Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Conductor May have Misbehaved  Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror ,India on 31July 13        BMTC should ensure that all bus conductors have adequate amount of change to avert such incidents. However, the passenger’s behaviour was not correct. 
    K Ragavan

Life is Beautiful 175.

 After few minitues Kathambari called  back Ram
Sorry Ram, i was talking with my friend.Now tell me  what for you called me.
Ram. Kathambari  there is a sudden development  i could not come to your house for lunch on friday.Atkinson has fixed an appointment with Clancy in Sheraton.Tell Mom i could not come on that day.
Kathambari.Profession first ,next friendship.I will tell mom.Take care.Bye now.
Ram.Same to you .
 By that time Ram's phone was ringing.Raj was in the other side.
,Good afternoon Ram .How are you
Ram.I am fine Raj.How are you and family.
Raj.All are fine.Today my Chief Editor congratulated me for having association with your channel.
Ram.Good.The credit goes to you.
Raj.All because of you Ram.Today i have sent another story for coverage.
Ram.Really, what is about.
Raj.Shame ful criket story.Mumbai high court dismissed BCCI case.
Ram.Why.They have appointed a probe committee.
Raj.I have sent the complete details for that only i called. Bye now.
Ram.Thank you Raj.
Ram checked the mail and was thrilled to see Raj's coverage .
He forwarded to Atkinson.After few minitues Ram called Atkinson.
Atkinson.Ram i received your mail and it was nice.Wecan cover in  today's night news.Ask the news editor to take care of this.
Ram.O.K.Atkinson.Immediately he called news editor
Hello  Sunita i am forwarding a  good story for today's night news.Go through and where ever necessary modify.
Sunita.O.K.Ram.I will take care.
Ram was happy about Raj's initiative and interest  to bring out Indian stories to UAE.
Again his phone was ringing.He took the phone and his face  become happy .
(to be continued)
See you Next Week,

Monday, July 29, 2013


SheikhZayed and his inspiring vision shaped the UAE Letter Published in The National ,UAE on 30 July 13

The late Sheikh Zayed's vision and leadership turned a desert in to a glorious country.
He was the main architect and those who followed him have continued his legacy.
K Ragavan, India

Tribute to Cinematographer V.N.Reddy 257.

Today i remembered another interesting and versatile personality from the Bollywood film industry is none other than Cinematographer,Director Late V.N. Reddy. Andhrapradesh known for talented artists and technicians was true.Reddy was born in Cuddapah and created a big impact in his three decades film career
is important.Telugu,Tamil and Hindi films He has worked with top class  directors of Yesteryear including late Rajkapoor ,Manoj kumar , Vijay Bhat,and Late Shakti Samanta is worth to be mentioned here.Known for his indoor  shot  and  Long shot frame work in many films.I have seen few of this Stalwart's films  those films are,
Sengotai singam (Tamil)Kashmir ki kali,Upkar,Purab aurPaschim,DoBadan, Chori Chori  Aag.
 Pran Jaye  Par Vachan Na Jaye  and Baiju Bawra.  Famous director Lekh Tandon and Cinematographer V.Gopikrishna  worked with him. His passion for photography reflected in  his films particularly Aag in black and white  with Late Rajkapoor,and to my knowledge  Purab aur Paschim  is his best Cinematography with Manoj kumar in the lead roll..Colur,Foreign locals and Beautiful Cinematography are theSpecialities of Bolly wood added with  technicians like V.N.Reddy. Even though he has departed from us his memorable movies are  with us.Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwat.
See You Next week,

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Garbage Menace              Letter Published in Deccan Herald ,India on 29July 13
A lot of  garbage piling up opposite my home  at Kumar castle,Palm grove enclave.Also street lights are not functioning ,causing a lot of inconvenience to people at night.The authorities concerned  are requested to look in to the matter.
K.Ragavan, Kumar castles


