Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Letter Published in Gulf News  UAE on 1 Jan 2015Protect citizens
`The Gulf News report about India scaling up offensive against terrorism after rebels kill 80 villagers in Assam was sad to read (‘India scales up offensive against terrorism after rebels kill 80 villagers in Assam,’ Gulf News, December 27). The Indian Northern state of Assam is often facing militant attacks causing more civilian casualties. The state government and central government should have new strategies to eradicate this menace. I am happy the home ministry has taken stringent measures to counterattack the militants. Ultimately, civilians should be protected.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Letters Published in 2014

2014   At a Glance
My Letters and Articles Published  on Various Papers in 2014
1.The New Indian Express India     42
2.Bangalore Mirror  India                1
3.Deccan Herald India                      3
4.Gulf News  UAE                           6
5The Gulf Today   UAE                 51
6.The National UAE                      79
7. I ndia Abroad  USA                      4
8.Thendral Tamil Magazine  USA    4
Total                                                 190.           

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life is Beautiful 248.

Prasanna took the phone.Ram was in the other line.
Prasanna,How are you.
Prasanna.I am fine.Tell me Sir
Ram.Just now i received a Call from Kathambari;s Mother.She is asking us to come to their house Tomorrow.
Prasanna.Is it What for
Ram.She will be  announcing the boy  which she has selected for Kathambari.
Prasanna.What time we have to go.
Ram.Since tomorrow Holiday we all can go in the morning.I will come to your place at 10AM along with Raj.
Prasanna.Good Sir,I will be ready at 10.A.M.
Ram.Any other news
Prasanna.Nothing sir, He does not want to tell My sore development regarding Ananda rao's relative girl for him.After seeing the announcement from Vasanthy he wants to tell that matter.
 Dubai was getting for the New year's celebrations.This year they expect lot of International visitors.
Ram 's car was  going slowly because of the heavy traffic.To reach Galadari round about it took twenty minitues than the normal time ten minitues.While going Raj was asking Prasanna.
You  told you will be telling your decision  today.
Prasanna.Yes,let us see  the announce ment from Madam Vasanthy.
Raj.Today i received a Message from my office.
Ram.What is that.
Raj.Regarding the recent release of Aamirkhan's  movie  PK. People like this movie from Raj Kumar Hirani.
Ram.Earlier Munna bhai,3Idiots was also nice.
Prasanna.I heard some organisations objecting
Ram.I was also seen in the T.V.
Raj.The Censor Board has already approved this movie.I do n't think there will be problem for this/
Ram.You are right Raj.My point as long as Religon and Sentiments  respected no problem.A friend told  me picture is good.I have not seen.
By that time the traffic was over and their car started moving.
See You Next Week,

Monday, December 29, 2014

Tribute to Writer R.Maha Devan . (Devan). 331.

Today i  remembered another interesting  personalty from the Tamil literary World is none other than writer Devan.His real name was R.Mahadevan   and  he  is known   through his pen name Devan.In his short span of life he has done a wonderful work  through his fiction stories and  popular  dedective story Thupariyum Sambu. Started his career with the Popular Magazine  Ananda Vikatan as Sub editor.His stories are made in Small screen  as well as big screen is worth to  be mentioned here.  Film   Gomathiin Kathalan was very popular in those days acted by the Late actor T.R.Ramachandran and late Savithri.Mister Vedantham and SriMan Sudharsanam was his  famous NovelsHe has contributed many short stories,novels,travel articles and current affairs.Many of his work was published through famous publisher Alliance.I have read   few of his creations.Those are,Mr Vedantham,Thuparium SambuMy thili,Miss Janaki,Lakshmi kadaksham,Justice Jaganathan,and C.I.D.Chandru.I am unable to recollect some more.Incidently he also hails from Tanjore Distrct where many talented people  on various walks of life born. Even though he has departed  from us Devan's beautiful creations are with us.Today i am very happy to tribute this Great Stalwart.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 29Dec 14

Letters: December 29, 2014

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community
  • By Gulf News readers
  • Published: 15:25 December 28, 2014
  • Gulf News
Writing to the paper
I have been reading Gulf News for more than two decades and I want to share my association with readers. I still remember my first letter was published in Friday magazine on December 31, 2004. The letter was my comment on the article about scientist Krishna Murthy Kannan. Then, in June 2006 June I joined the Gulf News Readers Club (GNRC) as a member.
Since then I have been contributing letters to Gulf News despite my departure to my home country, India, in 2009. I have seen the development of Gulf News both in Nation and Views in the issues they have covered over the years. I always remember Gulf News and cherish my first letter published and the moment I became a member of GNRC.
Exactly on December 31 this year, I will be completing a decade contributing in various ways to the UAE’s leading newspaper. I am once again thanking Gulf News for a long association.
From Mr,K.Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 28 Dec 14       Moral obligation
Corporate companies should have moral obligations to protect civilian safety. The example of the recent cancelation of the movie released through Sony Entertainment Pictures was well founded. Measuring any political climate is an important concept for corporations. Apart from entertainment, health, food and education, civilian safety is important.
From Mr Ragavan Krishnamachary
Bengaluru, India

Friday, December 26, 2014

Article 383.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 27 Dec 14 (383).

Best asset

I love to make new friends, not necessarily through social media. Whenever I come across a friendly person, I extend my hands of friendship. 

I was travelling in India from Bengaluru to Trichy by train recently. I got acquainted with a businessman from Mysore. We exchanged our phone numbers. After a week, I forgot about the person. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he called me to wish in advance for the new year.

It is my experience that, mostly, train friends do not continue their friendship once they alight at their destination. This person proved different. Of all things in life, such friendship is the best asset.

K. Ragavan


Letter Published in Gulf News  on 27 Dec 14 Creating harmony
I found the story about Syrians of all religions living in harmony an interesting read (‘Praying for peace in a war-torn land,’ Gulf News, December 23). Syria has already lost its charm after being stuck in a civil war for years. It is high time the Syrian government should realise what is best for the people and make peace and harmony among its citizens to help stabilise the region. Will Syrian President Bashar Al Assad revive this in the New Year?
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy New Year.

