Thursday, February 28, 2013


Indian fire tragedy was preventable          Letter Published in The National Uae on 1 March 13.
I was saddened by the tragedy in Kolkata (Fire claims 19 lives in poorly maintained market building, February 28).
Along with the deaths, many people were injured in the blaze, which was reportedly caused by faulty wiring.
Too many fires and other accidents these days are attributable to a lack of compliance with basic safety standards.
Nobody can compensate for the human loss after the event, but action can be taken to ensure such incidents do not occur.
Authorities everywhere should monitor premises and take stern action if legal requirements are not met.
K Ragavan, India

Monday, February 25, 2013

Life is Beautiful 153.

Next day morning in his usual walk Ram met his  friend  Rangaswamy   ,retired school  head master.
Ram,How are you.How was your Dubai  Visit  .
Ram.Fine Mr Rangaswamy.How are you and family.
Rangaswamy.All are fine.I am planning to go to Shimoga next month for few days.My son asked me to come over there.
Ram.You have to go.In this retire ment age Our children are the best assets.
Rangaswamy.True Ram.They are our assets.Many do n't understand this philosophy landed in to problems.
Ram.Understanding and adjusting  is an art. Today's busy world every one has got his /her priorities.Our children also  will have the same. If We  Understand their priorities and adjust nothing like that .We will have calm peaceful life.Lack of Understanding and ego makes life miserable.
Rangaswamy. You are correct Ram.One has to accept the reality in life.I  am returning from the station after booking my ticket for next month journey.But i may have to pay the excess fare on that day if there is increase ,since the rail way budget  was not announced.I am confident there will be increase in fares.
Ram.True.Since there was no increase for many years govt planning to increase.
Rangaswamy Today  .It is very difficult to make both the ends. Because of  mounting inflation and other prices increase   , particularly fixed pensioners suffering to meet.
Ram.Absolutely you are right.Today inflation is the main talk every where.Even though govt making promises to tackle this issue  they could not make it because lack of political will and collison  problem.I do n't know when a smooth govt will come and take up the Common man's issues.
Rangaswamy.People like you has to write periodically about this issues ,of course you are doing it.
Ram.I am doing it.But results god only has to make it.
Rangaswamy.Thank you Ram.I am meeting you after few months and very happy about out today's conversation.Take care.Come home .
Ram.Same to you.You too come home.Bye now.
Ram reached home.Tomy was Jumping and   barking with joy.This faithfulness we rarely get from the humanbeings was sad.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,


India must ban child labourers          Letter Published in The National Uae on 26Feb 13.
The story of children toiling in India's coal mines for Dh13.5 a day (Rathole miners scrape out an existence, February 24) was very sad.
Despite warnings and protests from NGOs about child labour, it is continuing.
Children should be studying, not being encouraged or forced to work in such conditions.
This menace of child labour should be eradicated.
K Ragavan, India

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tribute to Writer,Novelist Akilan 235.

Tamil writers and Novelists are  more popular in the Global arena for their Creativities  and language was true.Today i am going to bring another Wonderful writer who won Jnana pith award  and Sahitya Academy award  is none other than Writer Novelist Akilan.He changed his name from  Akilandam to Akilan  as pen name which was achnowledged  by Millions of readers both in India and  abroad is not a exaggerated one.I am one of his admirer from my younger days.His Vengaiin Mainthan,Paavai vilaku and many short stories inspired me.Vengaiin Mainthan won Sahitya Academy award.If i remember correct Late Director  A.P.Nagarajan taken his story Pavai vilaku  with Late Sivaji Ganesan in the lead roll.The famous song sung by Chidambaram Jaya raman ,if i am right Vannathamil Pennoruthi En Arukil vanthal,was very popular in those days.All his creations are wonderful.In his younger days he was inspired by Gandhiji's Principles  and discontinued his studies started  promoting Gandhiji's principles as a Activist.Many of his short stories published in many small magazines.Akilan Sirukathaikal two volumes are popular.Chitra Pavai and many stories won the hearts of million readers.Kayal vizi, another beautiful Novel applauded by his readers In Tamil Literature world we have Wonderful writers delivered for the People. His Descriptions and ,Language both in Social and Historical novels are Wonderful.Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.If there is any error kindly ignore.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, February 23, 2013


