Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life is Beautiful 181.

Mysore was in a full festival mood because of Ganesh Chathurthi.People were busy greeting each other. The famous Sayaji rao road was busy. Prasanna  came by the Sayaji rao road to reach his boss Murthy's house.After hearing the bell sound Murthy came out saw Prasanna
Good morning Prasanna what a surprise.No phone from you.
Prasanna.I want to make a pleasant surprise to you.Let me wishing you a very happy and healthy Ganesh chathrthi.
Murthy.Same to you Prasanna.Please come in side.
Prasanna entered   the hall.
Murthy's wife came greeted Prasanna.Happy Ganesh Chathrthi.
Prasanna.Same to you Madam.My mother prepared this Badam cake please take.Prasanna gave the sweets  box to her.
Murthy's wife.Thank you Prasanna.You can have our sweets.She offered him Ravaladu to him.
Prasanna.This is my favourite sweet.He took one piece,Very nice taste.
Sir, Icame here to wish  you a Very Happy Bon voyage to Dubai and also this sweet box you can give to my  Guide and Philosopher.
Murthy.You mean Ram.Certainly i will give.I may meet him day after tomorrow.Since tomorrow i have ameeting in Dubai.
Prasanna.What time is your flight.
Murthy.Morning 8A.M
Prasanna.O.K.Sir i will make a move .See you after your arrival.
By that time Murthy's wife bought one box full of Rava ladus.Prasanna take this to home give it to Mother.
Prasanna.Thank you Madam Bye.
After he left Murthy was admiring his respect and regards to Ram.Then he sent a mail to Ram about his arrival date details.Then Raj called him 
Good morning Murthy Happy Ganesh chathurthi.I am wishing you a Very Happy safe Journey to Dubai.
Murthy.Thank you Raj.What you want from Dubai.
Raj.Nothing Murthy.You can tell our friend Ram that i have enquired and always remember him.Murthy.I will certainly tell him.
Raj.Bye now.See you after your return.
After that Murthy was busy packing his things for the next day Journey.He was excited for two things.One his ambition of seeing Dubai and other one meeting his goodfriend Ram.
(to be continued).
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