Friday, October 31, 2014

aRTICLE 375.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 1 Nov 14,(375)

UAE attraction

Any connection with the UAE always brings a smile on my face. Last week, I watched the Bollywood movie, Happy New Year, featuring famous actor Shah Rukh Khan in the leading role. I was thrilled to notice that several important shots in the movie were captured in the beautiful locales of the UAE. Seeing the prominent sites pushed me down memory lane when I used to visit them while staying in the UAE. It is great news that the UAE has become a popular destination for film-making both for Hollywood and Bollywood.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE  on 29Oct 14,UAE will become filmmakers’ hub
I enjoyed reading your editorial Offering a film location is the first step (October 28). In recent years, the UAE has attracted a large number of actors and directors from Hollywood and Bollywood.
Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film, Happy New Year, a part of which was shot in Dubai, is making waves in India. The film features some of the most beautiful locations of the emirate, including Atlantis The Palm.
There is little doubt that in the near future the UAE will become one of the hottest hubs of international filmmaking.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 239.

 Prasanna was  just entering from the main entrance.Seeing Kathambari his face was happy.He never  expected her for the lunch.Kathambari wished Prasanna
How are you.
Prasanna.I am fine how are you.
Kathambari.I am also fine.Nice to see you here.
Prasanna.I never expected to come here as well never expected you here.
Kathambari.I am happy  to see you here.How about you
Prasanna.Me too.
Kathambari was wearing a green  Saree  and Prasanna was also wearing a Light green shirt.It was a strange coincidence.
All sat in the dinner hall.Atkinson ordered for Soup.
The waiter brought the hot tomoto soup.Raj liked that
Atkinson Soup is very nice.Ram  i know you like tomoto soup.
Ram.Yes, Prasanna also likes.
 .Kathambari .i Too like this. Prasanna was happy that she likes his favorite soup.
Then the waiter brought Vegetarial thali for all.
They were enjoying the  dishes particularly  Milk halwa.Atkinson  enjoyed the taste
Normally i do n't like Sweets.But in this hotel i like this Halwa One of my friend brought me couple of months back here and introduced me this.
Ram.Nice taste.I am tasting first time.
By that  time Raj received some messages  from his Mobile.When he opened,
Oh ,My God,They have done this
Ram.What is that you are talking.
Raj.My office announced the flash of the few names of the black money account holders to be covered in your news.
Atkinson.Nice to hear this.
Ram.I am happy this is one of the top priority for the Modi government to bring back the black money.
Kathambari.It is really a good news.
Raj.They have sent mail to Ram about the dtails.Hope Ram can see once  we reaches office.
More than Milk halwa's taste Ram enjoyed this news from Raj.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week

Monday, October 27, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE ON 28oCT 14Ratings system is important
Your editorial Rating system would improve health care (October 24) was thought-provoking. You have rightly mentioned that the most effective way to ensure patients are assessing the quality of the health care on offer is to make each hospital’s track record available.
This ambition has been hampered by insufficient transparency when it comes to the quality of health care provided in this country.
With the UAE determined to improve the health care sector, I am positive that this system will soon be made available to individuals.
K Ragavan, India

Tribute to Writer SU.Samuthiram 322.