Advance Wishes to all Members of Google, group A Very Happy And Healthy New Year.
With Warm Regards,

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bengaluru  India on 24 Dec 14
House Disrupted
Your Power &Politics  made for an interesting read (TNIES,Dec 21)The recent allegations and charged levelled by Mamta Banerje against Modi and her protest against the NDA Government is a dramatic development.This despite her ministers being involved in the much -talked Saradha scam.
TMC leaders did not allow Parliament to function due to their agitations.Do they realise  the amount of tax payers money they have wasted by  disrupting parliament?


Letter Published in The National UAE on 24 Dec 14How will Modi break through?
Your story, Modi’s deafening silence on hindu conversions (December 22) was good to read.
Opposition parties  take Mr Modi’s silence as aggravating the situation.
All the political parties should realise how much money a non-functioning parliament costs. Will this logjam be solved in the country’s interests?
K Ragavan, India

Monday, December 22, 2014

Life is Beautiful 247.

After the Lunch Meeting Ram was waiting for his Vasanthy's call.He was anxious to know his Beautiful Vasan thy's selection for Kathambari.The same time Kathambari was thinking what is her Mother's choice.She was little restless.Then thought of calling Prasanna  and ask him directly about his decision wheather he likes or not.The same time Prasanna was also thinking the same.
Kathambari  took the mobile started dialing Prasanna.After seeing her number Prasanna  was surprised.
Kathambari.Hi,Prasanna,How are you.
Prasanna.I am fine.How are you.
Kathambari.I am asking you one question,please tell me  frankly with out mistaking me.
Prasanna.I wo n't mistake.Tell me
Kathambari.I like you,love you.Do you like me.Because i have to tell my mum.
Prasanna was  very happy to hear this from her.
Prasanna.Really, I am very lucky.I too love you.
Kathambari.Thank you.I can tell my Mumma today.But Mumma has   got a boy in her mind.But i will convince her.
Prasanna.Hope you will convince her.
Kathambari.Thank you for the reply.I am very happy and i am flying in the air with joy.
Prasanna.Me too Kathambari Ilove you,
Kathambari.Love you too,See you later.
After that Conversation Prasanna received a Call from Ananda Rao.
Prasanna.Hello Uncle,How are you.What for you called
Ananda rao.Hope your mother might have told about your Marriage proposal.My niece horoscope suited your horoscope.If you come to Mysore next month you can see the Girl and fix the  marriage date.
Prasanna.Uncle, I will talk to my mother.
Anandarao.O.K.Prasanna.Bye now.
Prasanna was shocked about this development.
By that time his Mobile was ringing.
(to be Continued0.
See You Next Week,

Tribute to Cinematographer N.Balakrishnan 330.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the Tamil film  industry is none other than Late Cinematographer N.Balakrishnan.He has worked with all top class Directors viz, Late Sridhar,K.Balachander,Visu  and others.In his  Six decades film career he has given many remarkable films.He has also contributed  few Hindi films.With out much advancement  in  Equipment  he has done a Wonderful work in Sivaji Ganesan ,Kanchana starer Sivantha Man Directed by Late Sridhar is worth to be mentioned here.The Shot  Pavai yuva rani  song was superb..I have seen few films of this Doyen.Those films are ,Sivantha Mann ,Irukodugal,Ethir Nichal,Ithaya kani,Nootruku Nuru, Vazveye Mayam,Samsaram Athu Minsaram, and some i could n't remember.He was one of the few Cinematographers widely respected  in the film industry.  He has  also worked with  all the top class actors  of Yesteryear.His indoor work on  films like,Irukodugal,Ethir Nichal,and Samsaramathu Min saram  was remarkable.Even though he  is not with us today but his Memorable movies are in front of us.Today i am very happy to tribute this Great Stalwart.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Letter Published in Deccan Herald Bengaluru India on 22Dec 14 (People's Problem Column)
Street lights not working
Many street lights are do n't work properly between Kanakapura main road Gublala gate and Gublala main road.Pedestrians find it difficult to takethis road after 7PM. Residents  of Gublalaand Mantri Tranquil apartments  are the main sufferers.Besides ,just one street light workswhile entering to Mantri tranquil.Since theroad is full of patches , well maintained lights needed.The authorities concerned should and  do the needful.
Gubalala main road

Friday, December 19, 2014


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 20 Dec 14      Already not allowed
Cyberbullying is technically not permitted on social media sites. Despite many bullying incidents, it is a great offence and legally they will be punished. Anything legally allowed can be followed in the social sites. Today cyberbullying is a real threat.
From Mr Ragavan Krishnamachary
Bengaluru, India
Facebook comment

Article 382.

Article  Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 20 Dec 14,(Article 382)

Right path

A friend was talking with me about today children’s interests. He said most children are interested in watching TV cartoons, playing games on the Internet and going to pizza joints. 

Last week, I went to a friend’s place. His son’s friend made a visit. When we were discussing about his hobbies, he said his passion was writing for children magazines and taking part in social activities. He praised his parents for the encouragement. 

I was thrilled to hear that. While one section of children fails to utilise the available resources properly, there are others like this boy who develop a passion to do something worthwhile. If children are guided on a proper path, they can do wonders. 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life is Beautiful 246.

