Monday, September 30, 2013

Tribute to Cinematographer Ashok Kumar 266.

Today i remembered another  interesting film personality from  south indian film industry is none other than Cinemato grapher Ashok Kumar.More than three and half decades he has given remarkable movies .Today's leading actors and Directors worked with him.He has few Awards to his credit particularly Nenjathai killathy film which was a big hit in those days.Suhashini,Pratap Pothan,Mohan and others acted
in this movie.Clean shots,lighting ,both indoor and out door will be more visible in his frame work.He has also served jury member  for 43National film awards. He has given many films both in tamil ,malayalam. I have seen many of his movies.Those movies are ,Nenjathaikillathey,Ullasa Paravaikal,Johny,Jeans,Malabar Police,My dear Marthandan,NadiganVetrivizha,Mannan,Indhu,Chembaruthi,Manjil virinja Pookal,(Malayalam) and Uthiripookal.Few films i could n't remember.. Indian films can accomodate many talented technicians because of the huge market and cine fans support.In the past two decades tamil film has witnessed many talented Cinematographers.To day i am happy to tribute this talented technician.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in Deccan Herald Bangalore India on 30 Sep 13
The journey from Gubbalala to Bhana shankari has become back -breaking owing to terrible road condition.While the normal travelling time is only 10minitues,it takes 30 minitues to reach the destination,courtesy,pothole-ridden roads.
The problem begins on the stretch from jarganahalli via saraki which is riddiled with numerous potholes.The ongoing Namma Metro wor kadds to the misery.The authorities concerned should take a serious look in to matter
and solve the problem.
Gubbalala main road

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life is Beautiful 183.

After settling down in his chamber Ram opened his Computer saw the mails sent by Raj.All are interesting
and sensational .He called Atkinson ,Good morning Atkinson can i come.
Atkinson.You are most welcome.
After five minitues Ram reached his cabin.
Atkinson.What wouldyou like to drink,
Ram.I prefer tea. I got couple of sensational news from my friend.
Atkinson.Tell me,What all the news.
Ram.One is very important. Indian govt is going to sign a preliminary  nuclear contract  to a US firm, by passing AEC and other political parties making big noise in the parliament.I want this can be telecasted in our morning news.
Atkinson.Go head Ram.You tell our news editor about this.
Ram.Thank you.
By the time tea came  and both took the cups.
Ram.O.K.Atkinson i will make a move,have a nice day.
Atkinson.Same to you.
Ram came to his cabin .Called the news editor explained the matter  .She agreed to cover in the morning news.
Ram was happy that Atkinson allowed him to cover the news immediately with out any second thought.
By that time Kathambari entered in to his cabin.Ram ,how are you.Now a days very difficult to see you.
Ram.Not at all Kathambari.I am little busy covering Indian news.
KathambariJust for fun.I know you are doing a Excellent job for our Company.Atkinson likes you very much.
Ram.All because of you Kathambari.You met me in Mysore  and made me to this position.
Kathambari.I am also happy  about ,my introduction.I came to invite  to our home for lunch on the coming friday.
Ram.Certainly i will come.
Kathambari.I will come and pick you on that day.Bye now.
After she left Ram was engaged in his other work.Exactly at 12.30.PM. Murthy called ,
Ram,I am with my principle .I am comfortable.I will call you after one hour.
Ram.Thanks for informing your movements.
 Ram likes System,Discipline and above all implementation.
The above qualities are needed for a Good Professional or Executive.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, September 23, 2013



Tribute to Cinematographer S.Maruthi rao 265.

To day i remembered another interesting film personality from south indian films created a big impact five decades back is none other than Cinematographer S.Maruthi rao.He has worked with the yester year top class stars like Late  Shivaji Ganesan,Jaishankar,S.V.Ranga rao,Pandaribai,S.V.Sahasranamam,and many others.He was also associated with A.V.M Banner for many years.Directors Krishnan Panchu,A.C.Thirilok chanderLate , K.Shankar  and many other Directors was worked with him.He has also contributed few hindi films under A.V.M.Banner.Known for his indoor as well out door shootings.His lightings and frame workwas nice. Respected from the film fraternity.He was  one of the few Cinematographers having a good name in the film industry. When i am writing this column i was happy to watch in the T.V on the occasion of 100 years cinema tamil nadu  chief minister Jayalalitha was complimenting Maruthi rao for his excellent work he has rendered to tamil film industry and was honuring this stalwart..He has contributed many ,but i have seen few and remember them.Those films Antha naal,Kungumam,Athey kangal,Kulanthaium Deivamum,Do kaliyan (Hindi).Parasakthi,and many i could n't remember.What ever i know i am writting in this column with my happiness and satisfaction.If there is any error kindly ignore.Today i am happy to tribute this great talented technician given memorable movies to us.
See You Next Week,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013



Life is Beautiful 182.