Today i remembered another interesting writer from Tamil is none other than Writer Su.Samuthiram.Started his career in All India Radio and Doordarshan.He has written more than 300 Short stories,Novels, two essay anthologies.and one play.He was a prolific write rliked by all his colleaguesand actively involvedin many literary feuds with his friends Ashoka Mithran andVanna nilavan.Many of his creative work was translated in to other languages like Telugu,Malayalamand Hindi is worth to be mentioned here. Most of his Stories involved in Socialist beliefs and Oppression of the downtrodden .He was bestowed Sahitya Akademi Award for his Work Veril Palutha Pala in Tamil.I have  read few stories of this Stalwart,those are Veril Palutha Pala,VaadaMalli and Mann Sumai.Apart from Sahitya Akademi Award he won Couple of awards from Various Organisations. He hails from Tirunelveli Distrct where many eminent Writers was born.He made a good impact over his Six decades life asa Versatile Writer,Author and Socialist.Today i am very happy to tribute this  writer.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 27Oct 14
Party's Revival
Power &Politics (TNSEoCT 26)by Prabhu Chawlawas meaningful and thought provoking.The author started well by quoting Napolean Bonaparte. His comparison of Gandhiswith Tatas and Ambhanis was good.But the Gandhis need a much  better marketing strategy to revive the 120 -yea-r old congress partybecause at present it has lost it's shine.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Article 374.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 25 Oct 14 (374)
East and West
I was watching a television channel and was happy to see the “Terminator” star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 67, attending the audio launch of a Tamil language film in Chennai. I also read a newspaper report that the “Hasta la vista, baby,” hero, a body builder himself, was impressed by how Tamil actor Vikram managed to put on a weight of 120kg and later bring it down drastically to weigh a mere 50kg for this role. The interaction between the stars made me realise how the world has indeed become a global village. East and West together are best.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Chennai India on 24 Oct 14
Cracker mishaps
The recent accidents in the cracker factory at Kakinada,as well in Faridabad,where lives were lost were unfortunate.,Despite several precautions, the mishaps continue to occur.The authorities concernedshould monitor the factories periodicallyand if there is any irregularity in their factories,their licences should be scrapedto prevent loss of human lives.


Letter Published in The National UAE on 24 Oct 14Effort needed to curb trafficking
The suggestion by Maj Mansoor Al Shamsi, head of the Dubai Police anti-human trafficking and crimes unit, that Gulf countries form a coalition to track, investigate and prosecute human traffickers is practical (Call for Gulf coalition to combat trafficking, October 22).
Human trafficking is a scourge that should be tackled together by all countries.
It’s sad that human trafficking is spreading, which indicates that more efforts are needed to take on this menace. There is no more time to waste. What is needed is action.
K Ragavan, India

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE on 23 Oct 14Pistorius case prompts debate
The prison term imposed on Oscar Pistorius seems to be eliciting mixed reactions (Oscar Pistorius jailed five years for culpable homicide of Reeva Steenkamp, October 22).
It seems to me that in this case, justice has been delivered and the guilty party has been punished.
K Ragavan, India

Monday, October 20, 2014

Life is Beautiful 238.

Kathambari was happy to see Raj in the office.
Mr Raj ,your good coverage on Indian news  I Like your Indian news  coverage.You are a versatile Journalist.
Raj.Thank you for your compliment.Ram used to write nicely when he was in India to my paper.He analyse  things very nicely. His issue based  articles i like.
Ram.Thank you Raj for your compliment.Kathambari also writes nicely.
Atkinson.I am really very happy  with all your association to my channel.
Ram.We are proud to be associated  with you Atkinson.
Atkinson.Raj we will have an agreement from our channel to your Paper for broadcasting Indian news.
Raj.It is a pleasure to Our paper to have association with the leading Middle east Channel.

AtkinsonWe too happy with a leading  Indian news paper's association.The credit goes to our friend Ram.
Ram.Not to me Kathambari Introduced me to Atkinson. The credit goes to her only.
Atkinson .Right, but Ram proved his mettle.Both are responsible.
Kathambari.What is your progamme to day Raj.
Raj.My main visit to Dubai to have long term relation ship with your Channel.
Atkinson.You need not worry for that.I will sign for Five years agree ment  initially.Hope that will be fine from both sides.
Raj.Very nice.Our people will be very happy.
Ram.I am happy that Raj's visit  is fruitful.
Atkinson.Raj where we will go for lunch.
Raj.I am aVegetarian ,where ever you can select
Atkinson.Nice,We all will go to Govindas.This is a good Vegetarian restaurant in Karama.
Ram.Fine,i was thinking that only.
Atkinson.Kathambari ,you are also joining with us.
Kathambari.Fine,i have not visited this restaurant.
By that time Ram received a call from Prasanna
Sir, Iwant to invite Raj and you for Lunch.
Hearing the Conversation Atkin son asked Ram to Invite Prasanna also to Govindas..
Prasanna .O.K Sir.i WILL BE THERE AT 1-30p.m.
After hearing this Kathambari was very happy.She was also not met Prasanna for nearly  One month.
All they reached Govindas.Kathambari's eyes were searching Prasanna.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Tribute to Writer Thi.Janakiraman 321.