Train crash part of a global trend            Letter Published in T he National Uae on 29 July 13
This is with reference to your  story Carriages tumbled off the tracks  like dominoes in Spanish train crash  (July 26).
In recent months more train accidents are happening around the world. It is not a healthy sign. Speed causes a lot of accidents and the train drivers should take care of the passengers.
K Ragavan, India


All this days Politicians were doing stunt by giving promises.To day the real Motor bike heroes gave stunt in the Capital was the latest development.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Loss for Politics        Letter Published in The New Indian Express India  on 27July 13
Former Union minister run Nehru's passing away is a great loss for Indian politics.Nehru was among the few mature   politicians in the Rajiv gandhi government
and the man responsible for forming the  Janatadal government.

On going Political crisis in India.

The recent  comments of three Congress  leaders  that a Commonman can have a meal  at 5 Rs and 12 Rs was highly Unacceptable.It shows how they are watching the food prices and inflation .Very shameful and painful too.The  Congress leaders should not comment like this with out knowing the reality.Today mini tea and coffee is available at  8Rs  in all the places.A reasonable vegetarian meal is available at 55.Rs . Instead of taking care  for  the Commonman leaders mocking on the commonman  is highly unacceptable.Because of rampant scams,Corruption and above all  lack of leadership the poor Commonman is suffering. In the public platform leaders should not comment like this.Very sad state of affairs from the government.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Dozens of children die after eating free school lunch (July 18) was painful to read.
Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 24 July 13.
The school management should be held responsible for the deaths of these innocent students in the northern Indian state of Bihar.
Whatever amount of compensation the government offers to the families, it will not bring their children back.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 174.

Ram entered  his Managing Director's chamber.Mr Atkinson was waiting for Ram
Hello Ram ,how are you.How  you like our organisation, Systems and methodology.
Ram.Quite nice.I am having the job satisfaction.All staff members are cooperating.
Atkinson.Thank you.Since you have completed fifteen days in our organisation i want to know your feed back.Your friend Raj's report and your coverage on India was lauded by our overseas branches.
Ram.Really ,My friend Raj is a very good journalist and his story coverageis good.I like the way in which he put  things.Today also he mailed me about the tragic bihar mid day meal  incident.
Atkinson.You can cover in our night news.
Atkinson.Apart from hearing about  your  job i wanted to invite for a  lunch meeting with CNN Anchor Clancy.
Ram.Really.It was a great opportunity to meet him.Infact i am his admirer on his World today coverage.
When is.
Atkinson .Originally . the meeting was fixed on Saturday,since  Clancy has some important meeting he has pre-poned  to friday.
Ram.Fine.What time our meeting.
Atkinson. One p.m. in Sheraton hotel.Can i come and pick you.
Ram.No  Mr Atkinson ,i am staying in a different direction i will take a cab and come to the hotel.I am now familiar with the routes.
Atkinson.Fine.I will meet you in Sheraton on friday.
Ram came to his room.Suddenly he remembered Kathambari's  lunch invitation on friday.He called Kathambari.But she was not lifting the phone
(to be continued)
See you next week,

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tribute to Cinematographer W.B.Rao 256.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from Bollywood  who has  given memorable films  is none other than Cinematographer  W.B.Rao.Started his career as a assistant cinematographer with Stalwart Director ,Cinematographer Pravin Bhat and later he had his own identity in Bollywood as a good Versatile Cinematographer.He has worked with all the top class actors and directors.Particularly the Combination of Pravin Bhat and W.B.Rao was great success in those days.Nearly four  decades he has contributed his wonderful work to the Indian audience is laudable . Late Sanjeev kumar,Mala Sinha, Amitabh Bachan, Shatrugun sinha, Aamirkhan,Naseerudin Shah, Salmankhan,Bobbydeol,Sunny deol, Sridevi,Juhi chawla,  and many other popular actors  have worked with him is worth to be mentioned here.Lovely Shots ,Special effects and good lighting will be more visible in his frame work.Even though he has many films to his credit i saw few films of this Stalwart.Those films are,Khoon ka karz,Shaadikar ke Phas GayaYaar,Jurat,Aap ki khatir,Ajay,Wajoot,Talaash,Bewafa,Judwaa,Har Dil jo Pyar Karega, Raja Hindustani,and Hum. Some i am not remembering.Bolly wood film  is known for it's International acceptance because of  Cinematography,Music and Colour.W.B.Rao is one of the talented technician has given many remarkable movies to the Bolly wood fans.Today i am very happy to tribute this  Doyen.
See You Next Week,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Article 311.

