Friday, August 30, 2013

Article 316.

Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 31August 13 (Article 316).

Age no bar

A few days ago, a friend invited me to a meeting. I was thrilled to interact with several senior citizens at the event. The purpose was to take up voluntary service in various sectors, particularly visiting government schools to teach kids different subjects. 

Apart from the services, the team takes up issues like traffic awareness and environment to help the community. I was happy that my evening was spent purposefully. It just shows that age is not a factor when it comes to social activities, but determination is the key. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Letter Published  in The New Indian Express India on 30 August 13
Probe Asaram
That both the  state and central governments have not taken against Asaram Bapu is surprising In spite of allegations of sexual assault ,police too have not taken any action.Sexual harrasment from spiritual gurus should be strongly condonmed  and government should take appropriate action against AsaramBapu.Above all  the seer's son's comment on the girl  was very painful.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 29 August 13
Food  Programme a Political Stop gap
UPA leader Sonia Gandhi's appeal that all parties should cooperate to pass the food bill has worked.
I hope this scheme will genuinely help the poor.
K Ragavan, India


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore  City Express Action Please Column on 28August 13
Travelling Time
 Travelling to Bhana Shankari from Gubbalala  area is really a tough task. The Normal duration is ten minitues but for the  road condition and potholes ,it takes 25 to 30 minitues  to travel on this  stretch from Jarganahalli via Saraki is the main problem and the Metro construction work is slow which is also an attributing factor. Will the authorities concerned look in to this main day to day Problem and take necessary action?
Gubbalala Main road

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hope for the Poor         Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 28 August 13
The Passage of the much awaited food bill  was the latest dramatic development in Indian politics.All the parties  should co- operate  and  pay heed to UPA chair person Sonia Gandhi's appeal. We wish the scheme  would genuinly reach   the poor people.

Life is Beautiful 179.

During lunch Clancy was praising Atkinson for his channel's  Wonderful coverage on the World affairs.Atkinson was thanking Clancy  for his compliments.
Atkinson.Thank you Clancy.All because of our Editors ,Staff members and our Correspondents through out the globe.Recently Ram joined with our team and i am confident coming days our presentation will be better.
Clancy.You are right.The Vegetarian food here amazing ,i enjoy this food.Clancy took Mysore pak  made specially for their lunch.
Ram.This sweet is very famous in India .From children to adults of all age love this.
Clancy.The taste is very nice and little sedative .
Ram.Because of Pure ghee.
Clancy.I am enjoying both of your company.Hope to have like this once in Six months.
Atkinson. We will make  it.
After the lunch  Atkinson droped Ram   in his hotel.
Ram.Bye Atkinson ,it was a memorable day.I never expected to meet Clancy in my life.Thanks for that.
Atkinson.Bye now.Take rest tomorrow  i will see you.
Ram came to his room.Checked the mails.He received few mails from Raj about the recent Food security bill story.He was delighted to see the Language by Raj.By that time his phone was ringing.Kathambari was
on the other line.
Ram,how was the meeting.
Ram.It was a memorable one.Clancy is one of the  impressive personality in the media world  both externally as well internally  i mean with knowledge.
Kathambari.I am very happy about your meeting.Take care ,see you tomorrow.
After that Ram took rest for one hour and had his tea.By that time his phone was ringing
RamMurthy here how are you.
Ram.Nice to hear your voice.How is family.
Murthy.All are fine. How is your new job.
Ram.Very nice.I am enjoying my job.Quite interesting.
Murthy.Why i called i am planning to visit Dubai  next week.. We are planning to have a small unit there.I will write to you when i am coming there.See you soon.Bye now.
Ram.Bye. Ram was happy that Murthy is coming to Dubai.Ram has not seen the recession period of Dubai
but today he is watching the improvements in the beautiful city.
(to be continued).
See You Next week,

Monday, August 26, 2013


MY CITY MY TAKE        Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,Bangalore on 27City Express
People should be aware of election dates on any nature.The government should make arrangements toreach the message through print and news media.Less percentage of voting may not bring good administration.Government should take the initiative.