Today i remembered another  interesting  personality from the tamil  story is none other than     writer Thi.Janaki raman.He was one of the major personalities  of 20th Century Tamil fiction.His contribution  of 100 Short stories  and more than dozen novels was created a big hit in those days.In 1979 he was awarded Sahitya Academy Award  for his short story collection Sakthi Vaidhiam is important.His writing style was simple and narrative.Some of his novels has been translated to english.His travel articles was also popular.I have read few stories  of this Stalwart .Those are Moga mul,Sembaruthi,and Amma vandhaal.Many of his short stories collection was famous in those days.Those  areKottumelam,Akbar shastri,Erumai Pongal,and Pidi karunai.His play Nalu veli nilam was a great hit.While serving as a Civil servant he has created all this stories ,Novels ,Plays and Travel articles .Tamil  story field   was bestowed with  Wonderful writers ,Novelists and Play writers.
I am writing this to my little remembrance and Knowledge. Even though this  Sahitya Academy award winner is not with us but kis remarkable creations with us.Today i am happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,
20-10 -14.


 Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 20 Oct 14 The mode of communication
Slang words should only be used in conversation. The dictionary should be used only for traditional vocabulary; however the opposite has become the trend in modern communication.
From Mr Ragavan Krishnamachary
Bengaluru, India

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Letter Published in  The National UAE on  19 Oct 14More reckless drivers on roads, ­motorists say (October 16) raises an important issue.
This careless driving can be minimised by increasing bad ­motorists’ insurance premiums and applying heavy fines.
However, with the growth of the UAE’s population, there will inevitably be more accidents.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, October 17, 2014

Article 373.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 18 Oct 14 (Article 373)

Secret of success

A friend called me recently to say that he wanted to introduce someone. When I reached the person’s home along with him, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a famous Tamil actress of yesteryears, Sowcar Janaki. She has acted in movies in four different languages and has won several awards. What’s astonishing is that even at 83, she keeps a busy schedule and remains active and cheerful. I realised the secret behind her success: Hard work and humility. 
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life is Beautiful 237.

Ram  and Raj entered the dining hall of Venus restaurant .One of the popular restaurant in karama area where Karnataka dishes served.Ram asked Raj,
Raj here you will get all types of south Indian dishes.
Raj.Lovely,what ever you like to take i will also take.
Ram.Fine,i will order for Idly Vadai and Dosa.
Raj.My choice also  the same.
Ram.Not ours.Most of the South Indians prefer this .
Raj.True,Dubai is very nice.People are also very friendly.
Ram.Yes,here  all are friendly.
By that time the server brought the order.
After finishing the Break fast Ram and Raj reached Ram's office.
Ram took Raj  to the Editorial department and introduced the staff members.
Ram.He is Raj ,where we get our Indian news coverage it is from him.He is a Senior Journalist working for a Leading news paper of Bangalore,His authenticity i like.
Staff members.We could see the coverage Mr Ram.Good coverage he gives.Nice to meet you Mr Raj.
Raj.Thank you.My paper and your Channel has got a good tie up .I am happy to have  association with your channel.
Ram.We too  are very happy.I will take you to our MD  Atkinson.
Ram  took Raj to Atkinson's cabin.
Atkinson was eagerly waiting to see Raj.
Atkinson.Wel come Mr Raj to Dubai.What you would like to have
Raj.I had  heavy Break fast with Ram.I do n't mind i will have tea.
Atkinson.Nice,i too like tea.What about you Ram
Ram.For me also tea.
Mean time the office staff came.Atkinson  told him to bring tea.
Raj.I am really thrilled to see your Channel departments, the way in  they are functioning.
Atkinson.You are right.The credit goes to your friend.After his entry he changed a lot.
Mean time Kathambari entered in to Atkinson's cabin.
Kathambari.Good morning Mr Atkinson.
Atkinson.Kathambari.Meet Mr Raj from India.
Kathambari wished Raj.
(to be continued)
See You Next WEek,

