Sunday, July 31, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 1 Aug 16,Something needs to happen
After the recent attacks in Orlando, US and when another city in the state of Florida witnessed this latest attack, it was saddening (‘Two dead in Florida club shooting’, Gulf News, July 26). This incident took place in a teen party venue. The cause of this attack is yet to be fully understood, however it was condemned. The US should act quickly on this issue and implement strict laws to protect innocent people. I pray for the victims and a speedy recovery for the injured.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Letter Published in The National UAE on 31July 16,A sad day for Japan
The horrific attack in Japan (Hatred behind troubled Japan knife attacker’s rampage, July 26) should serve as a moment of pause for the country.

    The attack, reportedly committed by a former employee of a disabled home, saw 19 people killed.
    This mentally disturbed attacker was reportedly taking revenge but it is unclear what he was taking revenge for.
    The attacker is a threat to Japan and should be put in safe custody for a long time.
    We must all pray for the victims and hope that the injured recover quickly.
    K Ragavan, India

    Friday, July 29, 2016


    Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 30July 16,(My Article 476.)

    Career tips

    Education is very important. It not only prepares you for a profession, but also shapes you as a human being. The art of living and etiquette also come with it. 

    But to have a sound career, we must choose the right course, or a field. Shaping one’s career through education requires concentrated effort. It solely depends on you. It is like the more effort you will give, the better will be the outcome. When you are young, your perception of things is different. Proper guidance is required. But at the same time the profession should not be forced by parents upon their children. One should be able to freely decide on a profession of his/her likes. A few years back the son of an old colleague asked me which subject he couldn take up.  I suggested whichever subject he likes the most and has a firm grip over can be considered. 

    A few days back I received a message through another friend that the young man was very happy with his profession because of selecting the subject of his own wish and he was doing well in the field. I personally was very happy to receive this message.  The profession he had selected was none other than my favourite, Pharmaceuticals.

    So letting him choose his own subject led him to flourish in life. Of course, he has put in a lot of effort to reach such a position. 

    Thursday, July 28, 2016


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 29July 16,Praying for Munich mall victims
    The Munich mall shooting in Germany has occurred soon after the Nice attacks in France. The Munich attack is a dramatic development in the European arena. The gunman who was 18 years old killed nine and wounded 16. The motive behind this attack was not known and he was also suicidal himself – not belonging to any terror group. However, the investigation is ongoing. Germany is one of the first countries to accommodate refugees when the migration crisis began. Now Europe is suffering from terror attacks. I pray for the victims and a speedy recovery for the injured.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Bengaluru, India

    Wednesday, July 27, 2016


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 28July 16,Pray for their arrival
    The plane left for Port Blair, India from the Tambaram Indian air base is missing and there has been no communication from the pilots, which is really worrying. Crew members and others were travelling. The real problem is that no one could locate either technical fault or any other reason. I pray for the safe arrival of all the 29 passengers.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Bengaluru, India

    Tuesday, July 26, 2016

    Life is Beautiful 330.

    Ram was surprised because Vasanthy was on the other line
    Ram,how are you.
    Ram. i Am fine.
    Vasanthy.You never expected a call from me at this hour
    Vasanthy.Kathambari and Prasanna went for the  movie Kabali just now since they got the tickets for the night show. I  thought I  can talk to you
    Ram.I am also happy to hear your voice
    Vasanthy.How was the food the other day you had
    Ram.Excellent .I am thanking you for preparing my favorite dishes.
    Vasanthy.It is my pleasure to prepare for my Ram.
    Ram.Thank you for your love
    Vasanthy.I never dreamt that i will see you after two and half decades in Dubai.
    Ram.I too never expect our meeting .Kathambari is responsible for bringing me to Dubai.
    Vasanthy.I too never thought she is the cementing factor for our joining again.
    Ram does not want to ask her about Kathambari and if she ask wheather he has read  about the two letters given earlier by her.
    Vasanthy.Why silent Ram
    Ram.Nothing ,i am enjoying your Conversation.
    Vasanthy.Thank you.Tomorrow what is your programme.
    Ram.Probably Mr Sulaiman will come for business discussion.
    Vasanthy.O.K.We will meet some other time.Good night.
    Ram.Good night.
    After that Ram was thinking  one day if Vasanthy ask about the letters what reply i can give.
    Slowly he went to bed
    (tobe continued)
    See You Next Week,

    Monday, July 25, 2016

    Tribute to Late Writer MU.VaradaRajan 413.