Tribute to Writer,Producer and Director Prakash Jha 261.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the Bolly wood created a big impact through his films is none other than Script writer ,Producer and Director Prakash Jha.Started his earlier career in making Documentary films later with  hindi movies.He won National ,Film fare and International awards for his creations is worth to be mentioned here. Today's  leading actors .Ajay Devgan,Ranbir kapoor and many others worked with him. Stalwart Amitabh bachan is working with him the much talked Project Satyagraha.
Known for his social problems on all issues connected with the Commonman  and political battle  are his main subjects.Good Screen play,Powerful Dialoques , Cinematography,Editing and   music are more Visible in his Directorial touch.I admire his brave social subjects and fight for the Commonman.Apart from   his Production house he concentrate more on his people's up liftment in Bihar. I have seen few couple of films of this Director.Those films are Ganga Jal,Apaharan,Raaja neeti,Chakra vyuh, and Aarakshan.He is one of the few Directors liked by one and all from the film fraternity.I admire his bold social subjects and presentation..Today i am very happy to tribute this Visionary Director.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Singh Theory         Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 26August 13
Shaankar Aiyar in The Falling  rupee  Theory of Political Hawala and Persistent Pre Poll lProfligacy(TNSE 25August)has neatly covered the rupee's fall and inflation. Manmohan singh has proved his 1995-96  budget theory that if we fund every projects irrespective of funds availableit will lead to high inflation



Act Early            Letter Published in Deccan Herald ,India on 26Aug ust 13
Sir, This is in reference to the  Mumbai photo journalist rape case and subsequent arrest of  the rapists by Mumbai police. Mumbai is no longer safe for women. Indian major cities witnessed many rape cases recently.It is high time the  government acted.It should implement a  strong law for the rapists.Many activists and some  political parties  have mixed opinion of death penalty for the people indulging rape crimes.Will the government implement this law early?


Indian government must act on rapes   Letter published in The National Uae on 26August 13
Mumbai police arrest suspect after photo journalist gang raped (August 25) offered some good news following a very sad incident.
It seems that Mumbai, in common with other major Indian cities, is now no longer safe for women.
It is high time for the Indian government to implement stronger laws, but this is being held up because some activists and political parties have mixed opinions about implementing the death penalty in such cases.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, August 23, 2013

Article 315.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 24 August 13(315.)

Compensation — virtually

In today’s world, we are fortunate to have the social media that provides much scope for cultivating good friendships. I myself have used social media to good effect in making some good friends.

These ‘virtual’ acquaintances come from various walks of life, many with a lot to offer by way of knowledge and experience. Few of them, as is with me, prolifically express their thoughts and feelings on a variety of issues in newspapers.

A certain friend working for a pharmaceutical company from my city wished to meet me. However, our busy schedules and the distance between us meant that the meeting had to be postponed time and again. However, I am happy that the messages we exchange — on an almost daily basis — more than makes up for an encounter in flesh and blood.

Today’s powerful social media have made these cherished exchanges — many life enriching — a virtuous reality.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Final Conclusion           Letter Published in Deccan Herald ,India on 23 Aug ust 13
Sir,This is with reference to the recent arrest of Abdul Karim tunda. It is up to the Special cell police and investigating agencies to investigate and arrive at final conclusions.Untill then,day to day investigations should not be revealed through the media,asthese might affect the probe.
Letter.20th Aug 2013
STICK TO COMMITMENT Letter Published in The New Indian Express,Bangalore on 20 Aug 13 City Express
Unless and untill genuine reason for reducing the budget government canreduce.But morally and ethically,they should stick to their commitment .Education sector is an important area,which just can not be ignored.
Ragavan Krishnamachary 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Child trafficking is menace through out the  globe. Employing children under 14years is a crime.Yet ,many do for domestic chores. Govt should take stern action. NGO'S  should raise awareness against child labour.
Ragavan Krishnamachary


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 22 August 13
Tunda probe
It is between  special police cell or investigating agencies  investigate and arrive at the final conclusions  following the recent arrest of Abdulkarim Tunda.Untill then day to day investigations should not be revealed
through the media, as these might affect the probe.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life is Beautiful 178.

