Friday, May 31, 2013

Article 304.

Bagful of enthusiasm        Article Published in The Gulf Today,Uae on 1June 13 (Article 304)

I received a call from an old friend and immediately called out his name. He was happy I recognised him though we had not met for three decades. He invited me to his son’s home, introduced me to his family and said, “This person is my old colleague who was full of enthusiasm, always kept his detailing bag with him and loved his profession.” 

I was thrilled by his observation. It was true that I never kept my bag down and loved my work in the pharmaceutical industry.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Dhoni’s silence disappointed fans       Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror ,India on 30 May 13The article Dhoni keeps mum as storm rages on (BM, May 29) was an interesting read. Recent incidents of spot and match fixing as well as Tuesday’s s press conference was shameful for the cricket world. Dhoni being a cool person, one never expected this silence from him. This has disappointed millions of his fans. 


Naxalites do not deserve leniency      Letter Published in The National ,Uae on  30 May 13
I am commenting on the news article Cash offered to families of ambush victims (May 27).
The attack by Naxalites on politicians in Chhattisgarh is disgusting. Although this time they targeted politicians from the Congress party, they have killed scores of innocent people earlier.
Despite past incidents, the government did not provide enough security to those politicians. Now the government must be proactive and eradicate this menace called Naxalism.
Financial compensation will not alleviate the anguish of the victims' relatives.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life is Beautiful 166.

After finishing the interview with Dubai ruler Ram reached his hotel  at 10.P.M. with driver Ali.
Thank you Ali .Good night.
Ali  .Good night Sir tomorrow i will be Coming at 8.30 a.m
Ram.Fine,  so that we can reach the  office  at 9-30.a.m.
After Ali left Ram  sat in the sofa recollecting the beautiful interview he had with Dubai's ruler .His future plans,strategy and vision was  impressed him.Mainly his plans for infrastructure, trading area and tourism
attracted ram.
 After finished his night dinner   he was going through the  mails. By the time he received a call from Atkinson
Hello Ram,How was the interview.
Ram.It was nice and meaningful.
Atkinson.Good,what was his main plans for improving the  .
Ram.Infrastructure, more trading  houses  tourism  development.and increase in metro rail  numbers.
Atkinson.He is righ tNow Dubai is slowly  recovering from  the recession and certainly in a year or two it will come to it's old level.
Ram.He is very confident ,and  all my questions he replied with out any hesitation.
Atkinson.O.K. take care tomorrow we will telecast this interview.Good night
Ram.Same to you.
By that time  he received another call  Ram took the phone,
Hello who is there
Vasanthy.Me Ram how was your interview with the ruler.
Ram.Vasanthy,i never expected your call at this time.The interview was nice.Tomorrow we can meet.
Vasanthy.Nice to hear from you this..I will confirm the place tomorrow.
Ram.Good night
Vasanthy.Same to you  hope to see you tomorrow.
(to be continued).
See You Next week,

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tribute to Actor ,Singer T.M.Soundararajan 248..

He was the Uncrowned king in the Singing field for more than five decades created a big impact in tamil movies  is none other than the late T.M.Soundara rajan. Madurai was famous for the Pandian king  history,Kovalan Kannaki ,Famous temples and today  it is the talk of the town because most top cine personalities from this city or district.The Late Music legend  singer T.M.Soundararajan hails from this place.
Born in a poor Sourashtra community later came to the fame as a popular singer won many awards  including Padma shree award was not a  exaggerated one.He was popularly known in the film circle as TMS. Both TMS and auto giant TVS also  added fame for  Madurai.Apart from his singing he has also acted in some films.He  was the tamil Mohamed Rafi in  South India.Rich voice with modulation for any actors especially  for Late Stalwarts M.G.R and Sivaji ganesan is important. I  still remember his rich voice
in most of the films.Starting with Naan Aaniittal,from Engavetupillai,Vidu noki odi vantha nammaiae,from Pathi bhakthi,and Paatum naane Bhavamum naane,from Thiru vilaiyadal,Aalayamani,Aandavan kattalai,Padithal matum pothuma and many films. He was associated with all the top class music directors
particularly with Viswanathan Ramamurthy,K.V.Maha devan and many others He and late Govindarajan's Poova thalaia neeya naana  song from Poova thalia  directed by K.Balachander still in ringing my ears..Known for his simplicity TMS was liked by one and all from the film fraternity.His departure was a great loss to the music world.
Even though he departed from us his powerful voice is always ringing in our ears.Today i am happy to tribute this Great Legend.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, May 25, 2013


