Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore on 30Nov 13 City Express Column

Improper building plan,poor material and favouritism  towards certain builders are the main causes for these buildings collapsing.Government should monitor not only the new constructions periodically but also inspect the old buildings to avoid such incidents.Above all, contractors should have basic ethics and should not use the sub standard material to fill up their pockets.
Ragavan Krishnamachary

Article 328

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 30Nov 13 (Article 3 28) Kudos Dubai

Recently, I received a lot of phone calls from relatives and friends wishing me a happy birthday. I could not believe that I have completed 68 years. 

What I cherish most is the memorable time spent in the UAE, where I worked for several years. 

So, I am not surprised that I jumped in joy and spread the happy news about Dubai winning the Expo 2020 bid to everyone I met on the lane where I presently stay in Bangalore.
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A risk for the frail guards too
Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror,Bangalore India on 27 Nov 13he recent brutal attack in the ATM kiosk and the subsequentshutdownof1,137ATM machines highlight a sad state of affairs. Banks are employing old security guards for their benefits. Guards should be able to protectpeopleandtheATM.On theotherhand, shutting down ATMs on security grounds may cause inconvenience to people. 

Life is Beautiful 192.

Ram was enjoying the nice drive of Kathambari in her new Nissan Sunny car. to  Sharjah  expo exhibition.While driving Kathambari was asking Ram,
How you feel  this Sunny.
Ram.Sunny is really very nice.Very comfortable and seats are  nice.
Kathambari.I  wanted to buy sunny long time and the time has come only last week.
Ram.For every thing time has to come.
Kathambari.You are right Ram. I  have been inviting you  to our home for lunch but you could n't make
because of your preoccupation.
Ram.Yes Kathambari,for that also time has to come.
By that time Kathambari reached Expo exhibition.The Exhibition authorities received both.
Authority.Wel come Mr Ram we heard about you.Happy to see you here on the inaguration day.
Ram.It is our pleasure too ,to participate in the opening day.
Sharjah is one of the beautiful place  among the seven emirates.It is known as Cultural emirate of United Arab Emirates .
Ram  and Kathambari finished their work at 2.p.m.Kathambari was telling to Ram
Here one new Karnataka restaurant has  come.We will try there.
Ram.Fine,We will go there.
Kathambari and Ram reached the Hotel.Lot of Indians and some  arabs was  dining there.It was a pleasant surprise for Kathambari to see locals were enjoying Indian dishes.
Ram.No  wonder they like our dishes because it is very tasty.Indians are acknowledged in  Global level.
Kathambari.True Ram Our dishes are very tasty.
After finishing their delicious lunch Kathambari droped Ram to his house.
Ram.Thank you See you tomorrow.
Kathambari.Bye Ram.
After she left Ram came to his flat checked the mails.Murthy has sent one mail thanking Ram for all the help
rendered to him during his visit to dubai.By that time Ram  was tired wanted to take rest for  some time.
He went to his bed .By that time his phone was ringing.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tribute to Director Vishnuvardhan274.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the tamil film industry is none other than Director Vishnuvardhan..He hails from Kumbakonam where plenty of famous  temples located.Initially he was working with stalwart Director Santoshsivan and later he  become independent director.He has worked with popular actors  like Ajithkumar,Arya, Bharath, Prakash raj  and Nayantara. is important.Even though he has few films to his credit among those films  Billa and Aarambam was  hit movies for him.The combination of Vishnu vardhan and Cinematographer Niravshah made good impact .Billa's cinematography by Nirav shah and Aarambam's cinematography by Omprakash  made a good name for this Director.I have seen few films of this  director.Those films are Arinthum ariyamalum,Billa,and Pattial.The recent movie Ajith kumar,Arya, Nayantara,  starring Aarambam is doing very well for him.In a short span of time he made a remarkable name in tamil film industry.He has also directed one telugu film  and acted in couple of films.
Today i am happy to tribute this talented Upcoming  Director.
See You Next Week
25-11-13.    .

