Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Web Site comment in The New IndianExpress,India on 29.Sep.10.

Your article71%Senior citizens in chennai face abuse,was informative and thought provoking.Even in the Global level ,this is very visible.The main attributing factors most of the parents ,children are away from the home country,in order to upgrade their life style and forgetting their duties to their parents.All the children are not the same,but percentage wise more.Our country can solve this issue, by retaining the highly qualified people with good packages and other benefits.One basic thing every person is forgetting,they have to pass this senior citizen stage. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

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Web Site Comment in The Hindustan times,India.29.Sep.10.

This incident is very unfortunate.More then half decade Prathiba's case was not come to an end.Inspite of the witness ,the accused has not punished is a sad state of affair.In our country the Judiciaury system ,takes its own sweet time is unacceptable.Our Law system should be modified.The victim's Mother Gowramma should get the real judgement,that will be the eye opener for others.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi,Uae.
29 September 2010
Your article Dubai sets 2014,date for tram was a Good news. Dubai is going to introduce the old transport concept Tram ,in 2014is a welcoming one.The Emirate known for its infrastructure ,and the beautiful metro,now adding one more product tram.In the coming years Dubai will over come the earlier problems ,and regain its old position in the Global map is very confident.I have seen this Emirate growth very rapidly,will be seeing the old position shortly.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Life is Beautiful.27.

Vasanthi was happy to see the calling person,is none other then Radhika.
Radhika.Vasanthi,what a pleasant surprise.Iam seeing you both ,after our Mysore Meeting.
Vasanthi.Sorry Radhika,i could not communicate.In our Bank We are having a Seminar for two days.Icame to day morning,will be leaving tomorrow.
Radhika.Any way i am happy to see you here.Iam planning to see this movie tomorrow,that was the reason i came to reserve our tickets.
Ram.Iam also happy to see you here.Our regards to your husband.
Radhika.Thank you,carry on ,have a nice day.
Vasanthi.Same to you.Then both Ram and vasanthi entered in to the theatre and occupied their seats.
Film started and both were concentrating on the movie.The movie was over at 9-30.P.M.
Both came out and entered in to a restaurant,for the dinner.
Vasanthi's face was sorrowful,
Ram.What happen Vasanthi,your face is sad.
Vasanthi.Even though ,this is picture only,but the end i am worried,it should not happen to us.
Ram.oh,My God,you are up set on the end of the movie.It won't happen to us.Even though he consoled her on that day ,today
Ram's eyes was with full of tears,he remembered Vasanthi's words has become true.Their life also has become like Sumai thangi.
See You Next week.

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By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47
On: 28 Sep 2010 09:16 am
The Demise of the Film personality Vaishali Kasharavalli is a great loss for the Kannada film industry. One of the talented Lady worked More then 100,films and few films she Directed is worth to be mentioned here.I pray for the departed soul and the Grived family members. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tribute to Cinemotographer Ravi Varman(110).

To day i remembered an another interesting film personality,who has established very well in five languages films ,is none other then Cinemotographer Ravi Varman.Known for his Beautiful lighting, outdoorand special visuals.He has many films to his credit,with three films awards is worth to be mentioned here.To day's top class actors and Directors was associated with him.Ace Directors like S.Shankar,K.S.Ravikumar and Gautam Menon are important.Kamal Hassan's Dasavatharam was a superb one,equal to any holly wood movie..Iadmire this talented up coming capable cinemotographer. Ihave seen few memorable films of this stalwart,those films are, Anniyan,Dasavatharam,Auto graph and Kandahar .Recently the famous Tanjore Temple was celebrated its One Thousand years completing celebration,and incidently this cinemotographer hails from Tanjore district ,also will have many achivements in the coming days.To day i am really very happy to tribute this personality.
See you next week.

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Web Site comment in The National,Abu dhabi UAE.

26 September 2010
Your article,Mother of all University degrees,was nice and interesting to read.The four years course duration for all women to become good parents is the main motive behind this course.This is the first time ,this venture is going to be introduced in the tiny emirate Ajman under the name University college for mother and family science.Ihave seen the tremondus growth of this Emirate from 1993-till 2009,october,and this is one more feather in it's cap.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in The National,Abudhabi on 25.September.10.Uae.