Birthday logic             Article Published in The Gulf Today  Uae on 20 July 13  (311)

Children are generally thrilled to celebrate their birthdays. I am amused by the fact that the birthday celebration craze is catching up among all age groups, including senior citizens. 

I often get invitations for such functions. When I asked a friend who hosted a lavish party whether it was necessary, he replied that he did not want to celebrate, but the occasion offered a platform to meet near and dear ones and also exchange ideas. I am confused whether to endorse his logic or not. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Palestinian peace is worth the effort  Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 19July 13
This is with reference to Kerry returns to Jordan for Mideast peace talks (July 17).
In spite of the Americans' decades-long peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians without any fruitful results, hoping for a breakthrough by the present Secretary of State John Kerry must still be welcomed.
Both Israelis and Palestinians should come wholeheartedly for peace negotiations in order to make the Middle East region peaceful.
K Ragavan, India

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bihar School children tragedy.

Bihar's school children deaths in mid day meal was highly unacceptable and crude one. The school management should be responsible for this tragic Casualities and they should be brought in to justice Govt's blame game is not going to help .What ever be the amount declared by Nitish Kumar's govt to the victims is not going to bring back the children.In our country no value for human beings was sad state of affairs Bihar govt is answerable for this tragic incident..i Pray for the Victims,grieved family members and speedy recovery for the suffering.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life is Beautiful 173.

Kathambari was happy about Ram's reply regarding his Job.
Ram Not only you are happy but also our Channel is Very happy about your entry.
Ram.I was not knowing any thing about Media,Advertisement,Marketing and Sales Promotions earlier.Today i know a little bit because of you.
Kathambari.You are a Versatile person Ram. I hope you like hindi movies.
Ram.Yes ,i used to watch when i was  in Bangalore regularly.Today i came to know the demise of Pran A
Wonderful versatile actor who made a big impact in Yester year.
Kathambari. Actually i came to tell you about Pran's demise but before  me telling you told this news.You are great Ram.
Ram.No Kathambari..I love every body whoever deliver their profession irrespective of Sex.Pran was
started in negative rolls established  himself   as a    Sophisticated Villain later turned in to a Versatile Character actor which i admire.
KathambariYou know film world also.You have come to a right place for your delivery.
Ram.Thank you.Tell me what for you  have come here.
Kathambari.I wanted to invite you for lunch in the coming friday to my house.
Ram.Why take trouble.We will go out and eat.
Kathambari.No Ram ,eating out sideis always there.
Kathambari.I will call you on friday what time i will come and take you to my home.
Kathambari.Thank you.See you on friday.
After Kathambari left Ram was remembering a film saw with Vasanthy  that was Brahmachary acted by Late Shammi kapoor and Pran.That was the first hindi picture he saw with his beautiful Vasanthy.Probably that was the reason he is still Brahmachary.Ram was smiling himself for the coincidence. Suddenly his phone was ringing.Vasanthy was in the other line
Ram ,How are you.How is your job.
Ram.Every thing is fine.You believe it or not just now i remembered you.
Vasanthy.Really,I am very lucky.At that time Ali came
Sir,MD Wanted to see  you.
Ram.O.K. Iwill come.Ali left.
Ram.Sorry vasanthy My MD wanted to meet me.
Vasanthy.Carry on,We will meet on friday.Bye now.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Loveable bad guy was one of a kind

Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 16July 13                               The death of actor Pran ( Beloved Bollywood villain Pran dies at 93, July 11) was a great loss to the Indian film industry.
One of the great, sophisticated villains of yesteryear, he played memorable roles in remarkable films.
While he was known as the bad guy on screen, he was said to be a wonderful human being.
He was liked by one and all in the Indian film industry. K Ragavan, India

Inflation and the Common man's fate.

