Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Life is Beautiful 424

Murthy returned from office.Aarti was waiting for him.
Good evening.good news Nirmala’s horoscope is matching with the boy.’s horoscope.Boy’s dad called and asked me when  They can see the girl.
Murthy.Good news.i have to find out from NIrmala when she can come.She has to get leave from the office.Since she has promoted recently her job is more responsible.I will call today.
Aarti.It seems the boy’s side are good.They promptly responded the tally of the horoscope.
Murthy.They are interested  to have connection in our family.My friend who introduced them told
Me this.

Article.By god’s grace this alliance should click.Boy’s photo also nice.
Murthy.More over He is also going to work in Dubai.
Aarti.That is main plus point for both.
By that time Raj called
Murthy.Good evening ,how are you.
Raj.i am fine.Tomorrow I am going to want to give any items to NIrmala give me.
Murthy.Nice.i was about to call you and tell the good news.Nirmala’s horoscope is matching with the boy.They want to see the tell NIrmala when she can come to Mysore.
Raj.This is a wonderful news.once I reached Dubai I will call and ask her to come as early as possible.I will also tell Ram to tell her boss to sanction leave.
Murthy.where you are going to stay.
Raj.First I have  booked a service apartment but Ram canceled that and asked me to stay with him. will also have a nice company.
Raj.Tomorrow morning  after seeing Prasanna’s mother I will come to your house to collect the items from you.
Murthy.Thank you Raj.i will be in the House since tomorrow Saturday
Raj.i know tomorrow is holiday for you.i will see you tomorrow.
After that Murthy and Aarti went to temple.
see you next week

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tribute to Director PaRanjith 505.

Today I am going to pen another interesting film personality from South Indian film industry is none other than Director Pa a short span of time he has established his name very well is not an exaggeration.Started his career with Siva shanmugham and N.Linguswamy later becomeindependent director.He has worked with Leading actors viz,Rajanikanth,Karthi and many others.He was also bestowed with awards for his work is laudable.Even  though he has few films all are remarkable.
I have seen Madras which he was bestowed award.On the one hand I applaud this young upcoming Director for his concept on Dalit and focusing for them but on the other he should concentrate other subjects is my view. Beautiful cinematography will be visible  in his films by G.Murali and locations.
Today I am happy to tribute this talented up coming Director.
See you Next week