 Next day Ram was waiting in the Emirates airlines lounge to receive Murthy.Previous day night he got the mail from Murthy about his arrival. After twenty minitues Ram saw Murthy coming from the gate.Murthy wished Ram
Hello Ram,How are you.
Ram.Fine.Happy to see you in Dubai.
Murthy.My ambition fulfilled  Ram. i never dremt that i will be here.
Ram.Already written in your head Murthy.I too never dremt. You can stay with me.
Murthy.Thanks Ram.My principle has arranged in Sheraton Dubai.I will stay there.Leave me your mobile number.Iwill keep in touch with you.
Ram.Fine,this is my number.i can drop you in the hotel.
Murthy.Thank you Ram.They will be sending a person with car.He will be waiting for me out side oh he is there with my name board..
Ram.Then you carry on.Expecting your call in the afternoon bye.
Murthy.Thank you  for coming to the airport.I just mentioned my flight details  if i want you to come i would have mentioned.But you have come here .
Ram.Murthy  i know but still i wanted to see you.
Murthy. see you later .
After Murthy left Ram came to his house Finished his bath  waiting for Ali to pick him to the office.
Ali came took Ram to the office .While driving Ali
Sir,there is a good hindi movie has come to Lamcy plaza  theatre complex.
Ram.What is the movie name.
Ali.Chennai Express
Ram.Funny name.Who is the hero.
Ali.King Khan .
Ram.I see ,Shahrukhan.Are you a fan of Khan.
Ali.Yes sir,this movie i saw yesterday .
Ram.How was the movie.
Ali.Very fast .Full of comedy and good  scenes. i wish you should see.
Ram.I will try ,thank you for your commendation.
They reached the office and Ram entered in to his chamber.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tribute to Producer ,Editor ,Directo rB.Nagi Reddy 264.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from South Indian films  as Editor,Director and Producer in   Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and  Hindi films is none other than Late B.Nagi Reddy.Known for his Vijaya Banner and his famous Vijaya -Vauhini Studios.His studios is  one among the three Giant  studios,Gemini,A.V.M and Vijaya  Vauhini studios.He has produced many memorable movies. All the top class actors  of the south Indian languages and bolly wood  worked with him. His selection of movies,Story,Music ,songs and above all cinematography is excellent.He won many awards and Dadasahib Phalke award also worth to be mentioned here. Cinematographer Marcus Bartley was associated with Nagi reddy for many years.He and Reddy has given remarkable movies and one is Enga veetu pillai.Thespian Dilipkumar acted in his hindi version Ram aur shyam.Late Gemini ganesh,Savithri,Ranga rao and many acted in his movies.He was highly respected from the film fraternity.I have seen couple of his films.Those films are,
Maya Bazzar,Missiamma,Ram aur Shyam,Ghar ghar ki kahani,Prem nagar,Julie Swarg Narag Shriman shreemathi,, and ,Enga veetu pen  was the only film he has  directed.He has created a big impact in the film world both in South indian movies and Bolly wood.He had wonderful techincians in his unit.Reddy and Marcus Bartley are two top class Cinematographers who contributed many films with him if my memory is right.Today i am happy to tribute this Thespian who created a revolution in the Indian Cinema. What little i know i have written.If there is any error kindlyignore.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Letter Published in Bangalore Mirror Bangalore India on 11 Sep 13
Humble Thalaiva and his goodness       The report was an interesting read. Superstar Rajinikanth's gesture of transferring Rs3lakh to his old school teacher's bank account is laudable. It shows his humble nature. 


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore on 11Sep 13 in City Express
Illegal hoardings,posters, and advertisements are spoiling the  city's beauty.This menace should be eradicated completely and I am happy BBMP has taken initiative to form a team of special officers to probe illegal advertisements and hoardings.Bangalore can hope to regain to it's old beauty and elegance.Good move by BBMP.


Letter Published in The New Indian Express India on 1 1Sep 13

Foreign Policy
Prabhu Chawla's Power &Politics(TNSE Sep)was an interesting read.The handling of foreign policies by diplomats was in no way helping our stand.The author nicely analysed their failure on foreign policies.The recent controversies on the chinese incursion and the reply given by the defence ministerwas one example.