India must try harder on bombs           Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 24 Feb 13.
Hyderabad blasts kill more than 20   (February 22) recounts the second such big attack that has taken place in India in six years.
Considering that the Indian authorities had received some indication that an attack was imminent - but knew nothing of the location - I believe the government should have tried harder to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening.
All we can do is pray for a speedy recovery for the surviving victims.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, February 22, 2013

Article 290.

Not a miser                         Article Published in The Gulf Today ,Uae on 23Feb 13 (290).

Whenever I go shopping, I never bargain. This habit I cultivated from my younger days. However, I found a close friend bargaining whenever he bought things. He also opted for promotion items. I used to wonder why he was so eager to get discounts on purchases. 

One day, I asked him directly and he replied: “At the end of every year, I use the money saved through such discounts for donations to deserving students as well for elders’ home.” I was highly touched and changed my opinion of him as a miser. 
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Match-fixing must be cured soon           Letter Published in The National,Uae on 21 Feb 13.
The corrupt game (February 19) was interesting to read.
Gamblers used to leave sport alone, and match-fixing never used to happen.
Today, however, the scenario has completely changed at the global level, and this is a sad state of affairs.
This disease has already spread from cricket, and the world football authorities should look into it. Match fixing should be eradicated completely.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


KR Market makeover laudable       Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror on 20Feb 13.The article ‘Clean make over for KR Market’ (BM, Feb 19) was an inspiring read. BBMP’s task force efforts for keeping the area clean are laudable. The strategy to take biowaste directly to the farmers in order to reduce the burden on landfills by 100 tonnes is also praiseworthy. 

Life is Beautiful 152.

After returning from the bank Ram wanted to go for a evening walk,decided to go near Vontikopal Venkateswara  temple.This temple he has been seeing the dramatic improvements over the years.Big Statue like Tirupathi Balaji.Every day more tourists are pouring to this temple from all over India.Since Mysore is the World famous tourist destination  every day traffic is increasing.Ram reached the temple  standing in the queue for Lord's darshan.That day was a week day the crowd was little less.After the darshan Ram came out from the temple saw Murthy's family was entering in to the temple.
Ram What a ,Pleasant surprise,i never expected you
Ram. I have not visited this temple after returned from Dubai. Every month this temple is taking new new shapes and beauty.
Murthy.Yes,One of the Beautiful temple from southern states well maintained.
Ram.True.The trustees are nice honest dedicated for the improvements of the temple.
Murthy.Yes Ram.I am confident in the coming days this will improve further.Take care ,Bye now.
Ram.Bye,Have a nice darshan.See you later.
After returning home Ram switched the T.V.His favorite channel Was going. After watching for one hour he gave bread to Tomy. By that time his mobile was ringing he took the phone.Prasanna was in the other line
Sir, i reached Italy  safely.Beautiful Country with latest fashion.
Ram.Prasanna thank you  for calling.How are you.How is your meeting.
Prasanna.Fine sir,i never dreamt that i will be visiting Vatican the world famous place.It was nice.Due to his ill health the present Pope is going to retire.
Ram.Yes,I read in the paper.How long you will be there./
Prasanna.Another one week.Food is little problem.But i am managing with Bread and Pizzas.
Ram.Take care.
Prasanna.You too sir,Good night.
Ram was proud of Prasanna.He came up very fast and in his Professional life also he achieved his ambition.
 Ram will always be  happy to see deserving  people  get their benefits Very few people have this nature and attitude.Ram is one among them..He never thought he will be visiting the Golden  City Dubai  and going to have Beautiful life  in that country.
(To be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, February 18, 2013


