Friday, July 29, 2016


Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 30July 16,(My Article 476.)

Career tips

Education is very important. It not only prepares you for a profession, but also shapes you as a human being. The art of living and etiquette also come with it. 

But to have a sound career, we must choose the right course, or a field. Shaping one’s career through education requires concentrated effort. It solely depends on you. It is like the more effort you will give, the better will be the outcome. When you are young, your perception of things is different. Proper guidance is required. But at the same time the profession should not be forced by parents upon their children. One should be able to freely decide on a profession of his/her likes. A few years back the son of an old colleague asked me which subject he couldn take up.  I suggested whichever subject he likes the most and has a firm grip over can be considered. 

A few days back I received a message through another friend that the young man was very happy with his profession because of selecting the subject of his own wish and he was doing well in the field. I personally was very happy to receive this message.  The profession he had selected was none other than my favourite, Pharmaceuticals.

So letting him choose his own subject led him to flourish in life. Of course, he has put in a lot of effort to reach such a position. 

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