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tribute to Writer KI.Rajanarayanan 320.

Today i remembered another Interesting personality who has created many short stories,novels and  folk stories is none other than KI.Rajanarayanan popularly known as Ki. Ra in his pen name.His first short story Maya Maan was published in 1958 followed by many other stories.His story Gopaala purathu makkal won Sahitya  Akademi in 1991 was worth to be mentioned here.Most of his stories will be based  Karisal Kadu near Kovil patti Tirunelveli district.His 944 Page
book Nattu pura kathai kalanjiyam  was published by the famous publisher of Tanjore Annam Publishing house made him popular .Among his thirty books  some are translated in to english.His  short story Kidai was taken in to film Oruththi was screened in the International Film Festivalof India in 2003.Eventhough he was not highly educated but  his Creativity made him a  big name in the literary World.Presently working  as a Director of folktales  in the University's documentationand survey centre.I have read Maya Maan and Gopala purathu Makkal only among many of his creations.
His way of writing on Village issues,and People living style was wonderful.Today i am very happy to tribute this Wonderful Versatile Writer.
See You Next Week,

Friday, October 10, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 11Oct 14
Value for Life
Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekar Rao  announced an ex -gratia of  Rupees Five Lakh for the family of a 11 Year old boy who was allegedly burnt alive by military men.No matter how much the compensation,will the boy come back to life?People who are responsible for such incidents should be punished very severely.

Article 372.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 11Oct 14 (372).

Global connection

Friendship has no age or border limitations. 

The other day I received a phone call from a friend who has also returned from the US recently. 

He became my friend through a travel site. He is also a leading book dealer in south India and invited me to his place. 

Social media has helped me make several new friends like him from around the globe. 

At the end of the day, it is good friends who light up our lives. 
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE on 9 Oct ober 14Child’s death is shocking
It’s a tragedy that all the efforts to ensure safety of schoolchildren failed to prevent another accident (School in mourning as girl, 3, dies after being locked in bus, October 8). A kindergarten pupil at an Abu Dhabi school died in similar circumstances in 2009.
Parents breathed a sigh of relief when Abu Dhabi brought in a series of school bus safety measures. But now it seems that those are inadequate. Ultimately what matters is our alertness and responsibility. In the absence of those, nothing can guarantee our safety.
I am sure the authorities will do their best to find out who was responsible. Meanwhile, I pray for the child’s family.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life is Beautiful 236.

Next day morning Ram   got up early and prepared tea for Raj.Raj got up at 7A.M. and wished Ram
Good morning Ram
Ram.Same to you Raj.You had good sleep last night
Raj.Yes,i had a very good sleep because of the Journey.
Ram.Wash and come ,i prepared tea for both.
Raj.You are taking trouble.
Ram.Not at all.I used to prepare for me  .Preparing for you no trouble.
Raj finished his Wash  and came to the Dining hall.Ram gave him the tea
Raj.Very nice 
Ram.Thank you.We will start at 8-30.A.M to my office.On the way we will have break fast.
Raj.Then i will get ready.Have my Bath.
Ram.You can have in that room.I have put hot water for you.
Raj .Thank you.I will be ready at 8-30.
Ram.Fine,Our driver Ali will come at 8-30.
After finishing his bath Raj was going through the news paper The National
Raj.Very nice Paper Ram.Good editorials and Coverage
Ram.Being a Journalist you are the better judge to comment.Yes,this is a good paper.Started Six years back in the Capitol Abudhabi.
Raj.Oh,What is our today's plan.
Ram.We are going to our office .Meeting Our MD Atkinson.I already told him about your arrival and the purpose of your visit.
Raj.Thank you.I am also eager to meet Atkinson.
Exactly at 8-30 A.M.  Driver Ali knock the door
Good morning sir,
Ram.Ali,this is our Guest Raj.
Ali.Nice to meet you sir
Raj.Me too
While driving Ali was asking Raj
Sir,You have come here earlier
Raj.No Ali this is my first time i am coming to Dubai.
Ali.Very nice,You  will enjoy your stay.
They reached Venus Restaurant in Karama for break fast
Ram.Ali ,today you can also join with us
Ali.Thank you.I already had
Ram and Raj entered the dining hall
(to be continued)
See You Next Week
7- 10 -14