Budget Out Come        Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 19,Feb 13
Mr,Chidambaram,can the Nation's Poor Have More Their Plates Please?by Prabhu Chawla was a good read.The Nation is expecting a dramatic change in the coming budget.Mainly facilities that the UPA government  promised
before coming to power are still just promises.The much awaited budget's out come may change the political  
atmospherebefore the 2014 election.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tribute to Writer,Director K.V.Manisekaran .234

Today i remembered another  impressive personality from the tamil literary world is none other than Writer,Novelist and Director K.V.Manisekaran popularly known as Kovi Manisekaran.He has won Sahitya Akademy award for his Novel Kuraala Kurinji  and  Adhithanar award from Thina thanthi daily in 1990,and his film Thennankitru won tamil nadu film fans  association and Karnataka;s Neerikshe award is worth to be mentioned here.His Short stories ,novels particularly Historical was liked by Tamil readers.He was also associated with Stalwart  K.Balachander  popular Tamil  film Director for few years in his earlier days.He has also directed two films apart from his writing skills.I have read few of his creations,Those novels are ,
Mani Pallavam,Kanchi Kathiravan,Taj mahal and Thirisooli.His descriptionson historical novels was beautiful.Lovely language and imagination are more visible from his creations.In tamil writers world he was respected.Writing is an art particularly on  historical stories and more than that readers will be more immersed .When you read his creations you will be in that age,the way in which he takes the story.
Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,


Non Functional Street Lights   Letter Published in Deccan Herald,India on 18 Feb 13   (Peoples Problems Column).
The Street lights on Gublala Main road are not functioning for a long time now,Also there is faultry water supply on the road.The authorities concerned must look in to this issue.
Gublala Main Road,
Subramanyapura post

Saturday, February 16, 2013


CCTV will check violence              Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror on 17 Feb 13,IndiaIt was interesting to read C a m e r a s s a v e d m e : M a n i n d o m e s t i c v i o l e n c e c a s e(Feb 15, BM). Using CCTV cams to fight domestic violence is a good option both for women and men. 
    K Ragavan


Mumbai retains its unique allure         Letter Published in The National Uae on 17 Feb 13
I found it very interesting to read Hari Chand Aneja's opinion article, Next Stop Mumbai, a 'city of dreams' that lost its way (February 15).
Like the UAE is today, Mumbai was a paradise in the 1950s for job hunters of all professions, particularly in the pharmaceutical industries.
Even though the city is losing its charm in certain areas, those who have migrated from southern cities are not willing to leave - because, as they all say, "Mumbai is Mumbai".
K Ragavan, India

Friday, February 15, 2013

Article 289.

Catching up                 Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 16 Feb 13 (289).

A few days ago, I was going on my routine walk in the morning when someone started chasing me. I turned, but he did not respond properly. I continued walking. After a few minutes, he closed in, gasping for breath. 

“Why do you walk so fast?” he complained, handing out a letter from my friend in another city. “Why did you not call me out?” I asked him. “I thought you are old and I could catch up easily with you, but you walk so fast,” he joked. I apologised for making him run after me. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Bold Action                Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 14 Feb 13
Noose you can use;Shinde takes on  Opposition one Hanging at a time  by Prabhu Chawla  was nice and thought provoking. It is true that inspite of all the comments on BJP this bold action of hanging AfzalGuru was a dramatic change in Shinde's Political career. As rightly put  he wanted to be Visible as a  tough man compared to his speech.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Moves to make drugs available are welcome           Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 13 Feb 13

50 drugs blamed for high cost of
health care (February 10) was very informative.
The disclosure by the health insurer Daman that some essential drugs carry high price tags rings an alarm bell.
Some of these medicines are prescribed to people suffering from diabetes and hypertension.
But at least the government has looked into the issue and is making an effort to make the drugs available to the larger population of the UAE.
That gives us hope. K Ragavan, India

Monday, February 11, 2013

Life is Beautiful 151.

