Friday, April 29, 2016

Article 453.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 30 April 16, (My Article 453)

Print power

Last week, when I received a message from a friend in the UAE that he is visiting my city, Bengaluru, I was thrilled. 

He invited me to join the book release function of his daughter.

What I was surprised to notice is that the power of print is still strong and technology has not been able to dilute it.

The large number of enthusiastic youngsters present at the event made me realise that books are here to stay. 

On the one hand, I was happy that I attended the memorable function and on the other I was happy that I could catch up with an old friend personally, and not virtually, as we all mostly do these days. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 29 April 16,A serious offence
This article was good to read since in the workplace, whether it is in a corporate office or at an airline company, employees should behave with their colleagues in a friendly manner without any bad intentions (‘SpiceJet sacks pilot for sexual harassment’, Gulf News, April 24). In the airline industry, air hostesses should be respected and not harassed by pilots. I applaud the decision of the SpiceJet management for sacking the misbehaving pilot and this will be an eye opener for others who like to indulge like this.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life is Beautiful 317.

Ram also wished Prasanna's mother.How are you
Mother.I am fine ,how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Prasanna and Kathambari are fine.Prasanna  given Saffron pockets to you.Please take this.
Mother .Thank you. I used to send this to Sri Ramanujar Sannadhi in Melkottai through one friend using  for their daily   pooja.
Ram.Sri Ramanujar is great Acharyar.
Ananda rao.Next year a great celebration has arranged  in Karnataka for his 1000th
Ram.Deserving one for this  Personality.Man who has created a revolution in SriVaishnavam  Philosophy.I am really proud  to be  his disciple
AnandaRao..Really we are all proud he has done a great work in Karnataka and spent more years.. This Achayan will be remembered for ever.
Mother brought Sweets and fruits to Ram.
Thank you.My favorite Ragi sweet adai
Mother.I know,you love that.
Ram.I love this ragiadai prepared by jackry.
Mother.  Tasty and good for health.
After that Ram spent few minutes then left for Ananda Rao's house.
While going Ram visitedMurthy's house.Tomy came very fast  after seeing his Boss
Ram just pated Tomy and Tomy was jumping with joy.
Murthy.Yesterday only Tomy came from the hospital.
Ram.I am sincerely thanking you for taking care for nearly three years.
Murthy.He is quiet,soft and understandable.
Ram.Thank you for your compliment.I will make a move.Tomorrow morning i am leaving.
Murthy.Ram i will drop you in your hotel.
Ram  thanked Murthy's wife and daughter for their nice Soup.
Murthy dropped Ram to his hotel
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 26April 16
Good Analysis of Situation,
 Power &Politics )was an interesting read.The author has nicely analysed today's  Political scenario..On the one hand Prime Minister Narendra Modi building a vibrant India and on the other Opposition parties want to remove the ruling party in the next election ..Will NitishKumar achieve his ambition or will Prime Minister Modi fulfill his dreams we will have to wait and see.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tribute to Cinematographer K.S.Selvaraj 400.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the Tamil film industry is none other than Cinematographer K.S.Selvaraj.He has worked with many top class actors and Directors
in his two and half decades film career is not a exaggerated one.Known for his beautiful shots both Indoor and out door is worth to be mentioned here.Actors Arjun,Vijay,Sundar .C (Director),Vivek,Nasar and Manyothers.He has also contributed few Telugu films.Even though he has lot of pictures i have seen few remarkable movies.Those films are,JaiHind,SivaKasi,Elumalai,Aayudom seivom,Aasaiyil Oru kaditham,ThalaiNagaram,and few films i could n't recollect He is .One of the few Cinematographers respected  by the film industry.Today i am happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 26April 16,Awareness grows
Earth day means appreciating Nature’s gift to us and how to protect plants, animals and all that encompasses our environment (Letters to the Editor: Earth Day needs to be every day’, Gulf News, April 22). Earth Day is celebrated by activists throughout the world with singing the national anthem, too. The main gist on Earth day is to protect Nature through garbage collection, recycling and petitions by all groups protecting the planet from depleting resources. Every year Earth Day is growing and many people are aware of this.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Friday, April 22, 2016

Article 452.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 23April 16,(My Article 432)

Fan fun

Cleaning is a routine affair in my day-to-day life after retirement, particularly my laptop, which I use for long hours. Once in a week, I also clean the fans at home.

The other day I was cleaning my fan when I received a phone call. I picked the phone and realised it was one of my best friends. When I told him I was cleaning the fan, he said he would buy a fan for me. I was surprised. “No thanks, I already have three at home,” I replied. 

