Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Life is Beautiful 352.

The day has gone very fast.Ram returned from the office relaxing in his hall.Suddenly he remembered to check  his diary.Diary is the one he maintains for more than four and half decades which he enjoys that passion.What ever he spends  daily and some Unforgettable incidents and important events he will write.When he checked day after tomorrow thursday his Beautiful Kathambari's Bday.She will be completing 52 and entering to 53.He has put a into mark to call her on that day.Writing diary is a very good habit and those who writes diary wo n't tell lie  is my opinion.They are sincere and honest people.He was happy that his association with Vasanthy  was nearing twenty eight years.By that time he received a call from his beautiful Vasanthy.
Hello Ram,how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Just now thinking about you .
Vasanthy.Me,oh nice of you.What for
Ram.Tomorrow  i thoughtof wishing you for your b.Day.
Vasanthy.Oh my god ,i was about to invite you for lunch  on my b.day .Me you Prasanna and Kathambari will have dinner  at our favourite Venus restaurant.
Ram.Lovely,what time
Vasanthy.Evening at 7-P.M Since friday is holiday i am making evening.Please be there
Ram.Certainly,it is my pleasure to be there for  my Beautiful Vasanthy's b.day.
Vasanthy.O.K See you on that day.Take care
Ram.You too.Bye
After that call he received another call from Raj.
Ram how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Tell me all are O.K.there.
Raj.All are fine.I sent a big mail regarding the latest developments in Tamil nadu politics about  the Chief Secretary.
Ram.Yes i saw in TV And news papers.
Raj.I am in a meeting i just want to hear your voice .Tcare bye now
After his call Ram was thinking his association with Raj,Murthy and some other friends in Mysuru for decades and continuing smoothly.Slowly he started murmuring Friend ship there is no value.
(to be continued)
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