Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Life is Beautiful 374.

After Raj's call Ram was concentrating his work for next day's schedule.By that time he received a call from Kathambari
Hello Ram,how are you
Ram.I am fine.Tell me
Kathambari.Today  Prasanna  spoke to me.His mother is improving and he will be coming  tomorrow.
Ram.Good news,How is your Mom
Kathambari.She is fine.Asking about you
Ram.Convey my regards to her
Kathambari.Sure,Why i called you now  today i am going  for the movie Dangal .If you are free in the evening you can join
Ram.Thank you .Tomorrow i have a  programme with Long man's and i have to prepare for that.Thank you for your invitation.I Was told this movie was a big hit
Kathambari.Yes,Many movies have come on sports subjects and Dangal  made a big impact.
Kathambari.True.AAmir khan always gives good message to society
Ram.yes.previous movie Tare Zamin Par was good.Good message he has given and i liked the way in the film wa filmed.If i am right Cinematographer  Setu has done a Wonderful job.
Kathambari.True.Lovely movie.Shankar Mahadevan's songs was nice.O.K.,Bye now
After that Ram was busy for  half an hour  then left the office.
The traffic was heavy because Ramadan started and every body rushing for Iftar Party.
Ali.This year too many visitors have come to Dubai sir
Ram.I read in the paper.Every yer Ramadan  is celebrating in a grand manner
Ali.True.I am seeing the improvement every year.
Ram.Today you can drop me in City Centre.After shopping i will go to my place
Ali dropped Ram in the City Centre and left
(tobe Continued)
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Monday, May 29, 2017

Tribute to Mu Raghava Iyengar 457

Today i remembered another interesting personality from the Tamil Literary World is none other than Late  Tamil Scholar and researcher MU Raghava Iyengar.He hails from South Indian  town ManaMadurai and his father served in  the Court of brother  king of Ramnad is very important.By virtue of his father's talent in tamil literaturewho has written many tamil  poems which was popular in those days.Raghava iyengar worked in Loyala College and his interest on Tamil literature and to tamilnadu  was excellent.He has published more than Tamil books connected with great Alvargal.I have read Alvargal kaala nilai and one or two others not able to recollect.His work and research for Tamil literary world no one can for get.He has created a big impact before Six decades back.His father,Grandfather  and family back ground are all great Scholars.Even though he is not with us his
books are infront of us with his own style of tamil.Today i am very happy to tribute this great Legend.
To my little knowledge i am writing this Column in my blog.If there is any error found can be ignored.
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Letter Published in Gulf News UAE ON 30May 17,Praying for the victims
The brutal attack that killed 22 innocent people and left many others injured was condemned by one and all (‘Troops deploy as Britain goes on top terror alert’, Gulf News, May 25). The attackers have created a sense of panic and fear among people, which is unacceptable. Whoever is responsible for this motive and action must be brought to justice.
The casualty numbers are the highest over the previous attack a decade ago in the UK. It’s time for the entire globe to join together and eradicate this menace. No one anticipated their fate while watching the Ariana Grande concert. I pray for the victims and a speedy recovery for the injured.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 25 May 17,A visit for peace
After assuming office, Trump began his first tour in the Middle East, to express his desire for better bilateral ties, not only in trade, but also in the eradication of terrorism (‘Trump wins warm welcome in Saudi Arabia’, Gulf News, May 21). His visit should bring understanding, peace and, above all, a strategy to end the long fight of the Syrian people. He should also demonstrate to the people of Middle East that he is a peace-loving person. I hope this visit will bring good ties between the US and Middle East.

From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 24May 17,Hacking for money or terror?
The authors have correctly analysed the recent hacking phenomenon that affected many countries around the world, particularly UK hospitals, which were thought to be targeted (‘Massive cyber attack shocks world’, Gulf News, May 14). It is evident that the hackers were blackmailing for ransom money. Apart from the 74 countries affected, the worst hit was Russia. However, the motive of whether this hacking was for money or terror is yet to known. With these attacks, all countries should join hands and establish safety measures to prevent hackers from gaining access in the future.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Life is Beautiful 373.

