Monday, July 25, 2016

Tribute to Late Writer MU.VaradaRajan 413.

Today i am going to pen another versatile writer from Tamil literary world is none other than Mu .Varadarajan  popularly known as Varadarajanar.He has contributed  fiction,non fiction ,novels and many literary history to the literary world.He was awarded Sahitya Aka demi Award  for his wonderful work for AgalVilaku is worth to be mentioned here.He was also served as Vice Chancellor  of Madurai University between 1971-74.I have read few remarkable creations of this stalwart.Those books are,Agal Vilaku,Nenjil oru Mul,Pazhiyum Pavamum,and Ilango Adigal.One or two i am unable to remember.He was a great writer,Professor respected by one and all.Even though he is not with us his Wonderful creations are in front of us.Today i am very happy to tribute this stalwart for his remarkable creations to the Tamil literary world.
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