After the heavy lunch Raj started the topic.
Kathambari, the lunch was nice.I like the Badam cake.
Kathambari.Thank you.That was made by my Mum.She makes  sweets nicely
Raj.  I See. all items are delicious particulrly onion Sambar.
Vasanthy.Thank you for your compliment.I love cooking.
Raj. Cooking is an art.All can not cook nicely.
Ram.Yes,all can not cook with tasty.
Kathambari.Yes,You are right.Mummy cooks very nicely.
Raj. Kathambari is smart,intelligent and well mannered .The person who is going to marry her is lucky.
Vasanthy.I am also thinking to  perform her marriage.Thinking to look for a good suitable boy here in Dubai.
Ram.Good idea.Kathambari Mother's idea is good.What you say.
Kathambari. What ever Mum's decision i will follow.
Vasanthy.Thank you dear.If you have any one in your  mind  tell me frankly.
Kathambari.Thank you Mum.You give me two days time.I will tell.
Vasanthy.Why two days.
Kathambari.I have to find out from that person wheather he likes me or not.
Vasanthy.  Is he in Dubai.
Vasanthy.O.K. If both like each other I can perform the Wedding.  But in my mind i was thinking one proposal for her. Now i do n't  want to think that.
Ram.Nice to hear from your mind.Can you spell out
Vasanthy.He is a Good smart Intelligent boy.I like him.But how far Kathambari likes ----
Ram.Name the person.
Vasanthy.I want to talk to his parents in India.
Kathambari.Mum ,Who is he.
Vasanthy.But i give first preference  to  your  choice.
Raj.Good decision Madam.
Ram.Hope to know the boy's name with in two days.
Kathambari.Mum can you  tell your choice name.
Vasanthy.I will tell once you tell your name.
Kathambari.O.K. Mum.
Vasanthy.Before Raj leaves  the boy's name will be announced.
Raj.I am also eagerly waiting to hear the name of the lucky guy who is going to marry Kathambari.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tribute to Kailash Satyarthi 329.

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality who won the Nobel Peace Prize along with Education Campaigner MalalaYousufzai. Few days back it was a proud moment for India when Kailash received the Prestigious Nobel Prize in Oslo.Many people have established their names in their own  field  but  Kailash has established his name internationally in the most sensitive area Child abuse  and Protection.He started his campaign  many decades before and his work was rewarded recently.Even though he was not recoganised for long time now he was bestowed the Nobel Prize is a
welcoming one.More than 80 ,000 children has been rescued by his campaign was really app laudable.His main mission is to  give education to children,their safety and above all they should  be respected in the Society.I am happy with long sincere struggle he was  honored.Children are the  future assets for any nation.They need Education,regard and respect from the society.Iam really proud to mention here Indians are acknowledged Globally in all walks of life and Satyarthi is one great example.Today i am very happy to tribute this Wonderful Human being.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The New Indian Express BengaluruIndia on 15 Dec 14
Modi's Strategy
Power &Politics (TNSE Dec14)was meaningful and thought provoking.Prabhu Chawla has rightly   analysed  present industrial scenario  and the future plans implemented byNarendra Modi. His past leadership  in Gujarat and the current strategies will  lead to a vibrant  industrial nation  with good governance.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Article 381.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE  on 13Dec 14 (381).

Forget us not

For senior citizens like me, a morning walk helps a lot. I have not only improved my health, but also made good friends. For the past few days, I missed my morning walk as I was away from my home city, Bengaluru. When I met a friend, he enquired about my health and said he missed me at the walking zone. I am happy that there are still caring people in this world. 

When it comes to senior citizens, friends should always ascertain the cause for absence, so that they can be of help in case there is a health need.  
K. Ragavan

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life is Beautiful 245.

Ram ,Raj and Prasanna was welcomed by Kathambari.She took them to the Central hall.
Kathambari.Welcome to our home.You can take Juice now  and Lunch we  can take after ten minitues.
Kathambari was looking Prasanna.
Prasanna.I too like to take the Juice before lunch.Most of the restaurants provide starter.
Ram was looking for his Beautiful Vasanthy.
Kathambari.Mum will come in two minitues.She is in the Pooja room.
Ram.Any importance today.
Kathambari.Today Hanumanth Jayanthy.She is chanting the slogam.
Ram.My god ,i have for gotten. Hanuman has to give us strength,health and.Courage.Great Hanuman.
Raj.I am very happy still we follow our tradition and Custom in this famous Land.
Ram.Traditional and Cultured people will always follow where ever they are.
Raj.True.I feel more home ly here.
Prasanna.Yes Sir.When ever i come here i feel not only homely but also Beautiful.
By that time the Beautiful Vasanthy entered the hall.
Good after noon every body.Welcome to our small hut.
Raj.Madam,this is not hut.Holy place.We were just  discussing about your house.
Vasanthy.Thank you for your Compliment.My daughter told about you.
Raj.I am honoured.
Vasanthy.How are you RamPrasanna.
Ram.I am fine.How are you.
Vasanthy.I am fine.Today i am more happy you all  have come on this Beautiful day.
Ram was looking at Vasanthy.At this age (50) she was very beautiful and good looking.She was wearing Orange Colur saree  looking more elegant for her.
Vasanthy was also looking at his Beautiful Ram.Ram was wearing cream Colur T.Shirt and no body will tell he is 58.She loves  cream colur and Ram was wearing that made her more happy.
By that time her thinking was disturbed by Kathambari
Come on Guys ,we will go for lunch.
(To be Continued)
See You Next Week,
I am Pre poning Iday earlier .

Tribute to Writer R.Parthasarathy 328. (Indira Parthasarathy).

Today I am going to pen another Wonderful writer from the Tamil literature is none other than Writer R.Parthasarathy Popularly known through his pen name as Indira Parthasarathy.His works has been translated in many Indian languages and other Global languages is worth to be mentioned here.He has contributed many Novels,Plays and Short stories.He was bestowed many awards particularly is the only person awarded both Sakitya Academi Award and Sankeet Natak Akademi Award. He was also awarded Padma Shri in the year 2010.He was born in Chennai where lot of Tamil Magazines was born.His passion was writing and particularly in   Tamil  literature.I Even though he has Contributed many creations i read only Maya Maan Vettai.Most of his Creations are set in the Indian Capitol Delhi and famous Srirangam  .Known for his  simple stories with open mind.His Marupakkam was taken film by the famous  Director Sethu Madhavan speaks his quality of delivery.
Tamil literry World should proud to have this Writer.Today i am Very happy to tribute this talented Versatile award winningWriter.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in Deccan Herald Bengaluru India on 8Dec 14  (People's Problems Column).
Stray dog menace
A Pack of howling stray dogs take over my apartment complex at Gublala Main  road every night.It is impossible to sleep with the noise.These dogs should be removed from the complex as visitors also hesitate to enter.The concerned authorities should do the needful immediately.
K.Ragavan,Kumar Castles'
Gublala main road

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 7Dec 14
Immersive gaming  This is the good initiative from the Canadian group. Apart from the social issues portrayed in violent video games - things like child abuse, trafficking, rape and even smoking. It may just be a way to help the society’s younger generations reconnect with responsibilities that we all have.
From Mr Ragavan Krishnamachary
Bengaluru, India

Friday, December 5, 2014

Article 380.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 6 Dec 14 (380)

Smart driver

I had an appointment with a doctor and booked a taxi. The driver arrived ten minutes late. I am a senior citizen and got worried that the doctor may leave. 