After spending  One hour Ram took Madhavan to show their office and departments.He introduced to News room editor Anupama joined recently.
Ram.Mr Madhavan,Anupama has many credentials to her credit and she served Overseas broad casting channels and came to Dubai because of her husband's Job.Brilliant Lady  does her work nicely .Only three months association i can judge.
Anupama.No sir,your guidence and presentation makes this Channel famous.
Madhavan.You are right.Many of my friends  already told about Ram.
Ram.Anupama Madhavan is aVery Good Writer on Investigation.He will be launching his book tomorrow through our Client Long Man's Publication.Atkinson already told about him.
Anupama.Yes,Now i remember your name sir.I remember one of your book i read.In your story no fight .
Madhavan.True.I strongly believe fight and other our news ingredients may not go for longer duration only reality stands.
Ram.I fully agree.
Madhavan.Thank you .
Then Ram took to  other departments and came to his Cabin.Mean time Madhavan got a call from his friend.
Madhavan.Thank you Ram.I will make a move now.My friend is waiting  down.See you tomorrow in Long Man's.Tell Atkinson.Bye Now
After he left Ram started his Work.
That evening he received a call from Raj
Ram,How are you.Murthy's daughter called me from Abudhabi.She is enjoying the training programme very much.
Ram.Nice.What else.
Raj.I have sent the recent developments of GSTBill.Kindly go through and cover
Raj.I have to go for a meeting.See you later 
(to be Continued)
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Tribute to Director Nitish Tiwari456.

Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the BollyWood Film Industry is none other than Director NitishTiwari.In his Six years film Career he has given three good movies and one film Dangal  got 62Film fare award should be applauded .He has worked with leading actors like Amitabbachan,Aamirkhan,and many others  Today his  film Dangal was talk of the town and  won the filmfare award.Dangal was nicely filmed by the award winning Cinematographer Setu both indoor as well out door.His Boothnath returns was also a hit movie.I have seen both Dangal and Boothnath returns.He is one of the talented Upcoming Director came out from the IIT Bombay MEMScience branch turned in to a Successful Film Director.His ideas  and ,Concept  was wonderful.Today i am very happy to tribute this talented  Director who will introduce many new talented artists
like Dangal in the future.
See You Next Week,

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Letter Published in Deccan Herald India on 22 May in People's Problem
Protect the trees
The busy Kanakapura roadonce had plenty of trees.But scores of them have been cut down for metro construction and other buildings.Cutting the trees is not a healthy sign and i wish the government compensates the loss by planting more saplingsand maintaining them properly.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 19 May 17A great achievement
High winds and unusual snowfall are the main obstacles when trying to reach the Himalayan summit, and despite these hurdles, among 750 climbers waiting, six climbers made it to the Everest summit (‘Six Indian climbers make first Everest summit of season’, Gulf News, May 14). It is laudable that Indian climbers are known for their climbing achievements. Kudos to them.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News on 18May 17,Working towards peace and security
Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, arrived in the US for a two-day visit (‘Mohammad Bin Zayed at the White House’, Gulf News, May 16). The Crown Prince discussed the bilateral relationship between the two countries, and sought joint cooperation on extremism, violence and terrorism for peace and security in the region. The UAE leader’s visit shows how the country is keen on fostering international relationships, to ensure peace and safety for citizens and residents.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life is Beautiful 372

Ram  entered in to Atkinson's cabin.He was waiting for Ram.
Ram please sit down.The Guest will be coming shortly.
Ram.No Problem,I will wait
Atkinson.He is on the way,because of traffic little late
Ram.Dubai traffic every day is increasing
Atkinson.Yes,Particularly Shaick Zayed road
Ram.More offices and the two leading news papers office located  is also one of the reason
By that time the Guest entered
Sorry Mr Atkinson ,i was held up in the traffic
Atkinson.No Problem ,Meet Mr Ram
Guest.Nice to meet  you Mr Ram.I am Madhavan from Madurai
Ram.Wel come to Dubai.
Madhavan.I heard about your Channel and Atkinson through my friend Lizioli.
I am running a Pharma company  in madurai.
Ram.Good.I  visited the beautiful City of Madurai three times when i was in India.Planned city
Madhavan.Yes.Apart from Pharma my Passion is writing.
Atkinson.Yes Ram.Madhavan is a Good writer.Particularly Investigation Stories his books was popular not only in India but also Other Countries
Atkinson.I was introduced Madhavan  by my Singapore friend Raghu.
Madhavan.Yes,Through Raghu i know Atkinson  .More than six years we communicate only .
This time i want to launch my Investigation Book in UAE Which i have written recently
Madhavan.For that Atkinson asked me to come to Dubai.
Atkinson.Yes Ram.Before going to meet i want to introduce to you .I have  read few books of  Madhavan.All are  excellent.
Ram.I am really very happy to meet talented Writer cum Pharma man.
Madhavan.No i am a simple man.Lizioli told me about you.Professor turned to Media,Advertisement,and Public relations and  above all you are good human being
Ram.Too much on me Madhavan.What ever i like i am doing.
By that time The Office boy brought Tea with Biscuits
(to be Continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, May 15, 2017