It was then that he laughed and said: “I am not talking about the ceiling fan. I am buying a ticket for Shah Rukh Khan’s new Bollywood film Fan.”
K. Ragavan

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 22April 16,Earth Day every day to protect our planet
Readers talk about Earth Day, what it means to them and what they do on this day
Awareness grows

Earth day means appreciating Nature’s gift to us and how to protect plants, animals and all that encompasses our environment. Earth Day is celebrated by activists throughout the world with singing the national anthem, too. The main gist on Earth day is to protect Nature through garbage collection, recycling and petitions by all groups protecting the planet from depleting resources. Every year Earth Day is growing and many people are aware of this.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Life is Beautiful 316.

Next day morning Murthy sent his office  Car along with  driver to pick up Ram for the function.Ram
was sitting in the hotel reception hall.Murthy's driver came
Are you Mr Ram.I am Murugan,Muthy sir sent me to bring you for the function.
Ram.Nice,i am ready
While driving Ram was asking Murugan
How long you are working in this Company.You are from Mysore
Murugan.I am working in this Companty for the past five years and i am from Mysore
After ten minutes drive they reached the office.Lot of guests were gathered there.
Murthy's Managing Director Srivatsava came and greeted Ram.
How are you Mr Ram.After Prasanna's marriage i am seeing you.How is Dubai
Ram.I am fine and Dubai also fine.
Srivatsava.Please come in side.He took him to the new auditorium recently built for the function.
About fifty  guests have come for the function.
Ram went and sat in the auditorium.Murthy  reserved  in the first row.
Function started and went on for two hours.After that Srivatsava  was requesting Ram to  talk few words about the Company.
Ram  gave a very good speech about their products and how it helps for the suffering humanity
The Audience was thrilled with Rams  address about the products and his Knowledge
Srivatsava thanked Ram for his Wonderful delivery on the products.
Then Ram had lunch with then  came to  Raj's house.
After spending one hour there  Raj took him to Prasanna's house.
There Ananda Rao was waiting for Ram.He was so happy to see Ram.
Ram.How are you.
Ananda rao.I am fine.Happy to see you after long time.
Ram Yes,By that time Prasanna's mother  came and wished Ram
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


Monday, April 18, 2016

Tribute to Artist R.Sundaramurti Ramachandran 399.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the  Tamil film industry  who has done a excellent creative  work is none other than Make up artist R.Sundaramurti.More than four decades he has been in the film industry and still going strong is not a exaggerated one.I am really proud to be associated  with this Stalwart for nearly six years through this popular Social media Face Book.Ever since he started with the late Director K.Balachander's movie Apoorvaragangal and he made Rajnikanth  famous with his artistic touch no one can deny.I have seen many memorable movies of this Stalwart in tamil telugu and ,hindi films. Few Hindi films viz,Ekduje ke liye,,Dil Se,,Bombay,Sanam teri kasam,and Sagara Sangamam( telgu)..One of the Versatile artist proved his mettle.Film Industry is like a family and all the technicians,artists are important for the film's success under the  Director's Supervision.Editing,Make up, Choreography plays a Vital roll in films.He has worked with all the top class  actors and today's Upcoming actors is important. To my little knowledge i am tributing this talented artist and if there is any error  found kindly ignore. When ever i contribute this column i am very happy. Simple,smiling ,Sundaramurti  should deliver many more films in the coming days with his Creative touch Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 17April 16,

Facebook debate: Privacy vs access for security

Is it more important to protect our privacy on our devices or allow government access for our own security?Tricky question
To my knowledge, both are important and a priority. Security is very important and if that has been taken care of, people will feel protected. But what about in the event of any miscreants’ acts? It’s indeed a tricky debate question.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Friday, April 15, 2016

Article 451.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 16April 16,(My Article 451)

Logo confusion

I was crossing a busy road when someone called out for me to stop. His face was unfamiliar and I thought, maybe, my memory was failing me. 

When I asked him what he wanted, he replied he was a marine engineer and wanted to join “my company.”

I was surprised as I had retired after working in the UAE for several years in the marketing field. 

He smiled and replied, “I am asking the right person. You are working in a prominent offshore company.”

It was then that I realised I was wearing a complimentary T-shirt with a marine company logo and he had the mistaken notion that I was working for that company.
K. Ragavan

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Letter  Published in Gulf News UAE on14 April 16,Devastating explosion
It was devastating to read about the Paravur Puttingal Devi temple explosion, at the store house where fireworks were being stored for the annual ceremony in the Indian state of Kerala.
The explosion caused more than 100 casualties, with more than 250 injured. I pray for the victims, the grieving family members, and hope for a speedy recovery for the injured.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Life is Beautiful 315.

