Monday, November 30, 2009

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express.on 1.Dec.09.India.

Your Meaning ful article on Dubai ,interesting to read. Iam giving My Experience and Impressions .After Spending Sixteen Glorious Years in the UAE, i have seen the dramatic developementof Dubai,and seen the today's stand.Even though the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Shaick Mohaamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum made a good impact in the world map,the over expansion made him to the present crisis.On the one hand the desert rose up to tall buildings and other Infrastructure facilities,over expansion landed in to this scenario.Iam confident with my experience of Arab Hospitality,Dubai will over come the Present problems with other Arab emirates.Because Arabs are not only famous for their Hospitality but also in cooperation and solidarity. K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tribute to Director Priyadarshan.(70).

Today i am Going to Pen an another interesting Film maker ,writer and Director is none other then Priyadarshan.Known for his Successful Comedy films in Hindi with Trio Akshay Khumar,Sunil shetty and Paresh Rawal is tom be mentioned here.He has many commercial films to his credit.Film with comedy and action are more visible in this Stalwart.Three decades of Film making ,and Directing Experience in Malayalam,Hindi and Tamil films of this Doyen is to be Applauded.Simple smiling and capturing the Masses is his Speciality.Ihave seen Couple of his movies.Those are,Hungama,Hulchal,HeeraPheri andBhool bhulaiya.He has his own identity in Bolly wood.Good Music,Songs and Cinemotographywill participate in his Movies.Even though i have not seen his Kala pani,won the State award is worth to Mention here.Today i am happy to Tribute this Director.
See you Next week.

Web Site comment inThe National Abudhabi on 28.Nov.09.

Your articleMarkets EdgeBack with eye on Dubai,was interesting to read.The Recent un expected dramatic developementof Dubai world ,Made world panicky.How ever they have plans to over come the crisis ,it is difficult for the Expatriate community to Digest this developement.This is one more additional burden with Existing Recession.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Web Site comment inDeccan Herald,India on 28.Nov.09.

y: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 28 Nov 2009 11:18 am

Your article Food for thought was interesting to read.Construction is tough,Destruction is easy,like that preparing tasty food is difficult,but consuming is easy.Meaning ful article.How Food is playing important in Political events also is True.

Web Site comment in NDTV,India on23,Nov.09.

Posted by K.Ragavan.Chennai.47. on Nov 23, 2009
Your articleFollowing the David Headleytrailwas interesting to read.On the one hand we have to thank FBI and on the other hand no un towered incidents happened in our Main places.We should have to be more alert and tighten our security,after 26/11.Taj attack. I hope in the coming days our Security measures Will be more Protective and safe for the people of India.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Web Site comment inDeccanHerald,India on 26.Nov.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 26 Nov 2009 01:23 pm

Your article A Year of rememberence,Mumbai attackswas nice and interesting.Inspite of the Witness Govt .could not do any concrete thing is Pity.Accused Kasab is still not given punishment and draging is sad.After one year we have seen the Solidarity for only Parade and not Justice.Our Mechanism of protection and security should be improved.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Web site comment in Khaleejtimes on 24.Nov.09.Uae.

Your Article Iraq war,How about a USprobe? was interesting to read.Even though there was no evidence of wmd in Iraq and UN Security council'sintervention not toinvade Iraq ,Bush administration Byepassed the Un resolutionand invaded Iraq was a Great Mistake. Iwel come the Probe from the British Govt.Justice should beBrought on Iraq issue.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tribute to Director Govind Nihalani.(69).

To day i am Going to Pen a interesting film personality from Bolly wood known as a Screen Play writer,Producer ,Cinemotographer and Director is none other then Govind Nihalani.Known for his wonderful Cinemotography and Directorial touch in Many films.Ihave seen couple of films of this Stalwart.Those films are,Aakrosh,Ardhsatyaand Takshak.The Combination of Cinemotographer Govind Nihalani and Director Shyam Benagal was taked in the Film industry for many years is not a exagerated one.Both known for their Identity.His Best work was with Richard Atten Burough's Gandhi is very important.Aakrosh won Peacock award and Arth satya till today talked by film goers.NasruddinShah,Om Puri Late Smita Patel and Amrish puri acted many of his films.Film With social subjects and Powerful Dialoque was visible in this Director's Films Apart from Big screen he has Directed few Televison Sereals is important.Govind nihalani One of the Few Film Personalitieswill be remembered for ever.To day i am Happy to tribute this Talented Director.
See you Next week.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terror Threat and Mechanism.

Recently i have been reading and watching the Blame game of the Police force on 26/11 Mumbai Taj Attacks..Our Police Mechanism is not fast and no one bother about the common man's urgency.Blaming each other is not going to solve the crisis.We need Dedicated and committed Police Force who can deliver for the People and the country.Even though we have talented capable Police force with us ,our Mechanism is not functioning is the sad state of affair.If our Mechanism is not going to Speed up,difficult to tackle the unforseen incidents.