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Letter Published in The national uae on 24 nov 13Gold find in plane is intriguing
I was shocked to read the article Million-dollar stash of gold found in plane’s toilet in eastern India (November 21).
Who could have left gold bars worth more than $1 million (Dh3.6 million) in the toilet of a commercial plane, I wonder.
No one so far has come forward to claim them, nor have the authorities been able to arrest anyone in that regard. We might come to know the real story behind this incident after investigations are carried out.
Meanwhile, the Indian government might be happy to find this much gold in a plane, even though it failed to find a gold stash after carrying out digging in a large area in Uttar Pradesh, based on a Hindu holy man’s dream.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, November 22, 2013


Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 23 Nov 13(Article 327).

Sportive spirit

When my two grandchildren invited me to attend their school sports function, I gladly agreed. It was thrilling to watch several children participate in different games. I was surprised by the enthusiasm especially because I thought the present generation is more into indoor games and is addicted to television and Internet. 

In an inspiring speech, former Indian cricketer Javagal Srinath prodded parents to encourage their children to take part in sports activities. “Even if they lose, they should learn to appreciate winners,” he suggested. 

The applause from the crowd made it clear that his point on sportsmanship was well taken. 
K. Ragavan

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore on 20Nov 13   Action PleaseColumn
Issues Galore
The area in front of a leading library situated right opposite my apartmen ton Gubbalala main road has become a garbage dumpyard. .Apart from this,  weed  has  also covered the entire space.An other issue is that of traffic.With Gubbalala main road witnessing an increase in motorists by the day  because of its
connectivity to Uttarahalli and other places,it has become difficult for pedestrians.I request the authorities to look in to this issue as soon as possible and get both garbage and weed cleared.
Palm Grove Enclave
Gubbalala Main  Road


Letter Published in The National Uae on 20 Nov 13Arrogance is roadblock to peace
Faisal Al Yafai’s opinion piece, A deal with the devil could save Syria from the inferno (November19), was thought-provoking.
The author has clearly analysed the past and present status of Syria, and the current regime’s arrogant attitude.
Despite international calls for a peaceful settlement, president Bashar Al Assad is still adamant that he will stay in power.
I hope that peaceful dialogue between the people and the Assad government can yield some results. Innocent people should not have to suffer any longer.
K Ragavan, India

Monday, November 18, 2013

Life is Beautiful 191.

Friday Morning Ram was  waiting in his house for Kathambari's arrival to go to Sharjah Expo exhibition.His phone was ringing.Vasanthy was in the other line
Good morning Ram.Kathambari told me about your today's Programme.I am   happy your Company is giving high respect for you.
Ram.What for Vasanthy respect
Vasanthy.Your MD Atkinson  is asking you to cover most of the Prestigious events and meetings.It shows how important you are in your Organisation.
Ram.Oh,For that you told respect.All this credit goes to Kathambari only.She only introduced.
Vasanthy.I am also one way thankful to Atkinson.
Ram.What for Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.Because he has sent  Kathambari to Mysore Engineering college function where she met you  and introduced Atkinson.If she  would have not met you  i never meet you.
Ram.You are right Vasanthy.I too never thought that i will be meeting you after three decades.All by god's grace.
Vasanthy.You are right. I am happy  you are close by to me for that i am sincerely thanking the God.
Ilove you so much Ram,that was one of the main reason i met you here.
Ram.Yes. I too feel  the same.I love you and you are always in my heart.
Vasanthy.I am very lucky Ram.All the Best for your today's programme.Take care.I miss you.Hope to see next week.
Ram.I am also hoping to see you next week.
By that time his door  bell was ringingBye ,Vasanthy.he kept the phone.
Kathambari was standing out side
Good morningRam.Am i late.
Ram.No,You are in time.I am ready.
Kathambari.We will make a move.
They came to Kathambari's car.Ram was surprised to see her car.
Ram.Have you changed your car.
Kathambari.Yes i changed to Sunny.
Ram.Nice car
Ram sat in front seat and Kathambari  started driving.
(To be Continued)
See You Next Week,

