospital since he is staying alone here.His son is in Australia.
Ram.Good thing you have done Kathambari.Helping the Senior people will always gives happiness.
Kathambari.Both me and Mummy took him and  admitted in the hospital.He has to take few days rest.His son will be coming next week.
Ram.You are taking care of him.
Kathambari.Actually one  Anand was taking care.He is staying with him.But he has gone  to U.K.officially for one week.That was the reason we took him to the hospital.He is a very nice soft spoken person.He is retired from a Pharmaceutical company from India.His son came five years back to Dubai  he came along with him.Now his son has migrated to Australia.Sorry today we could n't meet for the lunch.I will keep in touch with you.Bye now
After that conversation Ram was thinking why his meeting with Vasanthy every time  post poningThen he consoled himself there must be some reasons for that .  But he always rememberVasanthy's pleasing smile and her attractive expressive  eyes.
Then he went to take  rest.After one hour rest  his phone was ringing.
Ram.Ram here who is that
Vasanthy.Ram i am Vasanthy
Ram could n't believe that Vasanthy is on the other line
Sorry Ram i  could n't meet you today.Kathambari might have explained to you.
Ram.Yes she spoke to me an hour back.
Vasanthy.Ram even though i am here my mind is there only.Love you Ram.Longing to see you.
Ram.I too,wanted to see my beautiful vasanthy.Love you.
Vasanthy.Hope to see you shortly.Some body ringing out side.Bye now take care
Ram.Bye ,you too take care.
Ram was very happy to hear the beautiful voice of his Vasanthy.The way in which she talks and explain things
he likes very much.But one question also came to his mind how long  he has to wait to join with his beautifulVasanthy?
SeeYou Next Week

Tribute to CineMato Grapher Tirru Navukarasu ( Tirru)268.

To day i am going to pen another  very interesting film personality who has created a big impact in three languages moviesTamil ,Malayalam  and Hindi movies is none other than Cinematographer Tirunavukarasu popularly known  as Tirru. While studying  in  his colleage days  he took a liking for photography and  joined with ace Cinematographer P.C.SriRam   as an assistant worked few films with him and later he  become an independent Cine matographer .He has worked with all  top class actors and ,Directors ofTamil ,Malayalam and Hindi movies is worth to be mentioned here.His film Kanchi varam won  National Film award for Director Priya Darshan and  actor Prakash Raj. Clean shots Of  both indoor and Out door  are his beautiful frame work of Tirru.I have seen couple of his films of this stalwart .Those movies are,Kanchivarm, Aalavandhan,Kaathala Kaathala, Sakthi,Magalir Mattum,HeyRam,Hindi films,Hungama,Garam Masala,Chup Chup ke,Bhul Bhulaiyya,Aakrosh,Tezz ,and Kireedam tamil movie.His recent Krish 3 with Popular Hindi Director Rakesh Roshan is doing very well.Good special effects  and visuals are his assets.He is one of the few talented Cinemato graphers respected both in tamil, malayalam and Bolly wood industries..He  was mostly associated with Stalwart Kamal Hasan and Veteran Director Priya Darsan. Today i am very happy to tribute this Excellent Cinematographer Tirru.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 14 Oct 13Cyclone damage adds to turmoil
I was saddened by the damage caused by Cyclone Phailin (200kph cyclone batters India, October 13).
The people of Andhra Pradesh have already endured great hardships due to the political turmoil surrounding the proposed splitting off of Telangana state.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, October 11, 2013

Article 321.

Childhood memories    Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 12 Oct 13(321).
As a child, I loved to dance in the rain and watch from the window the bubbles from the showers. A few days ago, I was sharing pleasant thoughts about rain with my daughter in her house. After the rain stopped, I came over to my place. When I opened the balcony, I saw all my clothes were wet because of showers. I realised I had not kept the cloth stand inside the hall before departing to my daughter’s house. I am a senior citizen now and my childhood memories have now become an elderly man’s memories.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India on 11 Oct 13 Netas have it all The report N e t a s’ o il m a s s a g e i s c h e a p e r t h a n a d o s a(BM, Oct 10), was a good read. Netas are getting more benefits in all areas through the taxpayers’ money. This is a sad state of affairs in our country. Getting richer through false promises and using commonpeoples’moneyarethe m a n t r a s of our netas. This vast disparity of benefits should be condemned strongly. 