    Today i am going to pen another versatile writer from Tamil literary world is none other than Mu .Varadarajan  popularly known as Varadarajanar.He has contributed  fiction,non fiction ,novels and many literary history to the literary world.He was awarded Sahitya Aka demi Award  for his wonderful work for AgalVilaku is worth to be mentioned here.He was also served as Vice Chancellor  of Madurai University between 1971-74.I have read few remarkable creations of this stalwart.Those books are,Agal Vilaku,Nenjil oru Mul,Pazhiyum Pavamum,and Ilango Adigal.One or two i am unable to remember.He was a great writer,Professor respected by one and all.Even though he is not with us his Wonderful creations are in front of us.Today i am very happy to tribute this stalwart for his remarkable creations to the Tamil literary world.
    See You Next Week,

    Friday, July 22, 2016


    My Article  published in The Gulf Today UAE on 23 July 16, (My Article 475)

    Film craze

    The Movie industry has came a long way. Today we see films of different genres. Each of these films tell us a different story, provide us different kind of entertainment. Say films for kids or adults, action or thriller, each has its own charm. And for fact, we choose our liking towards it. Recently my grandson had asked me to join him for the latest film of the Indian superstar Rajanikanth’s much talked about movie “Kabali.” 

    I told him if I am free on that day I will accompany him to the theatre.

    Ever since its trailers were out, the film has grabed the attention of the media and TV channels. Every one is talking about it and everybody wants to see Rajni in action. Apart from India, the UAE, the US, Japan, and many other countries too, this film is going to be screened.

    The actor Rajinikanth is liked by one and all because of his peculiar delivery of action punches and dialogues.

    For the past few days whereever I am going, I have been only hearing about this film. My friends are also planning to see this film on the first day of its release.

    A friend who is an ardent fan of this actor phoned me to know wheather I can join him for the Thalaiva film.

    Rajnikanth was popularly known as Thalaiva. But I am worried and I am praying that I should not have any work on the day of its release, so that I can see Thalaiva along with my grandson and enjoy it. I don’t want to upset him.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2016


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 21 July 16,
    Bring peace to Turkey
    Turkey was one of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) allies and the coup is condemned (‘Turkey coup supporters request surrender talks’, Gulf News, July 17). Some people from the military wanted to take power and the innocent civilians were targeted, which is sad. Turkey is the connecting point for the Western world and this is important. Will Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan bring peace and stability and security for the people and the region? We will have to wait and see.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Bengaluru, India

    Life is Beautiful 329.

    Next day evening Ram and Atkinson reachedSulai man's place where he invited Ram and Atkinson for Iftar party.The hall was full and lot of Journalists have come there.Few people  are known to Ram.Sulaiman introduced Ram and Atkinson to his MD.They greeted each other  Eid greetings .
    Then Sulaiman took them to other guests introduced .After spending one hour with them Ram took Almonds,dates ,pista and cake.Atkinson enjoyed their dishes.Before their departure Sulaiman thanked them for having come and grace the party.
    Thank you very much Ram.Day after tomorrow i will come to your office and sign our contract
    Atkinson.Thank you   Sulaiman  for your hospitality.We will meet day after tomorrow.
    Sulaiman.Before i come i will call you .
    After that Atkinson dropped Ram  at his house.
    Ram.Good night Atkinson.See you tomorrow.
    After  he left Ram reached his room ,opened the Laptop.Few mails have come.
    Raj has sent one coverage on the latest Bengaluru politics.
    Ram replied his mail and switched on the TV.
    Shocked to see Turkey's Coup and the developments.
    He was thinking why every where problem,recently in France,and now Turkey.
    By that time he received a call
    He took the phone,hello,who is that.I am Ram
    The other side  was was a different  number.
    RamI am murthy speaking from my relative's house from are you
    Ram.I am fine,
    Murthy.One of my friend was not well icame to see him and thought why not i say hello to you.How is every body there.
    Ram.All are fine.
    Murthy.Nice.I am leaving tomorrow morning.Good night
    Ram.Good night,thank you for calling.
    After that call Ram went to kitchen to find out Tomorrow for his breakfast  bread is available or not.
    Bread was in the kitchen..
    Again his phone was ringing.He was surprised who will be calling at this hour
    See You Next Week,

    Monday, July 18, 2016

    Tribute to Late Producer ,Director A.V.Meyyappan.412.

