Sunday, January 31, 2010

Web site comment in Dinamalar,India on 31.Jan.10..

The introduction of the new route to Trich yby Electrification is a Good news forTravellers.Earlier the Electrification was up to Villupuram,and now extended to Trichy is to be applauded.This Makes for Passangers lesser Journey time and can avail for other works.It was expected this same can be extended up to Madurai in due course of time.Indian Railway is doing a very good job.

by K Ragavan.Chennai.47.,Chennai.47.,India 1/31/2010 1:17:18 PM

Article Published in The Gulf Today on 30.Jan.10.Uae.

bond RECEIVED a call from
a good journalist friend
asking me whether I was
at home.
After hearing his
voice. I guessed that he
was in India on holidays.
I replied “yes” and
directed the route to my
I was happy that after
nearly three months of
departure from the UAE,
I was going to meet my
A few minutes later,
he arrived with his better
half. I was pleased to
hear from him that the
UAE had been able to
battle recession quite
well and things were
returning to shape.
After all, I cannot forget
the golden days
before my retirement
from the UAE.
K. Ragavan

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Web site comment in Dinamalar,India on 30Jan.10.

Your article Pal Thackarey''s dis pleasure about Mukesh Ambani and Actor Shahrukhan was interesting to read.Still the fight for Regionalism is very bad for the Growing India.Unless and untill we have the Regional feeling with us ,you can nor expect a Secular India Fully.Name sake we are Propagating. by K Ragavan.Chennai.47.,India 1/30/2010 11:51:38 AM IST

Friday, January 29, 2010

Web site comment in Ndtv,India on 28.Jan.10.

Posted by K.Ragavan.Chennai.47. on Jan 28, 2010

Janaki's article about the Plus and Minus of MumbaiTaxi drivers behaviour was nicely elaborated.Ido remember Three decades back the service ofthese men was fantastic.Today not only in Mumbai all the Metropolitan cities taxi men's behaviour is not palatable.This issue should be addressed. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Web Site Comment inThe New IndianExpress,India on 29.Jan.10. on 26.Jan.10.

your article Russian rape case was sad and painful to read.World's famous Tourist destination Goa's image has been spoiled in the recent rape case.Goa had some more incidents like this in the Past is not a healthy sign ,Govt.Should implement some strong measures to curb this in the future.Then only Tourists will have confidence to visit Goa. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Web site comment in Dinamalar,India on 28Jan.10.

Your Article Mumbai belongs to every Indian is right.India is a vast country comprising of many states and many Languages and every Indian has got the right to choose or use place and language. People living in the Particular states should not feel that place belongs to him.We sholud remove the state feeling,then only you can see the real secular India.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Web Site comment in DeccanHerald,India on 27.Jan 10.India..10.


By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 27 Jan 2010 08:20 am
Your article Hardly a Super power was nice and thought provoking.The Present UPA Govt.has tackled few areas only and Many areas yet to be solved.The task before the Govt is Terrorism,Security for our People Living abroad,and above all the high rise inflation.Prices should come down,unless and untill the common man is not happy you can not create a Secular full govt. K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Web Site Comment inThe New IndianExpress,India on 26.Jan.10.

Your ArticleCrooks inside the abattoirwas nice and thought provoking.In India most of the Educational institutions run by Politicians either rdirectly or indirectlyis a sad state of affair.Today's Educational institutions are only money making and not providing quality education one can not deny,except few institutions.Nicely elaborated the today's scenario. By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Web site comment in Dinamalar,India on 25.Jan.10.

Your article Ethiopean Airlines Accident and the Casualities are sad and painful toread.Recent months , number of Air accidents increased is not a Healthy sign.People working in Air line industry should be alert and dedicate in their work.The reason is due to cut off the communication.However this incident is very tragic ,and my sincere condolences to the Grived family members.
by K ராகவன்.wr,chennai.47.,India 1/25/2010 1:43:46 PM IST

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tribute toDirector Karan Johar.