Article Published in The Gulf Today on 21.Nov.uae.(125).

I have left UAE but my heart is still there. A friend called me from Sharjah to ask about developments in India. I told him that a short man's tall achievement has been the talk of the town. He was surprised. I was referring to master blaster Sachin Tendulkar who has completed playing two decades of glorious Test cricket and has broken several world records. Now the cricketer is being showered with honours, which he rightly deserves.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Web site comment inDeccan Herald,India on 20.Nov.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 20 Nov 2009 10:41 am

Your article No fines ,was nice and interesting to read. The suggestion of Drunken Drivers should be punished in Prison is a good news.Paying Penalty no body rectifying their mistakes.This move not only help in Rectifying the Drunken drivers ,but also save the Lives of Many innocents.This amendment is a Good move of the State Govt. K.Ragavan.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Web site comment in 18.nov.09.

Posted on 11/18/2009 at 5:33 am

Today Terrorism is a Major threat and all the films are projecting this with a Particular community is very sad and Painful.Even if few are there ,media and films should not project or Magnify.Society is made of People and good things only should be Projected.Religon and sentiments should not be Exploited for the sake of Individual’s Benefit.

Web Site comment inDeccanHerald,India on 17,Nov.09.

November 17, 2009 by krishnamachari ragavan

By: k.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 17 Nov 2009 03:52 pm

The Felicitation to Sachin Tendulkar by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was interesting to read.Two Decades of Glorious innings in Cricket is not a easy task.Little Master Proved and achived thisworld reccord should be applauded.He should have many more achivement like this ,in his future innings.Kudos to Sachin.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tribute to Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Today i am going to pen an another interesting person who has created a Very Good impact in Bolly wood films is none other then Director Sanjay Leela Bansali .Man known for his originality with Top class actors.He had talented technicians in his unit,including award winning Cinemotographer Ravi.k.Chandran is important.He has directed few films only,but all are boxoffice hits is not a exagerated one.Ihave seen few films of this Director.Those films are Black,Devdas,Humdilde chukesanam andSaawaria is memorable.Black has created a very big hit with Stalwarts Amitabbachan and Rani MUkherji.Salman khan,AjayDevgan,Aishwarya rai and ,Smita Jaykerplayed very well in Humdilde chuke sanam.Even though Devdas was old version ,he has proved his Directorial touch with Shahrukhan,Maduri dikshit,Jackie sheroff and Aishwaryarai.Music and songs plays very well in his movies.One of the Quality up coming Directors in the Bolly wood with with Film and Televison Institute of Indiaback ground. Today iam happy to tribute this Director.
See you Next week.

Article Published in The Gulf Today on 14.Nov.09.Uae.

AFRIEND had invited
me for a get-together
at my hometown in India.
I met a couple of old
friends. We were discussing
about rains when
a friend’s son wished me
and asked if I could spare
a few minutes.
He then thrust a CV on
my hand and said: “Since
you have spent 16 years
in the UAE, could you
suggest a job for me
there?” I was wondering,
recession or no recession,
the UAE’s charm is everlasting.
K. Ragavan

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Web Site Comment in Khaleejtimes on 15.Nov.09.Uae.

Your article Language controversy was meaningful and thought provoking.India is a vast country with more languages and culture.This Maharashtra Assembly incident was very unfortunate.Inspite of so many languages,Hindi has been used as official language.Politicians should behave with code of conduct and Ethics.Govt .of India should impose strict Measures to curb this type of unpleasant incidents.Parties should not behave like this. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47. India.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Letter fromMy friend R.Ramesh Deputy Editor Gulf today,,in his blog.

Friday, November 13, 2009
63-year young man
He’s all of 63 and a marketing man. He has an amazing tact in networking and keeps in regular touch with all good friends. He had to leave UAE for India last month, dealing a blow to me as I miss a great friend.
He does not get a single penny out of it, but writes his views regularly in letters to the editor columns that are splashed across several newspapers in the UAE and India.
From where do you get such energy? I asked Mr Ragavan.
“I enjoy what I am doing and do what I enjoy doing,” he replied.
How about your romantic life? I joked as usual.
“Hehe..Don’t ask in front of my wife,” he said blushing.
“Are you scared of your wife?”
“It is not fear, but love for my family. What about you?” he asked.
“I am the boss of my house and I have my wife’s permission to say so,” I used the cliché to escape.
Posted by R. Ramesh..

Web site comment in DeccanHerald,Indiaon 13.Nov.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 13 Nov 2009 06:30 pm

Your article Australia Proposes Anti -Violence laws was a Good news.In the Recent Months Indian Students was harrased due to Racism.Now in his visitto IndiaAustralian Prime Minister Rudd Promised that his administration is going to implement the laws strictly.Our External Department should be Applauded for the continuous Efforts against racism. K.Ragavan.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mis behaving is Condonmed one.