BCCI chief must step down                  Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror,India on 26May 13The report R e s i g n ? M e ? W h a t f o r ?(May 25, BM) was meaningful. BCCI president N Srinivasan’s stand that he will not resign is absurd. With his son-in-law arrested in connection with spot-fixing controversy in IPL, Srinivasan should step down on moral grounds. 
    K Ragavan


All nations must tackle terrorism        Letter Published in The National Uae,on 26 May 13
Alan Philps's opinion article, New kind of terror poses a great challenge to Britain (May 24),was interesting.
The killing of a soldier in England is further evidence that terrorism is a global threat.
Developed countries should join together to eradicate this menace.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, May 24, 2013

Article 303.

Mango effect               Article Published from The Gulf Today ,UAE on 25 May 13 (303article).

A few days ago, a friend called from Hyderabad asking me about the climate in Bangalore since he wanted to visit the city with his family. I told him that the climate was tolerable. He was happy and said he would visit with mangoes from his place. \

I requested him not to bring along mangoes as I already had a huge stock of it from visiting relatives and my house has already turned a “sweet factory.” After all, we feel happy to eat mangoes and sweets, but the after-effects are unhappy. Right?
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


End the cycle of violence in Iraq      Letter Published in The National Uaeon 22May 13.
I refer to the news article 86 die in Iraq's day of bloodshed (May 21).
It's extremely sad that more than a decade after the US invasion, Iraqis are unable to live a normal life.
I am sure the number of casualties in the latest violence will increase. Living in Iraq must be a nightmare. I wonder when this scenario will change for the better.
K Ragavan, India

Monday, May 20, 2013

Life is Beautiful 165.

Next day Ram reached his office at 10.a.m. with driver Ali.The receptionist showed Ram to his chamber.
Ram entered in to his beautiful furnished chamber and thrilled to see the arrangements.His room was nicely decorated  with visitors sofa.In front of his table his name board with his regional coordinator designation
was fixed.He sat in his chair .By that time ,
Ram,May i come in  Mr,Atkinson was knocking the door.
Ram.Please come .
Atkinson.We could do  our best for your chamber.Feel free if you want any alterations.
Ram.Not at all.It is Marvelous.Thank you for the troubles the management taken.
Atkinson.Why i came here ,today Kathambari has fixed an appointment with the ruler of Dubai.He will tell you the new plans .We have to cover.
Ram.Fine.At what time the appointment.
Atkinson.6.P.M. in the ruler's office.
Ram.i will be there with Kathambari.
Atkinson.Bye ,take care.My Secretry will come and explain you about yourJob operations.
After he left Ram called Vasanthy
Hello,Good morning.
Vasanthy.Same to you.Expecting your call dear.
Ram.There is a slight deviation in our today's programme.
Vasanthy What is that.
Ram.I have an appointment with Dubai Ruler in the evening at  6PM. Just now My MD has come and told .
Are you disappointed.?
Vasanthy.Not at all Ram.I am your Vasanthy.First priority our work.All the best for your meeting.I do n't want to disturb you.If possible you can call me in the afternoon.
Ram.Thank you .i Love you Vasanthy
(to be continued).
See You Next Week


BJP Must learn   Letter Published in DNA India on 21 May 13
lesson,act quickly
After the BJP'S Big defeat in karnatakathe party should change it's strategyso it can avoid in fighting and work to gether to offer the people  a reliable alternativethat will clean the menace of corruptionand deliver on other issues.In karnataka the people voted a change for the government as they wanted a clean administrationand BJP must learn from this lesson.It is time for the party to unitedly project Narendera Modi
was the leader for the   general elections.