T oday i am Going to Pen an another Enterpraising and Up coming Director of Bolly wood is None other thenKaranjohar.Close associate of Sharukh khan, he has couple of films under his Dharma Productions created a good impact is not a Exagerated one.Picture startingwith title K is his speciality.He won Film fare awards for his films.All the Leading actors Amitabh bachan,Sharukh khan,Kajol,Hrithik roshan,Preety zinta and Rani Mukherjee acted in his films.I Have seen few memorable films ,those are ,Kabie Khushi Kabie Gham,Kal ko no ha,and Khch khuch hota hai..Film with Enter tainment filled with songs ,Colur ful locationwith Good Cinemotographyis to be mentioned here.He has also played as Jury Member in the MissWorld competion held in PolandI n2006.His Koffee with Karan Programme was very well accepted with younger genaration.His smiling face and Enter praising nature liked by Film Fraternity.
See you Next week.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Web site comment in The National,Abudhabi,uae,on 24.Jan.10.

Your article Proper Insurance cover was nice and meaningful.Many People having insurance cover for their vechicles are not aware of the Difference between comprehensive cover and Full insurance .Comprehensive covers Loss,Damage and Third Party Liability only and not for the Owner's Family Members.It is better to take Full insurance with Family Members.People should ask the Difference when they take insurance.

Web Site comment in DeccanHerald,India on 23,Jan.10.

y: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 23 Jan 2010 09:04 pm
Your article Over 15,000 security men Guard Republic day was interesting to read.India is expecting terror threat for the Republic day Deploying Number of Security men in one aspect was a Good news but these men should be more alert and cautious is important.Quality is important rather then number. K.Ragavan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

eb Site comment in NDTV,India on Jan.21.10.

Posted by K.Ragavan.Chennai.47. on Jan 21, 2010

Your article Audacity of TV Was nice and thought Provoking.Your Experience and Our Judiciary system Nicely Elaborated.Our Country's Judicioury system is a Slow and Lengthy Process..In spite of the Eye witnesses of Taj case,StillKasab is not punished is a example.When this will change?. K.Ragavan.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Web site comment in The New Indian Express,India on 21.Jan.10.

Your article Tax raids shock Film Fraternitywas interesting to read.In India Sports Persons and Film actors are Welly acknowledged by People and they are taking a Excellent Share of Income.They should respect IT and pay the dues in time.Even after paying the tax,their income is huge comparing to other Professionals. K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

web site comment in Dina malar,India on 18.Jan.10.

Your article Two Indians Killed in Fuji lands was sad and painful to read.Recently Indians are tagetted in Australia and US was unacceptable This is Mainly due to Professional Enemity..Indians are capable and Globally accepted is one More reason for these incidents.Our External Ministry Should address this important issue.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Web Site Comment in The New Indian Express,India on 18.Jan.10.

your article Afghanistan.. Suicide Bomber kills16,was Sad and painful to read.Ever since the invasion by US Led Forces Afghan Peoples Life Style remains the same.Killing More civilians by Both Us and Nato forces are increasing .Apart from this Taliban forces threaten is continuing for innocent civilians.Worst Part Suicide Bomber's attacks.Neither they bother about their Lives nor the People. K.Ragavan.
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Tribute to Director VikramBhatt..

To day Iam going to Pen an another Interesting Writer Director who gave Good Action Movies is none other then Vikram Bhatt.Many Top class actors Acted in this Director's movie is not a Exagerated one.Fast action with suspense is his Speciality.He gives importance for cinemotography,songs and action.Incidently heis the son of Veteran Cinemotographer Pravin Bhatt whohas many Laurales to his credit. In a Span of Eleven Years he has established his name Very Well in the Bolly wood.He has few films to his credit both as Writer and Director.I have seen Few films Raaz,Jurm,Deewane Hue pagal,and Ghulam are worth to be mentioned here.Bobby deol,Salman khan,and other actors acted in his movies.Today iam Happy to Pay Tribute to this Up coming Director.
See you next week.

Article Published in The Gulf Today on 16.Jan.10.UAE.(131).

Matter of
A Friend called to ask opinion about his son's admission in a Famous college in Australia.I refused to comment thinking that it's amatter of personal opinion.What would you do if your son had got admission?he asked. 'For me relation ships are precious.So i would like my son to stay with me i told him.Ido not know wheathermy friend liked the reply.The Phone got disconnected from the other side.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Web Site Comment in DeccanHerald,India on 16,Jan.10.

y: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 16 Jan 2010 12:10 pm

Your Grey Hair Earned and why should be ashamed,with Veteran actor Naseeruddin shah was meaning ful and nice.Shah is one of the Versatile actor from Bolly wood and his frank views and opinion i fully agree.One should not belive that he is young by using colour to his hair.Young should be in Mental behaviour and activeness.Grey hair is Natural Phenomina one has to accept.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Web Site Comment inDeccan Herald,India on 15.Jan.10.