 The driver promised to reach in time. He took a shorter route and waded through vehicles with adorable knack. 

I could meet the doctor and it saved me lots of trouble, as he had to prescribe new medicines. I am happy there are still people who understand the needs of others. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Letter Published in THe National UAE on 5 Dec 14 Public role over assault a shame
I refer to the article Sisters fight back at molesters (December 2). It’s sad that such incidents are taking place. It’s even more depressing to know that none of the passengers came to the victims’ aid. I wonder why the passengers kept quiet, because this could happen to their relatives. The lack of public reaction is shameful.
K Ragavan, India

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


My Letter Published in Thendral Magazine in Dec issue 14   தென்றல் நவம்பர் இதழில் ஆஸ்ரித ஈஸ்வரன் நேர்காணல் நன்றாக இருந்தது. ஒவ்வொரு இதழிலும் பல வேறுபட்ட பிரபலங்களை அறிமுகபடுத்தும் , உங்கள் இதழை பாராட்டுகிறேன்.13 வயதில் ஆட துவங்கி பல வெற்றிகளை சந்தித்து ,தற்போது தன்னை விட பெரியவரை வென்று சாதனை படைத்தது உண்மையிலையே பெரிய சாதனை தான் . அவர் மென்மேலும் பல வெற்றிகள் பெற்று ,அமெரிக்காவிற்கும் இந்தியாவிற்கும் பெருமை தேடி தரட்டும் என மனமார வாழ்த்துகிறேன் .

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE On 3 ,14
Expatriates are grateful
I witnessed many colourful National Day celebrations when I was working in the UAE.
There is much to celebrate, because every year sees growth in all areas, particularly infrastructure. K Ragavan, India

Monday, December 1, 2014

Life is Beautiful 244.

Dubai was busy with National day celebrations .All the important roads was blocked.Ram 's car was
detained near Galadari  round about waiting for the signal.Along with him Raj and Prasanna was sitting .Raj,How are you Prasanna.How is your mother.
Prasanna.I am fine Mother also fine.
Ram. I do  n't think we will reach Kathambari's place before 12 for lunch.
Prasanna.No sir,now the time is only 11-20 .We can easily reach before 12P.M.
 Raj.Prasanna ,you are not in your usual mood.Tell us what is the matter.
Prasanna.Nothing sir
Ram.Do n't feel shy .Tell us.We are your friends.
Prasanna.Yesterday mother spoke to me.She got a horoscope from Ananda rao for me.
Ram.Good news,Why you are up set.
Prasanna.I am not thinking my marriage now.
Ram.You have any body in your mind.
Prasanna. No.
Ram.Then  why you hesitate .Anandarao is a good friend of us.His recommendation should be good and math for you.
Raj.Yes Prasanna ,Ram is right.He is a good friend of us.He will suggest good alliance only.
Prasanna.I know. But
By that time the  Green signal came Ali started the Car.
Ram.What But.You have any body in your mind here in  Dubai
Prasanna.I am  liking her.But i do n't know her liking
Ram.Good.Who is that lucky girl.
Prasanna.I feel shy.Now i do n't want to reveal the name now.Give me some time..
Ali.Sir Madam Kathambari's house has come.
Ram saw his watch it was exactly 12.0 P.M.
Ram.I am happy we reached in time.
(to be continued)

See You Next Week


Tribute to Cinematographer Vijay Kumar Arora 327.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from Bolly wood film industry is none other than Vijay kumar Arora known as VijayArora. Beautiful indoor and out door shots  will be more visible in his movies. He has worked with Today's top class actors and Directors.He has contributed nearly Thirty films.All are very good and some are remarkable.I have seen few films of this Cinematographer.Those films are DhamaalDus,Virudhh,Jungle,Kurukshetra, Vaastav,Astitva,and Rakht.Rakht was a remarkable movie with Sanjay dutt,Sunil Shetty, Biphasha Basu and many others.
The movie was nicely shot in different locations Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar.Bolly wood films known for it's locations and excellent Cinematography.Easteryear Cinematographers have played a very important role even though much advancement instruments  was available.Today with  latest advancements in equipments  young talented technicians have come was a  welcoming aspect in film industry of all languages particularly Tamil film industry.Today i am happy to tribute this talented technician.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Chennai India on 1Dec 14
Cricket Mafia
A Propos of Power  &Politics(TNSE Nov 30).Power and sports play a Vital role in India.The Supreme court's recent comments on the BCCI'S functioning were damning.Sport should be played in the right spirit,leaving out  any room for betting.Sport people and administrators can not betray the trust of the people.Politics and sports  are separate and it should be respected.One hopes the SC Verdic twill favour millions ofcricket fans in India.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAEon 30 Nov 14   Death High lights danger of sport     I was saddened by the news of Phillip Hughes’s death.
Even though professional cricket players receive lucrative salary packages, they do take great risk on the playing field.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, November 28, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bengaluru  India on 29Nov 14
Rampal's Arrest
Your Power &Politics(TNSEnOV 23)was meaningful and interesting.Rampal's arrest is yet another case how people's misplaced faith in god man  can have dangerous consequences.Unfortunately this also puts genuine swamis under a cloud ofsuspicion.

Article 379.

Article Published in The Gulf  Today  uae On 29 Nov  14, (379)

Age is a mere number

A few days ago, senior members celebrated an event in our club. Many members brought their own dishes. It was a gala occasion with more than 74 members participating. My wife prepared a sweet dish. 

Some members sang the melodious songs of Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi. As I am barred from consuming sweets, I enjoyed the sweet voice of our members. 