Tribute to Cinematographer S.Gopinath 273.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from tamil film is  none other than Cinematographer.
In a short span of his career he has worked with leading actors like Vijay,Vishal,Vikram,Anushika ,Trisha and others Started his career with famous Director Rajiv Menon  in MinsaraKanavu ,and his ad films later became independent. .His beautiful indoor and out door frame work  is  laudable..Even though he has handful of films to his credit all are remarkable.He has also worked with talented Directors like Dharani,and Babu Sivan.  I have seen all of his films,Dhil, ,Ghilli,Dhool , Vettaikaran and Kuruvi.All the movies are fast  and entertaining.Vijay's action was superb in Kuruvi,Vettaikaran,and Ghilli.Vikram's action was very nice in Dhil. Today Tamil film has  talented technicians  in Cinematography and.,Editing, Today i am happy to tribute this talented Upcoming Personality liked by the film fraternity.
See You Next Week,


Sunday, November 17, 2013



Letter Published in Deccan Herald Bangalore on 18Nov 13 Peoples Problems Column
Garbage on road
Garbage is being dumped indiscriminately  in front of a reading library in front of Gubbalala main road. The pavements on the road also not maintained properly with lot of weeds allowed to grow.Pedestrians are feeling it unsafe  to use the pavement.The traffic density on the road increasing day by day and the authorities concerned should ensure proper maintenance of the road
K.Ragavan Gubbalala.


Letter Published in The National Uae on 18 Nov ember 13Many hope for peace in Nepal
I was pleased to read Carter confident Nepal poll will be peaceful (November 17).
After this much-anticipated election, Nepal’s new administration will have much to do.
It must bring in some revolutionary changes, not only in the area of trade but also in tourism and foreign affairs.
Its is not just former US president Jimmy Carter who hopes for a peaceful Nepal.
The Indian government also wants it. K Ragavan,India

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 17 Nov 13Think before you make a comment

I am commenting on the article India’s top policeman under fire over rape comment (November 13). The comment made by Ranjit Sinha, the Central Bureau of Investigation chief, was unwarranted to say the least.

It’s natural for political parties and social activists to demand his resignation.

A person holding such high office should be careful while making comments. Such officials should be aware of sensitive issues and public sentiments.

K Ragavan, India

Friday, November 15, 2013

Article (326).

Enduring hardships                Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 16 Nov 13 (Article 326)

I was telling my friend that whatever happens in life we have to endure.

When he looked puzzled, I shared my personal experience.

It happened to my eldest daughter on September 16, 1983. I was working for a pharmaceutical company and travelled a lot. That day, I returned to my hotel after watching a movie.

I got a message from the hotel manager that my 10-year-old daughter had suffered a fracture in her right hand. I panicked. One of my friends had her admitted to a hospital in Mysore. The next day I rushed to the hospital. She had a bandage and the doctor said she had to undergo a surgery. For no fault of her, she had to suffer. One of her friends had twisted her hand violently.

After the surgery, the doctor comforted us saying there was nothing to worry. She had physiotherapy and shock treatments. Even now, she has a big scar on her right hand. Whenever I see that scar, I wonder why this happened to her! She is quiet, calm and pious.

Exactly two decades after this incident, she is happily married and I am happy to see her driving a car in the UAE with her three lovely children.

Such incidents happen in everyone’s life in different ways. It is better to accept and move on than to regret and turn a pessimist.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,Bangalore India on 15 Nov 13
Un wanted Project
The launch of the Mars orbiter received mixed reactions.The Nation is plagued by problems like Poverty,poor education,lack of proper health care facilities,and Unemployment.The r.450crore that was allotted for the project should have been used to feed the poor. At this juncture this space programme
was not needed.Basic issues should be tackled first on priority basis.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 13Nov 13
Colossal Tragedy
Help the Philippines Surmouni  Haiyan(TNIE November 12)was an interesting read. The Recent tragedy in Philippines was colossal.India has faced similardisasters in the past and understands the extent of losses.Every nation should come forward to help Philippines  get out  of the present crisis. This may happen to any  nation.