By: K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.
On: 15 Jan 2010 11:02 am

Your article Indian Taxi driver assaulted in Australia was sad and painful to read.Recent months Both students and Employed Indians had miserable life is not acceptable.AGrowing country like Australia ,should take care of the Expatriates community.They should remember they are Earning More Foriegn income by various countries,Particularly More from India.They should give respect for Indians.This Issue should be sorted out immediately from Australia. K.Ragavan.

Web site comment in The New Indian Express,India on 14.Jan.10.

Your article Gurudwara in Australia Catches fire was sad and painful to read.In the recent months more Indians are attacked in Australia was not acceptable.Inspite of repeated requests and Reminders from our External ministry ,nothing is happening from the Australian Very sad.A country's Bi lateral relation ships are measured with the safety of the other country's peoples safety.This is strongly condonmed one. K.Ragavan.
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Web site comment in The New IndianExpress,India on 13,Jan.10.

Your article Australians won't be allowed to Play was interesting and Meaning ful.Shiv sena Chief Thackeray'sPromise to stop the Australian Players in the Coming Cricket Test in Mumbai was a Good indication.One should appreciate Thackeray's stand on this issue.Inspite of the Internal clash between state People Thackeray's stand on the Australian issue should be applauded.He Proved he is a Mumbaiker. K.Ragavan.
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Web Site comment in DinaMalar,India on Jan.3.10.

Your article Emirates Humour club (Nagaicuvaiyalar Mandram)Dubai was nice andinteresting.In a short time EHChas created a big sensation in Mediais very much appreciated.Iwas a Member in this Elite forum till oct.09.Watching their activitiesthrough newspapers.My compliments to Suresh,K.G.Gunaand all talented members executetheir talents every month.This Forum should have Many Lauralesin the coming days.
Gulf News Readers Club Member.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Habits Never Shake Off.

To day i read in one Leading Indian News Paper,Habits never shake off,was Meaning ful and thought Provoking.This regarding the Celebrations of Famous Festival Bhogi in Tamil nad.People put fire on old cloths and unwantedthings.This Practice is there for Many years with Sentiments and cultural value.Today's Global warming and Environmental atmosphire this practice can not be acceptable. This Festival is one of the Important and connected withthe Harvest of Tamil nad.Only Children can Explain to their Parents about the disadvantage of this Habit.Ido agree any Habits wheather Good or Bad can not be Eradicated in a Over night.But Putting things in a Better way may achive the Result.This is My Opinion and not Criticising.Iwas also Following this Habit till Two years back.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tribute to Director Ashutosh Gowariker.

Today iam Going to Pen an another interesting Personality from Bolly wood is None Other then Director AshutoshGowariker.Started his Carrer as a Actor and Later Became a Good Director.He has couple of Films to his credit,and among that Two Films got award is very Important.Laagan acted by Stalwart Aa mir khan,and Jodha Akbar by Hritik Roshan gave him a Good recoganition.He Gives Much importance for Story screen play and ActorsSelection.Ihave seen Two of his Movies Laagan, andSwades.Shahrukhan gave a Memorable Performance in Swades. Aamir khan's Wonderful action in Laagan Made Ashutosh Gowariker fame. One Of the Few Directors Deliver and Applauded by Peopleis worth to be mentioned here. As an actor .He has many T.V.Sereals to his credit .One of the Few Result oriented Film Directors in the Bolly wood.Today I am Happy to Tribute this Talented Up Coming Director.
See tou next week.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Web Site Comment in Khaleej times UAE,on 9.Jan.10.

Your article Artist's work shop in Sharjah Botanical Garden was interesting to read.Having spent 16,Years in this Cultural Emirate ,i have seen the Drama tic improvement in high rise buildings as well More Museums.Since More Museums are located in Rolla area the crowd on Fridays is too much with out any civic sense .(Spittin g,Putting Bottles abrubtly.).This issue should be addressed by the Govt.immediately. k.Ragavan. Chennai.47. India

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Web Site Comment in The New Indian,Express India on 7.Jan.10.

Your articleAmarsingh's resignation no big deal,was interesting to read.The close associate and Loyalist of Mulayam singh yadav steped down from Samajwadi Party was a dramatic developement in Indian Politics.Amar singh was much talked person in his Party,and a influenced Person in Bolly wood Film stars is important.He wants to take care of his family was his reason.Let us wait and see the real factor. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47.
By K.Ragavan.Chennai.47.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today's Children are More Sensitive.