Next day Ram reached the Sheraton hotel where he had appointment with Clancy.Atkinson was waiting in the reception.Hotel was filled with tourists mostly from Middle east.Atkinson was greeting Ram
Good afternoon Ram. How was the traffic.
Ram.Not much ,being a friday traffic was less.
Atkinson.Mr Clancy will be here  after five minitues. He asked me to wait here.
By that time Clancy came.Sorry  to made you to  wait Atkinson
Atkinson.No problem.Meet our Co ordinator Ram.
Clancy.Nice to meet you Ram.
Ram.Same to you.
Clancy.What time we can have lunch.
Atkinson.Another half an hour time.
Clancy.That 's fine.Let us sit here.
Atkinson.Ram Clancy is one of the Senior anchors  in our principle's channel.His coverage on Middle east is very good.
Ram.Yes i have seen.I am his admirer.His presentation and language i like.
Clancy.Thank you.How you like your Job.
Ram.Nice.I enjoy my job.Media and communication is a very good field.
Clancy.Mr Atkinson i want your channel should focus middle east affairs other than UAE.
Atkinson.Regarding that only i came  to see.Ram will be focusing Middle east  related programmes.
Clancy.Fine, i will be sending tomorrow the details of Egypt's ongoing crisis.
Ram.I was about to ask that.Egypt is  under turmoil.Innocent civilians  are the victims was very sad and painful.
Clancy.Yes ,Innocent civilians are the victims. Hope you will cover the on going crisis very well.I am impressed with your conversation and pleasing  personality.
Ram.Thank you for your compliment. Our channel will give better delivery on Egypt.
Clancy.Come let us go for lunch already 30Minitues gone.
( to be continued0.
See You Next Week,

Monday, August 19, 2013


Egypt needs help from neighbours          Letter Published in The National Uae on 20Aug 13.
Bradley Hope's opinion article, Politics has failed in Egypt (August 15), was interesting and very perceptive.
The continuing violence in Cairo must be condemned.
Ever since Mohammed Morsi was deposed, the army and others have been engaged in disrupting normal life in Egypt.
As violence escalates, and the people of Egypt suffer, there are mixed messages from world leaders including US president Barack Obama.
Other Middle East nations have a vital connection to Egypt through trade and tourism.
I hope that they, along with other global players, can intervene to help get Egypt back to normal.
K Ragavan, Indi

Tribute to Director Vincent Selva 260.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from tamil film industry is none other than Director Vincent Selva.In his fifteen years film career he has given few remarkable movies.Today 's leading actors Vijay,Kousalya Sunder .c ,Late Murali and many others  worked with him.Known for his good presentation  of his block buster Priyamudan with Vijay and Kousalya in the lead ,good story dialoques,music and above all Vijay Milton's beautiful cinematography brought him good fameTo day's up coming Directors Misskin and S.P.Janathan worked with him .Even though he has given few movies and some are remarkable.Those movies i have seen Priyamudan,Iranian,Youth,Githan and ,Perumal.Youth was also brought a good image for this director.Natrajan Subramaniam's clean frame work was also added success for Youth.Today many young talented directors are visible in the tamil film industry.This is because cine fans taste has changed remarkably over the years.Simple dialoque,meaningful theme and above all entertainment is the present directors motto.Today i am happy to tribute this talented director.
See you Next Week,