Tribute to Cinematographer C.S.RaviBabu 455

Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the Tamil Film Industry is none other than Cinematographer C.S.Ravi Bbu.In his three and half decades film career he has not only worked with Veteran Directors Viz,Late Krishnan Panju,P.R.Somu,and present AmeerJohn,T.Rajendar and few others is worth to be mentioned here.Actors Viz,Karthik,Jeevitha,Late Poornam Viswanathan,stalwart RadhaRavi,SriPriya,Senthil,and many others.He was associated with Director AmeerJohn for few films and all are good and welcomed by the fans.Good neat Cinematography will be Visible in his films. Even though he has done many films i have seen few movies of this Cinematographer.Those films are ,TharmaPathini,Rail Payanangalil,Nenjamellam Neye,Natpu,Odangal few i am unable to remember.He has also worked in Kannada Films .Today i am happy to tribute this Stalwart who has done a good work in Cinematography
See You Next Week,


Friday, May 12, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 13 May 17 Strict  measures on licences
This tragic incident happened in the Indian capital city of New Delhi in a school close to a depot where a gas container leaked, it was kept for industrial use (‘India gas tanker leak sends 200 students to hospital’, Gulf News, May 7). The investigation is on and the people who are responsible for this negligence should be punished. Luckily, there weren’t any causalities, except for throat and eyes irritations. The government should not issue licences for these types of establishments near school or residential areas. I pray for the speedy recovery of the students.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Life is Beautiful 371.

Next day Ram went to his office.Lot of letters are waiting for him.Some for new contracts on his Channel and some for enquiry. Ram was happy about the development of his Channel over a period  of 5Years .His life is not only going beautifully but also very happily.He has got his job satisfaction even after his retirement as Professor.Today he is in to a Big market of Media ,Advertisement and public relation .Apart from Job satisfaction he was very happy after so many years he met his BeautifulVasanthy.By that time the Phone was ringing.Atkinson was on the other line.
Good morning Ram,How are you.Today i am receiving a Wonderful person from the  Tamil nadu,Madurai
Ram.Beautiful place.Surrounded with lot of temples
Atkinson.Yes,he is coming here at 12P.M.You can come to my room.I will keep the person's name suspense.
Ram.O.K.Iwill be there at 12P.M.
Atkinson.See you later.
After that Ram was busy with his day today routine.
Ram visited Madural long time back.Still he remembers the beautiful topography of madurai Chitrai ,masi,veli streets.Planned  city surrounded by beautiful temples.
Then he was busy in his day to day work.Exactly 11-50 he started to move to Atkinson's cabin.
That day Dubai was very hot out side.The traffic was  heavy out side.Every day Dubai is getting new faces to visit and relax.A Arab nation has developed very nicely with Multi culture Concept and about 204 Nationalities are living if i am right is no wonder .Ram entered in to Atkinson's cabin.
(to be Continued)
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Tribute to Kasinathuni Viswanath454.

Today i am going to pen another interesting Versatile film personality from the Indian  films is none other than KasinathuniViswanath popularly Known K.Viswanath to the film industry.The 87nYear Old Living Legend has worked with many Top actors of Telugu film Industry,Tamil and Hindi is worth to be mentioned here.He won many National Awards  Including Padmashreeand International award .Recently he was bestowed the Great  prestigious DadaSaheb Phalke Award.He is a different Director expressed his own philosophy in his movies and was accepted by millions of fans.He is not only a Very good Director but also writer ,actor.He acted in many films of Telugu and tamil made a great impact with fans.Soft spoken experienced K.VIswanath liked by one and all from the Film fraternity.His Inter national fame ShankaraBharanam no one can for get.In the  Commercial Competitive film world he has created his own identity with his Creative works is very much laudable.Today i am very happy to tribute this Living legend should deliver many more Successful
 movies like Sankara Baranam,Seetha Kalyanam and many in the Coming days.I have written  this Legend to my little Knowledge about  his creations.
See You Next Week,