Tribute to Director Gandhi Krishna 247.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from tamil film is none other than Director Gandhi
Krishna.Even though he has directed few films in his one and half years film career his work was applauded by film fans is not a Exagerated one.His film Nila.Kaalam won the National award  for best child artiste film is worth to be mentioned here.Today's leading artists Vishal,Bharath ,Reema sen ,Girish karnad and Vivek acted in his movie.Chellamae was made a good name for him Chellamae film was with .Good story ,Music and Excellent Cinematography of K.V.Anand  made a big hit for GandhiKrishna. I have seen Chellamae and AanandaThandavam of his creations His new film Karikalan is on the way expected shortly. .Film industry is the one has got good scope for the talented artists and technicians no one can deny.Today i am happy to tribute this upcoming director who has got  good future in the film industry.
See You Next week,

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Common man has other priorities Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror,India on 20May 13
With reference to the report S i d d u p a r i v a r i n, C o n g r e s s o l d – t i m e r s o u t(May 19, BM), as a common man I am not worried whether the new CM omits ori ncludes his loyalists. I am more interested in whether he can provide good administration to the people of Karnataka and make people’s day-to-day life peaceful.


Greedy cricketers should be banned Letter Published in The National Uae on 20 May 13
I refer to the sport story The good, bad and the ugly of IPL riches (May 17). It was interesting to read.
However, it's a sad development for Indian cricket. It's surprising that, in spite of receiving lucrative remuneration, these cricketers have to resort to such unscrupulous practices.
This shows how greedy these players are. It's shameful. They should be banned for life.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, May 17, 2013


Players are greedy      Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror,India on 18 May 13N e x t o n l y t o S h a r j a h(May 17, BM) was an interesting read. If IPL players indulge in spot-fixing in spite of the lucrative remuneration they receive, it means only one thing: They are greedy. Such players should be banned from cricket so that no one attempts such misadventures in future. 
    K Ragavan


Greedy players     Article Published in The Gulf Today ,Uae on 18 May 13 (302).

It is well known that Indians are crazy about the game of cricket. I was shocked to hear about the arrest of three IPL cricket players. Just the previous day, I had repeatedly praised the players for their performance to a friend. The friend called and told me that the incident was “shameful.”

I had no choice but to accept his view. One question that came to my mind was why players resort to such condemnable actions in spite of fabulous remuneration. The answer flashed in my mind: “Greed.” 
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Unacceptable Conduct        Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror ,India on 16 May 13
The report is sad and painful to read. In recent months, the city has witnessed some gruesome murders and crimes. This is highly unacceptable in a civil society like Bangalore. 
    K Ragavan

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Why do terrorists target civilians? Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 15 May 13
I refer to the news article Car bombs kill 42 in Turkey (May 12). It is sad to see violence raging across this region.
Although it is not known who caused this carnage or why, it is natural to suspect Syria, as Turkey has indicated. In such incidents, most of the victims are innocent civilians. That is painful.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 164.

Ram 's first day  experience in the office was nice and challenging.He always like new ideas and concept.He was very much impressed in his new Media and Journalism career.When he was recollecting his first day rememberence his phone was ringing.Vasanthy was in the other line
Wel come Ram.How are you ,how is your new job.
Ram.I am fine Vasanthy.Job is  interesting.
Vasanthy.Nice to hear that.Tomorrow can we meet.I am longing to see you.
Ram.Yes,i too wants  to see you.Where and when.
Vasanthy.Six p.m. in City Centre Since it is close byto you.
Ram..I do n't know tomorrow what time i will be back from the office.
Vasanthy.Ask kathambari .Tomorrow i have my friend's grand son B.Day party in Karama.After attending that i can come to City centre.
Ram.I will ask Kathambari tomorrow.Iam very happy after three decades i have come nearer to my beautiful vasanthy that makes me more happy.
Vasanthy.For me too Ram.Many people  lose their love and affection after 55.In our case our love and affection starts now only .
Ram.True.Because of the long gap as if we are starting our love today.
Vasanthy.Yes.Love has tremandous power .
Ram.No doubt. Our love is entirely different one.
Vasanthy.We understand each other thoughts are same even after three decades is the beauty of our love.
Ram. i love you Vasanthy.I am lucky enough to have your friendship three decades back.
Vasanthy.I can not for get our meeting in Bangalore,later brindavan gardens.
Ram.i am also remembering those memorable days.I will call this number tomorrow.Take care ,bye now.
Vasanthy.You too.Expecting your call tomorrow.Love you bye.
See You Next Week,

Monday, May 13, 2013


Selfish Ministers Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 14 May 13
The Curious case of Why the Dog Barked and Why More Ministerial Blood Letting Must not Suffice (TNIE May 12)elaborated how the government handled the recent
coal block allocations and railway board bribery scams.Earlier ministers such as Lal bahadur Shastri set an example by immediately resigning at the back of any allegation.Today ministers are only interested in retaining chairs

Tribute to Director S.P.Rajkumar 246.