I realised singing and being merry have nothing to do with age or voice. A shining example in this is Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bengaluru  India on 26Nov 14
Give Generously
Your report on DRDO donating a chariot worth ₹5 crore to Nandi temple in Pune district
made an interesting read (TNIE, Nov 23)This was a good gesture indeed.The DRDO's comments on social responsibilitywas laudable.Other organisations should also give donations for noble  causes.

Life is Beautiful 243.

For the past few days Mysore was very cold.After retiring from C.F.T.R.I Ananda Rao used to go for a long walk. But he could not make it because of the weather.Today he wanted to go out  to see Prasanna's mother.The reason was his Cousin from Shimoga has sent his daughters horoscope to look for a good bridegroom.Since Ananda rao knows Prasanna he wanted to  give the horoscope to  his mother  wheather that will match for  her son.He reached Prasannas house by auto.His Mother welcomed him.
Mother.Namaskara,Please come.
Ananda rao.Namaskara,How are you.Are you getting mails from Prasanna.
Mother.No mails.Weekly once he calls.He is very happy there wanted me to come permanently.But i am not interested because i can not miss Sri Venkatramana swamy  of Vontikoppal.
Ananda rao.True.
Mother. i will get you coffee.
Ananda rao.No Just now i had I  came here to give my cousin daughter's horoscope for Prasanna.If it  matches to Prasanna's horoscope i will be very happy.I want to give our girl to a boy like prasanna.Please take this horoscope.
Mother.Thank you for your interest on Prasanna.I  will ask Prasanna to send by email.I do n't have a copy .Prasanna has stored in his Computer.
Ananda rao.No Problem,let him send.Mean time you can find out the matching.
Mother.I will give it to our family astraloger and find out the matching.
Ananda rao.O.K.I will make a move.Good night.
Mother.Take care,be careful while going it is very dark because to day Amavasai
Ananda rao.That is why i came today to give the horoscope.
Mother I too believeAmavasai is a good day for begining any goodthing.
After he left Mother Was receiving a call from Rajs wife Nirmala
Hello Aunty,how are you
Mother.I am fine,how are you and  How is Raj
Nirmala.Today he spoke to me.He met Prasanna in Dubai and he is fine.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, November 24, 2014

Tribute to Writer Thiaga Rajan (Ashoka Mitran)326.

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality in the Tamil literary field is none other than writer Thiagarajan popularly Known as Ashoka Mitran.Started his career with the famous Gemini studios for a decade.His personal experience with his book My Years With Boss has be come popular.Later he became a full time writer in the name of Ashoka Mitran.Three decades back his  works were translated in to English and he became popular.He was the Editor of the famouls tamil literary magazine Kanaiyaazhi is worth to be mentioned here.His creations are with Simplicity and clarity of thought.More than 200 Short stories and Novels are his credit.He was bestowed with  many awards from various organisations including NTR Vignan Trust. In 1996 he was awarded Sahitya Academy Award for his work AppavinSnegidhar.Even though he has many stories to his credit i have read few of this Stalwart.Those stories are,Anbin Parisu,Thanneer,and few short stories which i could nt recollect.He is one of the few writers respected  in the Tamil Literary World.Apart from India his works was translated  European Languages . Writing is an art particularly Creating Unforgetable stories and Novels is great.Today i am happy to tribute this Great Writer.
See You Next Week,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Article 378.

Article 378.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 22 Nov 14 (378).

After a long time

Recently, I attended a wedding of my cousin’s daughter in Chennai. Seeing me, most of my relatives were surprised. The reason is I could not attend any of my relatives’ marriage for the past 17 Years.

I was away in the beautiful land of the UAE. I was happy to see my cousins. Some had grown tall and some had put on weight. They also spotted a lot of changes in me, particularly my weight, which had reduced.

Apart from good friendship, good relatives are also an important part of life.
K. Ragavan


Letter Published in The National UAE on 17Nov 14

Hostile policy will backfire
With regard to the article Shooting fuels clashes in Israel (November 10), Israel is only multiplying its enemies. The Israeli leadership should realise the dangers of indicriminate killing of Palestininans that will backfire on them.
K Ragavan, India

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Life is Beautiful 242.

Ram and Raj were  returning from the office to Ram's house.While going Raj was asking Ram,
Why dont you tell Kathambari aboutPrasanna.Both will be  a good match.
Ram. Both are Good match .I have to tell her Mother.How to start i am thinking.
Raj.Why not you initate this on  friday.
Ram.Let me try
They reached home.After finishing  their wash Ram asked Raj,
I am taking you a good  hotel for night tiffin.It is close to our house.We will watch T.V.for some time.
Ram switched the T.V.Watching the news Times Now.
Raj.I too like this Channel.Debates are good.Arnab's powerful voice i like.He is Bold
Ram.Yes,at times he wo nt allow the other man to talk. Above all he is very good.
Raj.Yes,Recent Chattisgarh incident was very sad.
Ram. Yes,fake drugs should not be allowed .The drug manufactures should be punished severely.
Raj.I think today night Arnab is having debate on this.
Ram.Let us watch.
Raj.Ram i want to ask you one thing.Hope you wo n't mistake me.
Ram.No Raj
Raj.Why you have not married. Not interested
Ram.Not like that.Time has  not come earlier  which was carried for years.
Raj.I thought any affair was failed
Ram .No .
Raj.Sorry ,i wanted to find out.You are a gem of a man
Ram.You too.
By that time Ram received a call from his office
Ram sir, today 9P.M News we can cover Chattisgarh .i Want your approval
Ram.O.K.You can cover.Regarding the Drug  firms also you can elaborately cover.
Office.O.K.Sir ,Good night.
Ram.Good night.
After watching the news they left for the Hotel to have tiffin.
(To be continued).
See You Next Week,
P.S. As I am away for five days i am preponing this Column.