The Monday incident inthe Indian Maharashtra assembly was unfortunate and condonmed one.None of the politicians have moral code and behaviour in the assembly is sad and painful. India ’s Official language is Hindi and nothing wrong in using for Assembly Proceedings .Regionalism and language killing Indians.None of the people have got the feeling that we are all indians.Particularly Elected Leaders should behave and demonstrate properly.Misbehaving in the Assembly is a great offence.Govt.Should impose some strict measures .

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tribute toDirector Sooraj R.Barjatya.

Today i am going to pen an another interesting film personality,producer Director from a reputed banner Rajshree Pictures,is none other then SoorajR.Barjatya.Known for his lovely Family dramas with top claa actors.Film with full family bond and music.Incidently he is the Grand son of Late,Producer Tarachand Barjatya.He has directed few movies and all with theme.Sex,and violence is far from this Director.Good Music and cinemotography is more visible in his movies.Ihave seen couple of his films.Those are,Maine Pyar kiya,Humaap ke hai kaun,maine prem ki diwani hoon, and Vivah .Stalwarts Anupam kher,Aloknath,Madhuridikshit,Salman khan and Renuka Shahani played in this Director's movies.Rajshree pictures known for its reputation and family culture.Even though founder Late .Tarachand Barjatya is not withus his Grand children continue to maintain the same Reputation and integrityis to be applauded.To day i am proud to tribute this Director.
See you next week.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Web site comment in Ndtv,India on 5.Nov.09.For Sreenivasan Jain.

Posted by K.Ragavan.Chennai.47. on Nov 05, 2009

Your Meaning ful and thought provoking analysis of Maharahtra election.Maharashtra always a tough battle ground for seasoned politicians.Who ever comes to power the commonman's problem continue to suffer is thefact.Last year's Taj hotel's incident ,still not solved is one clear example.In our country Political will is not happening. K.Ragavan

ArticlePublishedin Gulftoday on 7.Nov.09.Uae.

Rain, rain

Come again

A relative came recently from the UAE to India and met me. We discussed various happenings, including weather. He said the weather was better compared to earlier months. Rains are rare in the UAE. Despite that, the UAE has developed Al Ain and several other spots as tourist destinations. After his departure, there was thunder and rain in my area. I was watching this type of rain after 16 years. I wish the UAE also received such rainfall as every region needs abundant rain to sustain.

K. Ragavan

Friday, November 6, 2009

Should Provide New Telephone connection.

Recently i read an article in a Leading news paper ,BSNL'S introduction of 3g.Services was nice to read. On the One hand i appreciate the developement made by BSNL,and on the other hand i was not happy about the New connections policy.Recently after spending16,Years in the UAE,i came down to my native state chennai for my retirement.When i applied for my landline connection i was told by the authorities that my area connection will be delayed till march ,2010,because of some shortage of cables or power.What i am appealing to Bsnl,a growing telecom giant in India,should prepare to provide connections without any excuse.Ihope the concerned authorities should address this important issue.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Web site comment in Khaleejtimes on 4.Nov.09.Uae.

Your article Hilary Clinton in Egypt for Middle east peace talks was nice to read.Earlier Bush administration Tony Blair was negotiating the Peace process talks and nothing came out peacefully.Let us hope with the Democratic concept Hilary may deliver better.After all People in the Middle east are only with Hopes .

Monday, November 2, 2009

Web site comment in Khaleejtimes on 3.Nov.09.Uae.

Your article pressure builds Iran was interesting to read.The entire world wanted iran should drop their programme.But still Tehran's point they are correct ,and no account they will drop their agenda.Let us wait and see how Tehran is going to respond the pressure.This attitude may affect the Permanent Peace talks in the Middle east.

Tribute to Director Mahesh Bhat.

Today i remembered an another Talented controversial Director of Bolly wood is none other then Mahesh bhatt.Man has multi various talents as actor,Script writer and above aa Good Director is to be applauded.Ihave seen couple of his memorable films which he portrayed one of this as an writer or Director.Old classic movie Milan with ,Late Sunil dutt and Nutan made a jublie is important.Viswaghatt,Rog,Dush men,Kabhe kabhie,Duplicate,Zeharand Raaz ismemorable to me.All Top actors participated in his movies.EmranHashmi was introduced by this stalwart.Good screen play with social subjects are more visible.He has couple of Awards to his credit for films,Arth,Saarnash,and Zakhm.Even though his films give message to society he is anamed as controversial Director by critics.As a writer i admire his Presentation.He has given his talented Daughter Pooja Bhat to Bolly wood.To day i am happy to tribute this veteran.
See you next week.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Web site comment in DeccanHerald,India on 1.Nov.09.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 01 Nov 2009 06:20 pm

Your Article 11Killed,24,Injuired in a train accident near Up was tragic and painful to read.The cause was a Passanger train hit a Truck near the Gate.Railway officials should be more alert and vigil to avoid this type of un expected incidents.Apart from Terrorism,Maoists attack,Natural Disaster ,this type of Accidents are increasing is a pity.Ipray for the victims and speedy recovery for the injuired.