Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life is Beautiful 183.

After settling down in his chamber Ram opened his Computer saw the mails sent by Raj.All are interesting
and sensational .He called Atkinson ,Good morning Atkinson can i come.
Atkinson.You are most welcome.
After five minitues Ram reached his cabin.
Atkinson.What wouldyou like to drink,
Ram.I prefer tea. I got couple of sensational news from my friend.
Atkinson.Tell me,What all the news.
Ram.One is very important. Indian govt is going to sign a preliminary  nuclear contract  to a US firm, by passing AEC and other political parties making big noise in the parliament.I want this can be telecasted in our morning news.
Atkinson.Go head Ram.You tell our news editor about this.
Ram.Thank you.
By the time tea came  and both took the cups.
Ram.O.K.Atkinson i will make a move,have a nice day.
Atkinson.Same to you.
Ram came to his cabin .Called the news editor explained the matter  .She agreed to cover in the morning news.
Ram was happy that Atkinson allowed him to cover the news immediately with out any second thought.
By that time Kathambari entered in to his cabin.Ram ,how are you.Now a days very difficult to see you.
Ram.Not at all Kathambari.I am little busy covering Indian news.
KathambariJust for fun.I know you are doing a Excellent job for our Company.Atkinson likes you very much.
Ram.All because of you Kathambari.You met me in Mysore  and made me to this position.
Kathambari.I am also happy  about ,my introduction.I came to invite  to our home for lunch on the coming friday.
Ram.Certainly i will come.
Kathambari.I will come and pick you on that day.Bye now.
After she left Ram was engaged in his other work.Exactly at 12.30.PM. Murthy called ,
Ram,I am with my principle .I am comfortable.I will call you after one hour.
Ram.Thanks for informing your movements.
 Ram likes System,Discipline and above all implementation.
The above qualities are needed for a Good Professional or Executive.
(to be continued)
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