    To day i remembered another  interesting film personality  from the South indian film industry is none other than late Producer,Director A.V.,Meyyappan .Chettinad has created many Entrepranurs in all walks of life Starting from education,banking,automobile  and film field. Meyaapan also hails from Chettinad.Meyyappan created his own studio under the name A.V.M. with talented technicians in those days.He has produced many memorable movies in tamil and other languages with top class actors.He had Director duo Krishnan -Panchu associated with him for many years given remarkable movies to the cine fans.Istill remember Vazkkai actedBy late T.R.Ramachandran and Vyjayanthimala.Parasakthi,Uyarthamanithan,Anbe va ,Annai,and Kulandaiumdeivamum was memorable from his Banner.A.V.M Studio one of the wellEquipped one with all facilities including Rerecording,and processing.S.Maruthirao was his cinemotographer for many of his films.Most of the today’s popular actors acted in his movies.Sincere,dedicated and hard working Meyyappan was an  example to  thefilm industry.His sons following their dad’s foot steps is not a exagerated one.M.Saravanan.M.Balasubramanian and grand son M.S.Guhan doing a tremondus job not only in the big screen but also in the small screen. 2007, Shivaji was a super hit film  from A.V.M.banner ,Acted  by  Stal wart Rajni kant  and others.Famous Directors S.P.Muthuraman,,A.C.Trilok chander,V.C.Gugha nathan and stalwarts Krishnan panchu are  from  AVM   school. .Art director Thotta Dharani,Re reording Engineers T.S.Rangaswamy,J.J.Manickam and Sivaraman are associated with this stalwart.A.V.M Studio was known for it's  hospitality for out siders coming for shooting.Even though Meyyappan is not with us,still his Studio continue to serve the film fraternity.To day i tribute this stalwart.
    See You Next Week,

    Sunday, July 17, 2016


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 18 July 16,n the hands of the people
    The Dallas attack in the US highlights the intolerance in the country (‘America caught in a web of violence’, Gulf News, July 13). The attack created a big ruckus in US. Racism and gun culture has been increasing in recent months, which is a sad state of affairs. The US is known for its multicultural nature, but with more expatriates residing permanently there, and this issue not being tackled properly, it is becoming a disappointing situation, to say the least. Despite US President Barack Obama’s appeal to his people, racism has become a tough issue to tackle. Will this issue be eradicated completely? This is in the hands of the people. I pray for the victims and a speedy recovery for the injured.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Bengaluru, India

    Saturday, July 16, 2016


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 17 July 16.Facebook debate: Increasing online harassment
    Is the amount of online harassment towards women increasing? If you think so, what can be done?Governments should monitor

    Recent incidents and reports tell us that a lot of women are trapped and some have taken the drastic action of killing themselves. This is not a healthy trend as online sites with some bad elements creating this problem. Recently, the Indian government has also seriously thought about monitoring this issue and implement strict laws to curb this. This issue should be tackled from the global level as more women seem to be affected from the West.

    From Mr K. Ragavan

    Bengaluru, India

    Friday, July 15, 2016


    Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 16July (My Article 474.)

    Peanut idea

    Ask someone about his or her salary and you won’t be surprised to hear “peanuts” as an answer.

    But I have a different story. 

    A few months ago, I met a friend who wanted to start a small-scale business and asked for my suggestion. He had limited investment and so I suggested that he start peanut cake business.

    I told him to buy from the wholesale market and distribute to local company staff during the lunch hour.

    Recently I met him in a market place and he was all smiles. He informed me that he was very comfortable with his peanut income and thanked me for the suggestion.

    I was happy that he took my idea seriously and followed up with hard work. Incidentally he also offered me a peanut cake pocket as a gift.

