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Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 1Jan 17

After a lot of work, I have one dream this year

Readers talk about their personal hopes and dreams for 2017 from the wisdom they earned in 2016
Continue writing
I hope to meet old friends whom I lost association with for decades. My dream is continue my writing, meeting knowledgeable and talented people. I want to visit Dubai. I will continue my association with Gulf News. My main dream is to spread the message of good friendship. These are a few hopes and dreams from my side for the year 2017. Wishing all the readers of Gulf News a very happy and healthy New Year.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Friday, December 30, 2016

Article 498.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 31Dec 16 (My Article 498)

Fun-filled beginning

It’s time for New Year resolutions and, as usual, many of my friends have interesting lists. Some have decided to make daily walking a routine, while a few have stated they would restrict visit to restaurants as “outside food makes us obese.”

There are some who have planned to visit different tourist spots. 

At a group gathering, a friend declared that he would any one of us for an “outing” as part of his resolution. 

Everyone was surprised and eager to know where he would take us. A friend cautioned that if it were about a visit outside the city, he would not grab the offer. Others made their own guesses. Finally, he declared that he would take one of us with him to watch the much-talked about recent movie of Aamir Khan, Dangal.

Most backed out as they had already watched the movie, considering its popularity. 

The guy then flaunted a “Complimentary ticket” he had received and said it was free anyway. 

We parted on a jovial note. This New Year has thus begun with fun.
K. Ragavan


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 30Dec 16,Donald Trump behaviour
Some of the social media stories brought more sensationalism in the political sphere. The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war, Brexit and Indian demonetisation. But I liked the humourous coverage on the US elections campaign between Trump and Hilary Clinton. Both were accusing each other and Trump’s funniest behaviour in the campaigns made me laugh. The media also never anticipated the results in favour of Trump. Overall, 2016 was a sensationalism kind of year for stories covered by social media.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Life is Beautiful 352.

The day has gone very fast.Ram returned from the office relaxing in his hall.Suddenly he remembered to check  his diary.Diary is the one he maintains for more than four and half decades which he enjoys that passion.What ever he spends  daily and some Unforgettable incidents and important events he will write.When he checked day after tomorrow thursday his Beautiful Kathambari's Bday.She will be completing 52 and entering to 53.He has put a into mark to call her on that day.Writing diary is a very good habit and those who writes diary wo n't tell lie  is my opinion.They are sincere and honest people.He was happy that his association with Vasanthy  was nearing twenty eight years.By that time he received a call from his beautiful Vasanthy.
Hello Ram,how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Just now thinking about you .
Vasanthy.Me,oh nice of you.What for
Ram.Tomorrow  i thoughtof wishing you for your b.Day.
Vasanthy.Oh my god ,i was about to invite you for lunch  on my .Me you Prasanna and Kathambari will have dinner  at our favourite Venus restaurant.
Ram.Lovely,what time
Vasanthy.Evening at 7-P.M Since friday is holiday i am making evening.Please be there
Ram.Certainly,it is my pleasure to be there for  my Beautiful Vasanthy's
Vasanthy.O.K See you on that day.Take care
Ram.You too.Bye
After that call he received another call from Raj.
Ram how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Tell me all are O.K.there.
Raj.All are fine.I sent a big mail regarding the latest developments in Tamil nadu politics about  the Chief Secretary.
Ram.Yes i saw in TV And news papers.
Raj.I am in a meeting i just want to hear your voice .Tcare bye now
After his call Ram was thinking his association with Raj,Murthy and some other friends in Mysuru for decades and continuing smoothly.Slowly he started murmuring Friend ship there is no value.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy New Year.

Advance Wishes to all Friends and Google Team Members  AVery Happy and Healthy New Year.

Tribute to Cinematofrapher G.Singh 435.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the BollyWood is none other than Cinematographer G.Singh. He  has worked with all the leading heroes of Yesteryears viz Late RajKapoor,RajendraKumar, and  actors late  PrithviRajkapoor  and MadanPuri  is important.He has worked few films  More than Six decades  he has served in the film industry.Brilliant Cinematography will be more visible both indoor and out door. with out much advanced equipment his work was  very nice  in those days.I have seen few films of this doyen.Those films are,Arzoo,Anjaana,Around the World,Aap Aye Baahar Ayee andAankhen.He was associated withLate Director Ramanand Sagar for few films and all films was hit in those days.He was also worked as assistant Director for few films.He was one of the few Cinematographers liked by the film fraternity.Aarzoo,Aankhen and Around the World earned a good name for this Cinematographer if i am right.Today i am happy to tribute this Stalwart Cinematographer.
See You Next Week,

Friday, December 23, 2016

Article 497.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 24 Dec 16, (My Article 497)

Proper greeting

While some acquaintances greet us wholeheartedly, there are quite a few who turn their face away even when we cross each other as if they have never seen us before. 