Till today the inflation has not come down.Vegetables,Provisons,and recent petrol price hike makes the Commonpeople life miserable.UPA 2 has completely ignored the
Commonman's fate.Neither the Govt should reduce the inflation nor the Bank Interest rate should be increased  to meet out the day to day life.Particularly retired people depending bank interest is highly affected.All because of im proper governance and lack of Political will to fulfill this main issue.Sad state of  affairs in our Country

Tribute to Cinematographer Arvind Krishna 255.

Another interesting film personality  i remembered  today  from South Indian film industry who  has not only done good Cinematography work but also acted in Couple of films is none other than Cinematographer Arvind Krishna.He has worked Tamil,Telugu and Malayalam movies is important.Started his career with Stalwart P.CSree ram  in his films and ad films later become an independent Cinematographer is laudable.He has worked with Super Star Rajnikanth Vishal ,Meena,Pasupathy,Santhanam, and Up coming actor Jai.In his short tenure he has given couple of films in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies is worth to be mentioned here.
Neat indoor and out door shots are his speciality.I have seen few films Photographed by this  director.Those films are 7G Rain bow colony,Kuselan,Vaamanan,Puthu pettai,and Theeratha vilaiyattupillai.Kuselan and 7G Rain bow colony  was  hit movies  for this Cinematographer directed by P.Vasu and Selva Raghavan.Today i am happy to tribute this Up coming Cinematographer
See You Next Week,

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Indian courts right to ban candidates     Letter Published in The National Uae on 15July 13
I was pleased to read India acts on crooked politicians (July 11).
Many political parties have elected members with criminal backgrounds; it has been an all-too-common feature of Indian politics.
The time is now right for the Supreme Court to rule that these candidates be excluded.
This rule should be enforced strictly for the sake of better governance. K Ragavan, India

Friday, July 12, 2013

Article 310.

Sharing joy          Article Published in The Gulf Today ,Uae on 13 July 13 (Article 310).

I have the habit of going for morning walks with a group of elderly friends. City civic sense and latest social developments are a common topic of discussion.

A new person joined our group this week. When someone raised the subject “sharing is caring,” the new person immediately picked up crispy biscuits and offered everyone around. “Yes. We will also practise what we preach,” he joked.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Court was right about acid attacks     Letter Published in The National,Uae on 11July 13.
I refer to the news report Indian court demands action on acid attacks (July 10).
Manmohan Singh's administration has not done enough to combat acid attacks, and I was glad that the Supreme Court said so.
The practice, most commonly used against young women by rejected suitors, must be stopped. It is good that the Supreme Court has ordered the government to curb this menace.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life is Beautiful 172.