After finishing his official work Successfully in Bengaluru  Ram came to Mysore.Murthy  received him in the railway station.Ram loves train Journey and took the train from Bengaluru to Mysore.On the way Murthy ,
Ram how was your trip.
Ram.It was fine .I find lot of changes in Bengaluru.The weather has completely changed.Now Bengaluru is very hot.
Murthy.Very true.This year the weather is very hot.
Ram.Still Bengaluru is the destination to settle down.Many north Indians  were settled when i was in Bengaluru.
Murthy.Now   that numbers have increased. You can stay with me.
Ram.Thank you Murthy.I have already reserved in Dasaprakash Paradise.I will come to your house and Raj's house.Tomorrow what time your Office function.
Murthy.Ten thirty  in the morning.
Ram.My hotel has come .
Murthy.Ram ,you take rest .Morning i will come and pick you to our office.Raj also coming there.
Ram.Thank you for dropping me here.Good night see you tomorrow.
After  Murthy left Ram came to his  room which was booked earlier from Dubai.
By that time he received a call from the main hotel office
Sir,Mr Raj has come to see you.
Ram.Please send him
Raj entered  in to Ram's room was so happy to see him.
Ram,welcome to the Garden city ,after how many years you are coming.
Ram.May be three years.Mysore has not changed  much.The old houses , and neat station i still remember.How is your family
Raj.All are fine.You could have stayed with us.
Ram.Murthy also told the same.No problem,i am on my official visit.
Raj.I have forgotten to tell you  for the past few days Tomy was not well.Last week when i went to Murthy's place i saw.Murthy is really taking her on Tomy.
Ram.I can not for get Tomy as well Murthy's timely help to take care of Tomy.
Raj.You take rest.Tomorrow i will meet you in Murthy;s office.Good night.Now the time is 9P.M.
Ram.Good night Raj
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tribute to Late Writer T.Janakiraman 398.

Today i remembered another interesting personality from Tamil  literary world is none other than Late Writer T.Janaki raman popularly known as Thi  Jaa. One of the few writers given memorable Short stories,Novels and travel articles and created a big impact in those days is not a  exaggerated one.Even though he has many to his credit i have read few Stories  viz,KottuMelam,Akbar Shastri,
in short stories,and Mogamul ,AmmaVandhaal in Novels.His writings are very simple,narrative and expressive.Some his stories and articles are translated to other languages.He was bestowed the Prestigious Sahitya Academi Award for his Short story Collections and Novels.Even though he lived short span of time his remarkable creations are infront of us.Today i am very happy to tribute this great Stalwart Writer.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 11April 16,Walking is an easy step
Walking is very important in today’s fast life of junk food culture to control obesity (‘Walking an inexpensive way to good health’, Gulf News, April 6). Once a boy or girl becomes obese, it could lead to so many related diseases. Walking isin expensive and it should be practised regularly for a better and more fulfilling life. The Dubai Health Authority’s campaign is a welcome one.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Facebook comment

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 10April 16.

Facebook debate: Does encryption make us safer?

Is WhatsApp encryption making us safer or is it making it easier for criminals to communicate confidentially?More dangers with encryption
One aspect of encrypting WhatsApp messages is good. For people communicating, no one can see their messages and pictures anymore and confidentiality is kept. However, this will also help criminals directly talk to their criminal friends for sabotage and other interests, which could be a national security threat. This cannot be ignored. There are more possibilities for potential threats than the offering of safety. Secure products may not take care of the safety of others as one would hope.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Friday, April 8, 2016

Article 450.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 9April 16, (My Article 450)

Food for thought

I saw a guy at a restaurant sitting on the next table. After ordering food, he looked at me and smiled. I reciprocated. 

He introduced himself saying he was working for a multinational company and that he frequently travelled to various countries. We had a short, hearty chat. 

After we finished, the waiter presumed that we were both together and asked me whether he should make a single bill. 

Since that person was friendly and jovial, I told the waiter to give me the total bill. However, the gentleman, while praising my gesture to pay, said he would prefer to go Dutch.