Last week, I said “Hello” to a person I knew for long, but was surprised when he did not even respond. Yesterday, I happened to meet the same person and he hugged me with a broad smile asking, “How are you doing?”

It was then I realised that such people do not mean to offend us, but are lost in their own list of worries and problems. 

Recently, I was impressed when a person I was introduced to greeted me with a broad smile. Saying  “Hi” or “Hello” without any expression does not amount to wishing at all. 
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Life is Beautiful 351.

Next day Kathambari was waiting in Prasanna's office.Both wanted to go to near by mall then Kathambari will go to her office was the plan. Prasanna  was busy dictating to his secretary for a tender.The products marketed by his company has been accepted from Dubai health authorities.
Prasanna received a call from Dubai health officer saying they will be sending the order.Prasanna was not expected this call and waiting for the order by fax.Kathambari did n't feel for this.She knows in profession any thing will happen irrespective of your plans.The office messenger came and asked Kathambari to take tea.
Kathambari.Thank you.I will have once your boss comes out from his cabin.
The messenger left.After that Kathambari was going through a medical journal.There was an interesting article on Obesity and it's complications.She was impressed with that article.Especially Children are more prone to this concept because of their food habits and in UAE more children with obesity because of the junk food culture and parents love to them.
Suddenly Prasanna came out,Sorry ,still the order has not come.What to do.
Kathambari.Do n't worry you wait and see.I will go to my office.We will make it tomorrow.
After her departure Prasanna came back to his cabin.
Today both were planning to buy a Good compliment for Vasanthy whose falls on saturday.Both wanted to keep suspense but the purpose was defeated today.
Then Prasanna was concentrating his work.Again he received a call from Dubai health officer.
Prasanna,sorry i could n't make through fax.Our man is coming to your office and personally hand over the order.
Prasanna.Thank you.
He felt with joy the order is coming with original instead of fax.
What ever happens that is good only.
(To be continued)
See You Next week

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tribute to Actor,Writer,Journalist,Political Analyst Late Rama Swamy (Cho)434.

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality from all walks of life is none other than Late Ramaswamy  popularly known as Cho.Known for his frank,  fear free comments to all political parties created a big impact  for nearly five decades is  not a exaggerated one..He is also actor,Director, Writer and above all accepted a Wonderful Journalist and his popular magazine Tuklak created a revolution in those days.Liked by one and all leaders of political parties.He has staged many successful dramasof his was applauded by millions of people over the years.Manam OruKurangu,Muhammed  Bin Thuglak  and many.H e acted with former Heroes Late M.G.R.and Sivajiganesan for mny films.More than 100films he acted and he has contributed dialoques also for many films.He was also written Couple of Muktha films banner if i am right.His T.V Serial Engey Brahmanan was a very big hit in  Small screen.Indian film industry lost a versatile personality and Journalism world  lost a Unbiased and bold journalist.Today i am very happy to tribute this Great Legend.Even though he is not with us his Wonderful Philosophies in front of us.
See You Next Week

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 19 Dec 16,Facebook debate: The power of the individual
The world has witnessed many conflicts around the world this year, do you think that anything can be done on an individual level to make a difference?Cannot do much
If the conflicts of interest on a personal level can be avoided, they should be. For example, corruption for personal interests, people can change their attitude. Problems involving a country, like the refugee crisis, abuse and many other issues, only a good administration can control. Overall today, the world is witnessing many conflicts and atrocities. Individuals cannot tackle these problems in my opinion.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Friday, December 16, 2016


 Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 17Dec 16 (My Article 496)Love for the UAE

The other day a friend invited me for tea. When I asked about the occasion, he merely replied, “Come and I will tell you.”

When I reached the place he mentioned, he offered a variety of snacks and special tea. He then came to the point. “You keep praising the UAE so much all the time. I am planning to go to Dubai next month. Advise me about the visa formalities and best places to visit.” I explained to him various options and places he should not miss while visiting the UAE.

I got excited because any mention of the country which I love and where I worked for several years makes me happy.

So much so that my friends back in India have given me a nickname, adding Dubai to my name.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Life is Beautiful 350.