Set up Bangalore one in Konana kunte  Letter Published in Deccan Herald ,India on 19Aug 13 People's Problems 
Bangalore one is rendering good service for people collecting electricity,phone and many other charges. The crowd is increasing in one of the offices in JP Nagar near the big market area.There is anotherBangalore one situated  close to RV Dental college.Both the centres are very close to each other.The authorities concerned to shift the office near dental college  either to Konana kunte area or  some other area so that people in the near by areas  also benefit.
Gubbalala Main road

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Who else wants to be a billionaire? Letter Published in The National Uae on 16Aug 13
I enjoyed reading How to become Nepal's first billionaire: use your noodle (August 11).
Binod Chaudhary's inspired decision 30 years ago to provide a tasty snack food for his fellow Nepalis certainly paid a big dividend.
The global expansion of his company should serve as an inspiration to others.
Mr Chaudhary's example can be followed by anybody who has vision.
K Ragavan, 

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Thoughts with victims' families                Letter Published in The National Uae on 18 August 13
I am writing in reference to All 18 crew feared dead in submarine fireball (August 15).
The cause of the two explosions on INS Sindhurakshak in Mumbai has not yet been established, but at least it seems sabotage has been ruled out.
Hopefully, the cause will be known shortly.
In the meantime, I am praying for the victims and their grieving families.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore on 15August 13 City Express column
Good Infrastructure on roads,education and health care should be available at affordable prices.Water and sanitation are essential. To  me these are the basic freedoms which we are lacking still.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express,Bangalore on 14 August 13 (City Express Column).
Web Cameras must be fixed to ATM  monitors.Often, it is found that  it is the staff that has indulged in the robbery.Banks need to increase their more Precautions.
Ragavan Krishnamachary 

Life is Beautiful 177.

   For the past few days  the Beautiful Mysore  city was flooded with heavy rains and the normal routine was much affected. Prasanna could not go to office because of heavy rains.He was sitting at home watching T.V.
At that time he received a call from Raj.
Hello Prasanna,how are you.I tried to contact Murthy no reply.
Prasanna.He has gone to Mumbai for a meeting will be back tomorrow.
Raj.I see,Ispoke to Ram few days back.He was enquiring all our friends .
Prasanna.How is Ram Sir,
Raj.He is fine. I have sent some few stories to cover in his channel .He was happy about those stories.Today also i have sent .
Prasanna.Nice to hear the news.
Raj.O.K. Next Week we will meet in Murthy's house.Bye now.
After his call Prasanna receive a call from Ram
Hello Prasanna ,how are you.Two days back  i received the courier sent by you.Your gift ,Wallet was nice.Thank you.
Prasanna.Not at all. Mr,Raj just now called and told me  that  he spoke to you last week.
Ram.Yes,he  has been sending  beautiful stories to me for covering in UAE.Today he has sent  Bihar  Collector's story.It is shameful educated people are not treated  properly in Our country.
Prasanna.True sir,Not only in Bihar Many states this is happening.
Ram.Very Unfortunate .
Prasanna.How is your life there.
Ram.Fine,Quality of life is here.Money has got value. Food items are  reasonable.I have got Job satisfaction.
Tell my regards to all.Bye now.How is My sore climate.
Prasanna.Fine.For the past few days heavy rains here.Brindavan KRS Dam is full.
Ram.Good news.Now our government will give water to tamilnadu.
Prasanna.Yes sir. Many of our dams are full.We have enough water.
Ram.Good news,God is great.Take care.
Prasanna.You too sir,Bye .
(to be continued0.
See You Next Week,

Monday, August 12, 2013


MY CITY MY TAKE  Letter Published in The New Indian Express,Bangalore on 13August City Express Column.
The Price of rice little come down but on the other hand the day-today item of need ,onion is still expensive.Both state and central  governments are responsible for the abnormal prices.It is high time the government acts on this important issue to reduce the Commonman's burden.
Ragavan Krishnamachary

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tribute to Cinematographer Dudley 259.

