Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Life is Beautiful 351.

Next day Kathambari was waiting in Prasanna's office.Both wanted to go to near by mall then Kathambari will go to her office was the plan. Prasanna  was busy dictating to his secretary for a tender.The products marketed by his company has been accepted from Dubai health authorities.
Prasanna received a call from Dubai health officer saying they will be sending the order.Prasanna was not expected this call and waiting for the order by fax.Kathambari did n't feel for this.She knows in profession any thing will happen irrespective of your plans.The office messenger came and asked Kathambari to take tea.
Kathambari.Thank you.I will have once your boss comes out from his cabin.
The messenger left.After that Kathambari was going through a medical journal.There was an interesting article on Obesity and it's complications.She was impressed with that article.Especially Children are more prone to this concept because of their food habits and in UAE more children with obesity because of the junk food culture and parents love to them.
Suddenly Prasanna came out,Sorry ,still the order has not come.What to do.
Kathambari.Do n't worry you wait and see.I will go to my office.We will make it tomorrow.
After her departure Prasanna came back to his cabin.
Today both were planning to buy a Good compliment for Vasanthy whose b.day falls on saturday.Both wanted to keep suspense but the purpose was defeated today.
Then Prasanna was concentrating his work.Again he received a call from Dubai health officer.
Prasanna,sorry i could n't make through fax.Our man is coming to your office and personally hand over the order.
Prasanna.Thank you.
He felt with joy the order is coming with original instead of fax.
What ever happens that is good only.
(To be continued)
See You Next week

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