Friday, June 29, 2012


Lucky day Article Published in The Gulf Today,Uae on 30,June 12 (257th Article).

After a gap of three months, I visited my daughter’s place in Bangalore. I also met my friends associated with Senior Citizens’ Club there. The president of the club invited me for its annual day celebrations. I was delighted to watch the talents of elderly men and women. It is evident that age is no bar to genuine talent.

At the programme, I won a prize offering free health check-up at a reputed hospital. That day proved a healthy day for me.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Blame leaders for weak rupee Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 27,June 12

I refer to Steps to halt rupee's slide fail to convince (June 26).

The main reason for the fall of the rupee is the wrong strategy and poor planning by India's leaders.

Investors who used to have confidence in the Indian economy now hesitate to invest. And since no strong measures are being taken, the present crisis may become worse, analysts say. The government of India needs to do better.

K Ragavan, India

Monday, June 25, 2012

Life is Beautiful 118.

Next day morning Ram received a call from Kathambari
Good morning Ram,Had a Good sleep yesterday .
Ram.Yes,What time i should get ready.
Kathambari.Exactly 7-30 p.m.I will come in a cab and pick you.
Ram.How many days we will be staying in Cyprus.
Kathambari.Four or five days depends on our work.
Ram.Fine.Work is important.
Kathambari.See you in the evening.
Ram .o.k.
After that Ram finished his Morning routine seeing the news paper The National.At that time he received a call from Kathambari's M.D.
How are you Ram.Today afternoon i am leaving for U.K .Will be back after one week.Wishing you a Very Happy and Safe JOurney to Cyprus.
Ram.Thank you.I am also reciprocating.Take care
After that Ram got another call and surprised.The call came from Vasanthy.
Hello Ram,Had your breakfast.
Ram.Yes,How about you.
Vasanthy.Not yet.I am feeling restless.
Vasanthy.I could not finish Kathambari's story.Because of some disturbance.Now i want to tell you
By that time Ram's door was knocked by some body
Vasanthy,Some body has come,iwill check up.Wait
Vasanthy.O.K. By that time ,Ram i am Kathambari,are you in the Bath room Kathambari was asking him from out side.Ram was surprised how come at this hour she came.
Then he told Vasanthy Kathambari had come,You can call me later.
Vasanthy was also surprised.(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Tribute to Writer,Producer,Novelist and Lyricist Kavi Perarasu Kannadasan 200..

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from tamil film Industry is none other than Writer,Novelist and Lyricist Late Kannadasan.He has written many Novels
and Poems.Novels 232, 6000 Poems and 5000 Lyrics is worth to be mentioned here.He won Sahitya Academy award for his book Cheraman Kadhali and best National film award for his Lyrics for Kulanthaikaka movie in 1969.Known for his Meaningful songs in many films.Istill remember his songs in AAlayaMani,Pantha paasam and Paavamannipu.One of the Versatile film personality was dominating the tamil film industry for more then two and half decades.He has liked by the film fraternity.He had great passination for tamil language and culture.All his songs are hitin those days.He has worked with top class actors and Directors of those days.Known for his tamil authenticity in his lyrics and poems.His 10 Parts, Arthamulla Indhu Matham book created a big revolution is not a exaggerated one.Early days he was amazed with famous Thiruppavai of Aandal and admired it's meaning.Even though he left us his remarkable works in Tamil language and Culture
are still with us.His Children ,particularly daughter Vaishali following his foot steps in poems and Lyrics is applaudable.Today i am happy to tribute this great Legend.What little i know i am mentioning here.He is a Great Ocean and i have given few of his memorable works.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Young and Restless Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 24,June 12.
That innovation is playing a vital role today is true.Young, talented Indians coming up with new ideas was a good news,
Particularly Fedena's web product development ,that helped 40,ooo schools.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Article 256.

Helping hand Article Published in The Gulf Today,Uae on 23,June 12(256)

Watching movies, attending parties and visiting places are hobbies of many in today’s world. Recently I visited a friend and he asked me about my interests. I replied that my passion was writing. When I asked him about his interests, he said that he helped poor students by giving them free books and paying their school fees through reputed voluntary organisations. I was touched by his reply and decided to take up similar work whenever possible.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life is Beautiful 117.