Your story, The man behind Abu Dhabi’s master plan (November 12), was an interesting read.
Now 90 years old, Dr Abdulrahman Makhlouf’s experience with Sheikh Zayed, the late visionary and the architect of the UAE, was laudable about how the capital, Abu Dhabi, and other  cities were developed.
Above all, Sheikh Zayed’s determination to plant trees was highly admirable. Al Ain’s is a good example of this and it is why Sheikh Zayed remains in the hearts  of people in the UAE.
K Ragavan, India


Letter Published in The National Uae on 13 Nov 13Indian PM joins boycott of Sri Lanka Commonwealth summit, November 11)The decision of the Indian prime minister to boycott the summit in Sri Lanka is a welcome one. The main reason was Sri Lankan government’s  ill-treatment of and atrocities towards the Tamil people living there.
Apart from the opposition parties,  Tamil Nadu state government and his own party members are  not willing for Mr Singh to attend  the Commonwealth summit.
The decision by India not to attend may have a big impact on this region.
Name withheld by request

Life is Beautiful 190.

After Kathambari's call  Ram was busy with his day to day routine.On thuresday afternoon he called Kathambari  to confirm   on his friday visit to her place.Vasanthy took the phone
Ram Kathambari has forgotten to take his cell.
Ram.I see,Vasanthy i am coming tomorrow.
Vasanthy. Lovely.I am eagerly waiting to see my Ram.
Ram.I too,how are you.
Vasanthy.I am fine always thinking about you.What time you will come.
Ram .Twelve o clock will be alright.
Vasanthy.Fine,what all the things i can prepare for my dear Ram  Kesari,or Gulab jamun.
Ram.As you wish.Both i like.More then the sweets i want to see my Sweet Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.  I Love you Ram.
By that time Driver Ali was knocking Ram 's door.
Ram.Vasanthy My Driver Ali is knocking my door.I will come back to you. soon.
Vasanthy.OK.see you tomorrow.I will tell Kathambari.
Ram opened the door .Ali wished him
Good afternoon Sir .Kathambari madam has asked you  to contact this number.
Ram.Thank you i will call now.He took the number called to Kathambari,Hello Kathambari Ali gave this number tell me.
Kathambari.Ram i am in  Sharjah  Expo Centre Tomorrow .they are inaugurating  Machinary and watch exhibition.They invited  our channel to cover the events.Atkinson asked me  to take you for this programme with our Camera Person Mukund .
Ram.Fine, What time we have to go there.
KathambariMorning Eleven o clock.I will tell mummy  about this development and ask her not to prepare tomorrow's lunch.We will make it on sunday
Ram.No Problem work is important.
Kathmbari.I will come to your place at 10 to pick you.Bye now.
Ram .Bye.
Ram was wondering why every time  his meeting with Vasanthy  was post poning.
 He also got the answer ,Every thing has already written by God.All for good only,he consoled himself.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tribute to Cinematographer Priyan 272.

 Today  i am going to pen another  film personality who has created a good impact in tamil films for more then two decades is none other than Cinematographer Priyan. Started his career with the Late Producer ,Actor Balaji's famous Sujata International unit as a asst cameraman.Later he has worked with Stalwarts Balu Mahendra and Mani Ratnam  for Mundram Pirai and Later's Nayagan.Then he Joined with Rajeev Menon for his Advertisement films and worked with him for   famous Bombay film .He has worked with Popular Directors K.S.Ravi kumar,Cheran , Hari  and many others.His techniques, visuals,lighting and out door shooting is very good because he had wonderful experience with Stalwarts ,Balu Mahendra and,Rajeev Menon, is very important.His original name Nagendran was changed to Priyan by Director Cheran is worth to be mentioned here.More then 25films to his credit and  all are very good.Even though he was not known Cinema in his earlier days later he learned and proved his talents to the tamil film industry. i have seen few films of this stalwart.Those movies are,Porkalam,Thenali,Varalaru,Tamizh,Samy,Arul,Ayya,ThamiraBarani,
Thoranai,Kovil,Aaru,Vel,Seval and Singam 2.His  Cinematography work    was more visible in Singam 2
particularly South African shots taken by Helicopter.Today i am  happy to tribute this talented Versatile Cinematographer.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 10Nov 13  Fast  action on Goa killing will protect Indians in Nigeria Your article (Indian police arrest man over Nigerian’s death in Goa, November 8) was good to read.
The recent killing of a Nigerian national by an Indian in the famous tourist destination Goa was sad. The Indian authorities are investigating the reason behind what seems cold-blooded murder.
There are increasing numbers of Nigerians in India – some are studying but unfortunately others are involved in drug trafficking.
I would expect the 35,000 Indians living in Nigeria will be protected by the Nigerian government, especially since this incident in Goa has made many Nigerians uneasy.
Will the Indian government speed up this case to protect nationals from both countries?
K Ragavan, India

Friday, November 8, 2013

Article 325.

Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on Nov 13  (325).

Ego effect
During my daily walk in a garden, I always greet my acquaintances. Last week, a person greeted me, but I could not reply. The reason: he had covered his face to avoid heavy fog and I was not sure. During the second round, I stopped him, He revealed his face and I recognised him as a friend who used to chat with me at the Senior Citizen’s club. When I apologised, he replied, “It is OK as you did not greet me because you could not see me. There are people who do not greet others out of ego.” Yes, all sorts make the world.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India on 8 Nov 13
» Insightful article
The article, Waiting for Godot; God or idiot (BM, Nov 6), was meaningful and thought provoking. Despite so much chaos, drawbacks and weak politics, our democracy is still capable of thriving. This point is nicely elaborated by Pritish Nandy. It is high time some changes happen to our esteemed democracy so that it can act better.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 7 Nov 13      Mars Mission Shows the real power of India      The Mars mission has drawn different reactions from different people. As a common citizen of India, I think there are a host of other issues that need the urgent attention of the government, including poverty, education, healthcare and, above all, unemployment.
Many of these issues could be successfully tackled with 4.5 billion rupees (Dh266 million), the amount that was invested on this mission.
At the moment, the country’s economy is struggling under inflation and various scams. Projects like this help to boost India’s image, but the country has its limitations.
K Ragavan, India

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 6 Nov 13Action needed to tackle factory fires
Even though factory fires are common in Delhi, the authorities seem to be reluctant to tackle them, which is sad (Factory fire in New Delhi kills six, November 4).
Lack of regular inspections and poor maintenance of electrical accessories and equipment could be the reason for most of those accidents. Six people have been killed in the latest one.
Will the concerned authorities wake up now?
K Ragavan, India

Monday, November 4, 2013

Life is Beautiful 189.

 Dubai City Centre is always busy with international visitors particularly from Europe.Murthy  came to the main entrance along with Lizioli  .Lizioli was very much impressed with City Centre  one of the biggest mall in Dubai.
Mr Murthy this is a good mall.  i like  it.
Murthy.Yes,Ram suggested me to take you for this.Chocolates,Badam you can buy here.
Lizioli.Yes,i will buy for my kids
After finishing the shopping  they reached Sheraton Hotel where Murthy and Lizioli  was staying.
Driver Ali was waiting in the reception.
Good After noon sir,Mr Ram gave this cover to you.He gave the cover to Lizioli.
Thank you .Lizioli took the cover from Ali.After that Ali left.
Lizioli.Murthy this is our agreement with Ram's Company. He called Ram

Good after noon Ram .I am Lizioli here .Ali gave me the Contract signed by your MD.Thank you so much.
Ram.Not at all.We have signed for One year now will be renewed every year.As per that we will cover your
hilosophy and policies in our channel.Coverage will be twice in a week.Every thing we have mentioned there.
Lizioli.Yes.Just now we returned from City Centre.I will give it to Murthy.
Murthy.Ram,City Centre was nice.
Ram.Lizioli is leaving today to Italy.
Murthy.Yes Ram.
Ram.Mr Lizioli wishing you a Very  Happy and Safe Journey.
Lizioli.Thank you.My flight is at  8P.M.
Ram.Take care,Bye.
After that Ram received a call from Kathambari
Hello Ram  How are you.
Ram.I am fine .Tell me where are you.
Kathambari.At present i am in City centre metro station.Waiting for a coverage ad.
Ram.Good,What for you called.
Kathambari.My mom felt very bad on that day .She aked me to contact  wheather you will be free on coming friday.
Ram.I do n't know .But i will tell you tomorrow.
Kathambari.Bye Ram.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Whart ever will happen will happen.