I was surprised but felt happy about his frankness. 
K. Ragavan

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Letter Published  In Gulf News UAE on 8 April 16  ,Tragedy from cutting corners
This is with reference to the recent flyover accident in Kolkatta, India (‘Murder charge mulled in overpass collapse’, Gulf News, April 3). The tragedy saw many casualties and people injured, which is unacceptable. This construction project started in 2009 and is yet to be completed, and so, this mishap has occurred. Poor materials and improper supervision are the main contributing factors, in my opinion. I am wondering how the construction company can dismiss this incident, by simply calling it ‘an act of God’. The guilty should be punished rigorously and it should be a lesson for others who want this type of work. I pray for the victims and hope for a speedy recovery for the injured.
From Mr K. Ragavan

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 7April 16,
What About Seniors?
While appreciating RBI's rate cut  to help more people buy homes and cars,it is a blow to those with fixed deposits,particularly senior citizens who are dependent on the interest.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life is Beautiful 314.

Next day Morning Vasanthy received a call from Ram
Good morning
Vasanthy. Very good morning pleasant surprise
Ram.Yes,  i have to go to India next week for two days .I can not come on friday for lunch.
Vasanthy.Which place you are going
Ram.Bengaluru.There i have to meet a new client.Atkinson called me yesterday and discussed my visit to india.
Vasanthy.When you said Bengaluru ,i remember our  meeting and the beautiful movie Sumaithangi which we saw
Ram.I can not for get that. Exactly twenty seven years passed.I met you two years back   in Dubai
Vasanthy.I never expected that i will meet you here
Ram.The reason i called you that i  won't be available on friday
Vasanthy.No problem,you can comeor lunch  f after your return from India
Ram.Sorry,i have dis appointed you
Vasanthy.Not at all.Job is important.
Ram.Thank you.I will call you after i  come .Careback
Vasanthy.Happy and safe journey.
Ram.Thank you
Vasanthy .,Which  flight you are going
Vasanthy.Today i saw in the news Emirates crew members gave a good performance in the Eden gardens stadium .It was nice.One of  the finest Air line
Ram.Yes. Tcare bye
Afterthat Ram was busy in his work.
Lunch time Prasanna came to his cabin
Prasanna.Sir,a small request
Ram.Tell me
Prasanna.I will give few pockets of saffron to my mother.Kindly give it to her.
Ram.How you know i am going to India
Prasanna.Mr Murthy has sent me  a mail to invite you for our company's function
Ram.I see,i will give it to your mother
Prasanna gave few pockets of saffron to Ram.
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, April 4, 2016

Tribute to Cinematographer K.M.Bhaskaran 397.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the Tamil film industry  is none other than Cinematographer K.M.Bhaskaran.Started his career with Stalwart Cinematographer  Vijay Milton as associate later become an independent Cinematographer.In his short span of experience he has  given two memorable movies is worth to be mentioned here.Both the films Vallinam and 10  Endrathukulla i saw.Vallinam was acted  by Nakul,Mruthula Bhasker,and Atul Kulkarni and nicely filmed by this Cinematographer.Vikram and others acted in his other movie 10Endrathukulla was another good movie for  his good frame work both in indoor and out door.This film was produced by Director ,producer  A.R.Murugadoss is very important.In his short career he was bestowed with two movies and he proved his mettle  Film Vallinam got  National Award forBest Editing .Today i am very happy to tribute this talented upcoming Cinematographer who has got bright future.
See You Next Week,

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 3April 16,  Facebook debate: Killing wildlife for population control
Is culling wild animals for population control the most ethical option available for conservation?Don’t encourage culling

Culling wild animals, for the sake of human comfort, is not advisable. Of course, wild animals are more dangerous if they are not protected and end up coming into public areas. This causes people to panic, which has happened recently in Bengaluru, India. Wild animals should be protected carefully. They are all part of the ecosystem and will help the planet prosper. We shouldn’t be disturbing wild animals, and the wisest option is to allow them to live their life. In short, culling cannot be encouraged, but if it is needed, one can do it. I generally disagree with the concept of culling.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Friday, April 1, 2016

Article 449.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 2April 16,(My Article 449)

Cool day

I was reading a newspaper when I received a call. “My name is AC. Please suggest me a good brand air-conditioner,” said the voice.  At first, I thought someone was playing a prank, but then I realised the voice was familiar. While I was trying to recollect how he knew me, AC himself broke the suspense.

“I had met you at a shopping complex. I took your phone number and during our conversation you mentioned that you had worked in the UAE before retiring. So I thought you would know the best brand names as the UAE has all big brands,” he continued. 

He had introduced his name as AC instead of his lengthy original name, Arumugam Chidambaram. I suggested a brand and he was happy. It turned out to be a cool day as I had a chance to talk to a good friend. 
K. Ragavan