Letter Published in The Hindu Bengaluru On 8 May 17
Pedestrians at risk
while crossing road
Sir.-In recent  months,the Gubbalala  Gate on  Kanakapura main road has seen big expansion with restaurants, shopping malls,and other out lets.
At present , only one signal at Gubbalala  Main Gate is working,making it difficult for pedestrians to cross.The Authorities should at least paint Zebra crossings for the safety of  pedestrians.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Letter Published  in Deccan Hearld Bengaluru on 8May 17People's Columnhttp://www.deccanheraldepaper.com/

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 7 May 17,Curtail insurgents
In recent days, bomb blasts are becoming more visible, with the unmitigated killing of innocent civilians, and this time, police officers were killed, too (‘Roadside bomb kills three near Baghdad’, Gulf News, May 1). Despite the reduction in violence, this is happening mainly due to insurgents. Iraqi forces should implement a new strategy to curtail these insurgents and protect the people. Will the Iraqi forces adopt a new strategy?
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Friday, May 5, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 6 May 17,A new concept?
In a mass marriage ceremony, the Indian state minister of Madhya Pradesh gifted brides with bats to protect themselves from their husbands in case if they are alcoholics (‘Minister gifts bats to brides to beat husbands if they turn alcoholic’, Gulf News, May 1). This may look like a funny incident, but it is to safeguard themselves. If the government can implement a ban on alcohol, which is already the case in a few states, that will be better. However, this gift is a new concept.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 3 May 17  Benefitting the wrong people  The opinion piece on what US President Donald Trump is doing for Americans by Nicholas Kristof was meaningful and thought provoking (‘This isn’t tax policy, it’s a Trump-led heist’, Gulf News, April 28). Kristof has elaborately analysed the way Trump’s administration has failed his voters for the promises made by him and the new tax policy is only the Republican way to cover it up. This tax policy is not clear on how it is going to be implemented. This new policy, if at all implemented, will be taking care of corporations, like the ones owned by Trump. Will this tax policy be welcomed by the American people? We will have to wait and see.From Mr K. Ragavan Bengaluru, India

Life is Beautiful 370

Next day morning Ram received a Call from Raj.
Good morning Ram,How are you.
Ram.I am fine.Sorry to disturb you in the morning. Prasanna's mother this morning  fell down in the bath room but nothing to worry.No fracture,she has to take two weeks  rest.She asked Prasanna to go today to Dubai but Prasanna said  he will go after some time.I told him that i will put a Nurse and Cook for her for two weeks.Prasanna is keen on staying for few days.Kathambari also told Prasanna to see her for few days if her presence is needed she will come here.
Ram.Sorry,to hear the news of Prasanna's mother.Wishing her speedy recovery.
Raj.Apart from this another good news Nirmala leaving to Abudhabi tomorrow for training.
Ram.Good news.
Raj.Bye Now.You can check my mails. Regarding the latest IPL  news.especially this time RCB was completely failed.
Ram.I know.This time failed miserably.O.K. Take care
After that Ram started his morning  walk  for half an hour.
Then he finished his Breakfast waiting for Ali.
By that time Kathambari called him
Good morning Ram,hope Prasanna might have called you
Ram.Yes,i came to know about his mother fell down through Raj.
Kathambari.Mummy felt very sad and i too.
Ram.Me too.She is a very nice lady.
Kathambari.For this only i called see you in the office.
(to be Continued)
See You Next Week,

Monday, May 1, 2017

Letter Published in The new Indian Express India on 2May 17


Tribute to Actor,Politician Vinod Khanna 453

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality from the BollyWood film industry is none other than Late actor,Politician Vinod khanna.Started his film career in negative rolls and later become hero proved his mettle.He has worked with all Yesteryear's  heroines and actors is worth to be mentioned here.In his five decades film career he has acted many remarkable films,
   The Charming sophisticated 70 year old actor  Vinod khanna's demise is a great loss to the Indian  film industry.In his five decades  film career he has acted in  many films and won twice film  Fare awards  and proved a Versatile actor..His remarkable rolls in MeraGaon mera desh,Dayavan,Muqaadar Ka Sikander QurbaniThe Burning train,Zalim and many no one can for get. Few films of this doyen i have for gotten.His departure is a great loss to the  film industry. He was also acknowledged by the  people from his Gurdaspur Constituency as a good politician four times  for the BJP Party. i Pray for this departed legend and the grieving family members.Even though he is not with us ,his movies are in front of us.Today i am very happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,