When you talk with  your loved one's  your  happiness you can not describe  was  true.Ram was happy after talking with  her Vasanthy and  recollecting the conversation.After his morning routine Ram was planning to go to his bank by that time he received a call from the bank
Good Morning Mr,Ram How are you .Why can't you come to the bank. Iwant to discuss with you about your FD Maturity.
Ram.Infact  i am starting for that only.I will be there in half an hour's time.
Ram reached his bank as per his   time .Manager Nachiappan received him,Come  Ram, we will go to my room.
Nachiappan. Today your  FD is maturing I want to renew this with your permission.
Ram.Before that  i want to know what Percentage i will get if i renew.
Nachiappan. Others 8-5 % for you  9%.
Ram.I see  Last year i was getting 10%  this year i will be loosing 1%. Inflation is growing like  any thing.Difficult to manage with the interest.
Nachiappan. i do agree .
Ram.I am not blaming the bank for the deduction.Govt 's policies make the Commonman's life miserable.
Nachiappan.True .
Ram.If i get extra interest i can spare for the deserving students education.This year interest  has reduced by the Govt.I am unable to understand our govt's policy.Today we have so many burning issues ,they are worried about next year's PM candidate.
Nachiappan.Absolutely you are right. We are helpless.
Ram. i s there any higher interest from other banks
Nachiappan.To my knowledge our 's is the highest interest.
Ram.O.K. I believe you .Give me the papers i will sign for the renewal.
After finishing the bank work Ram came out saw Raj was coming.
Raj.Ram how are you.
Ram. i am fine.I came to the bank.
Raj.  I came here to deposit in Fd since this bank's interest is little more comparing to other banks.
Ram.Yes,the Manager was telling.Quite true.
Raj.Ram i will make a move.See you next week.Bye.
Ram always worry for the Commonman's status. Few people will think about the other man's problems.Ram is one among them and always concern about others.Let us in the coming days what all the things will happen from Our Beautiful Ram.
(To be continued).
See You Next Week,

Tribute to Writer Na,Parthasarathy 233.

Today i am going to pen another versatile writer who has created a big impact  three decades back is none other than Na ,Parthasarathy.He worked  as Journalist in famous magazines Kalki,Dinamani kathir and later started his own magazine Deepam.He was also popularly known as Deepam Parthasarathy.He has contributed many novels to the society and his Samuthaya veedhi got Sahitya Akademi award is very important. I have read few of his creations and all are remarkable and touching.I read his Kurinchi malar many times and fascinated his characters Aravinthan and Poorani .Ponvilangu,Thulasi madam,Rani mangamma,Mani pallavam andSundara Kanavugal are also remarkable.One of the few writers respected in the Literary world.Even though he is not with us his Wonderful Novels  are infront of us.What little i know i am putting in  this column.If there is any error kindly ignore.Creativity and imagination  is  a wonderful world
and  few talented  people delivered their Creativity.Na Parthasarathy is one among them ,and today  i am happy to tribute this Versatile Writer.
See You Next Week,

Friday, February 8, 2013

Article 288.

Key component§            Article Published in The Gulf Today on  9 Feb 13

We have a group of friends who meet regularly for a get-together. One among the group had this habit of telling others to take care of their belongings like a mobile phone, house key etc. A participant was not amused and made fun of this person asking, “How many times you will keep repeating to everyone to be cautious?” 

That same evening, I received a call from the grumbling person asking whether I had seen his key! I told him to collect the key, which he had left behind, from me, but not before telling him not to mock people with good intentions. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Israeli-Palestinian trust can improve             Letter Published in The National,Uae on 8 Feb 13
Fewer Israeli soldiers charged with crimes against Palestinians (February 6) was interesting to read. This could create confidence among Palestinians.
Decades of conflict between these two neighbouring states should come to an end. Israel can play a role in Middle East stability. I hope the coming days will be better for people on both sides of the border.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life is Beautiful 150.

Ram was happy to see the mails from Cyprus He could n't believe his  speech gave a big impact and the result was today's mails enquiring about his health  and welfare. It is very evident friend ship is the only community in the world will carry on irrespective of the caste ,creed and nationality.After Prasanna's departure Ram called Raj asking about that day's breaking news.Raj was explaining about Govt's decision to implement the law for Sex and rape crimes.
Raj.Ram, i do n't know how long it will take to implement this law.
Ra,m..Hope they will speed up this,since the entire country is opposing on this crime.
Raj.Ram ,why do n't you come to our place on the coming sunday for lunch.
Ram.I will let you know,still four more days.

