Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Life is Beautiful 316.

Next day morning Murthy sent his office  Car along with  driver to pick up Ram for the function.Ram
was sitting in the hotel reception hall.Murthy's driver came
Are you Mr Ram.I am Murugan,Muthy sir sent me to bring you for the function.
Ram.Nice,i am ready
While driving Ram was asking Murugan
How long you are working in this Company.You are from Mysore
Murugan.I am working in this Companty for the past five years and i am from Mysore
After ten minutes drive they reached the office.Lot of guests were gathered there.
Murthy's Managing Director Srivatsava came and greeted Ram.
How are you Mr Ram.After Prasanna's marriage i am seeing you.How is Dubai
Ram.I am fine and Dubai also fine.
Srivatsava.Please come in side.He took him to the new auditorium recently built for the function.
About fifty  guests have come for the function.
Ram went and sat in the auditorium.Murthy  reserved  in the first row.
Function started and went on for two hours.After that Srivatsava  was requesting Ram to  talk few words about the Company.
Ram  gave a very good speech about their products and how it helps for the suffering humanity
The Audience was thrilled with Rams  address about the products and his Knowledge
Srivatsava thanked Ram for his Wonderful delivery on the products.
Then Ram had lunch with then  came to  Raj's house.
After spending one hour there  Raj took him to Prasanna's house.
There Ananda Rao was waiting for Ram.He was so happy to see Ram.
Ram.How are you.
Ananda rao.I am fine.Happy to see you after long time.
Ram Yes,By that time Prasanna's mother  came and wished Ram
(to be continued)
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