After reaching home Ram received a call from Prasanna.
Sir,how are you.I could n't talk to you for few days.We are launching a new Cardiovascular drug and hence i was busy.
Ram.Thank you Prasanna for calling.I always believe work is our first priority and the rest next.Concentrate your work first.How is Kathambari,as she was busy in some interviews i have not  seen her in the office.
Prasanna.She is fine.She was asking me to call you and find out your health.
Ram.Thanks.When people are showering love and affection on me my health will be always wonderful.How is your job.
Prasanna.Fine.Today i saw the T.V .that Chennai is facing crisis on the Vardha Cyclone and lot of damages to the people.Power was cut due to the trees fallen.
Ram.Yes,i  also seen .Last december the people of Chennai had rains and this year Cyclone
Prasanna.But the new team  of administrators done a good job of rescuing the people ,making necessary arrangements.
Ram.You are right.In Center PM is doing a good job ,but his work was disturbed by the Corrupt bank officials  helping the politicians in exchanging new notes which was very much affected by the Commonpeople of with drawing money from the ATM.
Prasanna.You are right.Because of money was accumulated with few people no funds for the people.Sad state of affairs.
Ram.Hope things will take a better shape after few days.
Prasanna.Hope for that only.Bye sir,take care.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tribute to Late Chief Minister J.Jaya Lalitha 433.

Today i am going to pen another interesting  film personality turned in to a Successful politician and established her image and principles is none other than Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha. Started her Career as a film actress in Vennira Aadai created a big impact in  five decades by late Director C.V.Sridhar is not an exaggerated one.Inspired by her Hero actor and leader of ADMK
M.G.R she joined the party ADMK.. After the demise of her leader M.G.R she gave Couple of remarkable movies  and retired from film world and Concentrating in Politics wanted to serve the people of tamilnadu which was her leader's philosophy is no wonder.With all the hurdles opposition parties criticism she was dominating in the tamilnadu politics should be applauded.She was selected   as General secretary by the party Unanimously and dominating for three decades is not a easy joke in Indian politics.Liked by one and all particularly women made her very popular over the years.I was not only her fan in my earlier days from Venniraaadai and other films  felt sad on her demise.She was fighting in the hospital for more than 75 days with the care of excellent experts could not survive indicates fate no one can escape.Even though she may have some short falls,over all she is a good administrator,deciding authority,terror to opposition and Amma to people.Her recent schemes  made her more popularity not only  with  the people but also the other states.there is a proverb what ever you do that will reflect is true in her case.On her death  day millions of people came and paid last respects to their departed leader.Actress,Politician,Charismatic Knowledgable with few languages and above all her impressive English delivery Jayalathia is no more.Her principles ,policies will continue in tamilnadu is my hope.Today i am very happy to tribute this great personality.
See You Next Week

Friday, December 9, 2016

Article 495.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 10Dec 16,(My Article 495)

Friendly encounter

I was returning in a bus when I noticed that a person seated next was staring at me. After some time he himself started a conversation telling “Your face looks familiar.” I looked at him and also felt that we had met somewhere.

In a few seconds, I recollected that he was my hotel room-mate when I first went to Mumbai for my training in 1967.

 I vividly remembered this because he had become very friendly at that time and had even taken me around the important places in Mumbai.

He said he now owned a printing press in a city called Sivakasi. When I called him out by his name, he was stunned and happy that I remembered his name even after nearly five decades.

I then told him about another funny incident that we had encountered together. We had had our lunch at a restaurant and he offered to pay the bill. The waiter brought back the balance change and waited expecting a tip. My friend took the remaining coins and started to move. We could hear the waiter murmur “stingy guy,” but my friend ignored him.

When I narrated that incident, my friend stated, “I do not feel compelled to pay a tip. 

“He was just doing his job, just like I would do mine. Even if he thinks I am stingy, it is because of that I own a press now and also employ a dozen people.”

I do not know whether I agree with him, but I surely enjoyed meeting him after such a long time.
K. Ragavan


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 10Dec 16,Leaps in innovation
Ahmad Abdullah Majan’s bicycle design won the gold medal award in the Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition, which was a good development from the UAE (‘Emirati inventor Majan wins gold medal at Hong Kong design competition’, Gulf News, December 4) . Apart from tourism, trade, education and healthcare, now big steps in innovation in the Emirates are being made. Kudos to Majan.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 9 Dec 16,Bold and strict policies
Leadership plays an important role for a country’s progress (‘Facebook debate: What defines a good leader of a nation?’, Gulf News, December 4). In policies, strict principles and boldness are the main qualities for improving a country. The former Cuban president Fidel Castro was known for his revolutionary policies and the welfare of his people and their progress. That is one of the reasons he could win over the people’s hearts for nearly five decades. His courage and determination against the Americans was laudable for many. Today he is talked about by all his people because of his policies.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Life is Beautiful 349.