Life is Beautiful 181.

Mysore was in a full festival mood because of Ganesh Chathurthi.People were busy greeting each other. The famous Sayaji rao road was busy. Prasanna  came by the Sayaji rao road to reach his boss Murthy's house.After hearing the bell sound Murthy came out saw Prasanna
Good morning Prasanna what a surprise.No phone from you.
Prasanna.I want to make a pleasant surprise to you.Let me wishing you a very happy and healthy Ganesh chathrthi.
Murthy.Same to you Prasanna.Please come in side.
Prasanna entered   the hall.
Murthy's wife came greeted Prasanna.Happy Ganesh Chathrthi.
Prasanna.Same to you Madam.My mother prepared this Badam cake please take.Prasanna gave the sweets  box to her.
Murthy's wife.Thank you Prasanna.You can have our sweets.She offered him Ravaladu to him.
Prasanna.This is my favourite sweet.He took one piece,Very nice taste.
Sir, Icame here to wish  you a Very Happy Bon voyage to Dubai and also this sweet box you can give to my  Guide and Philosopher.
Murthy.You mean Ram.Certainly i will give.I may meet him day after tomorrow.Since tomorrow i have ameeting in Dubai.
Prasanna.What time is your flight.
Murthy.Morning 8A.M
Prasanna.O.K.Sir i will make a move .See you after your arrival.
By that time Murthy's wife bought one box full of Rava ladus.Prasanna take this to home give it to Mother.
Prasanna.Thank you Madam Bye.
After he left Murthy was admiring his respect and regards to Ram.Then he sent a mail to Ram about his arrival date details.Then Raj called him 
Good morning Murthy Happy Ganesh chathurthi.I am wishing you a Very Happy safe Journey to Dubai.
Murthy.Thank you Raj.What you want from Dubai.
Raj.Nothing Murthy.You can tell our friend Ram that i have enquired and always remember him.Murthy.I will certainly tell him.
Raj.Bye now.See you after your return.
After that Murthy was busy packing his things for the next day Journey.He was excited for two things.One his ambition of seeing Dubai and other one meeting his goodfriend Ram.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tribute to Writer,Editor Director Rajiv Rai 263.

Today  I remembered another interesting film personality from Bolly wood film industry is none other than Editor Writer Director Rajiv Rai.He was the son of  famous Producer Gulshan Rai.Today's leading actors Naseerudeen Shah,Bobby Deol,Sunny deol, Akshay Kumar,  Sunil Shetty, Jakie shroff,Madhuri Dixit ,Sangeetha Bijlani,Anupam Kher ,Late Amrish Puri and many worked with him.In his 18Years film career he has given few memorable films Famous Music Director duo   .Kalyanji Anand  was associated with him for few movies gave memorale music.Good screen play ,Powerful dialogues and action oriented scenes will be visible in his films.Romesh Bhalla,Damodar Naidu ,and Ashok Mehta were  contributed  Cinematography in his films is worth to be mentioned here.Few films of this Direcor i have seen.Those films are Tridev,Gupt,Mohra and Vishwatma.All the films he has given Under his father's production house Tri Murti films.He is one of the few directors given big star cast in his movies.Because of Multi star cast,Locations,, Music and Wonderful  Cinematography Bolly wood films are welcomed in International arena.Today i am happy to tribute this talened Director.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express Bangalore India on 9 Sep 13 City Express
The latest incident of a boy committing suicide was sad and painful.Parents should behave very careful with children.Today's children are very sensitive.Teachrs also should play a responsible roll.Above all the poor value systems should also be blamed.Children should be encouraged and parents must tackle them diplomatically
Ragavan Krishnamachary.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Article 317.

Article Published in The Gulf Today Uae on 7Sep 13 (Article 317)

Saluting teachers

I cannot forget my school days, particularly my English teacher. He taught me about not only the subject, but also how to behave and give respect to others.