To day i am going to pen another interesting film personality who has done memorable works in Bolly wood movies is none other than Cinematographer Dudley.He has been associated with Director Rohit Shetty in couple of films created a big impact is worth to be mentioned here.Worked with Abhishek Bachan,,Ajay Devgan, Shah rukhan,Deepika Padukone, ,Satyaraj and many other prominent character actors of tamil and bolly wood  films.The recent film Chennai Express has created a super hit both in entertainment as well good beautiful visual effects The locales selected by Shetty team was superb.Natural acting of Khan and Deepika another added advantage  for this movies success.Dudley's both indoor as well out door especially the train shot surrounded with water falls was superb.Clean pleasing shots and good lighting works are his speciality.He has contributed couple of films in Hindi.I have seen those remarkable films  are,Singam,Chennai express,Bol bachan and Golmaal.Chennai express will give name and fame for bothRohit Shetty and this talented Cinematographer.
Today i am happy to tribute this  Up coming technician.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The New Indian Express,Bangalore City Express column on 12 August 13
Political parties should not make  personal attacks on any candidate.T hey should not behave like this,and should high light their main agenda.Authorities in charge should put an end to such type of attacks.
Ragavan Krishnamachary


Time to act      Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on 12 Aug 13
A Propos of  In Losing  your neighbour's confidence ,Risk is of being  Gobbaled by Big Brother (TNIE Aug 11). Prabhu Chawla has given a good quote of late American PresidentKennady on the happenings in India.In spite of Pakistan's actions,if our government does n't act people will loose faith.


Don't tolerate Tanzania attackers         Letter Published in The National UAE on 12 August 13
I refer to the news article British teens survive acid attack in Zanzibar (August 9). The incident took place when people were celebrating Eid. The two British volunteers were working in a school. How can someone target such innocent people during such a time?
Acid attacks, however, are common in India and some neighbouring countries. The Tanzanian government should give the severest possible punishment to the culprits so that others do not dare to commit such crimes.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, August 9, 2013

Article 313.

Age no bar      Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 10 August 13

Watching any sports events is very interesting and thrilling. Recently, my grandchildren participated in a game of basketball and table tennis in our building as part of the upcoming Indian Independence Day events. Apart from children, senior citizens and ladies of the colony also participated, irrespective of their ages. I was amazed at the enthusiasm shown by the senior citizens and ladies. After retirement, one should not feel isolated and bored. One should participate in events like this and make it a daily habit.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Aggresive Policy             Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,India on August 8 013
A  Propos of National out rage of 5soldiers  shot dead in Pak LOC ambush (TNIE August7).Pakistan is are committing the same mistake again and again because of our government's lack of action against them.It is hightime our external affairs  ministry  as well the government dealt the issue with greater aggression.Our diplomacy is not at all appreciable.


Soft diplomacy will not work       Letter Published in The National Uae on 8 August 13
I refer to the news article Five Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir ambush (Aug 7).
Pakistan dares to repeatedly commit the same atrocities on Indian soldiers because the weak Indian government fails to take action against them. This time India should break its silence and take a tough stand against Pakistan. Soft diplomacy will not work.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life is Beautiful 176.

Ram was happy to receive the phone because Vasanthy was in the other line.
Ram,How are you eager to see you  on friday.
Ram.For that i was about to call you but meantime Kathambari called me and i explained my in ability to come for the lunch on Friday.You have to excuse me Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.Why,what happened on that day.
Ram.Atkinson has fixed a Lunch meeting with Clancy famous anchor on friday.
Vasanthy.No problem Ram ,we will make it some other day.
Ram.You have not disappointed.How many times our meeting waspostponing.
Vasanthy.All for good Ram.Atleast i am talking with my sweet Ram.
Ram.You are really great Vasanthy.I am lucky .
Vasanthy.I too very lucky enough to have your association.Having waited for three decades i can wait  some more time.Any way you are close to me.
Ram.I am also having the same feelings.
Vasanthy.Carry on .Keep in touch dear.
Ram.Certainly Vasanthy.
By that time Atkinson called ram over phone.
Ram  the other day you met the ruler of dubai and had discussion on his   future development  you remember.
Ram.yes,now what for you are discussing.
Atkinson.Just now i received a call from the ministry's office  the secretry  was telling me.the ruler was impressed with your suggestions for his future development wanted to meet you again .
Ram. Is it good news .When
Atkinson.That he will inform shortly.My compliments to you.I like your simple approch with big ideas ,authen ticity and above all  your impressing nature.
Ram.Thank you.