Raj.Bye now Ram i have to go for an interview.
Ram.O.K. Bye now and hope to see you soon.
After his talk with Raj  ,he got a call from  Vasanthy.
Ram,how are you.Are you settled.
Ram was thrilled to hear the beautiful voice of  his Beautiful Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.Love you Ram.Eager for waiting your arrival.Did Kathambari gave any hint ,how long to get.
Ram.She did n't tell.But told their company is speeding up for  the Visa .
Vasanthy.Today i thought of you.We attended a function here,there they gave us two sweets along with other items.Sweets are your favorite Kesari and Gulab Jamun.
Ram.Thank you for remembering. I too could not sleep properly because of you.
Vasanthy.Now both of us thinking has become young.Like bolly wood film stories.
Ram.True.Hearing your sweet voice i am  jumping with joy.What are you doingnow.
Vasanthy.Talking with you.I am planning to go out  for shopping.Kathambari has gone to see some body.
I got another call,bye now. i got your mail id from Kathambari i will mail .Take care.
Ram.You too take care.
See You Next Week,


Monday, February 4, 2013


Acts of violence benefit no one                Letter Published in The National,Uae on 5 Feb 13

It’s sad that an innocent life was lost in a suicide attack on the US Embassy in Ankara ( Bomb hits US mission in Turkey, February 2). Such attacks are meaningless and need to be condemned.
These people are enemies of peace. No one gains anything through violence. People, as well as leaders across the world, should unite to fight against violence, a phenomenon which is increasingly making lives difficult for the majority of the people around the world. K Ragavan, India

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tribute to Writer AshokaMitran 232.

Today i remembered another interesting personality who was popular in the Tamil  literary field is none other than writer Thyagarajan  popularly known as Ashoka Mitran.After spending two decades in Secundrabad he moved to Chennai where his literary career started.He was the Editor for the famous Kanayazhli  Journal.Later he joined with Gemini Studios served for a decade had good interaction with film field.Then he
became a full time writer and created many Novels and more then 200 short stories.His first prize winning story Anbin parisu was welcomed by the readers. He won the PrestigiousSahitya academy award as well IlakiyaChinthanai award twice is worth to be mentioned here.I have read few creations of this writer.Those are ,Anbin Parisu,Thanneer,and Manasarovar.He has also won the famous late actor   NTR award.His Appavin Sneghidar short stories was very popular in those days.His way of writing ,and simple language was welcomed by his readers.He is one of the few simple versatile writers respectedin the literary world.Many of his creations are translated to english and european languages.Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,


Regional Sway                        Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 4Feb 13
Prabhu chawla's ,The Great Recokoning in 2014 But Next Prime Minister will Emerge This Year  was meaningful to read.Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are the much talked names for the prime ministerial candidate for 2014. One shouldnot expect drastic changes in the present scenario and regional parties will hold a sway in 2014 as well.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Looking forward to Vishwaroopam

State bans Muslim ‘terrorist’ film (February 1) was disappointing. The film has been directed and co-produced by the versatile actor, Kamalahasan.
It’s sad that the film has sparked protests from the Muslim community.
I am sure there are some scenes in the film that the community has found objectionable.
But I hope the film will be released soon. Millions of his fans are eagerly waiting to watch it. K Ragavan, India

Friday, February 1, 2013

Article 287.

Forgotten gift                 Article Published in The Gulf Today ,Uae on 2 Feb 13(287).

There’s nothing like a personal chat with friends for elderly people like me. During one such recent sessions, a friend shared a funny incident that happened with him. 
He had attended a relative’s wedding and had a gala time. It was only when he reached back home that he realise he had not passed on his neatly-packed gift. I remembered how another friend had gifted a Rs500 note thinking it to be Rs100. He regretted his carelessness grumbling about it for a week. 
K. Ragavan