I Want to share my real experience with all our friends,was happened to my eldest daughter and one has to accept the reality in life.i remember correctly ,it was 1983 ,September 16 th, I Was watching Kannada movie at Hassan ,Karnataka state.i returned to my hotel after the movie.At that time  i was working for a Pharmaceutical company and i used to travel a lot.I got a message from the hotel manager that my 10 year old daughter,had a fracture.When one of her friend her right hand.I was paniky and worried.Then i contacted my wife at mysore and came to know nothing to worry.As one of my friends had admitted her in K.R.Hospital,Mysore.The Very next day i reached the hospital and saw my daughter,she was in bandage and the doctor said she has to go for surgery,for none of her fault,she had to suffer.One of her friend twisted her hand that has led to this extent.
My wife was very much worried ,being a girl ,she prayed to god that she should recover soon.The next day the orthopaedic surgeon did surgery to her hand for nearly two hours and nothing to worry.Even after the surgery,she had physiotherapy and shock treatments.She has big scar in her right hand.Whenever i saw that scar,i feel for her.Why this happened to her?.Basically she is quiet ,calm and pious.But what ever happens will happen.I strongly believe in this philosophy.Exactly after two decades after this incident she is happily married and i am happy to see her driving a car in the U.A.E. With her 3Lovely children.
I was telling to my wife these happenings are also written earlier.So what ever happens will happen,all for good.
Tranquil Seniors Club Member.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tribute to Writer ,Director See man 271.

Today i remembered another  good personality in tamil film industry is none other than Writer,Director Seeman.Inspired by  the  Directors  Bharathi Raja and late Mani vannan seeman started his own directorial venture with Panchalankurichi with Prabhu and Madhu Bala. He has worked with all the leading actors SatyaRaj,Prabhu,Madhavan,Gouthami and Khushboo is worth to be mentioned here.Even though he has few films to his credit he won the tamil nadu state film award for best  dialoque writer for his film Thambi. .Madhavan and Bhavana acted in this movie.Panchalankurichi  was a village story with Prabhu and Suvalaksmi in the lead rolls. Thambi gave a good name for him. I have seen few of his films.Those films are PanchalanKurichi,Thambi,Iniyavaley and ,VeraNadai.Crisp dialoques , clean indoor and out door shots,and  good entertainment will be visible  in his films.Apart from writing,Directing he has acted in  few films is important. After the few films Direction he entered in to Politics and has his own party. If he can concentrate in films he will have his own identity. Today i am happy to tribute this Up coming Director.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The New Indian Express,Bangalore on 4Nov 13
On Modi's Turf
The report about Modi-Singh sharing  a stage and fighting over Sardar Patel made for interesting reading.
However, it was sad to see such pointless arguments.No matter what their views , Congress men should have shown restraint because after all  the programme was inModi's Gujarat.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Letter Published in The National Uae on 3 Nov 13India should focus on public safety
I am commenting on the article Speeding Indian bus crashes, killing 45 in inferno (October 30). It’s a terrible tragedy. Bus accidents are not uncommon in India, but even by Indian standards, fatalities were very high.
Public transport in India is often unsafe. The governments of respective states need to do more to ensure the safety of people travelling by bus and taxi. Human lives are precious. The relatives of victims might receive compensation, but no amount can make up for the loss of lives. I pray for the victims.
K Ragavan, India

Friday, November 1, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 2 Nov 13 City Express Column
May be. Those who do not watching match in the stadium will be watching in T.V.Bangalore has millions of
cricket fans and more than that prominent players as an added attraction.For children to senior citizens, all are more keen to watch cricket.Students and young professionals will also take interest.Over all more possibilities are there that there will be a calm atmosphere till the match ends.

Article 324.

Article Published in The Gulf TodayUae on 2Nov 13 (324)

Bury worry’

A friend was supposed to travel to his native place by bus for Diwali festival. He called me to say that he was cancelling the trip, as he was depressed. When I asked him the reason, he mentioned about a recent incident in Andhra Pradesh in which a speeding bus exploded in a ball of flames after crashing into a barrier, killing 40 passengers. 

It took a long time for me to convince him that accidents are common in all modes of transport and such incidents should not be a reason to skip travel plans. 
K. Ragavan