Tribute to Director Ravi Chopra 325.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from Bollywood  film industry is none other than Director RaviChopra.Started with his father Late B.R.Chopra gave a memorable T.V.Serial Maha bharat the great Indian Epic.He  has introduced talented young artists who became popular in the big screen.Those are Mukesh Khanna and Punit ishar is worth to be mentioned here.
After a big hit of Maha bharat he entered in to Big  screen.He gave  few remarkable movies  in which stalwarts  Amitabh Bachan,Vinod khanna,Late Vinod Mehra,Dharmendra,Jeetendra ,Hema malini,Paresh Rawal and many others.acted. The Burning train was  nicely taken by him and the Beautiful Cinematography by Dharam Chopra.I have seen few films of this Director.Those movies are ,The Burning Train Zameer,,Bagh Ban and Baabul./ Known for his family dramas with emotion and message to the audience.Baag Ban gave him a big name.Amitabh bachchan, Paresh Rawal ,and Hema Malini  gave a memorable performance..One of the few talented Directors respected  by  the film fraternity.From Maha Bharat serial he came    to a great position.Unfortunately he passed few days back suffering with lung ailment made a great loss to the film industry. Even though he departed from us his remarkable movies in front of us particularly Baag Ban.Today i am happy to tributethis Late Director.
See You Next Week,
P.S.As i am away for five days i am preponing this colum

Friday, November 14, 2014

Article 377

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 15 Nov 14 (377)

Destiny of a Car lift

The other day, I was waiting for a bus. The two buses that arrived were full and I had to skip them. 

The reason is even though special seats are allotted for senior citizens in buses, many young people occupy the seats and do not bother to respect the system. 

My thinking was distracted by a car horn. When I saw the person inside the vehicle, I was pleasantly surprised to see none other than a friend whom I had got acquainted with in the US recently.

He was happy to see me and asked to get inside the car. He remarked that he was in India to see his relatives. 

He dropped me at my place, leaving me contemplating about the role of destiny in life. 

I missed two buses and here is a man from far-off America in his car volunteering to drop me. Strange are the ways of destiny. 
K. Ragavan

My Comment in Thendral Magazine USA

My Comment in Thendral Magazine USA.ஏன் இந்த அவல நிலை ?
கடந்த சில மாதங்களாக மனிதன் மிருகத்தை விட கொடியவனாக மாறிவிட்டதை நினைக்கும்போது நெஞ்சம் பதறுகிறது.தினம்தோறும் காலையில் பேப்பர் பார்க்கும்போது நம் கண்களுக்கு தெரிவது கற்பழிப்பு ஒன்று தான். மிககொடுமை சிறு குழந்தைகள் 3 வயது லிருந்து ஆரம்பம் 
ஆகிறகொடுமை .ஏன் மனிதன் இப்படி பேதலித்து குழந்தைகள் என்றும் பாராமல் மிருகங்களை விட கொடியவனாக மாறிவிட்டான்,?அரசாங்கம் இந்த விசயத்தில் மிகவும் மெத்தனமாக செயல் புரிகிறது .நீதி துறை மெதுவாக நீதி வழங்குகிறது.அந்த காலத்திற்குள் மேலும் பல குழந்தைகள் ,பெண்கள் கற்பு பறிபோகிறது. பெற்றோர்கள் குழந்தைகளை பள்ளிக்கு அனுப்ப பயபடுகிரர்கள் . அரசாங்கம் சட்டத்தை திருத்தி அமைத்து கடுமையாக நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும்.அவர்கள் கொடுக்கும் தண்டனை மீண்டும் இந்த செயல் செய்ய மற்றவர்களை தூண்டாமல் ஒரு பாடமாக இருக்கவேண்டும்.
பாடம் சொல்லிகொடுக்கும் ஆசிரியர்கள் தங்கள் கடமையை மனம் மாறாமல் செய்யவேண்டும்.நல்ல சிந்தனைகளையும் ,எண்ணங்களையும் மாணவர்கள் மேல் செலுத்த வேண்டும்.எல்லா ஆசிரியர்களும் மனம் மாறி நடக்க மாட்டார்கள். இது குழந்தைகளுக்கு ஏற்பட்டிருக்கும் அவல நிலை.
குடும்ப கட்டுப்பாடு என்ற பெயரில் நடந்த பெண்களின் இழப்பு ,மருத்துவர்களின் ,அலட்சிய போக்கு இது சத்தீஸ்கரின் அவல நிலை?
இந்தியா முதல் பிரதமர் நேரு வின் 125 ஆண்டு விழாவிற்கு இன்றைய
பிரதமருக்கு அழைப்பு அனுப்பாதது அரசியல் அவல நிலை .
மறந்த கவிஞர் கண்ணதாசனின் பாடல் எனக்கு நினைவு வருகிறது. மனிதன் மதத்தில் ஏறி விட்டான் அன்று இன்று மனிதன் மிருகமாக மாறிவிட்டான்..இந்த அவல நிலை நீங்க தூய்மையான எண்ணம் வேண்டும் நல்ல சிந்தனை ,இறை வழிபாடு வேண்டும் .மற்றவர்களை
அன்புடன் . வேறு பாடின்றி பார்க்க வேண்டும்.மிருகத்தனமான எண்ணங்கள் இதன் மூலம் மாறலாம் .இது என் கருத்து

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 12Nov 14,
Surgery Deaths
This refers to the death of  11 women in Chattisgarhafter undergoing sterili -sation surgery.Medical
camps should be conducted with utmost care.A thorough investigation should be carried out to unearth the lapses in the procedure  and bring justice  to the Victims.

Life is Beautiful 241.