    K. Ragavan

    Thursday, July 14, 2016


    My Article Published in Gulf News UAE on 15July 16,Focus: Social media sexism
    Trolling, harassment and hate speech online has existed ever since the beginning of social media. But it’s taking on an even uglier hue as women are being targeted. A recent report from Kerala, India, found that of 70,000 cybercrimes in 2013, at least 50,000 fell under the category of gender abuse. Now, female British Members of Parliament have launched an online campaign called #ReclaimTheInternet in response to growing concerns about the impact of hate speech and abuse on social media. Readers debate this phenomenon.Education is key to curbing bad behaviour
    Today, gender abuse and cybercrimes are increasing, and this is mainly true for teenagers and students, who are constantly on the internet and exposed to its many influences. They are attracted to the content available online, but are often tempted to commit mistakes. On the one hand, social media is playing a vital role in society, but on the other hand, a lot of miscreants commit cybercrimes, with unsuspecting people falling into their trap and some even losing their lives. This is mainly due to the lack of education, because the system is not encouraging the adoption of a moral code to encourage students to be more responsible in cyberspace. Educational curricula should be modified to teach students moral behaviour, and to let them know there are serious consequences to doing something right or wrong – even online.
    By doing this, cybercrime statistics might come down to a certain extent. Apart from this, it is the duty of parents to spend some time daily with their children, and lead by example when it comes to good behaviour. Good moral behaviour also develops when one associates with good friends. Children from morally aware, educated families would behave better and have a better understanding of the world around them. Apart from India, other countries are also facing the problem of gender abuse. In Britain, for instance, there is much outrage from women on the impact of hate speech by people on social media. People gain or lose respect by the way they behave, and this is a reality both online and offline.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Retired executive based in Bengaluru, India

    Tuesday, July 12, 2016

    Life is Beautiful 328.

    After the heavy lunch Kathambari was telling to Ram
    Hope you have enjoyed the lunch.
    Ram.Yes,i full enjoyed .All items are tasty
    Vasanthy.Thank you.
    Prasanna.Sir,why not we go for a movie tomorrow.
    Ram.Tomorrow not possible.Because one of  my new client invited for tomorrow's Eid party at his residence.Iam taking Atkinson with me.
    Kathambari.No problem.We will go next week
    Ram.What Picture
    Prasanna.New movie Kapali
    Ram.Latest Rajnikanth movie.We will go next week
    Prasanna.It may run next week.We will go
    Kathambari.You can take rest  for some time.Iwill drop you.
    Ram.No.I have to go .
    Vasanthy.O.K.Kathambari you can drop him .
    Kathambari.Iwill bring my car key.She went in side .Prasanna also went with her.
    Meantime Vasanthy, this letter.She gave a cover to him.Ram took that.
    After that Ram left to his place.Kathambari dropped him.
    After opening the door immediately Ram opened the cover which Vasanthy gave to him.
    The Letter started like this,Dear hope you might have read my earlier letter expressing every thing in the past.Ilove you,expecting your call tomorrow.
    Ram was happy to see his beautiful vasanthy's beautiful hand writing.
    He was thinking how to talk to her tomorrow.He does n't knowwhat she has expressed in the previous letter which he lost when he opened  it has gone with the wind.
    If he tells her that she lost she will feel bad and think that he is not loving her.
    Ram was worring how to tell her tomorrow.
    Good people only god will test.After many years he met her and  the letter which was given he could n't read.What a unlucky man i am Ram was  feeling himself.
    After that he slept for one hour and evening he went for a walk.
    (to be continued)
    See You Next Week,

    Monday, July 11, 2016

    Tribute to Cinematographer S.Gopinath 411.

    Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from Tamil film industry is none other than Cinematographer S.Gopinath.Started his  film journey with Popular Cinematographer RajeevMenon.He  has worked with  few films  of him.Then he has  independently started his journey.
    He has worked with all leading actors Viz,Vijay,Vikram,Vivek,Trisha,Ashis Vidyarti,Prakash Raj and many others.He was associated with Director Dharani for few films and all are remarkable.Dil,Dhool,Ghilli,Kuruvi.Another good movie was Vettaikaran Directed by Babu sivan. All  his movies i have seen and one or two i forget.Gopinath's  movies will be very past like  Director Dharani.Thrill,entertainmentand and  action are more visible in his movies..I have been mentioning in this column despite  more competition many technicians are more visible because of their delivery and Gopinath also one among them.Today i am happy to tribute this talented upcoming  Cinematographer.
    See You Next Week,

    Sunday, July 10, 2016


    Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 11July 16,
    PM's Message to his team
    Power &Politics article (TNIE,july10) was thought- provoking.Through the  Cabinet reshuffle,PM Modi has sent a message to one and all- delivery is a must.