 Letter Published in The National Uae on 11 Oct 13  Can Uttar Pradesh restore old glory?

In the opinion article Memories of a peaceful past in partition-era Uttar Pradesh (October 8), Hari Chand Aneja nicely juxtaposed the peaceful atmosphere that prevailed in Uttar Pradesh at that time and the current times when the state is in dire need of peace, and law and order.

The question is, can Uttar Pradesh ever regain its old glory?

K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Crisis in Andhra                  Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India on 9 Oct 13.
It is sad to see the current state of Andhra Pradesh. (Curfew, Shoot- at- sight orders in Seemandhara,BM Oct 7). The ongoing agitation in Andhra Pradesh on the bifurcation of the state and the curfew imposed in Vizianagaram is  a sad stateofaffairs.Before making the decision, the government in the centre should have thought of the repercussions. Whether the decision was good or not, the common people are suffering. How long will the situation continue like this? The questions are still unanswered.

Life is Beautiful 185.

Murthy was waiting  in the reception counter  of Sheraton Hotel.Since Ram stayed there most of the peole knows Ram.The reception counter staff welcomed him.Murthy came and greeted Ram.
You are very punctual .i admire your punctuality
Ram.Thank you for your compliment Murthy. Murthy took him to the dining hall.Where Lizioli his principle was waiting for Ram.
Murthy.Meet Mr,Lizioli.
Ram.Nice to see you .
Lizioli.Murthy told about you Mr,Ram.It is my pleasure to meet you.Let us order .For a change today i will have Indian style dishes.Murthy you can order
Murthy.Yes Mr,Lizioli.I will order.He ordered indian dishes including Naan.
Lizioli.Dubai is a nice place.Country has developed  dramatically over the years.Arabs are very nice and their hospitality is too good.Luckily we got good sponserer for our project.
Ram.Yes,Dubai is a nice place.It connects Middle east and North Africa.Many companies have base in Dubai.
Lizioli.That was the reason we want to start a plant here.Hopefully with in six months time our plant will be ready.
Ram.Wishing you all the best for your new venture.
Lizioli.Yesterday i saw your channel's news.The coverage of Lalu prasad  was nice..In our country also scams and corruption is too much.Berlusconi has spoiled our couny's image.
Ram.I know.Italy is known for fashion and the famous Vatican .If i am right their collections are the highest in the World.
Lizioli.You are right.Next is your Balaji Tirupathi.
Ram.You know our Balaji.
Lizioli.Yes i read and seen in T.V..Murthy the food was excellent.Ram i love knowledgable people  and that was the reason i wanted to meet you.
Ram.It is  my pleasure too.I thank Murthy for the nice introduction.
Lizioli.I wanted to visit your office .
Ram.You are most welcome.You tell me one day in advance.
Lizioli.Day after tomorrow will it be alright.Ram.Fine,Fixed.I will inform Murthy what time you can come to our office.
After that they discussed various topics.Lizioli was very much impressed with Ram's beautiful talk and presenting things.Then Ram departed to his house by a cab.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tribute to Director K.S.Ravi 267.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the  tamil film industry is none other than Writer Director K.S.Ravi.Started his career with Ace Director Mani Ratnam and later become an independent Director.He has worked with top class actors like Vijay Kanth,Vijay, Prabhu Deva,Aravind Swamy and many others.In his one decade film career he has given remarkable films to the tamil audience.
He has also bagged Nandi award for his first film is worth to be mentioned here.I have seen few  films  of this Director.Those movies are ,Honest Raj,En swasa katrey,Shajahan, and Romeo.Ravi K.Chandran's good cinemato graphy , good music ,story Dialoques made Honest Raj a big hit for this Director As a Gold medalist in Engineering he has turned in to a success ful Director..Even though he has contributed few movies all are good and impressive.Today i am happy to tribute this Capable Director.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India on 7 Oct 13Justified angst 
SchoolstudentRaveesh'sangstisreasonable. (T e e n p e t i t i o n s C M o n b a d r o a d s, BM, Oct 4). In spite of so many accidents, the city roads have not improved. Because of thebadroadconditions,traveltimeisalso increasing. Will our ‘committed’ CM take immediate action? 