After reaching the office Ram received a call from Murthy.
How are you Ram,How is Raj.
Ram.Murthy Raj is fine.How is your family.I will give it to Raj.
Raj took the phone from Ram.Hello Murthy i am fine.Ram is taking care of me.Today we had lunch with his M.D.
Murthy.How is Dubai Raj
Raj.Dubai is  very nice.Big buildings ,Malls and Lovely Metro.Shortly Tram  also coming.Lovely Country.Lot of Indians are working here.
Murthy.You can go to our office and meet Prasanna.
Raj.Today  he came for lunch.Good delicious Lunch we had.
Murthy.Good,Give it to  Ram.
Ram took the phone,Murthy tell me.What  news in Mysore.
Murthy.Oh all good news only.The new government is doing a good job.But it takes some time for set right every thing.
Ram.I Know,Over night they can not do any thing.How is your Company.
Murthy.Fine,our Dubai business is improving.Prasanna is doing a good job.
Ram.Yes,How is his mother.
Murthy.She is fine.She wants  to see her Son's marriage.Last week she told my wife over phone.
Ram. i am also thinking on that.
Murthy.If you think that will happen.Take care ,Bye now.
Ram.You too take care.
By that time Kathambari entered Ram's cabin.
Ram i want to invite Raj and you for lunch.Mummy asked me to  inform this.
Ram.Fine When
Kathambari.Coming friday .
Ram.Day after tomorrow.
Kathambari.Yes, i am inviting Prasanna also.
Ram.Did Mummy asked to invite him.
Kathambari.I told he is your friend and he is staying alone.
Kathambari.Ok.Raj we will meet on friday.I will  pick you guys.
Raj.Thank you.
After Kathambari left Raj  asked Ram
Kathambari is a Smart girl.
Ram.Yes,Smart and well behaved girl.
 After that Ram was busy in covering the news  which was sent by Raj's office.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, November 10, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE on 10Nov 14  We’re indebted to Sheikh Zayed
Sheikh Zayed was a visionary leader and the main architect of modern UAE (How Zayed’s legacy endures, November 2), which is why he will remain in our memory forever. Emiratis and expatriates are all indebted to him.
K Ragavan, India

Tribute to Writer V.Vikraman 324.

Today i remembered another interesting personality from the Tamil Stories,Novels and Historical Novels is none other than  Vembu Vikraman popularly known as Vikraman. From his school days
his interest was writing  school magazine by name Tamil Chudar was acclaimed by famous writers Kalki Krishnamurthe ,Rajaji  and A.K.Gopal chettiar.He has spent more than five decades in the old popular Tamil Magazine Amudasurabi.He was very popular for his historical novelswhich was attracted more of his readers because of his language .He was bestowed Kalaimamani award from Tamil NaduGovernment in 1991 and Many Honurs from Various Organisations.He was also associated with Tamil writers associationon various capacities.He has also traveled Widely most important Countries like Singapore,Paris ,Dubai and far east countries.His stories Collection,Travel books and Historical novels was welcomed by thousands of readers.He was respected in the Writers
forum.I have read few of this Great writer.Those  books are,RatnaHaram,NandipurathuNayagi and Chittaravalli.Some short stories i could n't remember.His father was worked in Railways who has contributed the survey work of Famous Pamban bridge is worth to be mentioned here.His father was also associated with famous Sudesamitran magazine in those days.He was the editor for many popular magazines like Kuruvi,Sundari and many other magazines.One of the few writers who are well versed in Short stories,Novels and Historicals particularly Connected with Chola Dynasty period.Today i am very happy to tribute this Excellent Writer who contributed many creations to millions of readers.
See you Next Week,

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE on 9 Nov 14Corruption fight will not be easy
I would like to comment on the editorial Cleaning India’s greasy palms (November 5).
The fact that that India ranks 94th out of 177 on a global corruption index is not so bad.
The present government under prime minister Narendra Modi is taking all the measures it can to fight this menace.
Corruption is so widespread across all transactions in India that it will be a tough task for Mr Modi to eradicate it. It may take time.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, November 7, 2014

Article 376.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 8 Nov 14 (376)SPORTIVE SPIRIT
Last week, my grandchildren invited me to watch their final basketball match at a famous stadium. The enthusiasm of the participating kids left me amazed. The rapid speed at which they passed the ball and scored points was inspiring. I felt happy that the technology days have not scuttled the zeal of children when it comes to outdoor activities. My grandchildren’s team gave a tough fight, but lost the match. I was happy they took it in the right spirit. After all, in sports not everyone can win. In fact, I feel the one with the best sportive spirit is the true winner. 
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


My Comment in Thendral Tamil Magazine USA on 3Nov 14
அன்புள்ள ஆசிரியர் அவர்களுக்கும்  மற்றும் இதர ஆசிரியர் குழுவினருக்கும்  எனது இனிய தீபாவளி நல வாழ்த்துக்கள்.உங்கள் அக்டோபர் இதழும் அருமையாக இருந்தது  வழக்கம் போல் வக்கீல்
பணி புரிந்து கொண்டே  மிக அழகாக நகைச்சுவை உணர்வோடு கதைகள்  எழுதி மக்கள்  மனதை கவர்ந்தவர் விஜய   ராகாவச்சரியர்  . ஹிந்து பத்திரிகையில் வெளியான கோவில் யானைக்கு   சாத்துவது வடகலை நாமமா அல்லது தென்கலை நாமமா மக்களிடை  மிகுந்த வரவேற்பு பெற்றது. இவரை அறிமுக படுத்திய பெருமை மறைந்த கல்கி அவர்களை சேரும். பின்பு ராஜாஜி போன்ற அறிஞர்களால்  பாராட்டு பெற்றவர்  விஜய ரகாவச்சரியர் .இவர் கதைகள் ஆங்கிலத்திலும் மொழி பெயர்கபட்டுள்ளது . ஒவ்வொரு வாரமும் நீங்கள் அறிமுகபடுத்தும்   எழுத்தாளர்கள்  அருமை. 
டென்வரில்  ஆரம்பித்த   நான் உங்கள் இதழை பங்களூர் வந்தும் 
தொடந்து படிக்கிரியன்.
குமார் காஸ்ட்லஸ்
பெங்களூர் 560061

Life is Beautiful 240.