In the intermission Kathambari asked Ram and Vasanthy,
Hope both are enjoying the movie.Particularly the action of Aamir khan.
Ram.Of course ,he is one of the talented and versatile actor.Tarae zamin par movie i saw thrice ,because of the story and the boy's action.It was a remarkable movie from Aamir.
Kathambari. I too saw that beautiful movie.Mummy saw that movie in Newzeland if i am right.
Vasanthy.Yes, i saw that lovely movie in Newzeland.
Kathambari.Can i get some thing for munching Ram.
Ram.Not for me.ask Mum.
Vasanthy.I too do n't want.By that time film started.
After the film over Kathambari dropped Ram to his Hotel.
Ram,i will meet you tomorrow at 8.P.M.Our flight departure time is 11.P.M.
Ram.My God,i have forgotten our Cyprus visit. I will see you tomorrow.
Vasanthy.Bye Ram.Take care.
Ram.Thank you ,you too.
Ram recollecting Kathambari was his beautiful Vasanthy's daughter made him confuse. But the way in which Vasanthy was talking in the morning remembered the way in which they were talking twenty five years back as lovers.(to be continued).
SeeYou Next week,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tribute to Cinematographer K.S.Selvaraj. 199.

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality from the tamil film industry is none other then Cinematographer K.S.Selvaraj.He has given many hit movies with today's top class actors like Arjun, Satyaraj,Sunder.c, Vadivel,Nasar, and many .Clean shots both in indoor and outdoor will be more visible in his movies.Eventhough he has many films to his credit i have seen few remarkable movies of this Cinematographer.Those films are Thalainagaram,Ottran and Ayutham seivom,.Imight have seen some more movies of this stalwartbut could n't recollect.One of the Versatile
Cinematographers has his own identity is worth to be mentioned here.Tamil film industry has talented Cinematographers known for their wonderful delivery in all their films.Today i am happy to tribute this stalwart.
See You Next week,

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Change ways Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 18,June 12
Prabhu Chawla's ,Congress Must Realise that Jagan's rise is not just an Andhra coup, was good and thought provoking.It is high time the congress changed its strategy and focused on good governancein order to face the 2014 election.Jagan's victory is a reflection of the people's mood.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


His Master's Voice Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 17,June ,Regarding (Pep Pundits,Motivational Speakers SS Magazine June 10)
Toast masters International is a platform worth mentioning here,which young ,talented and ambitious people can use to improve communication and leadership skills.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Article 255.

Proud connection Article Published in The Gulf Today,Uae on 16,June 12.(255).

I have received an invitation for a friend’s daughter’s wedding in India. The marriage venue is 350km away from my place. I have decided to attend the wedding mainly because I can meet old friends from the UAE. My friend is working in Dubai and many of our acquaintances are expected to attend. Despite my departure from the UAE, my love for that country never ceases.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Full steam ahead for India's trains Letter Published in The National,Uae on 14,June 12

India's railways head for a bumpy ride (June 13) was interesting.

India has one of the world's largest train services and millions of people travel on it every day. Authorities should upgrade facilities for passengers and modernise the trains.

But if there are improvements, I hope the government doesn't allow the fares to rise.

K Ragavan, India

Monday, June 11, 2012

Life is Beautiful 116.