25 September 2010
Your article,Obama.Peace possible in one year,was a interesting one.More then three decades the conflict is continuing,and the present US President is Confident about the peace between Israelis and Palestinians with in one year is really surprising.Israelis are dominating in the Middle east,and the Peace depends on their hands only.Palestinians also should cooperate.Let us hope for the peaceful settlement with in a year.


Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE on 25.uae.(169)

Photographic memory

Reading in the morning and walking in the evening are my routines after retirement. Thanks to this habit, I have made new acquaintances. We discuss various topics from journalism to politics. One day, a friend invited me to go shopping with him.

After some purchases, we went to a restaurant for a cup of tea. While conversing, a person sitting behind us kept looking at me and then called out my name. I could not recognise him.

He cleared my doubt. “Three decades ago, I met you when we were in the pharmaceutical profession. I recognised you after hearing your voice,” he said. Both my friend and me were stunned by the man’s photographic memory.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi,Uae on 24.September 10.

Your article People in rich countries,getting fatter and fatter was nice and true.If you take the major rich countries ,particularly Europe most of the people are fatte,r one has to accept.Analysts are predicted three out of four Americans will be fatter in 2020,may be possible.Food habits ,easy life and with out much tension may be the root cause.The side effects of obesity ,may lead in to Cardiac diseases should be remembered.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Web site comment in The National,Abudhabi,UAE.
23 September 2010
The recent developements, in the Common Wealth Games,made the participants to hesitate to participate in the event was sad.Two incidents made the participants more paniky.Govt of India Should give assurances ,for the International community ,about the safety,and living conditions.If hygene and safety not met,the purpose of the event is not going to serve.Fast action required by the CWG,Authrities.Quality is more important,and some body from the CWG should give confidence.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in DeccanHerald,India.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47
On: 22 Sep 2010 08:07 am
Your articleRubble fifth threaten to bury cwg,was interesting to read.Ever since CWG Started only allegations and corruption ,and today this bridge collapses is unacceptable.The number of days left only twelve,and the assurances from the people involving the CWG Is fantastic.Apart from this Cleanliness from the accomodation area was also morevisible.Will the concerned authorities deliver.? K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

Life is Beauti ful. 26.

After spending two hours with Raj on the topic economy,Ram came home at 9.P.M.Tomy was waiting for his, night dinner.Ram gave his night bread,and Tomy pated his tail with faithful.Ram came to his chair,going through the news paper, saw the film Sumaithangi has come back again to Lido theatre ,after long time.Seeing the picture name Ram 's mind gone back to old memories.One day ,he received a call from Vasanthi
Ram,I am Vasanthi,came to Bangalore this morning,will be here to day.
Ram.Oh,fine,where are you staying.
Vasanthi.Iam with my friend's place at Malleswaram.
Ram.Nice,Iam close by.
Vasanthi.That is the reason,i fixed a programme.
Ram.Really,what programme.
Vasanthi.Iwant to see a movie with you,and selected the movie.Ihope you will like the movie.
Ram.What ever ,you select i will certainly like,because our thinking is same.
Vasanthi.Thank you for the compliment.The film is Sumaithaangi, a family drama Directed by Sridhar.
Ram.Oh,My God,Iwanted to see this Beautiful Family movie,but blessed to see with this Beautiful women.
Vasanthi.Same thing for me.Iam going to see this movie,with my Beautiful Ram.
Ram.Ok.Where to meet,
Vasanthi.Sharp 6.P.M I will be in Santhosh theatre,K.G.Circle,see you there ,bye.
Ram reached the main gate at 6.P.M.Vasanthi was waiting for him.They just entered the theatre.At that time some body was calling Vasanthi's name
(tobe continued).
See you Next week.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in The National,Abu dhabi on 21Sep.10.

