Friday, December 30, 2016

Article 498.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 31Dec 16 (My Article 498)

Fun-filled beginning

It’s time for New Year resolutions and, as usual, many of my friends have interesting lists. Some have decided to make daily walking a routine, while a few have stated they would restrict visit to restaurants as “outside food makes us obese.”

There are some who have planned to visit different tourist spots. 

At a group gathering, a friend declared that he would any one of us for an “outing” as part of his resolution. 

Everyone was surprised and eager to know where he would take us. A friend cautioned that if it were about a visit outside the city, he would not grab the offer. Others made their own guesses. Finally, he declared that he would take one of us with him to watch the much-talked about recent movie of Aamir Khan, Dangal.

Most backed out as they had already watched the movie, considering its popularity. 

The guy then flaunted a “Complimentary ticket” he had received and said it was free anyway. 

We parted on a jovial note. This New Year has thus begun with fun.
K. Ragavan

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