Friday, December 16, 2016


 Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 17Dec 16 (My Article 496)Love for the UAE

The other day a friend invited me for tea. When I asked about the occasion, he merely replied, “Come and I will tell you.”

When I reached the place he mentioned, he offered a variety of snacks and special tea. He then came to the point. “You keep praising the UAE so much all the time. I am planning to go to Dubai next month. Advise me about the visa formalities and best places to visit.” I explained to him various options and places he should not miss while visiting the UAE.

I got excited because any mention of the country which I love and where I worked for several years makes me happy.

So much so that my friends back in India have given me a nickname, adding Dubai to my name.
K. Ragavan

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