Recently i read in one Leading News Paper in India an article ,Stress and Suicide was nice and thought Provoking.Our Education System of too much lessons and higher anticipation from the Parents are the Main root cause for this type of Suicides.Giving pressure to Students,and Insulting by others and Teacher's behaviour in front of other studentsare the other attributing factors.Todays children are more sensitive.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express,India on 5.Jan.10.

Your Elborate article on Rathore Charged with abetting suicide was interesting to read.With this No police officials should misuse their power and they should not think in dream also about misusuing and Exploiting the society.Power Mongers should be Punished with out second thought.This is an Eye opener for others who will follow his foot steps.Corruption,Misusing power and Rape should be Punished if its proved with Eye witness on the spot.As a Indian i am Happy about the act by Centre.

Power Mongers Should be Punished.

Recently i read in one Leading News paper in India, Elborate article on Rathore Charged with abetting Ruchika's suicide was interesting to read.With this No police officials should misuse their power and they should not think in dream also about misusuing and Exploiting the society.Power Mongers should be Punished with out second thought.This is an Eye opener for others who wants to follow his foot steps.Corruption,Misusing power and Rape should be Punished if its proved with Eye witness on the spot.As a Indian i am Happy about the act by Centre.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tribute to Director Farhan Akhtar.

Today iam going to Pen an another talented Director ,and actor is none other then Farhan Akhtar.Even though he has couple of films to his credit Bolly wood acknowledged him as a Good director as well actor.Stalwarts AAmir khan,Saifalikhan and Akhshaykhanna acted in his Dil chatahai ,a Musical comedy.Trio Shankar,Ehsan and Loy was the Mucic directors of this Hit movie.Shot in Australia with wonderful visuals.Later Lakshya was acted by Hritik roshanmade a Good impact among Film goers.Don with Sharukh khan also ran well.This two Memorable pictures i have seen In .Rock on Farhan acted and made a Good impact.In a Short span of time he has established in the Bolly wood film industry.Apart from Directorial touch he is known for his Charitable touch.He has organised a Programme for the Cyclone ,Drought hit areas and collected a Huge sum for the Victims is worth to be Mentioned here. Today i am happy to tribute this Young Director.
See you Next week.

Web Site comment in The New Indian Express ,India on 3.Jan.10..

Your Article Indian Youth Fatally stabed in Australia was sad and Painful to read.In the Recent visit to India Australian Prime minister Rudd assured that indians can stay safely and his administration will look in to the present Racism.Unfortunately this 21,Year youth was stabbed by a Unknown person make Indians Paniky in Australia.However nothing has found Police is investigating.Indian External Ministry should address this important issue.We need protection not only for Students but also other working Indians.This is very unfortunate and my sincere prayer for the departed youth and his berevied family members. K.Ragavan. Chennai.47. India.
By K.Ragavan.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Human beings are Respected is True.

Few days back one of My friend from Ajman ,UAE, uae called and asked whather iam in Bangalore or chennai.?Ireplied Now iam in Chennai ,shortly i will be going to Bangalore.After My Retirement from Uae,icame to My home town Chennai and settled.Since My Daughter stays in Bangalore i will be shuttlingto B.lore frequently,hence my friend asked.The Reason behind one of the Popular Versatile actorVishnuvardhan Passed away .Iwas watching in the TV,his funeral proceedings.He has many films to his credit and awarded many National awards. Iwas watching the Chief Min ister of Karnataka along with other Ministers attended the Funeral of the Departed actor speaks the nature of the Person.Apart from a good actor he is a Good humanbeingliked by the Film Fraternity.Ialways stress in any walks of life if a person does a good job,he should be recoganised is true in this actor's case.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Letters and Articles Published in 2009.

Iam Wishing all Google Team and readers a Happy and Healthy New year.
Iam giving Below My Letters and articles Published in 2009,Both in Daily as well Web site comments.
1.Gulf News .UAE.13.
3.The Gulf TodayUAE.65.
4.The National,UAE.71.
5 Deccan Herald,India.55.
The New Indian Express,India.6.
Iam Sincerely thanking all My friends and Well wishers for the comments , Criticism and motivation.With out you all this would not have Happened.