Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life is Beautiful 184.

Friday morning Ram received a call from Kathambari.
Good morning Ram.How are you.I am coming to your house at 12.30P. m to pick you to my place for lunch.Be ready
Ram.O.K. Kathambari  i will be ready
After  that call Ram was imagining the meeting of his beautiful Vasanthy after a gap of  fifteen days .That feelings made him  very happy .
He   was ready at 12.15.P.M. By that time he received a call from Murthy.
Ram sorry to disturb you.My principle  Mr  Lizioli wanted to meet you.
Ram. What for he wanted to meet.
Murthy.He has seen your channal's coverage particularly  news item and was impressed.He has noticed your name in that programme When i told him you are my good friend he wanted to meet you and have lunch.With out your concern i confidentially agreed for his invitation.Hope you wo n't mistake me.Lizioli wanted to come and pick you from your  house.
Ram.Where  he has fixed  the Lunch.
Murthy.Since he is staying in Sheraton ,he wanted to host in that hotel only.
Ram.O.K. I will come there.What time i have to come.
Ram.o.k.See you at 1.30.P.M.
After that conversation with Murhy Ram was wondering why his lunch  meeting with Vasanthy was post poning every time.He immediately called Kathambari.Her phone was ringing ,but no response..Ram was wondering why she has not taken the phone.By that time he received a message in his phone.
When he saw the message he was wondering.The message was Ram ,Sorry we have to go out urgently.Do n't wait .Contact you later.Kathambari.
After that Ram  took a taxi reached Sheraton.
(to be continued).
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