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 11July 16,Eradicate terrorism
    The Bangladesh hostage siege was sad to read. The brutal attack by the gunmen killed more than 20 innocent lives of different nationalities. It is the latest dramatic development in Bangladesh’s history. The attack was in a place where a lot of foreigners assembled and were having dinner. Apart from the casualties, they took some hostages and later they freed some. In the history of Bangladesh they have never witnessed this type of attack. After the troops stormed the group, the siege was over. This incident should be condemned strongly and the international community should not delay any further to eradicate this menace of terrorism to save innocent people. I pray for the victims and the grieving family members.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Bengaluru, India

    Saturday, July 9, 2016


    My View Article.

    July 9, 2016
    My Article Published in Gulf News UAE on 10July 16, India’s constitution needs a change
    We need to change how we elect parliamentarians and if they deserve their post
    India’s constitution needs a change
    We need to change how we elect parliamentarians and if they deserve their post
    By Ragavan Krishnamachary
    Today many countries, including India, have democratic values and polls are the main tool for electing people for power to clean governance without corruption. However, many countries continue to struggle with corruption. This is mainly due to greedy politicians who want to amass wealth with evil thoughts and selfish motives. They are accumulating wealth and putting it in other countries, like Panama, which was revealed recently. One small mercy in other countries, even though politicians’ loot, they still make sure that citizens are comfortable with facilities and infrastructure like roads for their people. This is more visible in other countries – not India. I am proud to say that my country is the largest democratic country in the world and that parliamentarians are elected by powerful people and this should be applauded.
    Unfortunately, corruption is more rampant and it is increasing day-by-day. My feeling is that the concept of Parliamentarians’ age should not exceed more than 65 years for both men and women to perform better. In many places, the age is above 70 to 75 years old. This age limit will help politicians to work better, maintain memory and strength.
    When they are elected by the people to occupy the chair and if they are not providing infrastructure like roads, education and health, that means good governance is not there. The same elected people should have the right to throw them out from power in my opinion. Only then will politicians fear and deliver to the people. To throw them out, the constitution would need to be altered.
    By implementing this act, every country would develop more and politicians would hold a greater respect for the people. Will my country take up this call and implement age limit and people should have the power to throw the elected politicians – it will be a real democracy.
    — The reader is retired and based in Bengaluru, India

    Friday, July 8, 2016

    Article 473.

    Article Publishedin The Gulf Today UAE on,9july16(My Article 473)

    Noble doctor

    I was recently visiting a new city when I caught fever. I could not locate a doctor in the area where I stayed, as it was a Sunday, a weekend holiday. I somehow managed to reach a 24-hour facility and got the medicines. It was then that I realised the crucial role of doctors, which we take for granted.    

    During the recent Doctors’ Day, I rang up and greeted an old doctor-friend. He was happy that I wished him even though I had left the pharmaceutical field after three decades. This particular doctor was so considerate that sometimes he would treat poor patients without even charging them a single penny. I wish more and more doctors followed that noble path. 
    K. Ragavan

    Tuesday, July 5, 2016

    Life is Beautiful 327.

    Ram took the phone.It was Sulaiman in the other line.
    Good after noon Mr Ram.Sorry to disturb you.I am inviting  you and your MD tomorrow evening EID Party in our office at Dubai.Iam expecting you both.We will discuss our business proposal day after tomorrow.You know our dubai office location.
    Ram.I do n't know.
    Sulaiman.O.K. I will mail you .
    Ram.What time you expect us.
    Sulaiman.Seven p.m.
    Sulaiman.Thank you and have a nice day.
    After that Conversation Ram explained to Kathambari how Sulaiman came to his house and now inviting for EID Party.
    Kathambari.Nice,We are now familiar in Middle eastand hope this proposal will bring good  revenue for us
    Vasanthy.Today also ,office work.Kathambari prepare the table and  keep the items ready.
    Kathambari.Yes,Mummy five minutes i will arrange.
    Prasanna.Can i help
    Kathambari.No ,i will do my self.
    Vasanthy.She will manage herself.
    Prasanna.What istoday's special sweet.
    Kathambari.Guys ,come to Dining hall.
    When they entered the table every thing kept nicely.
    Vasanthy.First i will serve soup.
    Kathambari.Mummy prepared nice tomoto soup.Hope  Ram will enjoy.
    Ram.My favourite
    They started sipping the hot delicious soup.
    After that Poori was served with  potato.Then South indian onion sambar,chips,Beans curry.
    Ram.All the items are tasty.
    Kathambari.Now this item every one will enjoy.Taste and tell the name
    Ram tasted that sweet.It was fantastic taste and he could smelt that item
    Kathambari ,this is milk halwa prepared with milk and Jackry.
    Ram.I love this
    Vasanthy was smiling and looked at Ram.Today's menu she has prepared Ram's favorite dishes.
    Ram was also looked at his Beautiful Vasanthy.
    9to be continued0
    See You Next Week,


