Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life is Beautiful 182.

 Next day Ram was waiting in the Emirates airlines lounge to receive Murthy.Previous day night he got the mail from Murthy about his arrival. After twenty minitues Ram saw Murthy coming from the gate.Murthy wished Ram
Hello Ram,How are you.
Ram.Fine.Happy to see you in Dubai.
Murthy.My ambition fulfilled  Ram. i never dremt that i will be here.
Ram.Already written in your head Murthy.I too never dremt. You can stay with me.
Murthy.Thanks Ram.My principle has arranged in Sheraton Dubai.I will stay there.Leave me your mobile number.Iwill keep in touch with you.
Ram.Fine,this is my number.i can drop you in the hotel.
Murthy.Thank you Ram.They will be sending a person with car.He will be waiting for me out side oh he is there with my name board..
Ram.Then you carry on.Expecting your call in the afternoon bye.
Murthy.Thank you  for coming to the airport.I just mentioned my flight details  if i want you to come i would have mentioned.But you have come here .
Ram.Murthy  i know but still i wanted to see you.
Murthy. see you later .
After Murthy left Ram came to his house Finished his bath  waiting for Ali to pick him to the office.
Ali came took Ram to the office .While driving Ali
Sir,there is a good hindi movie has come to Lamcy plaza  theatre complex.
Ram.What is the movie name.
Ali.Chennai Express
Ram.Funny name.Who is the hero.
Ali.King Khan .
Ram.I see ,Shahrukhan.Are you a fan of Khan.
Ali.Yes sir,this movie i saw yesterday .
Ram.How was the movie.
Ali.Very fast .Full of comedy and good  scenes. i wish you should see.
Ram.I will try ,thank you for your commendation.
They reached the office and Ram entered in to his chamber.
(to be continued)
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