21 September 2010
Your article Abdullah in UN Challenge to fight global poverty,was interesting to read.Today the entire Global is facing Food,Water and energy sources shortage for the people,should be solved before 2015,was discussed in the UN Assembly.Earlier resolution ,was this issue should be resolved before 2000,now extended to 2015.Every year the population also increasing and analysts are expecting Nine Billion in 2050.For any human being the basic needs are food and water.

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in Deccan Herald,India.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47
On: 21 Sep 2010 08:03 am
Your article,Crisis of credibility,was meaningful.Today in our country corruption is more visible and powerful is a sad state of affair.This has spread in to Law makers is unacceptable.Govt must introduce stringent law on corruption.UPA Govt.has been telling this will be eradicated,but yet they have not demonstrated is sad. Our judiciary system should be changed. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The National,Abu dhabi on 20.September10.UAE.

Your issue dated 19,Sep,regarding ,Latest cricket allegation was interesting to read.Recent months so many allegations are coming out in the Cricket area,for spot fixing was sad and unethical.This time the allegation was bestowed a person from Dubai is painful.Sports should be played sportively ,and players should behave respectfully.Inspite of the Decent remunuration ,players are behaving like this is unacceptable.

Tribute (109).

Tribute to Cinemotographer Santosh Sivan.(109).

To day i Rremembered an another interesting film Personality,known for his identity is none other then Cinemotographer Santosh Sivan.Known for his Perfection, Good visuals and excellent out door cinemotography.He has worked with today's top class actors and Directors.Even though he has few films to his credit,i have seen few memorable films of this doyen.Those films are,Roja,Dilse,Pukar,Tehzeeb,an dPride and Prejudice.He has worked four languages films is important.The Cinemotographer 's father Mr,Sivan is the cinemotographer for many Malayalam Documentry films and owns a studio in Kerala.Probaly because of his father ,he was facinated in to Cinemotography and established his identity in the film field.He was also studied in the Film Institute of India,and also the Founding Member o fthe Indian Society of
Cinemotographers.I admire this talented up coming cinemotographer.To day i am happy to tribute this celebrated,Personality.
See you next week,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The National,Abudhabi,UAE.

18 September 2010
Your article ,Taliban kidnaps election candidates ,was sad.Afghanistan ,after the US led allays,invasion , for more then seven years , Still facing problems is unacceptable.The recent election candidates kidnapping was painful.Taliban is still having the upper hand ,is Condonmable one.Ultimate sufferer is the civilians only.Inspite of so many forces,Taliban's strength is more visible.


Article Published in The Gulf Today,on 18.September.UAE.(168)

They deserve a pat

They deserve a patSports should be kept away from politics. It was painful to watch a sports person, who had won a gold medal, being treated shabbily in India recently.

I also received a call from a friend in the UAE criticising the rude behaviour of an Indian minister towards the medal winner. One should not forget that sportsmen bring laurels to the country they represent.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The National,Abudhabi ,UAE.
17 September 2010
Your article Gaza violence fuels ,was interesting to read.When ever some peace talks are taking place,violence also increasing from both sides is sad and painful.More then three decades ,no concrete settlement has arrived is a pity.Violence is not the right answer ,and a Peaceful dialoque needed at this hour.Middle east peace depends on Israel,will it be fulfilled is the question mark.?

Error on Life is Beautiful.22.

Dear Friends,
By oversight Life is Beautiful 22.Episode was not posted in my blog.Today i posted.Error is regretted.

Life is Beauti ful.22.