Ram,Vasanthy and Kathambari reached Lamzy Plaza at 2-40.P.M.kathambari,
Guys wait in the theater.Mummy knows,i will park the car and come.
Ram and Vasanthy was going in the lift.Both were alone.
Ram.Interesting topic was diverted.
Vasanthy.Yes,Iwant to tell some thing which is connected our life.
By that time Lift stopped in the third floor where the theater was situated.
When they came out from the lift Vasanthy received a call
Mum,Iam unable to get the parking.iam waiting.Some body is taking the car.
Vasanthy.No problem,Come after parking.We will wait.
Ram.She could n't get parking.
Vasanthy.Yes,Shall we sit in that bench.They sat in the bench.
Iwant to tell you ,about my daughter Kathambari.
Ram.Iwas curious to know about that.
Vasanthy.Iwill tell you now.At that time Some body was calling Ram by name.
Surprised Ram turned back saw the President of Toast Master's club Was standing.
Ram.Hello,how are you.
President.Iam happy to see you here.Ithought you have gone back to India.
Ram.Dubai is not leaving.
President.That's very nice.You came alone for the Movie.
Ram.No,meet Kathambari's Mum ,Ram introduced Vasanthy to him.Kathambari is parking,will come now.
President.O.K.Carry on i came with my friend.Isaw you ,want to say hello to you.Come for next week's meeting.
Ram.Thank you,if iam free on that day i will come.Bye.
President.Bye.Take care,My regards to Kathambari.
After he left Vasanthy,Ram now i will tell.By that time ,Mummy sorryit was a tough task to get parking in this place.At last i got.Come let us move.Igot the tickets while coming.(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Tribute to Face Book 198.

To day i am going to pen another interesting personality is none other then the popular social web site became very popular
in this decade is none other then the Beautiful Social site Face Book.Known for it's Popularity connecting various People,Friends and schoolmates. For the Past four years i have been watching this site's tremendous growth in it's remarkable net work connecting.From Pediatric to Geriatric Using this site frequently to communicate with friends,relatives and other personalities of various walks of life. Actors of small and big screen interacting with their fans.Even though people are far off still they are close because of Face Book.Even though we are not meeting our friends frequently, through Face Book we meet every day is really a great asset.There are lot of advantages comparing to disadvantages.Above all one has to Choose his friends carefully and Judiciously.Over all this site is a Wonderful site for people who believe in Communicating.To day i am happy to tribute this Famous and Favorite site of Millions.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Yet to Prove Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 11June 12
Prabhu chawla's Modi Must Learn the Politics of Tolerance to Take National stage ,was meaningful and interesting to read.Both the the faces of Narendra Modi have been analysed.Even though Modi has proved an able administrator for Gujarat,he is yet to prove it at the national stage.One hopes that his experience will help in making a change at the national level.


Traffic Signal Needed Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 11June 12
People who travel from GST road to Chrome pet MIT over bridge on their way to chitlapakam and Nehru Nagar have to take a turn near this bridge.Since the traffic is increasing everyday,the area requires a signal to control the traffic.
Eventhough infrastructure facilities have increased,the area still lacks a traffic signal.I request the authorities to look in to this matter.
K.Ragavan,Judge Colony

Friday, June 8, 2012


Another milestone Letter Published in Gulf News,UAE on 9June 012
It is good news that Facebook’s Middle East and North Africa operation will be starting in Dubai (‘Facebook’s Dubai office opens its doors’, Gulf News, May 31). This is another milestone for the world famous tourist destination. Dubai is already on the global map for its international film festivals and the addition of the prestigious social network will only add value.
From Mr K.Ragavan
Chennai, India
Website comment

Article 254.

Waiting list Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE On June 9,012.(254).

With the temperature shooting up in my city, Chennai, I decided to visit my daughter’s place, Bangalore. While booking a ticket online, I got 18 as the number on the waiting list and hesitated for a few minutes. When I finally decided to take a risk and tried to pay through my credit card, the particulars vanished. I tried again only to find the waiting list number slide to 42. I decided to stay back and bear the heat.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Positive Sign Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 8June 12
PM Gives Big Push to Infra Sector is good news.India needs good airports,roads, anf fly overs for our people ,as well as to induce the foreign investment.It is a Positive sign that the government has woken up to this important issue.Now it is important to carry out this scheme with out any corruption or scams.The UPA has made a right move.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Tendulkar should serve people well Letter Published in The National ,Uae on 6June 12

Your article New innings for Tendulkar (June 5) was good to read. As a cricket player he has brought fame to India.

Now in this second innings of his public life Sachin Tendulkar will take care of his people away from the field, as an MP.

