Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life is Beautiful 329.

Next day evening Ram and Atkinson reachedSulai man's place where he invited Ram and Atkinson for Iftar party.The hall was full and lot of Journalists have come there.Few people  are known to Ram.Sulaiman introduced Ram and Atkinson to his MD.They greeted each other  Eid greetings .
Then Sulaiman took them to other guests introduced .After spending one hour with them Ram took Almonds,dates ,pista and cake.Atkinson enjoyed their dishes.Before their departure Sulaiman thanked them for having come and grace the party.
Thank you very much Ram.Day after tomorrow i will come to your office and sign our contract
Atkinson.Thank you   Sulaiman  for your hospitality.We will meet day after tomorrow.
Sulaiman.Before i come i will call you .
After that Atkinson dropped Ram  at his house.
Ram.Good night Atkinson.See you tomorrow.
After  he left Ram reached his room ,opened the Laptop.Few mails have come.
Raj has sent one coverage on the latest Bengaluru politics.
Ram replied his mail and switched on the TV.
Shocked to see Turkey's Coup and the developments.
He was thinking why every where problem,recently in France,and now Turkey.
By that time he received a call
He took the phone,hello,who is that.I am Ram
The other side  was was a different  number.
RamI am murthy speaking from my relative's house from are you
Ram.I am fine,
Murthy.One of my friend was not well icame to see him and thought why not i say hello to you.How is every body there.
Ram.All are fine.
Murthy.Nice.I am leaving tomorrow morning.Good night
Ram.Good night,thank you for calling.
After that call Ram went to kitchen to find out Tomorrow for his breakfast  bread is available or not.
Bread was in the kitchen..
Again his phone was ringing.He was surprised who will be calling at this hour
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