Life is Beautiful 22.
August 24, 2010 by krishnamachari ragavan
Vasanthi was very happy that Ram got good company to his destination Bangalore.That night she could n’t sleep ,because of the flashbacks ,she spent with her Ram.While going in the car Ram could n’t hear the conversation of Radhika and her husband,because his mind was recollecting the good memorable hours spent with her beautiful Vasanthi ,in the beautiful Brindavan Gardens.By the time he reached Bangalore ,it was Twelve “o clock midnight.Ram thanked Radhika and her husband for the lift and came to his place.He could n’t sleep,because of the first experience with Vasanthi.Next day as usual Ram attended his work.Couple of days past,one day Ram got the message through one of his friend.After hearing the message Ram was shocked. (to be continued).
See You Next week.
August 24.010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in DeccanHerald,India.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47
On: 16 Sep 2010 05:53 pm
your article Karnataka by polls,was interesting to read.It is very evident,that BJP,and JD(U),Isstill having some hold ,with the people of Karnataka.Wheres congress is failed to deliver its promises not only in the state but also in the centre.Today people need calm peaceful life with out any hastlesand corruption.For the past few months corruption has aggravated is sad.People are the better judge,and this by poll election has demonstrated. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India.
September 16, 2010 by krishnamachari ragavan
Your article, M.S.Gill insult Wrestler,,was interesting to read.Iwas watching the misbehaviour and the arrogant attitude of Mr,Gill in the minister should behave respectfully with sports personals.This incident was unfortunate and strongly condonmed one.Both the Player and the coach acted diplomatically,should be applauded. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
9/15/2010 8:06:00

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 25.

Life is Beautiful. 25.

Ram’s flashback was disturbed by a phone call.He took the phone,
Hello,Ram here.The other side was his friend Raj.
Hello Ram ,how are you. Long time from you no call,Are you o.k.
Ram.Raj,thank you,i am fine,How is your family.
Raj.All are fine Ram. Why do n’t we meet today ,in my House.
Ram.What time.
Raj.Say ,six thirty .
Ram.That’s fine.After finishing my evening walk i will come there.
Exactly at the Prescribed time Ram reached, his House.
Raj was very Happy ,seeing Ram.
Raj.Ram ,The Reason why, I wanted to meet you is to discuss about the present Economic crisis,which you like.
Ram.Of course i like.What is the Necessisity,that today we have to discuss.
Raj. My Editor -in-chief,wanted a Brief article on that subject , tomorrow.I thought you are the one, like this subject,because you look every aspect as Beautiful.
Ram. I admire every thing as Beautiful,we will discuss this subject, i like it.
Raj.Fine Ram,Let us have a cup of tea,then start this topic. By the time Raj’s wife Brought Tea with Biscuits,which, Ram likesvery much.
(To be continued)
See you next week,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site Comment in Deccan Herald,India.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47
On: 14 Sep 2010 07:09 am
Your article SC Dials Raja was interesting to read.I have been seeing only corruption,and misusing the power from the Present UPA Govt Ever Since its inception.None of the political party is sincere and dedicate to serve ,for the people of India.This is a good move from the SC.The attitude should change from the Ministers. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47


Tribute to Cinemotographer Peter Pereira.(108).

Today i am going to pen ,an another interesting film personality from Bolly wood is none other then Cinemotographer Peter Pereira.He has many films to his credit ,with beautiful out door work and specia leffects is not a exagerated one. Today’s top class actors films ,this doyen worked and created a big impact three decades back is important.He was associated Many films,with the Late Producer ,Director Manmohan Desai is very important.The combination of Manmohan Desai, and Peter Pereira yielded very good dividend in those days. Even though he has many films to his credit,i can not forget few memorable films of this stalwart.Those films are,Sachha Jhutha,Aa galey lag jaa,Amar Akbar,Anthony,Kasme Vaade,Yaarana,Toofan,DeshPreme,Pukar,Insaniyat ka devta,Shahenshah,and Mard are important.Eventhough his associate Manmohan Desai was not with us,their combination of many films ,still liked by the Film fans.Today i am happy to tribute this veteran.
See you next week,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in The New IndianExpress,India on 12.Sep.10.

The Demise of the Good versatile Play back singer Swarnalatha. was sad and painful to read.She sang in Five south indian languages and won the National award for her Poraley Ponnuthayi song is worth to be mentioned here.Ipray for the departed soul ,and the grived family members. . By K.Ragavan.Chennai.4

Friday, September 10, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today ,UAEon 11.Sep.10.

Heart of gold

A friend called me from the UAE asking about my arrival date in Dubai. When I said within a month’s time, he asked me to promise that I would stay with him. Surprisingly, he was the fourth friend to say so. This goes to show the hospitable nature of the UAE residents. It’s not only that the UAE is a land of gold; its residents too have a heart of gold.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in The New york times ,USA,on 10.September.10.