The Little Master should deliver in the nation's upper house, the Rajya Sabha, as he did on the cricket field.

K Ragavan, India

Monday, June 4, 2012

Life is Beautiful 115.

Ram still not cleared his doubt about Vasanthy's Marriage status because of Kathambari's arrival.
Kathambari.Ram we are leaving to morrow night by Cyprus Airways.
Ram.Katham bari i am unable to believe that i will be travelling with you to the Beautiful Cyprus.All because of our first meeting in J.C.Eng. College function at Mysore.
Vasanthy.Ram what is going to happen is already written in our head.For some good reasons only you have met Kathambari at Mysore.
Ram was happy with her statement but still he could n't clear his doubt.
Kathambari.Mummy,now time is 2P.M. why not we all go for the movie 3Idiots in Lamcy Plaza. Movie starts at 2-45P.M.We have enough time.I have also not seen a movie with you quite some time.
Vasanthy.Fine .I Hope Ram will agree.
RaM. Certainly.
Kathambari.Both come to main road.Iwill bring the car from the parking place.Out side is hot.Iwill be back in two minitues.
Ram.Fine we will come there.
Ram and Vasanthy came out and waitingin the main road.By that time Kathambari came with her car.
Ram have you seen any change in my car.
Ram.If My memory is right last time you had Honda Civic.Today this is a different car.
Kathambari.Your memory is always right.This car i changed few days back.Toyoto Prado,Pearl white colour.Even you can drive in the desert.
Ram.Yes,this is a Good car.Four wheel drive.
Kathambari. Let us start.(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tribute to Director Suseenthiran 197.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film Personality from South Indian Tamil film industry is none other then Director Suseenthiran.Started his career with Directors S.D .Sabha and Ezhil. Even though he has few films to his credit he won Nominated Film fare award for best Director Vennila Kabadi kuzu,and Best National film award for providing wholesome entertainment award for Azhagar samin kudhirai is worth to be mentioned here.I have seenthree of his remarkable movies.Those films are
Vennila Kabadi kuzu,Azhagar samiin Kudhirai and Naan Mahanalla.He has worked with today's up coming actors like Vikram, Karthi,Kajal Agar wal and Vishnu.Naan mahan alla was a hit and gave him a good name.Inspite of tough Competition in the Industry many are thriving because of delivery one has to accept.Good screen play,Music ,Songs and Cinematographyare visible in his films.Today i am happy to tribute this Director.
See You Next Week,


Excellent postal Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 4June12
The article,Rewriting Postal codes,was nice and meaningful (may 21).Shobha Koshy's three decades in the postal service and her journey to become chief postmaster general of kerala,is laudable.Her advice to civil services aspirants
and her confidence in her department's growth despite a tough competition from internet and email services are remarkable.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


A win-win for India in Afghanistan Letter Published in The National,UAE on 3June 12

India asks for more coordination with US in Afghanistan pull-out was a good to read (June 9).
While the West’s concerns are that withdrawal will make room for terrorists, New Delhi sees the issue more related to trade. For India, the departure of Nato forces in 2014 could be a boon to Indian businesses trading with Afghan counterparts. K Ragavan, India


Leap of Art Letter Published in The New Indian Express,India on 3June 12
Yaksha ghana is a popular theatre form of karnataka(The Unlikely Hero of Yakshaghana,SS ,May 27) .Mohd.Ghouse's involvement in it for decades is laudable.His pride over it and desire to not to quit is even more appreciable as a Muslim.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Article 253.

Fruitful meeting Article Published in The Gulf Today,Uae on 2 June 012 (253)

I love the king of fruits, mangoes, for their delicious taste. I was buying mangoes at a shop. While paying for them, I noticed a packet of mangoes lying nearby. The shopkeeper, pointing to a man walking at a distance, said he had left it behind. I caught up with the person, introduced myself and we became friends. Since he worked in the pharmaceutical field like me, we got to discuss a lot about the industry. Now, I have one more reason other than taste to love mangoes.
K. Ragavan