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Letter Published in The National  Uae  on 6 Oct 13   I am writing in reference to Can Gandhi fulfil the hopes of masses? (October 4).Even though he has vetoed an ordinance allowing criminal politicians to sit in parliament, Rahul Gandhi’s personal ability as a leader is still unproven.
His policies on corruption are good, but neither he nor any of his Congress party members have taken any initiative to eradicate the corruption menace.
He is from the Gandhi family, but there are no records to indicate his capacity as an administrator. He has not handled any portfolio.
Indians cannot expect a miracle from him.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, October 4, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 5Oct 13 City Express
Even though gun culture is not required for our nation,many people tosafe guard their life,want to own a gun and are  applying for the licence.Thus the increase in number of applications.Recent robberies, killing the old couples , and above all ,rapes are the attributing reasons. If there is assurance of safety and protection  from the government , may be the numbers will fall.Over all gun culture  should not be encouraged here  and chances misuse is high.
Ragavan Krishnamachary


Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 5 Oct 13 (Article 320).

Public service

Recently, a friend visited my place. After the usual discussions, he mentioned that traffic on the main road had increased multifold. He also informed that he had read a letter in a newspaper mentioning about the problem. While the journey took only ten minutes earlier, it had increased to 30 minutes because of heavy traffic and road repair work. I told him it was me who wrote the letter. He was so happy that he rose and hugged me for highlighting the common man’s problems.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India on 2 Oct 13 Check building plan The recent building collapse of Mumbai in the Mazgaon area and the casualties is really painful. (It happens again in Mumbai, BM,Sept28).Mumbaihaswitnessedmany accidents like this in the recent months. It is a sad state of affairs. Government should check the building plan and the contractors before giving permission for construction. Poor quality of materials and lack of periodicalsupervisionarethemainfactors for these accidents. The authorities concerned should investigate and guilty should be punished. I pray for the victims. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life is Beautiful 184.

Friday morning Ram received a call from Kathambari.
Good morning Ram.How are you.I am coming to your house at 12.30P. m to pick you to my place for lunch.Be ready
Ram.O.K. Kathambari  i will be ready
After  that call Ram was imagining the meeting of his beautiful Vasanthy after a gap of  fifteen days .That feelings made him  very happy .
He   was ready at 12.15.P.M. By that time he received a call from Murthy.
Ram sorry to disturb you.My principle  Mr  Lizioli wanted to meet you.
Ram. What for he wanted to meet.
Murthy.He has seen your channal's coverage particularly  news item and was impressed.He has noticed your name in that programme When i told him you are my good friend he wanted to meet you and have lunch.With out your concern i confidentially agreed for his invitation.Hope you wo n't mistake me.Lizioli wanted to come and pick you from your  house.
Ram.Where  he has fixed  the Lunch.
Murthy.Since he is staying in Sheraton ,he wanted to host in that hotel only.
Ram.O.K. I will come there.What time i have to come.
Ram.o.k.See you at 1.30.P.M.
After that conversation with Murhy Ram was wondering why his lunch  meeting with Vasanthy was post poning every time.He immediately called Kathambari.Her phone was ringing ,but no response..Ram was wondering why she has not taken the phone.By that time he received a message in his phone.
When he saw the message he was wondering.The message was Ram ,Sorry we have to go out urgently.Do n't wait .Contact you later.Kathambari.
After that Ram  took a taxi reached Sheraton.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,