Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Life is Beautiful 373.

After spending  One hour Ram took Madhavan to show their office and departments.He introduced to News room editor Anupama joined recently.
Ram.Mr Madhavan,Anupama has many credentials to her credit and she served Overseas broad casting channels and came to Dubai because of her husband's Job.Brilliant Lady  does her work nicely .Only three months association i can judge.
Anupama.No sir,your guidence and presentation makes this Channel famous.
Madhavan.You are right.Many of my friends  already told about Ram.
Ram.Anupama Madhavan is aVery Good Writer on Investigation.He will be launching his book tomorrow through our Client Long Man's Publication.Atkinson already told about him.
Anupama.Yes,Now i remember your name sir.I remember one of your book i read.In your story no fight .
Madhavan.True.I strongly believe fight and other our news ingredients may not go for longer duration only reality stands.
Ram.I fully agree.
Madhavan.Thank you .
Then Ram took to  other departments and came to his Cabin.Mean time Madhavan got a call from his friend.
Madhavan.Thank you Ram.I will make a move now.My friend is waiting  down.See you tomorrow in Long Man's.Tell Atkinson.Bye Now
After he left Ram started his Work.
That evening he received a call from Raj
Ram,How are you.Murthy's daughter called me from Abudhabi.She is enjoying the training programme very much.
Ram.Nice.What else.
Raj.I have sent the recent developments of GSTBill.Kindly go through and cover
Raj.I have to go for a meeting.See you later 
(to be Continued)
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