I remembered him two days ago on Teachers’ Day in India. I also wished a friend who teaches poor kids free of charge as a volunteer gesture. Such teachers are an asset to a nation. I salute them.
K. Ragavan

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Indian authorities have failed women       Letter Published in The National Uae on 6Sep 13
I am writing in reference to More anger at travesty of gang-rape sentence (September 2).
The verdict of the Indian court to sentence the defendant to just three years in jail, because of his age at the time of the offence, has created mixed feelings among people.
As an Indian citizen, I feel the law should be changed so that anybody of 16 or older can be charged as an adult. At that age, everybody is aware of what they are doing.
The Indian government has completely failed to protect women in this case.
It took nearly eight months for the court to reach a judgement despite government promises that the matter would be fast-tracked.
K Ragavan, Indiia

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Letter Published in The New Indian Express,Bangalore on 4Sep 13
Failure as PM
Prabhu Chawla's open letter to Manmohan singh (TNIE1 Sep)was interesting and meaningful.He elaborated Singh's failure  in the economical front during his long tenure.As a good economist he has completely failed in his policies,particularly dealing with inflation,  security measures and women's safety.

Life is Beautiful 180.

Ram  was happy that Murthy is coming to Dubai for their company's expansion. By that time he received a call from Vasanthy
Ram,How are you.How was your today's meeting.
Ram.It was fine Vasanthy.Where from you are talking at this hour
Vasanthy.I came to City centre with one of my friend.Wanted to say hello to you Ram
Ram.  Itoo. I was thinking why our meeting is post poning.
Vasanthy.Do n't worry about that.Work is important. Because my friend compeled me to accompany her to buy a watch.We bought a watch.Now we are leaving.Good night ,take care.
Ram.You too.
After Murthy's call Vasanthy's call made him very happy.That day was a Wonderful day for Ram.
He came out for night dinner.One Vegetarian restaurant was close to his house When .he entered in side the hall some one was calling him.
Mr ,Ram i am Jacob working as a Editor  for the Local news paper. Today i saw you in the Sheraton hotel with Clancy.Atkinson is my friend.He told me about you.
Ram.Thank you Mr Jacob i am also very happy to meet you.
Jacob.Normally i do n't come out for dinner.Today my wife has gone for  a Birth day party.I came few minitues back had my dinner.This is my card keep in touch .
Ram.Nice of you ,This is my card .
Jacob.Thank you good night.
Ram.Good night.
After that Ram came and sat in a corner seat order for Masal Dosai.He is fond of Masal dosai.
By that time his phone was ringing.Raj was in the other side
Ram,How are you.I have mailed a sensational news about  last year Delhi gang rape case verdict.
Please go through and cover
Ram.Certainly. I also read in the papers.I will make a debate in our channel  and find out peoples reaction here.
Raj.I called for that only .Good night.
Ram.Good night.
After finished his night tiffin Ram came home.Open the mail box .
(to be continued)
See you Next Week,


Letter Published in The New Indian Express ,Bangalore on 3 September 13
Wait for justice
With regard to the three year sentence handed to the minor in the Delhi gang rape case.The victim's mother's statement that  it is a crime to have girl child was really painful to read. The government has completely failed to protect women.Despite promises  that this case  would be tried in a fast track court, it took eight months for the court to spell out its judgement.

Monday, September 2, 2013


    Letter Published in The National Uae on 3 Sep 13       Diplomacy  must be given one last chance in Syria       Syrian president Bashar Al Assad must be condemned for using chemical weapons against his own people. This is clearly unacceptable.
It remains to be seen if the US president, Barack Obama, secures approval from Congress to attack Syria.
Whatever happens, I believe that any attempt to change the regime in Syria should be done through diplomatic means if possible.
This will save the innocent people of Syria more suffering.
K Ragavan, India

Tribute 262.

Tribute to Producer,Writer Director Ameer 262.

Tribute to Producer,Writer Director Ameer 262.
To day i am going to pen another Up coming film personality from Tamil film is none other than Director ,Producer and Writer A meer Sultan Popularly known as Ameer.Madurai has created many talented actors Directors is not a exagerated one.Ameer also hails from the famous Southern city Madurai.Started his career with Director Bala and later started his own venture.In his Ond and half decades film career he has given few movies and some are remarkable.Today’ top class actors Surya,Karthi,Jeeva and others worked with him.His film Mounam pesiyathy was created a good name for him.Raam was another good remarkable movie acted by Jeeva and the music director Yuvan Shankar Raja won the Cyprus Film festival award is important.Good story, Dialoques ,Music ,Songs and Cinematography are more visible in his movies. I saw three of his movies.Those movies are Mounam pesiathy,Raam ,and Paruthiveeran.Karthi and Priya Mani created a big impact in Paruthi veeran is important.Even though he has given few films all are remarkable.Today i am happy to tribute this talented Up coming Director.Incidently i spent Elevan years in the Temple city Madurai where this Director is from.
See You Next Week,