After the lunch Prasanna to ld Atkinson
Thank you Mr Atkinson for the  delicious lunch.I will take leave.
Atkinson.Not at all Prasanna.We will meet again.Take care ,Bye now.
Prasanna.O.K.i  will make a move.He was searching for Kathambari.She came from the  Wash room.
Kathambari.When we can meet again.
Prasanna.It's left you.Keep in touch with me.
Kathambari.O.K. See you later.Bye now.
Ram ,Raj was coming with Atkinson in his car.
Kathambari left to meet a client.
While driving Atkinson was asking Raj
Raj hope you enjoyed the lunch.
Raj.Very much.It was delicious and clean.
Atkinson.Yes,the restaurant is known for it's cleanliness and taste.
Ram.Yes Raj.Today the preparation was very nice.
Raj was enjoying the big buildings of shaikh Zayed road
Ram all the building construction is nice and strong.
Ram.Here Government is strict and monitor the construction  work periodically wheather genuine  materialsare used or not.Many buildings construction  are more than fifty years.
Raj.Good, Recently in big metropolitan cities in India many buildings collapsed because of poor construction .
Ram.I read in papers.This is mainly due to poor quality materials and lack of supervision from contractors.
Atkinson.Yes,Hope this new administration will take care of this issue.
Raj.We are all hoping the new government will take care.
By that time Raj's mobile phone was ringing
Raj.Hello Raj here. is it  Unbelievable.OK. Send the details to Ram.I will ask them to cover.Bye
Ram.What is that Raj.
Raj.You know  G.K.Vasan from the congress party resigned going to form his own in Tamil nadu.
Atkinson.Is it. Shocking news
Ram.Not for us.For congress party this may be a shocking one.
By that time Atkinson reached the office.
(to be continued0.
SeeYou Next Week,

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tribute to Writer S.V.V.

Today i remembered another interesting personality who has created a big impact in tamil stories and articles is none other than S.V.Vijaya raghavachariar ,Popularly known as S.V.V.  As a Lawyer he has created a big impact seven decades  back in his  article Elephant's creed in Court  in the popular news daily The Hindu was worth to be mentioned here.This article gave him a good name and fame for his writing later he was writing regularly in The Hindu .All his articles was liked by top personalities  like Rajaji,(Late).Seeing his writings the then famous writer (Late) Kalki (Ra.Krishnamurthy ) wanted him to contribute  his creations in Tamil.Instigated by the great Stalwart Kalki S.V.V'S first  tamil story was published  in the famous Weekly magazine Ananda Vikatan in July 1933.That story was applauded by  Many including famous Rajaji. His writings are comedy with meaningful and related to  life and happenings.He was the  roll model for the famous writers came later.Those writers are Thumilan,Devan and Nadodi is important.He has written many Stories ,articles ,andMany comedy stories.I have read few of his creations.Those are ,Bommi,Puthu Matupen
one or two i could n't remember.  His English and Tamil writings was with authenticity and meaningful. He was working in Thiru vannamalai in his earlier days as Lawyer the famous place for Karthikai Deepam festivel whish is  due in few days. Even though he has departed six decades back
his remarkable creations are in front of us.Till his last days he was Contributing  his famous writings to The Hindu and Ananda Vikatan .Today i am happy to tribute this Lawyer cum Writer.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE on 2Nov 14Gender gap will harm India
I was saddened by the news that India has slid in gender equality ranking (India slips into 114 in gender gap, October 29). Gender inequality will hurt the country in every way.
One area where it will be felt most is the economy. The Modi government has every reason to address this issue with urgency.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, October 31, 2014

aRTICLE 375.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 1 Nov 14,(375)

UAE attraction

Any connection with the UAE always brings a smile on my face. Last week, I watched the Bollywood movie, Happy New Year, featuring famous actor Shah Rukh Khan in the leading role. I was thrilled to notice that several important shots in the movie were captured in the beautiful locales of the UAE. Seeing the prominent sites pushed me down memory lane when I used to visit them while staying in the UAE. It is great news that the UAE has become a popular destination for film-making both for Hollywood and Bollywood.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE  on 29Oct 14,UAE will become filmmakers’ hub
I enjoyed reading your editorial Offering a film location is the first step (October 28). In recent years, the UAE has attracted a large number of actors and directors from Hollywood and Bollywood.
Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film, Happy New Year, a part of which was shot in Dubai, is making waves in India. The film features some of the most beautiful locations of the emirate, including Atlantis The Palm.
There is little doubt that in the near future the UAE will become one of the hottest hubs of international filmmaking.
K Ragavan, India

Life is Beautiful 239.

 Prasanna was  just entering from the main entrance.Seeing Kathambari his face was happy.He never  expected her for the lunch.Kathambari wished Prasanna
How are you.
Prasanna.I am fine how are you.
Kathambari.I am also fine.Nice to see you here.
Prasanna.I never expected to come here as well never expected you here.
Kathambari.I am happy  to see you here.How about you
Prasanna.Me too.
Kathambari was wearing a green  Saree  and Prasanna was also wearing a Light green shirt.It was a strange coincidence.
All sat in the dinner hall.Atkinson ordered for Soup.
The waiter brought the hot tomoto soup.Raj liked that
Atkinson Soup is very nice.Ram  i know you like tomoto soup.
Ram.Yes, Prasanna also likes.
 .Kathambari .i Too like this. Prasanna was happy that she likes his favorite soup.
Then the waiter brought Vegetarial thali for all.
They were enjoying the  dishes particularly  Milk halwa.Atkinson  enjoyed the taste
Normally i do n't like Sweets.But in this hotel i like this Halwa One of my friend brought me couple of months back here and introduced me this.
Ram.Nice taste.I am tasting first time.
By that  time Raj received some messages  from his Mobile.When he opened,
Oh ,My God,They have done this
Ram.What is that you are talking.
Raj.My office announced the flash of the few names of the black money account holders to be covered in your news.
Atkinson.Nice to hear this.
Ram.I am happy this is one of the top priority for the Modi government to bring back the black money.
Kathambari.It is really a good news.
Raj.They have sent mail to Ram about the dtails.Hope Ram can see once  we reaches office.
More than Milk halwa's taste Ram enjoyed this news from Raj.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week

Monday, October 27, 2014


Letter Published in The National UAE ON 28oCT 14Ratings system is important
Your editorial Rating system would improve health care (October 24) was thought-provoking. You have rightly mentioned that the most effective way to ensure patients are assessing the quality of the health care on offer is to make each hospital’s track record available.
This ambition has been hampered by insufficient transparency when it comes to the quality of health care provided in this country.
With the UAE determined to improve the health care sector, I am positive that this system will soon be made available to individuals.
K Ragavan, India