 Next day morning Prasanna attended his  office . All his colleagues was eagerly waiting to hear his Italy  visit.Prasanna explained  to all his colleagues that he had a  nice time in Italy.Then he went to Murthy's chamber
Good morning sir.
Murthy.Good morning Prasanna. After a gap of thirteen days you are coming to office.How was the office atmosphere in our Principles  Bracco Industria.
Prasanna. It was fantastic .All the staff members are very receptive ,except few speak English and others in Italian  language.But totally it was nice experience for me.I should thanks to Ram sir for introducing to you.
Murthy.Yes,Ram is responsible for your introduction in this Organisation.Our MD Srivatsava also happy about your  growth in our Company.Did Ram knows that you have come back.
Prasanna.Yesterday night i tried ,could n't get the line. Today i will talk to him at 1-30P.M our time.
Murthy.Fine,You can tell my regards to Ram.
Prasanna.Sure Sir.
Murthy.O.K. You carry on with your routine.
Prasanna left Murthy's Chamber  came to his seat.Exactly 1-30 he called Ram
Good after noon sir,I came yesterday night to India.How are you sir.
Ram.I am fine Prasanna.How is mother and  Murthy.
Prasanna.A ll are fine.Mr,Murthy conveyed his regards.Can you mail me your address.
Ram.What for.
Prasanna. I want to send a small gift to you  by courier.
Prasanna.Why you have bought for me.
Prasanna.It is for  my satisfaction  to my guide and Philosopher.My today's position is only because of you.
Ram.O.K.I will mail my address. Take care .Bye now.
Prasanna  I do n't want to disturb you Sir,Bye now.
After the conversation Prasanna fully  engaged his work.
Ram was very happy  that Prasanna called him..He immediately sent his new address to Prasanna.
By that time Kathambari entered to Ram's cabin.
Good after noon Ram.How are you  and  how you like the Job.
Ram.Fine .I am enjoying my job.
Kathambari.Thank you.
Ram.All because of you .
 (to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tribute to Cinematographer R.Madhi 254.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality  from South Indian film is none other than Cinematographer R.Madhi. Started his career with Cinematographer Saravanan and later become an independent Cinematographer He has worked with .Tamil ,Telugu  and Hindi films  is important.Today 's  up coming   actors Arya,Simbu,Karthi,Bharath ,Tamannaah,Sonia agarwal and Lakshmi Menon worked worked with him.Clean indoor and out door shots are his speciality.Even though he has worked with couple of films over a period of Eleven years  i have seen few remarkable films of this Cinematographer.Those films are Punnagai desam,Oru kalluriin kathai,Veyil,Ninai thaley,Nepali,Naan Mahaanalla, and Paiyya.He is one of the few  talented   Up coming cinematographer in tamil film.Two more pictures are expected from him  before 2014..In Indian film industry  talented  technicians  are acknowledged is true.Today i am happy to tribute this talented Cinematographer.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hopes for smooth transition in Egypt    Letter Published in The National Uae on 8July 13
I am writing in reference to ElBaradei heads new government of Egypt (July 7).
The reported appointment of the former International Atomic Energy Agency chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, as interim prime minister was certainly a dramatic development.
I hope the situation will calm down in the coming days, and that Egyptians get a transparent government that will cater to their needs. I hope this world-famous tourist destination will soon return to normality.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, July 5, 2013

Article 309.

Travel time                Article Published in The Gulf Today, Uae on 6 July 13 (Article 309.)

I love travelling but never got much of an opportunity while working. Now that I am retired, I am trying to see new places and learn about different cultures. 

India is a vast country and the special tariff for the aged while booking train tickets is a blessing. No wonder, I see more and more senior citizens travelling along with me when I visit new places. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Prove charges in Court     Letter Published in DNA India,Bangalore on 5 July 13
A  Propos of CBI sets the stage for an encounter,the investigate agency has submitted the charge sheet  in this nine year old case, but it will  have to prove charges in the court.Of course, if those accused are proved guilty ,they must be punished. The matter is suddenly getting a lot of attention and will likely influence 
the BJP's strategy going into  the forth coming lok sabha elections.
K.Ragavan  Bangalore


Ishrat Encounter  Letter Published in The New Indian EXpress ,India on 5 July 13
The CBI terming the Ishrat  Jehan encounter as fake and naming 7 Gujarat copsas accused is the latest dramatic development in the nine year-old case.If the CBI charge sheet proved in court,the guilty should be punished.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Uttarakhand job could be better        Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 4July 13
I am responding to the news article Mass cremations held for 'Himalayan tsunami' victims (June 28).
Although thousands of people were saved in Uttarakhand by soldiers and personnel from India's National Disaster Management Authority, too many people perished in the natural disaster.
Unfortunately, the bodies had to be disposed of in the affected areas.
I am sure this scenario could have been averted to a large extent with better coordination and timely action by the government.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life is Beautiful 171.

