Friday, November 17, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 18 Nov 17UAE’s VAT
This is a sudden development from the UAE government, which most of the expatriates may not have expected (“Businesses told to pay excise tax before November 15”, Gulf News, November 13). All these days, people living in UAE were enjoying the benefit of tax free for consumption of water, electricity and other items, which is the main attraction of working in the UAE. Maybe in the initial period of introduction, people may hesitate but in time, they will become accustomed this new concept.
From Mr K Ragavan

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India ON 17nOV 17

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Letter Published in The National UAE on 16Nov 17,Latest attack inside Yemen is deplorable
I refer to your article At least 10 killed in blast in Yemen government bastion (November 15). So many people were wounded in the latest attack and the nearby mosque, which was built by the UAE, was damaged. The coalition is trying to maintain peace on the ground. This attack should be investigated and the perpetrators punished.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Letter Published in The National UAE on 15Nov 17,Cancer treatment costs needs careful considerationIn reference to your editorial Cancer treatment costs often a double blow to patients (November 13) was powerful. Cancer is one of today's greatest threat, not only in the UAE but also globally. Early detection will help the patient get appropriate treatment and allow him or her the possibility of living a normal life. The Government and health authorities should make the cost for treatment affordable. I am confident that the country will consider the cost factor and find a solution that suits all parties. This article was well presented.K Ragavan, India


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 15Nov 17,
 A good Initiative    World Diabetes Day is a day to raise global awareness for the disease. The preventive methods are highlighted by various media organisations, sports events and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s). The World Health Organisation with the International Diabetes Federation(IDF) initiated the Concept on November 14, to raise awareness for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can be curable when controlled by medicines. Periodic tests taken once in three months can determine the stage of the disease and how to control it. Diet control, walking, and being active are the main tools to control diabetes. Most young children have less exercise and are obese, which are the main attributing factors. I thank the IDF and the WHO for their initiative.From Mr K Ragavan India


Letter Published in The National UAE on 15Nov 17,Not just cracking cases, but pulling planes
Your online report Police drag Emirates A380 to set world record for Dubai Fitness Challenge(November 9) was a great read. Dubai police set a record earlier in the fitness challenge and now a group of police officers have beaten the previous record by pulling an Airbus A380 weighing 302 tonnes. The authorities have proved that they are not only capable of investigating cases but also of pulling a powerful aircraft. Kudos to them.

Life is Beautiful 398.

After one hour the traffic was eased.The reason was one car broke down,The opposite side road was full of cars.Ram was asking Ali
Why today many cars are going the other road
Ali.Sir,Today in the airport Dubai police officials are going to pull A 380Emirates aircraft  
Ram.Is it ,great
Ali.58 Officials are  pulling the aircraft to 100 meters by towing was announced.
Ram.If they do it is a great record.RecentlyDubai police proved in fitness campaign.
They also investigated lot of cases made UAE Proud.
Ali.Yes sir,they have given good training
Ram.Some are going abroad for training if i am right.
Ali.Today airport will be busy.
Ram.Apart from malls Dubai is concentrating all areasis appreciable.
By the time they reached the office.

Ram went to Atkinson's room.
Atkinson.Good morning Ram
Ram.I was held up in the traffic.
Atkinson.i know.Iwas hearing the news.Sulai man is expected  shortly.You can go to your room.If he comes i will bring there.
Ram.O.K.i Will attend my routine.
Ram came to his Cabin.Kathambari was waiting
Good morning Ram.
Ram.Good morning How are you
Kathambari. i am fine.I was happy on that day that you brought Raj to lunch.
Ram.Prasanna told  me to bring him.
Kathambari. Why i came here i am going to airport to cover today's events.Will you join with me
Ram. Sulai man is coming for some important discussions.You carry on
Kathambari.O.K.i will make a move.Bye Have a nice day
Ram.You too.
After that Ram was concentrating his work
(to be continued)
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