Atkinson.See you tomorrow in the Clancy meeting.
Ram  was happy about Atkinson's compliments.His mind was ready for preparing  the meeting with Clancy a Powerful anchor  in the media world.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, August 5, 2013


My Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,Bangalore India on 6 August 13

Tribute to Cinematographer B.Kannan 258.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the tamil film industry is none other than Cinemato grapher B.Kannan.He is the second son of Late Director A.Bhimsigh who  was popular in the yesteryear films starting with Pa. (Paalum Pazamum) was one example.Kannan was associated with Ace Director Bharathi Raja for many films.The combinaton of Bharathi Raja  and Kannan made many successful films starting with Alaigal Oivathillai.   More than  two decades he has contributed memorable movies in tamil
 and twice he was honoured in  tamil nadu state film award for Alaigal oivathillai and Kangalal kaithu sei.He was also  won Shantha ram award for Kadal pookal is worth to be mentioned here.Bharathi raja often comment Kannan as Kannana kannan  for his beautiful frame work.Even though he has contributed many films ,few remarkable movies i have seen  of this Cinematographer.Those films are ,Alaigal oivathillai,Man vaasanai,Tik Tik,Kaadhal oviyam,Muthal MariyathaiKadalora kavithaikal,Vedam puthithu,,Kodi parakuthu,
Soora samharam, Looty,Captain magal,Kilaku seemaiilay,,Pasum pon, and Priyanka.Some i have for gotten.
Most of his films he worked with Bharathi raja in Village background movies.His lighting ,Indoor and Out door work is excellent.He has worked with all the top class actors like ,Late Sivaji Ganesan,Kamal Hassan,Satyaraj,Revathy and many others.He was delivering as per BharathiRaja's creations.Bharathi raja ,a man who has created a revolution in Village concept themes and successful in most of the films.Today i am happy to tribute this talented up coming cinematographer.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Mumbai needs to replace old taxis          Letter Published in The National UAE on 4 August 13
The news article End of the road for a Mumbai symbol as Padmini taxis go (Aug 3) was interesting.
The black-and-yellow Premier Padmini taxis have plied the city's streets for nearly half a century. Now they must go because they are too old.
Mumbai being one of the major cities in India needed this change.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, August 2, 2013

Article 312.

Reliving good times       Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 3 August 13 (312).

A few days ago, I was pleased to receive a call from an old friend. The gentleman had retired in June after having spent 35 years in the same insurance company in Dubai; the reason for his present visit to Bangalore was to catch up with his son. Since his son’s home was quite far off from mine, we decided to meet at a mutually convenient place.

My association with him dates back to the time when I landed in Dubai — way back in 1993. I cherish my friendship with the man who came across as one who always wore a cheerful face and was gifted with loads of patience and more importantly, humility.

Other than that, I was keen to revive memories of those times which were much enriched by my friend’s knowledge of old Hindi and Tamil film songs and his willingness to share some of his expertise at underwriting of fire policies. 
K. Ragavan 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


How many new states for India?         Letter Published in The National Uae on 2 August 13
I am writing in reference to Telangana defies the protests to be 29th state (July 31).
After a long struggle and lots of perseverance, the Indian government has sanctioned Telangana as a separate state. This is a dramatic development in Indian politics.
Despite mixed opinions from other political parties, the decision was taken by the ruling Congress party's high command.
It is likely that people in other areas will now start raising their voices to achieve statehood.
The question is: will these new states be viable?
K Ragavan, India