After spending few days training in Italy Prasanna  arrived  Mysore  on wednesday  evening by taxi from Bangalore airport.His trip was memorable  and he enjoyed the beautiful fashion city and the people.Except the food problem all other things he liked.He bought few leather items for his friends, Murthy,Raj and Ram.
His mother was very happy to see him after  twelve  days since he is the only son. His mother was telling Murthy will come in the evening.
Prasanna immediately called his boss, Good evening sir,How are you and family members.
Murthy.All are fine.How was your trip.
Prasanna.Memorable one.Our principles Bracco  was very nice and their hospitality was excellent.
Murthy.What about food,since you are a rice eater.
Prasanna.That was  the only problem i faced in the first few days.Later one of  Bracco 's research staff Ramanujam  was from India entertained me in his house with Sambar ,rasam and other dishes.
Murthy.You are lucky.I want to meet you in the evening at your place.Will it be alright since you have come from the long journey.
Prasanna.No problem Sir,You are welcome for dinner.
Murthy.Thank you for your invitation.I will come some other time.See you in the evening.
After the conversation  Prasanna called Raj.
Good evening Sir,How are you and family.
Raj.All are fine.When you came.How was your trip.
Prasanna.Just now.Trip was wonderful.
Raj.Good.See you tomorrow.
Prasanna. o.k.Bye now.
Suddenly rain started  and pouring heavily.His mother was telling
Here  no rains  we need good rains to solve the water problem.
Prasanna.I  read in the papers that Karnataka is facing acute water shortage especially Bangalore.  .Mother.Apart from Water Problem Bangalore  is now facing garbage problem  which was not there earlier.Now i do n't know how garbage piling become a big threat .
Prasanna.All because of people's attitude.Hope the new govt will take care of this issue and make Bangalore
to the old form.
Mother.Let us hope the new govt will do.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, July 1, 2013


BBMP Chief acts only in VIP  Area?                   Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror,Bangalore ,India on 2 July 13
 Will the BBMP commissioner follow the same procedure of suspending the assistant engineer concerned in other areas of Bangalore where garbage is piling up? 
    K Ragavan


Alarming figures on Indian obesity   Letter Published in The National Uae on 2July 13
I was shocked to read in Delhi bellies are getting bigger (July 1) that, by 2015, 31 per cent of Indian men will be overweight.
This is mainly due to the economic improvement over the past decade among middle class people, and changing eating habits.
Indians are now consuming more sweets and other high-calorie items, and it is alarming that they will be more prone to develop certain health disorders.
K Ragavan, India

Tribute to Writers Shuba 253.

Today i remembered another interesting  duo who has created a big impact  both in short stories as well in
tamil film stories is none other than Suresh and Balakrishnan. When studying in the Colleage both associated
and started writing short stories ,novels under the pen name Shuba  was welcomed by thousands of readers.
Good stories and novels created by this talented duo  was published in many leading journals. They have their own publication house namely Thanga thamarai publication.Their Popular Characters Narendran and Vyjayanthi in their detective stories was not only a good imagination one but also created a very big hit  from readers.This duo contributed more than 400 short stories and novels is important.They are also popular in tamil films with their powerful stories and dialoques is to be mentioned here This duo was associated  with .Popular Director ,Cinemato grapher K.V.Anand's  films I have seen . KO ,Kaana Kandean,Maatran,Velayutham and Ayan was remarkable  from this Duo.Good sophisticated story line with power ful dialoques are more visible from  their creations. This duo is one of the few gifted talented writers for both  in Novels and Tamil  Films. If there is any  mistakes in this column kindly ignore.What little i know about this duo  i have mentioned.Today i am very happy to tribute this duo.
See You Next Week,