Today i remembered another interesting personality from tamil film industry is none other than Director S.P.Rajkumar.He has directed few films in his one and half decades film career.He has worked with actors like Prabhu,  Vijay ,Suva lakshmi, DelhiGanesh  ,Gounda mani and others.Among  his  films Ponmanam,Sura and Enuyir ne thane,gave him good name.Good   story ,dialoques will be visible in his movies.Sura was commercially a hit movie for him with Vijay in the lead roll.The story was fast with political back ground
and good cinematography of M.S.Prabhu deva and N.Ekambaram.I have seen ,Ponmanam,En uyir ne thane, and Sura.Tamanna and Madan bob's comedy was also nice. in Sura.He has also acted in short rolls in  two films.He started his career as a writer later turned in to direction area.Even though he has few films to his credit he has good future ,because of his previous presentations.Today i am happy to tribute this director.
See You Next week,


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror ,India on 12 May 13 The column C a n S i d d u d o w h a t U r s c o u l d n ’ t ?(May 11, BM) was nice and meaningful. Will Siddaramaiah utilise this golden opportunity to prove his mettle not only for the state but also give a better impression to the people in the coming Lok Sabha elections?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Article 301.

Caution buzz Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 11 May 13 (301).
I used to carry my mobile in my hand while walking, but after hearing about a friend’s experience, I now promptly keep it in my pocket when not in use.
My friend was merrily carrying his phone in his hand while walking when by mistake it fell through a tiny gap into a pavement gutter outside a building that was kept locked by the security.
He had to summon the security and lost two precious hours before he could retrieve his handset. One can surmise the condition in which it was picked up.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Voter's Tired        Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 9 May 13
The results of the Karnataka election do not mean victory for the congress or defeat for the BJP.People are tired,so they voted for an alternative and against the previous chief minister to get better governance.Congress should remember this in the coming lok sabha polls.People wo n't be fooled every time. The victory for the public will be  good governance and security. The question is when this will happen.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Don’t interfere in CBI probes       Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror ,India on 8May 13Law minister, AG, PMO made changes in Coal report, CBI tells court (BM, May 7) was an interesting read. That this shocking revelation came afterCB Ifiled its affidavit on the much talked about coal gate scam shows the sad state of affairs. Politicians should neve ruse  theiroffice t ointerfere in CBI investigations. It is good that the Supreme Courtrecentlyinstructed CB Itodo its job properly. It is painful that Indian politicians can hijack even the country’s premier investigating agency. 

Life is Beauti ful 163.

My sore was busy  on 5 May because of  the  state election.Raj came to  his voting school  along with his wife Aarthi. After casting their votes Raj met one of his friend who is known to Ram.
Hello Raj,How are you.Finished voting.
Raj.Yes,Mahav.We will do our duty. Have you finished .
Madhav.Yes Raj.After seeing i am waiting  for you to know about Ram's welfare.
Raj.He is fine.Yesterday i got the mail from him.He joined duty enjoying his Work culture.
Madhav.Work culture is most important to delive.I am happy our friend Joined a good organisation.
Raj.Yes.He joined a very good  media channel. I will be sharing our today's news with him.
Madhav.How was the voting trend.Being a journalist you are the right person  to give me the correct picture.
Raj.Roughly 57-60% voters cast their votes in all the states as per the information till 2P.m.Now the time is 3.There may not be any improvement. percentage wise.This time Senior citizens are more for the voting indicates a good sign for the future governance.One thing whoever comes to power they should have majority ,which may not happen because of numerous regional parties.
Madhav.Raj rightly said.It is because of non majority the Commonman is suffering.
Raj.Yes.I have my own doubt this time also no party will get majority.Votes will be divided.People are tired with the promises from all parties.Let us wait and see thereal scenario on Wednesday evening.
Madhav.If you sent any messages to Ram  convey my regards to him.
Raj.Sure,Bye now.
Raj came to his car.While going he was telling to Aarthi.
Who ever comes to power they should have political will and consciousness.
Aarthi.You are right.Having come to this area for voting let us go and pray to Vontikoppal Lord to give
good thinking to politicians to serve for the people.
Raj.Absolutely you are right .Since this is Kaliyug he is the  only person can  solve our prblem.People should have more prayers along with more groups and pray.That will have more impact rather asking from the politicians.
(to be continued0.
See You Next Week,