Paul Krug Man's Meaning ful and thought provoking article , Things could be, was nice.His American comparison with its counter part Japan was nicely elaborated.Even though initially some growth was visible in US Economy,now it will take a long way to regain the old position.Depends on the strategy by the present administration.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web site comment in The New Indian Express ,India on 8.Sep.10.

Your article Safderjung doctors withdraw strike was interesting to read.Their demand of more security has granted by the Govt.Such a big hospital require more security is necessary.Doctors should not go often strike,which is not acceptable,as their profession is , to serve the suffering humanity.This is really a good news for the patients. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life is Beauti ful. 24.

I may not live few more days also. said ,Vasanthi's mother.
Vasanthi.No don't tell like that.After spending few hours with them Ram left to Bangalore.After few days Ram got the shocking news ,that Vasanthi's Mother passed away.He went to Mysore, saw and consoling her.What to do, loss is loss.Vasanthi was very weak,she could n't talk much .
Ram.Vasanthi ,why do n't you come to Bangalore ,for a change.
Vasanthi.Thank you Ram.Igot promotion and transfered to Mahabaleswar,Near Poona.Iam joining Monday.
Ram.Why so early,you could have join little later.
Vasanthi.If i sit at home ,i will remember mom.So i decided to join.
Ram .As you wish,take care .As soon as you reach there ,call me.I am not able to tell ,any thing other then this.
Vasanthi.Certainly Ram,Even though iam there my mind is with you.You too take care.
Ram.Iwill be remembering our Beautiful My sore days Vasanthi.I can not for get that.
Vasanthi.I too,Ram.Bye.
The Two Beautiful People Departed from the Beautiful Place Mysore.(tobe continued)
See you Next week,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tribute to Producer,Actor and Director L.V.Prasad (107)..

Today i am going to pen an ,another interesting Personality from south indian film as a actor,producer and Director is none other then L.V.Prasad.Man who has created a very big impact in those days in Tamil ,Telugu and Hindi pictures are not a exagerated one.Today 's top class actors are acted in this stalwart's movies.Family subject with Good story, screen play and powerful dialoques are more visible in his films.Music , Good songs and cinemotography are also visible.Even though he has acted ,produced and directed many films in his career,i have seen few memorable movies of this doyen.Those films are, Chhoti Bahen (Hindi),Jeene Ki Raah,Shaadi Ke Baad(hindi),Missiamma,Manohara,Iruvar ullam,Kadan vaan gi kalyanam,(tamil.)He was awarded Dadha Saheb Phalke Award for his life time achivement is very important.Created his own studio and famous recording theatre,he was liked by the film fraternity.Most of the Bolly wood films recording as well shooting will be made in his studio.His Prasad Productions Banner was very popular.Even though the smart smiling L.V.Prasad is not with us today ,his contribution to the Indian cinema ,no one can forget.To day i am happy to pen this Doyen.
See you next week.
September 6.010.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Article Published in The Gulf Today,UAE On 4.September10
Train the mind

I was waiting for a train at the station. By the time the train arrived, a friend saw me and immediately we both rushed into a nearby compartment. After a few stations, the ticket examiner appeared.

I showed my First Class ticket and when his turn came, my friend also flashed a First Class ticket.

We both had entered the Second Class compartment with the aim of not making the other feel bad.

At the next station, we got down and moved on to the First Class compartment.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Web Site comment on The New Indian Express,India.

Your article ,Prime minister Man mohan singh's visit to Tirupati was nice and interesting to read.In spite of his sincere attempts to tackle the country's on going problems,with the blessings of Lord Venkatesa ,he may solve.People from all walks of life has got the strong belief on this Lord.Tirupathi visit ,to any one will bring miracles is true. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Web Site comment.

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India.on 1.September.10.

Your article Indian Scientist wins American Science Journalism award was nice and interesting to read.Scientist Pallava Bagla's work was bestowed him , the Journalism award for the research work on various issues in the earth sciences.Indians are acknowledged Globally is very true.Kudos to Pallava Bagla. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47