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tribute to Cinematographer Faredoon Irani 319.

Today i remembered another film personality from BollyWood Film Industry is none other than Cinematographer Faredoon Irani.Eight decades  back he has done a wonderful work in Bolly wood films is worth to be mentioned here.He has worked with  famous Director Mehboob khan for couple of films and Won film fare award twice  for best Cinematographer for the films Mother India and Duniya.He was one of the best Cinematographer in the Ester years.His frame work both  Black and whiteand colur was excellent.He was Presided for the inaguration of WICA (Western India Cinematographers Association)in 1953.He has many films to his credit.Among those films i saw couple of films of this Stalwart.Those films are,Roti,Mother India,Duniya,Aan,Palki,Aadmi,and Gambler.He has worked with top class actors Viz, Late,Rajesh Khanna,Sunil Dutt ,and Nargis. and the Living Legend Dilip kumar  ,WahedaRahman, Vyjayanthi Mala and  Many others.Today i am happy to tribute this Wonderful Cinemato grapher  who gave us remarkable movies.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The National UAE on 7Oct 14India must revamp the ailing railways
Despite India’s progress, its railways remain stuck in the past (Train collision in northern India kills 12, October 2).
Every time an accident occurs, it’s the driver or those operating the signals that take the blame. This time it was not different. The report says the accident happened because of the negligence of the driver and his assistant. The question is, why do accidents take place so often?
Instead of the blame game, the government should try to revamp the creaking railway infrastructure. The train is the most popular mode of transport in India. So it’s the responsibility of the government to make it safe and secure for the public.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, October 3, 2014

Article 371

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 4 Oct 14 (371).

Deadly prediction

I just returned to Bangalore after six months in America. Before I left for Denver, a friend casually told me that he wondered whether he would be alive when I returned. He was a cheerful person and a good caram player. On my return, I was shocked to hear that his words had actually come true. With a little prayer, I consoled myself philosophically that both in travel and life, arrival and departure are not in our hands. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Letter Published in Thendral Tamil Monthly Magazine USA October issue 14.

தென்றல் செப்டம்பர் இதழில் பிரபல  எழுத்தாளர்  பி.எஸ் .ராமையா
அவர்களை பற்றி படித்து  ஆனந்தமடைந்தேன். இளமையில் வறுமையில்  வாடி சுதந்திர போராட்டத்தில்  கலந்து கொண்டு சிறைக்கு சென்ற தலை சிறந்த எழுத்தாளர். அவர் திறமைக்கு மணிக்கொடி ஒரு சாட்சி. சிறுகதைகளுக்ககவே உருவான இதழ் மணிக்கொடி. திரைப்படங்களிலும்  அவரது பங்கு உண்டு. அவர் பிறந்த வத்தலகுண்டு
மாம்பழம் போலவே அவரது கதைகளும் ,இலக்கியமும்  இனிப்பானவை,அர்த்தமுள்ளவை .சிறுவர்களுக்காக இவர் எழுதிய கதைகள்  ஏராளம்.