Monday, May 6, 2013

Past and Present of Garden City Bangalore.

I still remember and like  the old Bangalore when ever I come from Mysore for work  three decades back  The. Traffic was less and no garbage stagnation.Today the garbage scenario was entirely different. I have been visiting frequently from Mysore till 1993.After that I have gone to Emirates and in 2012 I came and settled here in Gublala Main road area.
 To day Bangalore has dramatically changed  in all aspects .Cost of living is very high compare to other cities  because of Information Technology Development.  .Even though Plenty of auto rickshaws with meter available at times they won’t co operate because of the distance and return passanger availability.This important menace is slowly erading but still not fully gone.Earlier gardens was nicely maintained but to day no body bothers.Children they do n’t have proper play grounds due to more apartments .Bangalore people known for their soft spoken nature,More god fearing particularly Guru Raghavendra and other god’s.Over a period the city has nicely developed and today govt’s slogan is to clean the garbage menace . .The old pensioner’s paradise slogan has changed today and what ever pension you get is not meeting both  ends.
.Except two three months  the climate is hot  and  all the remaining time climate is beautiful. ..After the Information Technology  introduction even  other nationalites has come to this garden city.Bangalore has become one of the tourist city and  for the Journalism field  also improving because  lot of Bangaloreans are
entering in to this powerful media. Inspite of development in transport area still   more transport facilities ,infrastructure
needed for the rapid growth Today you can not walk in the roads ,because of heavy traffic both two wheelers as well  cars..Still Bangalore is the Choice for many because of it’s Multinational living advantage and soft nature of the people

Tribute to Director Kalanjiyam 245.

Today i am going to pen another  interesting film personality from tamil  film is none other  than Director Kalanjiyam.Even though he has given few films in his 17 years  film career.his first film Poomani  was awarded   for Best story writer from Tamil nadu state film is worth to be mentioned here.Late Murali and Devayani  acted in that movie.It gave him name and fame.I have seen few films of this Director.Those films are,Poomani,Kilakum merkum,Nilave mugam kattu,and Mitta mirasu,Good story screen play  dialogues
and cinematography will be in his films.Karthik,Nepolean,Devayani,Vadivelu,and Kovai Sarala are  worked
with him.He has also acted in his  Karungali film .He is one of  the up coming director in the tamil film industry.Kilakum merkum film was also a hit for him with Napolean and Devayani..Even though his contribution is limited some films like Poomani and Kilakum merkum gave him good name is laudable.Today i am happy to tribute this director.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Voter's Agony                  Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on May 6 013
Political Pilgrims Rarely Understand the Agony of Those  Who Actually Vote(TNIE May 5)is another meaningful and thought - provoking  article by Prabhu Chawla.It is true that Politicians rarely or never understand the pinch and agony of the commonman (Voter).They only make promises Even if the people change the administration wholly,Politicians should have the will to deliver, which is not happening.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


India and Pakistan must develop ties    Letter Published in The National ,Uae on May 5 013
Sarabjit Singh might have lived longer if the Indian government made an effort to bring him back to the country. It's sad that no action was taken in spite of his family repeatedly requesting the government to try to bring him to India for treatment.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, May 3, 2013

Article 300.

Third century                 Article Published in The Gulf Today ,Uae on 4May 13(300)

Time flies. I cannot believe that I am completing this week my third century in the Short Take column. My memories go back to my association with The Gulf Today way back in 2007. Even though I have departed from the UAE, I am happy that both the golden country and The Gulf Today are progressing well ahead and making news.
K. Ragavan