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 6July 16,A gesture of respect
    I still remember a few occasions I spent with my friend on Eid. He invites me every Eid, and I attended twice and enjoyed his hospitality. Once when I couldn’t attend due to some work, at night at 11pm, he knocked on my room and gave me a pocket full of dates, almond and pistachios. I have never forgotten this kindness. Recently, when he visited India, he met up with me and gave me dates, which showed his affection and respect for me.
    On this occasion, I am wishing all our friends who are celebrating Eid and wishing them peace and happiness.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Bengaluru, India

    Monday, July 4, 2016


    Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 5July 16,
    More about Uniform civil code
    Your column Power &Politics was an interesting read(TNIE,july 3.Prabhu Chawla has nicely  compared and analysed the Uniform civil code issue.It is high time India adopted a uniform code.But the big questionis,will it happen?

    Tribute to Cinematographer Anwar Siraj 410.

    Today i remembered another film personality from Bollywood film industry is none other than Cinematographer Anwar Siraj.In his three and half decades film career he has done  minimum thirty films .He was associated with top class Directors of yesteryear Viz,Brij,Raj Sippy,and many.Beautiful shots both in indoor and out door are his speciality.In those days he is one of the talented technician in the Bolly wood respected by the film fraternity.I have seen few remarkable movies of this Cinematographer.Those movies are, Boxer,Gair,Chori Mera kaam,Geraftaar,Inkaar,Mahaanta,Sabse bada Rupaiya,and Kranti kshetra.Few movies i could n't recollect.Mahaanta was a multi star cast movie and his beautiful shots i still remember.Indian film industry has seen the dramatic development
    in Cinematography is not  a exaggerated one.Today i am happy to tribute this  Stalwart.
    See You Next Week,

    Sunday, July 3, 2016


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 4July 16We need to act
    The recent triple attack in the Turkey’s largest airport and the 41 causalities is the latest development from Middle East. Turkey’s Prime Minister was condemning the attack caused by Daesh. After the Brussels Airport attack, this is the second attack in an airport recently and 147 people were injured. Many flights have been cancelled and passengers have been held up in the airport. Turkey needs to investigate this and the guilty should be punished.
    Terrorism is increasing day-by-day in all areas, and it’s high time the international community acts on this.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Bengaluru, India

    Friday, July 1, 2016

    Article 472.

    Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 2 July 16, ( My Article 472)

    No age bar

    I have attended many events, but was thoroughly thrilled with our Senior Citizens’ Club function held recently. All our members played their part well, especially from the ladies wing. They proved that they were not only good choreographers, but also competent dancers. One member exhibited his skills in photography by clicking beautiful shots of that day’s programme. Another member suggested ways to help needy people. The message I got that day was that when it comes to contributing to society or making the most of life, there is no age bar. Involvement and personal contentment hold the key.
    K. Ragavan


    Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 2 July 16,Shedding light on the dark statistics of abuse
    This was a good read, because the statistics reveal how women working in garment factories have a high probability of being sexually abused (‘One in seven women in Bengaluru garment factories face sexual violence, report says’, Gulf News, June 27). It’s sad, but shedding light on the issue is important. Supervisors and managers working above women staff should behave properly and keep up the reputation of their factory. They should think of their sister or daughter being treated like this, and how would they feel about that. Women should feel happy to work without any fear and they should be respected. Men should change their mindset and give equal rights to women, not only in garment factories, but also in other areas.
    From Mr K. Ragavan
    Bengaluru, India