Ram reached home.Next day evening he received a Call from Vasanthy.
Ram.How are you,did you see the T.V.
Ram.Yes,i saw in the T.V  .the sad demise of Jayalalitha.
Vasanthy.I could n't believe.I thouught she will be alright after the recent treatment.
Ram.When i saw the Crowd with tears shows the attachment with their leader.Last few months she has done very well to the poor class with lot of schemes particularly Amma  Canteen and many.
Vasanthy.One of the Strong will power woman with good administrative skills.I remember the movies we saw in Bengaluru
Ram.You mean Vennira Adai,and Surya Gandhi.Memorable movies.Many with late M.G.R
Vasanthy.Sorry to dis turb you at this hour.
Ram.Not at all.I was thinking about you and the films we saw in Bengaluru.
Vasanthy.O.K. Hope to see you  in one of these days
Ram.O.K.Bye now
After that Ram was busy in his work.
Suddenly he  received a call from Sulaiman
Good after noon Ram how are you.
Ram.I am fine,how are you.
Sulaiman.Your selection Nirmala has sent a beautiful Coverage on the  demise of TamilNadu ChiefMinisterJayalalitha.For that i am once again thanking you ,you have given us a promising future Journalist for our News paper.Bye
Ram was very happy about the compliment  on Nirmala.
After  one hour he left the office.
As usual the traffic was heavy.
Ali.Sir,Today i saw Amma 's funeral.Great lady.Millions of people come to attend.
Ram.True.This age what ever you do  good thing at your last stage will be remembered for ever.Amma carried that good thing which she has done few months to people.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in GulfNewsUAE on 7Dec 16,Was it negligence?
It was sad and painful to read about the plane crash in Colombia (‘Total failure ... without fuel’: Haunting final words of plane crash pilot’, Gulf News, December 2). The ill-fated air crash took the lives of 71 passengers, including football players who were going to Colombia. The negligence of the staff who had not checked the fuel tank capacity seems to be the main attributing reason for this. Otherwise, the pilot would have reached the destination and saved the passengers. I pray for the departed passengers and the grieving family members.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tribute 432.

Tribute to RamaLingaSwamy 432.
December 5, 2016
Today i remembered another interesting personality who has created a big impact in Marketing Pharmaceutical products five decades back is none other than RamaLinga Swamy popularly known as V.R.Swamy.He was the person selected me in the leading pharmaceutical company Pharmed Private Ltd before five decades back.He was the Consultant director at that time and i was selected for the famous city Madurai as my head quarters as Medical representative.Under his guidence and our Capable Marketing manager V.V.Satyanarayana known as V.V.S. I learned many things about marketing Pharmaceutical formulations.The Company gave me good training ,taught me anatomy and physiology in those days with a well versed and Capable Physician Dr V.S.J.Rao. I spent seventeen years in this organisation and learned and earned a good name.Discipline,Methodology,presenting the products,and above all meeting top class Consultants i acquired from Pharmed.Even though i departed twentythree years back from pharma industry still i remember the training ,discipline and the formulations of various products.I owe a lot to this trio V.R.S. v.v.s and .V.S.J. who taught and inspired me.Today i remembered this talented Person who selected me and mademe little knowledge in the Sophisticated Pharma Industry.Even though two of this trio are not alive now i always remember the association i had with this Wonderful People.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in GulfNews UAE on 4 Dec 16,Mixed feelings on Castro
The former Cuban leader who created a revolution in Cuba and ruled the country for five decades died, which has brought both sadness and happiness to people around the world. He was a terrorist for Americans even though he was geographically close to the US. He ruled single handedly with a communist concept. He was closely associated with Russia and its leaders. Despite a few attempts by the CIA to kill him, he escaped and put up a tough fight for the Americans.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 3 Dec 16,(My Article 494)Surprise gift

I wanted to make a surprise gift to my twin-grandsons on the eve of their 15th birthday. These two children arrived in the UAE when they were three-months old. They have now grown tall and have picked up good manners.

Two days before their birthday exactly at midnight, both these boys rushed to my room shouting “Happy birthday to you.” 

I was pleasantly surprised and happy to know that they remembered my birthday, which falls on the previous day before theirs. 

I was happy that the boys valued family ties despite the hectic world outside where most children are hooked on to social media. 

Next day, I presented my gift and felt touched by their affection.

What more would a retired person desire than the love of the family, especially kids. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, December 1, 2016

LetterPublished in GulfNews UAE on 2 Dec 16

Never forget the memories
I remember before the UAE was formed by the union – I was  twentysix years old. Later the beautiful Ras Al Khaimah was added, making it the seven wonderful emirates. I have seen National Day events on television for nearly 15 years and I attended it once in Dubai. It was very colourful, lively and full of entertainment. All the emirates celebrate this great day. School children participate and the army parade is most spectacular. The police department’s participation at sports events are one of the main attractions and the cycle parade will add to this. Dubai-based world famous Emirates airline participates as well on this day. Many will be rewarded for their achievements.
Even though I am not there physically, my mind is wishing the UAE people the very best in the coming National Days for peaceful living and prosperity in all areas. My memories won’t go easily because a lovely remarkable memory will always be with us.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India